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Monsta X reacting to you purposely not wearing a bra around them.

He’d be quick to notice and wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off you for the rest of the day. He’d have a really hard time to focus on anything else and to keep himself from ripping your other clothes off your body aswell.

When he notices your nipples piercing through the thin material of your shirt, he’d immediately know your intend and be quick to react. He’d sit down in front of you and smile at you innocently.

“Babe, did you forget a specific item of clothing on purpose today?”

He’d pretend to be oblivious to your intend and purposely annoy it all through the day to get you more frustrated. When you finally admit it to him, he’d look at you very innocently before pulling you into his lap and smirking at you.

“Seeing you get so frustrated is the only joy I get out of ignoring your poor attempt all day.”

The minute he notices, he’d make his way over to you, a smirk playing on his lips. He’d pull you into him with force and feel your boobs press against his chest. He’d let his hand run underneath your shirt.

“God, you’re always so obvious with your needs, babygirl.”

He wouldn’t be able to help himself and just stare at your chest whenever he gets the chance to. The minute you turn your eyes towards him, he’d quickly turn away again and pretend to focus on something else.

After a while, he’d completely lose his temper and drag you into the bedroom.

The minute he feels your unrestrained breasts pressing against his back as you hug him, he’d just smile at your poor attempt and not look up from his word once. He’d let you keep hugging him as he speaks. 
“Nice attempt princess but it’s not going to work.”

When he notices you not wearing a bra, he’d be quick to react and tell you to come over. He’d overreact and pull up your shirt to proof himself right. When he notices you not wearing a bra, he’d pull your shirt down again and nod satisfied.

“I know you too well.”

Love, Youngmi~


         OKAY TO BE WORN ALL THE TIME:  (With regular cleanings, of course.)

  • 316LVM Surgical Stainless Steel
  • Titanium. In the UK it’s illegal to pierce with anything BUT titanium! Please note, that it comes in hundreds of gorgeous anodised colours, however it’s impossible to create black using this method. A coating is used, which there is no industry standard for, so err on the side of caution with PVD)
  • Titanium Blackline
  • Zircon gold
  • Glass
  • 14K Gold (Not in fresh piercings, though. Only after healing.)
  • PTFE and BiOPlast (Teflon - Just watch for decay in oral jewelry and should be changed to fresh jewelry every few weeks due to biting on the jewelry.)

    (NOT to be slept in, or worn for more than about 6 hours at a time.)
  • PMMA (polymethyl-methacrylate) [A clear plastic often used as an alternative to glass.]
  • Wood
  • Stone! (Be careful with heavy rock, though. It may weight your ears.)
  • Horn
  • Ivory
  • Silicone (Be VERY careful with silicone as an unhealed ear can adhere to it in a matter of hours! AND DO NOT USE IT TO STRETCH.)

  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Cadmium
  • Copper
  • Costume Jewelry
  • Chromium
  • Fake gold
  • Gold plated
  • Gold filled
  • 24K Gold (It’s too soft for piercing jewelry. Earring studs are fine.)
  • Iron
  • Lead
  • PVD coated anything
  • Nickel
  • Non-stainless steel
  • Pewter
  • Sterling silver/silver (Silver only in ear piercings!)
  • Tin
  • Aluminum
  • Zinc

    K. Cleared up all confusion, I hope. :)


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Hello! I'm planning to make yurio's agape costume from YOI and was wondering on what you would recommend to make the shoulder/wrist things from? I'm an intermediate sewer, but a very beginner crafter and I wasn't sure what material would be best. I'm planning on making them detachable using snap clip things, so it doesn't need to be made from fabric. Thanks so much for your help!

Hello there!

There’s two major ways to go about this project: using fabric, or using real feathers.

If you went with fabric, you would either find something that wouldn’t fray when cut or something that is easy to seal the edges of (by doing a rolled hem or by melting the edges with heat – you would need a 100% synthetic to melt the edges). I would recommend a chiffon or similar material for this, as it would get the floaty, ethereal look. You would make a bunch of long feather-shaped pieces and seal the edges, then sew them all overlapping and generally in a line, so that they hang down all in one direction. I would use a more stable fabric as a backing and sew them all into a long strip, perhaps with an edge bound in bias tape or similar binding to keep the raw edges contained. Take this long strip and loop it into a U shape, with the bend of the U at the outer edge of the shoulder. Overlap a few layers of this material if you want a fluffier look. Sew this all in place and put the decoration (cut out of finished-edge fabric) and a few individual “feathers” on top to hide the center. These can be attached in place with snaps. For the hand pieces, you’ll need to stiffen pieces. I’d use starch, but you can also try adding a bit of stabilizer behind it.

The other method would be to use real feathers. This is what I did when I did a femme version of this costume. I bought goose feather trim, which consists of feathers glued and sewn into a piece of satin binding, and hand sewed the pieces into shape. For each shoulder piece, I used three pieces of the trim: two pieces as long as my shoulder, arranged so that one pointed towards my front and the other towards my back, and one piece about as long as my shoulder is wide (so a few inches in length), placed all the way up at the neck end of my shoulder and sewn so that the feathers were pointing outward, towards the tip of my shoulder (I would recommend doing these first and then doing the fabric applique on top, though the applique would just need to be tacked down in a few spots to keep it in place). This hid the satin binding tape holding the other feathers together. This whole assembly is hand sewn together and attaches with snaps to the shoulder of my leotard. The hand piece are again feathers, this time consisting of two pieces (each, four pieces total) of just enough length of trim to contain two feathers. The two pieces were arranged so that the satin binding is at a 90° angle, forming a square, and sewn together. These attach with two sets of snaps per piece, with the second snap there to prevent it from spinning around on a single snap. I opted to not have the two-tone feathers (time constraints mostly), though an extra feather can be added on top for the grey middle section. This can be purchased, or you can dye one of your feathers with acid dye or alcohol ink (I’d just carefully color one with a grey alcohol-based marker honestly).

Feather trim can be difficult to sew through, since it is thick and has glue. I’d keep something to wipe your needle on handy, and use a thick needle to be able to pierce the material if you go the feather route.

When shopping for feathers, look for ones that have the same type of look as the piece in the show. Marabou is probably the wrong choice, but the trim that I used or ostrich feathers or similar would be fine.

I suppose these can also be glued together if using feathers, but sewing by hand will be more stable.

I hope that helps! Good luck :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff

They’re Okay

A/N: Sigh, well here I am again with another drabble. After I’m done with Feudal World, I plan on working on a “Kaede having to deal with the InuKag family” project. I don’t know if I can capture her well enough but I’m going to try.

1579 words

The kids were tormented by the pregnancy, and it was probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to watch since losing my eye and sister in the same week.

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Winteriron, non-powered au where Bucky is secretly a mercenary/assassin. He gets a job to take out the CEO of some company, he doesn't actually bother with the details, but right before he pulls the trigger he realizes oh shit he's aiming at /his husband/. I'm sure someone has done this before, but I'd like to see how you would write it :)

Bucky fiddles with the scope, movements steady and sure, before placing his cheek to the gun and looking through.

He chose a difficult view to do the deed in. Yes, the building is tall and made of mostly glass, he guesses the CEO likes windows, but the glass is reinforced, requiring a specific angle of trajectory to actually pierce the material and continue moving forward.

This lead Bucky to perching atop the very edge of a rooftop corner, balancing himself perfectly so as not to tumble off. The building is empty, all the floors are being fumigated because several “inspectors” found problems within the ventilation system.

His employers are rich, he knows this from the large case of cash they gave him, only half of his pay so far, as the usual contract involves half pay before and the rest after.

Paying for someone to die is costly, but paying for the CEO of some hot, upstart company with a lot of potential and traction to die? That’s walking-around cash, cash Bucky can use for his and Tony’s future, for when the papers finally go through and they can adopt and start planning for their future kid’s college fund.

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Iron Roses

Pairing: Gajeel Redfox x Levy McGarden (Hades/Persephone!AU)

Summary: Levy was always kept in the walls of her home, but when her mother leaves her alone to attend to business, she visits her beloved flower garden where she lures a presence out of the shadows.

A/N: Italics with ’ indicate ‘inner thoughts!’ Happy reading! (:

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You give love a bad name

Originally posted by itsdeanwinchesterr

Prompt: for @deanwinchester-af‘s 25 songs challenge! I chose You Give Love A Bad Name by Bon Jovi, couldn’t help myself! It’s a celebration for her reaching 2.5k followers, you deserve them all love!

Pairing: Dean x reader

Word count: 1299

Warnings: reader is a bitch and hurts Dean, that’s about it! A lot of teasing too

Authors note: thanks to my main girl @whywhydoyouwantmetosaymyname for beta reading this first and for your continued support! I really appreciate it! Sorry for the lack of posting, I had writers block! As always gif used isn’t mine and I really hope you enjoy it! I decided to switch it up a bit and it’s written from Dean’s POV. 

Tagged: @xxtaylorsingerxx @diesintheshower @aprofoundbondwithdean @gabby913 @marksthatsignify-her-fromtherest @imnotlikeyou0214 @my-name-is-alice-ayers @loveitsallineed @queensdontwaittobesaved @bowties-scarves-and-impalas @sushidoesntneedtoknow

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Crossing Over (Part 3/?) (Tony Stark/Bruce Wayne x reader)

Part 2

“Well, I had been accepted to MIT, but Bruce really didn’t want me to leave the state.  I decided on Cornell instead, and they do have a really strong biological engineering program-“

Your words were broken by the sound of a scream from the foyer and a loud crash of breaking glass.  The room silenced as all eyes turned to see what was happening but it was all so fast.  “Get down!” you yelled out, gasping at the red and gold torpedo that shot over your head.  It stopped at the end of the hall and turned, the casing opening just slightly and firing a blast into the floor repeatedly until a large hole was left behind; it disappeared into it just as quickly as it had appeared.

“Alfred!  Clear everyone out!”

“Miss (Y/N), where are you going?” he shouted nervously over the commotion, pushing his way through the frantic partygoers to stop you from heading towards the unknown threat.  He knew exactly what was happening and what you were about to see; things that you were never meant to know.  “(Y/N), stay here!”

“I have to find Bruce!” you yelled back, already beyond the point where he could reach you.  The hole in the floor was larger than you had anticipated, struggling to stop in your heels when your toes teetered over the edge. Grabbing your phone from the small pocket in your dress, you tried to shine a light down to see anything, but all you could see was darkness.  “Bruce?!”

The floor began to shake beneath you, tipping you slightly off your footing so that you had to grab the wall behind you.  Something was terribly wrong, and you felt fear coursing through you, but it wasn’t going to change your mind.  You pulled off your shoes, took a deep breath, and sat on the edge of the opening, preparing yourself to jump in.  If Bruce was in any kind of danger down there, no one was going to stop you from helping him.

“(Y/N), stop!  Don’t go down there!” Alfred called to you, meeting your gaze just as you dropped out of his sight.


Tony smiled at the sound of his suit finally approaching, staring Wayne in the eye with a smugness despite the position he was in, being held to the ground by a man in a giant bat suit.  “I never, in a million years, would have guessed that you were the winged freak,” he groaned under the weight.  “I didn’t take you for the vigilante type.”  

Tony was just able to bring his knees to his chest enough to push Bruce away so that his suit could connect. Once fully encased in his armor, he stood with his palms forward and felt relief at the sound of his repulors charging, ready to strike his opponent down.  “Or wait, this isn’t just some weird role-play thing is it?  Please tell me I didn’t stumble into some bat-kink fantasy.”

“You might have that fancy suit, Stark, but you’re in my house.  Like I said, this isn’t going to end well for you.”  

Tony raised into the air, hovering just above Bruce to maintain the higher viewpoint and the tactical advantage.  “JARVIS, I need a scan of the room,” he whispered, “think quick getaway.”  He shifted his position further back to keep a safe distance, knowing what Batman had been known to be capable of, but didn’t get far before a grappling hook embedded into a groove in his armor and threw him firmly to the ground.  

Bruce unexpectedly raised in the air now, using newly-installed rocket boots to lift himself over Tony, laughing at the turn of events.  “Bats can fly too, Stark.  It’s really not that special.  You do realize, that because you know who I am now, I can’t let you leave.”  His right arm raised into the air and a jagged blade emerged that roared with a frightening sound, “and once I cut that ridiculous suit off, we can finalize the details of how to go about that.”

“But you know who I am,” Tony grumbled as he slowly stood again, “the whole secret identity thing is really overrated anyway.”  He turned rapidly and fired, hitting Bruce square in the chest to throw him powerfully into the far wall, bringing broken rocks and dirt raining down over him.  Tony’s head snapped to the noise of your entrance, completely shocked to see you there. “Besides, Batsy, I think the secret just took a turn.  Are you going to kill her too?”

“(Y/N), what the hell are you doing down here?” Bruce panted, pulling himself up from the ground. “How did you get in?”

“Bruce,” you gasped, “what is all this?  Are you seriously…Batman?!”

“Stark, we’re on the way,” Steve said through the comm, but Tony didn’t want any backup.  This was far too personal for the team to get involved. This was something that he needed to do on his own, even if that meant that Iron Man would lose to a guy in a rubber suit.

“Fall back, Cap.”


“I’ve got this.  J, block my signal; take me off the grid.”

“Oh, please,” Bruce mocked, “by all means, bring in the mighty team.  The only way you could get out of here now is through me.  You’re not leaving, and you’re not taking (Y/N) anywhere.” As he spoke, his hand slipped into his utility belt and pulled out a sharp dagger, able to pierce any material and laced with a powerful sedative.  With a flip of his wrist it flew through the air, but JARVIS was a step ahead and blasted it swiftly from mid-air.

“Wait, what do you mean, ‘not taking me anywhere’?” you asked urgently, moving closer to the two men despite the imminent danger to yourself.  “You need to tell me what’s going on, right now!”

“(Y/N), there’s something you need to-“ Tony began, but was hit with a blast that knocked him backwards, scraping along the ground until he slipped over the edge of the platform and into a deep drop of blackness.  The sound of the suit hitting each wall around him on the way down resonated through the cavern, then faded into silence.

Bruce ran to you and took both of your arms in his hands, gripping them so tightly that it began to hurt and you were sure that you would find bruises there tomorrow.  “(Y/N), go back upstairs.  We can talk about this later, but right now you need to get out of here.”

“Oh my god, what did you do?!”  You yanked yourself from his grip and rushed to look over the side to see if Tony had survived, in complete shock at what was happening, but Bruce took your arm and stopped you before you got more than a few steps away.

“How long have you been lying to me, Bruce?” you asked, your tone growing furious and your posture becoming tense under his hold.  “What else don’t I know?  I can see it in your eyes that there’s more.  You said you would never lie to me, but this really puts a huge dent in your integrity and now you’re just plain pissing me off.”

“(Y/N), please. Please go.”

“Why shouldn’t she hear the truth, Wayne?  Are you scared?” Tony questioned as he rose into the air, his blasters faltering slightly from the fall and its impact.  The suit sputtered as he landed as far from the precipice as he could.  “Are you afraid of losing her?  Because I can give you a first-hand description of exactly how that feels if you want.  I can describe in perfect, painstaking detail how it feels to lose her.”

“Stark, this is between you and me,” Bruce growled, though still keeping his eyes on you, “let her leave and we can work this out on our own.”

“Let me tell you exactly where in hell you can go, Wayne.  This concerns her more than anyone, and it’s her decision to make.” Tony stayed in place with his hands raised and poised to attack, but he opened his helmet to reveal himself to you, waiting for any reaction.  What he got was so unexpected that it shook his resolve to let you make your choice.

You rushed across the platform to Stark, standing toe-to-toe, raising yourself up to meet his eyes.  He began to grow uncomfortable as you looked at him, examining his expression and his features.  His eyes were familiar, and his voice stirred emotions in you that you couldn’t shake.

“Tell me,” you whispered, “tell me what I need to know, Mr. Stark.”

Tony’s mouth opened and quickly shut again, hesitant to say the words he was so desperate for you to hear. You were eighteen now, an adult; what would this revelation do?  Would it be worth the pain that it was sure to cause you?  Would it be worth fracturing the relationship you had with Bruce, and the stable home he had given you?  Would you just end up hating him anyway, for not finding you sooner?

In the flash of a moment, he decided that yes, it was worth it all.

“You’re my daughter, (Y/N),” he replied quietly with a strained voice that began to crack as the words were finally able to be spoken.  “HYDRA took you from me when you were four years old.  The base was attacked, and Bruce found you.  You didn’t know who you were.  He gave you a home and a life that I was supposed to give you.”

You stared at him for a moment, unsure of what to even say.  The words didn’t shock you as much as you had expected, and you could see that Tony was ready for nothing and everything from you at the same time.  Closing your eyes, you sighed and relaxed, opening them again with a softness that you hoped would put the poor man at ease.

“Thank you, Tony. Thank you for trusting me to handle that.”

Spinning on your heel, you looked at Bruce with disbelief and pain, walking towards the elevator as quickly as you could, leaving both men standing alone in shock and confusion.  

“Get the hell out of my house, Stark,” Bruce hissed, “and keep your mouth shut about what you’ve seen here, or we will meet again.”


The tears began to flow freely as you ran to your room, your chest now beginning to ache and heave with sobs that you couldn’t control.  All you wanted was to be as far away from either of those men as you could get. Once inside you slammed your door closed and locked it quickly, running for your closet to pack as many things as you could before making your escape.

“Miss (Y/N), please let me in.”

“Go away, Alfred!  I don’t want to talk to you!” you yelled between panting and uneven breaths, “please leave me alone!”

“You know I can’t do that, miss.  Let me help you.”

You stormed towards the door and threw it open angrily, a harsh contrast to the calm gentleman on the other side.  Alfred was your protector, your confidant, and your friend.  He never faltered in caring for you, and you trusted him implicitly. But this…this was more than you could ask of him.

“You can’t help me, Alfred. Just let me do this.” 

“Wait here,” he pleaded, raising his hand to signal his intent to return; after a mere few moments, he was back at your door.  “These,” he paused, dropping a set of keys in your hand, “are for the black Audi at the end of the garage.  I can block anyone from searching your plates and I’ll disable the tracking if you wish.” His hand dipped into his pocket, returning with a small roll of bills.  “Take this, it should be enough to get you started until I can get a bank account set up for you so Master Wayne can’t access it.”

“Alfred,” you sighed, your tears building even more, “I can’t let you do this.  If he knows that you helped me…”

“Then he will need to realize that you mean that much to me that I would risk it,” he smiled, a small hint of tears in his eyes now, “I know how to deal with him.  Just be safe, darling.”

You pulled him into a tight hug, your tears now staining his pristine white shirt and suit coat.  “I love you, Alfred.  Thank you,” you whispered, releasing him to turn and grab your suitcase.  “I’ll call you, I promise.”

Taking the fastest route to the garage, you walked quickly and watched in each direction so that you wouldn’t run into Bruce.  You had nothing to say to him, at least not right now, and you knew that he would never let you go like this.  All you could think of was the look on Tony’s face and you needed answers.  You needed more, and there was only one way to get it. Throwing your suitcase in the back seat, you started the car and roared from the garage, not looking back as the mansion faded away in the distance.

Part 4

“it is a gift - a token of our friendship”

it’s… what?? this is a friendship so great that even in the depths of dragon sickness you’re going to give him a literally priceless piece of armor that no blade can pierce made from a material that cannot be found anywhere anymore, mithril, mined from your people’s great lost kingdom???

this is… not friendship, thorin. this is the greatest love story in middle earth.


Hey guys, just a reminder I STILL have signed posters from THE WORLD TOUR for sale through my ebay!!

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They’re priced using how much I paid for the ticket to the show (VIP - that’s how I got the poster) PLUS shipping material/costs.

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could u write agnsty fluff with like Chasefield? hhh sorry buddy ;;

[Whatever it Takes]


A crack appeared along Victoria’s phone as her fingers dug into the plastic. Max’s brow furrowed with worry; Victoria loved that phone. Max flipped the next page of her textbook, but found herself peeking over the edge towards her girlfriend.

“I, I understand that they’re busy but-”

“There’s no other doctors?”

“I really can’t wait that long! There has to be something!”

A soft click echoed from her phone. A dial tone drummed soon after. Victoria stood still. Deathly still. One could almost say that she looked empty, devoid of life; that is, however, until they saw the trembling death grip on her phone that turned her knuckles a mix of red and white.

Max stared. Victoria’s eyes were wide and dilated, darting about quickly across the ground. Her breathing was heavy, and Max could tell she was trembling. She looked cornered. Vulnerable. Weak.

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Coffee and Conversation

I know I’m a little late out of the gate with this, but to say life got in the way these past couple of weeks is sort of an understatement, but I finally got a day off and was able to finish this gift for my truly amazing valentine defenderofthetardis who has been incredibly patient and understanding! I have really enjoyed getting to know you over the past month and I really hope you enjoy your gift!

An unexpected storm causes Killian and Emma to postpone their sailing date plans so Killian decides to find a way to spend the evening together anyways. While he is waiting to surprise Emma at the loft, MaryMargaret decides to have a talk with the man her daughter is dating.

Rated T (and F for fluff)

Also on ff.net and AO3

“For you, milady” he says as he hands her the colorful bouquet with a bow of his head. Making sure to keep the cup from Granny’s secured in the curve of his hook and the single red rose tucked into his elbow. He thinks, not for the first time and dare he say far from the last, how much easier it would be (how much easier it was) for him to have two hands again. He shakes the thought from his mind as quickly as it enters. He won’t dare go down that path again. Instead he raises his eyes back to Mary Margaret’s face and greets her smile with one of his own.

“They are very lovely. Thank-you, Hook” she steps back and tells him to come in as she makes her way to the kitchen. He closes the door behind him and takes in the seemingly empty, and unusually quiet, apartment then follows her to the kitchen where he places the rose on the counter and removes the cup of hot chocolate from his hook, silently impressed with himself and his ability to not pierce the delicate material with the sharp point. “Emma went to drop Henry off at Regina’s. She didn’t want him to walk all that way in the rain. She’ll be back any moment. Would you like some coffee while you wait?” She looks at him over her shoulder as she presses a few buttons on the piece of equipment that he knows makes coffee then grabs two mugs out of the cabinet.

“That would be grand, thank-you” he replies, feeling he might not have much choice in the matter. She turns back to him, leaning against the far counter and scrutinizes him as the machine makes a series of noises. Feeling suddenly uncomfortable he tries to repress the urge to scratch that itch behind his ear and fidget under her gaze. She crosses her arms and looks at him in a way that tells him he is in for a conversation he has been hoping to avoid with this particular royal, at least for a while anyway.

“So, Hook, there’s been something I have been wanting to say to you.”

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