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So I had a free afternoon - I thought about paying my bills, cleaning the flat and preparing some elaborate dinner … but somehow I ended up trying to make a tribute ‘trailer’ for the Sith Warrior and their crew :3

Oh well

Music: X-Ray Dog, Evil Empire

Monsta X reacting to you purposely not wearing a bra around them.

He’d be quick to notice and wouldn’t be able to keep his eyes off you for the rest of the day. He’d have a really hard time to focus on anything else and to keep himself from ripping your other clothes off your body aswell.

When he notices your nipples piercing through the thin material of your shirt, he’d immediately know your intend and be quick to react. He’d sit down in front of you and smile at you innocently.

“Babe, did you forget a specific item of clothing on purpose today?”

He’d pretend to be oblivious to your intend and purposely annoy it all through the day to get you more frustrated. When you finally admit it to him, he’d look at you very innocently before pulling you into his lap and smirking at you.

“Seeing you get so frustrated is the only joy I get out of ignoring your poor attempt all day.”

The minute he notices, he’d make his way over to you, a smirk playing on his lips. He’d pull you into him with force and feel your boobs press against his chest. He’d let his hand run underneath your shirt.

“God, you’re always so obvious with your needs, babygirl.”

He wouldn’t be able to help himself and just stare at your chest whenever he gets the chance to. The minute you turn your eyes towards him, he’d quickly turn away again and pretend to focus on something else.

After a while, he’d completely lose his temper and drag you into the bedroom.

The minute he feels your unrestrained breasts pressing against his back as you hug him, he’d just smile at your poor attempt and not look up from his word once. He’d let you keep hugging him as he speaks. 
“Nice attempt princess but it’s not going to work.”

When he notices you not wearing a bra, he’d be quick to react and tell you to come over. He’d overreact and pull up your shirt to proof himself right. When he notices you not wearing a bra, he’d pull your shirt down again and nod satisfied.

“I know you too well.”

Love, Youngmi~

Bad Part of Town (TG/AP/RC)

Mark was ecstatic. He had never been to a baseball game, and his father had finally made good on his promise to take Mark into the city to see his first game. In fact, this trip was going to be Mark’s first visit to the big city. He had heard stories about what the city was like, some good and some bad, but they all got him excited for his first big trip to the city. They left for the city a little later than they wanted to and ended up hitting a traffic jam on the way in. Unfortunately, this meant that all the good parking was taken by the time they arrived. They had to park a few blocks away in a private lot, much to his father’s disdain. The lot was in a relatively dangerous part of town, but it was cheap, so the two just decided to get in and out of the baseball stadium as fast as possible.

“Okay, Mark, this part of town is a little sketchy, so just stay close to me and don’t talk to anyone,” his father said. Mark nodded as they parked the car and decided to take a shortcut through some alleyways that led straight to the baseball stadium. As they were walking, Mark overheard a man in baggy clothing shouting something at his father, trying to get his attention.

“Hey, my man, you lookin for a good time? You drop your kid off at the game and come back here, I’ve got some girls in here that’ll get you off in ways you can’t even imagine.”

Mark’s father just ignored him and ushered Mark down the alley faster.

“Don’t listen to him, Mark. He doesn’t know what he’s talking about.”

“Yo, man, you’ll be back here. I guarantee it,” the man said with a slimy grin. The two walked faster until they were out of earshot of the sketchy looking man. They were about a block away from the stadium when Mark noticed a pearl bracelet laying on the ground. He bent over and picked it up, staring at the shiny white pearls and thinking that it would make a good gift for his mother. His father didn’t slow down enough for him to put it in his backpack, so he slipped it on his wrist and was about to catch up with his dad. As it slipped over his hand, however, he immediately felt it begin to tighten and send pulses of energy through his body. With a sudden yelp of pain, Mark shot upwards and grew to a mature new height of 5’6. His bones snapped and popped into place as his skeleton shifted, leaving him looking mature, if a bit feminine. His father turned around to tell Mark to keep up, but was taken aback by the sight of his son’s new height.

“Daddy, what’s happening to- AH!” Mark screamed as his bones continued to shift. His hips flared out while his shoulders caved slightly inwards, giving him a feminine hourglass figure. His father ran over to him, but was unable to do anything. He felt completely helpless as his son transformed before his very eyes. Mark looked at the bracelet on his wrist as dark skin began to spread across his body, stemming from where the pearls were touching his skin. The smooth, brown skin crept along his body, quickly covering his entire body as it grew silky and hairless.

“Stay calm, Mark. I’ll, uh…I’ll call someone to help…um…oh my god,” his father stammered as he continued to watch his son change. He winced as Mark began to grown, his voice becoming more sultry by the second. He looked at his son’s pants as they began to rip and tear, revealing an expanding ass and thighs beneath. Mark’s ass kept growing, and by the time it finished its inflation he knew, for some reason, that it was bigger and more supple than any white girl’s ass could ever be. His jeans had been torn to shreds, and his ass had grown so large that it popped the button off the front and forced the zipper down past his crotch, revealing his shapely new behind to his father.

“Daddy, please, I just wanna go home…” Mark said with an alluring tone. His father was growing more disturbed by Mark’s new voice and tone, but nothing could prepare him for hearing his son moan in ecstasy as his crotch began to invert itself. Mark screamed in a smoky, sultry voice as unimaginable pleasures began to come from between his legs. He didn’t know what was going on down there, but it felt amazing. His stomach gurgled as his organs shifted around, leaving him with a female reproductive system and a hardened layer of abs to protect it. He felt his core muscles tense as he suddenly remembered a variety of sex moves and positions. While these new memories and thoughts disgusted him, he couldn’t help but moan as the new clit between his legs began to moisten. He rubbed a manicured hand over his crotch, reveling in the feelings his new sex was sending through his body while his father continued to watch in horror.

“OH my, oh fuck, Mark, are you okay? Stay calm, we’ll figure this out…” his father said, struggling to think of who to call.

“I’m trying…OW” Mark yelped as his skull began to crack and shift. His father watched his Mark’s face, the last physical remnant of his son, transformed into that of an urban sex goddess. His lips grew red and plump while his eyes grew wide and layered with eyeshadow. Mark shook his head as flowing black locks tumbled down around his head and past his tiny tank-top. He ran a hand through his silky new hair, admiring its texture and remembering how hard he worked in the mornings to get it just wavy enough. He suddenly let out another scream in pleasure as his chest began to expand. His father watched Mark’s chest as two dark nipples began to poke through the white top. They grew larger by the second, pushed forward by two breasts expanding on his son’s chest.

The pleasure was making Mark’s heart race, and soon he was covered in sweat. His skin took on a sexy sheen as the sunlight bounced off of it. He looked down at his new female body, still unsure of what he had become and continually trying to fight off the new urges leaking into his mind. He felt a little off balance with the new weight hanging off his chest, but with a final crack his spine caved in and gave him a sexual, feminine arch.

“Mark? Are you okay?”

“Daddy? What’s, ugh, what happened? Why do I look like…some hoe?” Mark said, surprising both his father and himself. His accent now sounded distinctly urban, but with a sultry and alluring flare.

“I don’t know, but maybe we can go to, uh, the hospital. Maybe they’ll know what to do…”

“Okay, s-shit!” Mark yelped as a belly button piercing materialized in his core. “No! Daddy, make it stop! I keep having these weird thoughts…I can’t fight them!”

“Okay, okay, it’s gonna be fine…” his father trailed off as he watched tattoos appearing on Mark’s body. Mark felt a tingle on his skin as ink appeared beneath the surface. A line of tattoos running down the side of his body began to appear, ending with a Superman logo materializing on his ass. The tingling sensation caused him to remember getting those tattoos. He remembered the tattoo parlor on 7th street that he visited often. The artist there was super hot, and he specifically began to remember the way the tattoo artist grabbed and massaged his ass as he was getting that Superman tattoo. No! This was all wrong! He didn’t know where 7th street was, he had never been to the city! And he was a boy, he had a crush on…a girl…in school, right? No, he remembered dropping out of school and working the streets. He was a…hooker?

“Daddy, I’m remembering all these things…like dancing on poles…and hugging…no, fucking guys…and I give a mean blowjob…and…I remember that I’m a hooker?”

His father was speechless. He didn’t know what to do, or what he did to deserve this.

“No, Mark, no! You’re my son! C’mon, we’re going to the hospital!”

“Wha…” Mark said, beginning to forget who the man in front of him was. “Who are you? You seem so familiar, but…”

“Mark! It’s me! Your father!” he screamed.

The memories of working the streets and fucking countless men were taking over Mark. His pussy began dripping as the memories of sex grew more vivid. He loved this city, because he could make it on the streets on his own. He made bank, and was even able to afford an apartment in the gentrified part of town. That’s how good he…no, she was at her job. She looked at the panicked man in front of her and felt like she should go with him for some reason, but soon her pimp came storming down the alley shouting at the guy.

“Hey, Odessa! Is this mothafucka bothering you?”

Hearing that name awakened something in Mark’s mind. The name Odessa replaced Mark in every sector of his head, leaving him to fully embrace his new life and occupation. Guys were paying thousands of dollars just to touch her body, and she knew that every time she came it would feel better than any orgasm the guys she fucked could feel. Odessa smiled and turned to her pimp, waving him off.

“Nah, nigga, be cool. He just wants some of what I got to offer…” she said in a commanding fashion, turning back to face Mark’s father.

“Aight, aight, but holla if he starts fuckin with you. And you,” he said, looking at Mark’s father, “I told you you’d be back…HA!” He walked back to his post, chuckling as he went.

Odessa leaned in to the terrified man in front of her and whispered, “I don’t know what’s got you shook, honey, but if it makes you feel any better, I can call you daddy.” She planted a kiss on his cheek and traced his jawline with a manicured nail. “First time is free.” She beckoned him to a door in the alleyway, swaying her massive hips and ass with each sensual step. The man followed her, still pale and in shock, wondering if there was any way to get his son back. Odessa, seeing the raging boner pressing up against his pants, had other plans in mind.

I wrote something!! For @hollyand-writes​, who prompted me with: F!Fenhawke prompt from that list you put up (if you’ve got time to write a ficlet!) “With my help, your flirting will be much more socially acceptable.”

I was inspired I guess: 

Why, oh why had she encouraged her mother to give a party like that. No, not a party, a ball. A ball! Hawke is still trying to get used to being rich at all but her mother has embraced the riches of the nightmarish expedition like she’s never been a malnourished refugee, begging to be let into the city gates.

Now she is holding court at the fireplace, laughing as some wealthy widower is flirting with her. She is dressed in a glittering gown that would have paid for the whole ship fare from Lothering to this city.

Hawke is currently questioning if the trip was worth it at all if it has to end with her being trapped in layers upon layers of starched folds. As much as the dress tries to show all of her humble cleavage, it also has a high collar, starched to the point of feeling like wood and it is scratching her chin whenever she turns her head.

Because of that, she has to turn her whole body to address the young man who offers his name and a glass of white wine. She would prefer red wine but apparently, red wine is too strong for ladies and it was hard enough to convince the young man to bring her any wine at all.

She takes a sip and puts on her nicest smile as she addresses the nervous young man. “Serah Desjardin, was it?”

“Desjardins, Serah Hawke, Marlon Desjardins” he repeats, emphasizing the S at the end. “Of the Desjardins of Lydes, Orlais. You might come across that name again some time, as my family is extensive and keen on travelling.”

“That is wonderful.”

The young man looks at her with his glass of red wine stuck half way on its way to his lips. “What is?”

“Travelling?” Hawke answers, heat crawling up her neck. This is the third young man, trying to strike up a conversation with her and he at least brought her a glass of wine, so she is trying her best, but… she knows that she’s failing. “Travelling is so rewarding, to see what Thedas is made of, the people, the land…”

Desjardins takes a big gulp of his wine and Hawke sips again, a tiny sip with her lips pursed. She’s adhering to the clear instructions by her mother that a distinguished daughter of the House of Amell does A) not drink Ale and B) only takes the tiniest sips. With pursed lips. There was a whole lecture about lips and the correct pursing thereof and Hawke is pretty sure that she will get cramps around her mouth tonight from all the pursing.

The young man has emptied his glass — oh how she envies him — and thankfully hides his burp behind a hand. “Well, travelling in Thedas is not quite as romantic as you seem to think. Half of Thedas is fleeing from the Blight or something and you can’t stop the carriage for five minutes anywhere without some dirty child or knifeear begging you for food.”

Red spots appear in her vision. “How unfortunate for the people who had made a living in the country, growing the food we all eat, that they didn’t have the means to stay on their farms.” She has to call on all of her self control to not punch him in the face for ‘knifeear’.

“Yes, it’s unfortunate but there’s plenty of ways to get to places like Kirkwall without harassing innocent travellers — ”

— the stem of Hawke’s wineglass snaps in half between her fingers and the bulb tips over, falls, and shatters on the ground. Shards scatter all over her feet and her silken shoes. Small spots of blood appear where a shard has cut the delicate material and pierced the skin on her feet.

Desjardins stares at her feet with a look of disgust and then turns his nose up and raises his hand. “Servant? Servant, please.”

The remains of the glass stem crunch in her hand as she gets ready to punch that nose all the way to the Deep Roads. But a hand on her arm and a deep and calming voice in her ear stops her.

“It is unadvisable to punch one’s guests with a fist full of broken glass,” Fenris murmurs into her ear.

“Are you sure?” she replies through clenched teeth.

“Very,” Fenris says with a chuckle. He takes her arm and leads her out of the ballroom into the kitchen. He holds her hand over the kitchen sink and opens it slowly. The white glove is already colored in a bright red from the cuts in her hand, just like the tops of her shoes. Fenris pulls the long glove down from her elbow and pumps ice cold water over it.

“Mistress Hawke!” Orana yells out when she sees the blood rinsing off.

“Not mistress, Orana,” Hawke says quietly.

“I’m sorry, Serah, but what happened?”

“Nothing terrible, I was trying to flirt with some orlesian kid and he turned out to be an ass.” She slips out of the shoes and hands them to Orana with the stained glove. “I don’t know if you can fix this somehow but I would be grateful if you could. My mother is going to make me chase the cows when she sees these shoes like that.”

“Of course, Serah Hawke, I know just what to do.” She gathers everything in a towel and hides it in a lower cupboard. “I’ll get to it after the party, so that your mother doesn’t get suspicious if she doesn’t see me bring in the food.”

“Good thinking, Orana, thank you.” Hawke tiptoes to the other side of the kitchen, to the stairs that will take her up to her room without having to cross the ballroom again. Fenris follows her, his bare feet just as quiet as hers. “I could almost be a Rogue, don’t you think?” Hawke says, just as she trips over a broom and sends it down the stairs with loud clattering.

“You’d be perfect for diversion tactics,” Fenris deadpans.

Hawke sighs. “With my luck, this will not be the last catastrophe of the evening.”

“I would hardly call a fallen broom a catastrophe.” Fenris follows her in her room and closes the door behind him.

“No, I meant that stupid, arrogant, good for nothing, rich stink nose of an orlesian cow’s ass down there.” She throws off the starched jacket with its stiff collar and vows to herself to burn it later. The dress looks better like this anyway, it falls softly over her shoulders and the red fabric is a nice contrast to her dark hair. In her closet she finds another pair of flimsy shoes. She can only hope that her mother will be distracted by all the glittering nobles around her and not look at her feet too closely.

“What is it with you and the cows?” Fenris has an amused smile on his lips as he stands there next to her door like a guard.

“Fereldan farmgirl, remember?” She slips into the shoes and crosses over to him. Stopping in front of him, she stares into his green eyes. She is slightly taller than him but she always feels dwarfed by his control and strength. “I guess, I have to get back down there now.”

He swallows, his eyes dropping to her lips before meeting her eyes again. “Yes, probably.” He smiles at her. “But you might want to avoid flirting with orlesians.”

She groans. “I could arm wrestle all of them in my sleep but talking to them?”

Fenris chuckles. “Maybe I can help.”


“At least, with my help, your flirting will be much more socially acceptable than that.”

Hawke clenches her fists and sighs. “Alright, what should I talk about?”

Fenris grins. “First and foremost, you should not talk but listen. Make the man feel important by listening intently, asking him questions about what he does.”

“But I don’t care!” she groans out. “They’re all so boring.”

“Ask me.”

“About what?”

Fenris bows towards her, one leg stepping behind him, his back perfectly straight. Hawke is astonished how perfectly aristocratic he looks.

“Serah Hawke, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Fenris. It is a pleasure to finally meet you.”

Hawke struggles to get her knees to bend to the kind of curtsy that her mother has taught her. “The pleasure is all mine, Serah Fenris. What brings you to Kirkwall?”

Fenris gives her an encouraging smile and then falls back into his role. He stands straight, his head held high and it is a stark contrast to his usual stance of being ready to fight at all times. “I’m collecting books on elven and Tevinter history and I’m hoping to find a few rare pieces for my collection here.”

“Oh, how interesting,” Hawke says. “Have you found anything yet?”

Fenris interlaces his fingers and nods. “Yes, I saw a few promising places at the market this morning and I plan to return to it tomorrow. Would you like to accompany me for that?”

Hawke isn’t sure if this is part of the game or if he’s really asking her to go with him, just them, without the others. It would be a first. “Yes, I would love to,” she rushes to say before the moment passes.

Fenris blushes and opens his mouth but closes it again without speaking.

“Ehm,” Hawke stammers, “what do I do if I don’t know what to say anymore?”

Fenris swallows. “You could always ask for a dance.”

Hawke holds her hand towards him. “Would you like to dance with me, Serah Fenris?”

“It would be my pleasure,” he says and his voice has a new rasp to it. He takes her hand and holds it out to the side and wraps his other arm around her waist, pulling her close. The music from the ballroom is muted but still loud enough for them to hear.

He takes a careful step forward and Hawke lets herself be steered by his lithe form pressed against her. He leads her in a slow circle around herself, holding her so close that she couldn’t stray away from his steps if she wanted.

But she doesn’t want to step away. She doesn’t care for the party downstairs, where her mother is probably already looking for her. She wants to stay here, in Fenris’ strong arms, guided around her room to the faint sound of music. She leans into him, closing her eyes as her cheek rests against his ear.

She has never danced like this before.

The music stops and Fenris twirls her out of his arms and pulls her back again. She laughs, slightly dizzy from the spin and he holds her so that she doesn’t stumble. She catches a glimpse of his eyes and her heart stops for a beat. She can’t put into words what she sees in them but they pull her towards him like a force.

Their lips connect, softly, fleeting, barely more than a dash of wind across a rose petal.

They both freeze.

It can’t be more, not now, they both know. But it’s more than she has ever hoped for.

“We must go back downstairs,” he mumbles against her lips.

“I know.” She lets her lips stay open, softly pressing forward. She feels him hesitate but then he presses back, his lips open like hers.

The music downstairs swells up again and the moment shatters. They both step back, and Hawke takes a deep breath. She holds out her arm for Fenris to take.

He wordlessly takes it and leads her out of the room and down the stairs. When a group of elegantly dressed men turn around to look at her, her lets go of her arm and retreats into the background like a bodyguard.

He watches her, how she charms the men, her flirting obviously improved. Occasionally she glances over to him, giving him a smile that nobody else ever gets from her.

That is enough. It’s more than he has ever thought possible for someone like him.

I hope you like it @hollyand-writes. :D


         OKAY TO BE WORN ALL THE TIME:  (With regular cleanings, of course.)

  • 316LVM Surgical Stainless Steel
  • Titanium. In the UK it’s illegal to pierce with anything BUT titanium! Please note, that it comes in hundreds of gorgeous anodised colours, however it’s impossible to create black using this method. A coating is used, which there is no industry standard for, so err on the side of caution with PVD)
  • Titanium Blackline
  • Zircon gold
  • Glass
  • 14K Gold (Not in fresh piercings, though. Only after healing.)
  • PTFE and BiOPlast (Teflon - Just watch for decay in oral jewelry and should be changed to fresh jewelry every few weeks due to biting on the jewelry.)

    (NOT to be slept in, or worn for more than about 6 hours at a time.)
  • PMMA (polymethyl-methacrylate) [A clear plastic often used as an alternative to glass.]
  • Wood
  • Stone! (Be careful with heavy rock, though. It may weight your ears.)
  • Horn
  • Ivory
  • Silicone (Be VERY careful with silicone as an unhealed ear can adhere to it in a matter of hours! AND DO NOT USE IT TO STRETCH.)

  • Brass
  • Bronze
  • Cadmium
  • Copper
  • Costume Jewelry
  • Chromium
  • Fake gold
  • Gold plated
  • Gold filled
  • 24K Gold (It’s too soft for piercing jewelry. Earring studs are fine.)
  • Iron
  • Lead
  • PVD coated anything
  • Nickel
  • Non-stainless steel
  • Pewter
  • Sterling silver/silver (Silver only in ear piercings!)
  • Tin
  • Aluminum
  • Zinc

    K. Cleared up all confusion, I hope. :)


anonymous asked:

Hello! I'm planning to make yurio's agape costume from YOI and was wondering on what you would recommend to make the shoulder/wrist things from? I'm an intermediate sewer, but a very beginner crafter and I wasn't sure what material would be best. I'm planning on making them detachable using snap clip things, so it doesn't need to be made from fabric. Thanks so much for your help!

Hello there!

There’s two major ways to go about this project: using fabric, or using real feathers.

If you went with fabric, you would either find something that wouldn’t fray when cut or something that is easy to seal the edges of (by doing a rolled hem or by melting the edges with heat – you would need a 100% synthetic to melt the edges). I would recommend a chiffon or similar material for this, as it would get the floaty, ethereal look. You would make a bunch of long feather-shaped pieces and seal the edges, then sew them all overlapping and generally in a line, so that they hang down all in one direction. I would use a more stable fabric as a backing and sew them all into a long strip, perhaps with an edge bound in bias tape or similar binding to keep the raw edges contained. Take this long strip and loop it into a U shape, with the bend of the U at the outer edge of the shoulder. Overlap a few layers of this material if you want a fluffier look. Sew this all in place and put the decoration (cut out of finished-edge fabric) and a few individual “feathers” on top to hide the center. These can be attached in place with snaps. For the hand pieces, you’ll need to stiffen pieces. I’d use starch, but you can also try adding a bit of stabilizer behind it.

The other method would be to use real feathers. This is what I did when I did a femme version of this costume. I bought goose feather trim, which consists of feathers glued and sewn into a piece of satin binding, and hand sewed the pieces into shape. For each shoulder piece, I used three pieces of the trim: two pieces as long as my shoulder, arranged so that one pointed towards my front and the other towards my back, and one piece about as long as my shoulder is wide (so a few inches in length), placed all the way up at the neck end of my shoulder and sewn so that the feathers were pointing outward, towards the tip of my shoulder (I would recommend doing these first and then doing the fabric applique on top, though the applique would just need to be tacked down in a few spots to keep it in place). This hid the satin binding tape holding the other feathers together. This whole assembly is hand sewn together and attaches with snaps to the shoulder of my leotard. The hand piece are again feathers, this time consisting of two pieces (each, four pieces total) of just enough length of trim to contain two feathers. The two pieces were arranged so that the satin binding is at a 90° angle, forming a square, and sewn together. These attach with two sets of snaps per piece, with the second snap there to prevent it from spinning around on a single snap. I opted to not have the two-tone feathers (time constraints mostly), though an extra feather can be added on top for the grey middle section. This can be purchased, or you can dye one of your feathers with acid dye or alcohol ink (I’d just carefully color one with a grey alcohol-based marker honestly).

Feather trim can be difficult to sew through, since it is thick and has glue. I’d keep something to wipe your needle on handy, and use a thick needle to be able to pierce the material if you go the feather route.

When shopping for feathers, look for ones that have the same type of look as the piece in the show. Marabou is probably the wrong choice, but the trim that I used or ostrich feathers or similar would be fine.

I suppose these can also be glued together if using feathers, but sewing by hand will be more stable.

I hope that helps! Good luck :]

Fabrickind / Q&A Staff

A Shot of Sake (TG/AP)

Billy and Matt were at their uncle’s house for the weekend while their parents visited the city. Their uncle, Dave, took a passive approach to babysitting that usually involved watching TV and drinking beer while his nephews played in the yard. Dave had a rather extensive alcohol collection, though he preferred to drink cheap beer and save the alcohol for impressing any women he was able to convince to date him. His nephews, being far too young to legally buy alcohol, were fascinated with his liquor cabinet. Matt was particularly intrigued by a bottle with Japanese characters on it. Making sure that no one was watching, he swiped the bottle and a shot glass from the cabinet and bought it out to the yard to show his brother. The two brothers played rock, paper, scissors to decide who should take the first drink. Billy won, and Matt excitedly poured him a shot.

Billy took the shot in one gulp, immediately feeling a warmth spread throughout his body. He initially thought that he was just getting drunk, but he soon felt a slight tugging on his arms and legs, like he was being pulled out in all directions.

“How is it?” asked Matt.

“It’s kinda weird…I don’t feel so great…” Billy moaned. Suddenly, Billy’s bones cracked and shifted as his arms and legs grew outwards. Billy stood up in shock and was about to run to get his uncle, but he was having a tough time balancing on his new limbs. Matt watched in horror as his brother’s torso elongated, his spine cracking and popping as it grew. Billy soon had a body with the proportions of a full grown adult, but the two brothers noticed that his body was not only growing older, but growing more feminine. Billy’s spine cracked once more as it gained a feminine arch, and Billy reluctantly pushed his chest out as his body shifted.

“Matt! Get Uncle Dave! I need help-ahhhh!” Billy moaned as two mounds of flesh began to push their way out of his chest. He looked down at his budding breasts as his clothes began to transform. His t-shirt morphed into a sweater that opened enough to give an ample view of his new bosom to his petrified brother. As Billy looked down at his new chest, he felt a tickle on the back of his neck and noticed long brown hair beginning to come into view. Matt stared at his changing brother as Billy’s skull shifted into that of a beautiful woman in her thirties. Billy’s eyes widened as they took on an slight Asian slant. Billy could feel makeup materialize onto his face, and Matt continued to stare in awe as his brother transformed into a mature beauty. Earnings weighed down Billy’s earlobes as piercings materialized. He took a deep breath as his breasts inflated more and his collarbones grew more pronounced. He wanted to resist touching his new appendages, but the new sensations coming from his sensitive nipples were too much to ignore. He squeezed his chest as his brother watched in shock, stifling a moan of pleasure as best he could.

“Billy, what are you doing?!” Matt asked in an exasperated voice.

“I don’t know! I don’t want to, but - oh god it feels so good!” Billy moaned in a new sensually feminine voice. “Please, help me - ohhhhh…” he whimpered as jolts of pleasure shot through him from his groin. He reached down and cupped the crotch of his pants as his member retracted into his abdomen. His pants morphed into a short skirt just as a fleshy clit opened up between his legs. His hand slipped under the new skirt as his fingers plunged into his new sex. He felt a new warmth in his abdomen as a womb and ovaries settled in. He continued to moan in his sensual new voice as new hormones flooded his body. The distinct smell of sex surrounded the air around Billy and Matt as the transformed boy slipped his fingers in and out of his new organ.

“Oh…oh…ohhhhh!” Billy screamed in ecstasy as Matt looked on in terror. Billy tried to stop what was happening, but with each thrust of his fingers he felt new personality traits slip into his mind. “Oh…” he moaned as he remembered all of the best one nights stands he had. “Ohhh…” he moaned again as thoughts of video games and playing with his brother became thoughts of watching porn and messing around with her sorority sisters. “Ohhhhh….ahh!” she screamed as she came and felt her juices running down her legs. As she reeled from her orgasm, a wedding band materialized around her finger and memories of Dave proposing to her entered her mind.

The new woman looked at her nephew, who stared back at her in shock. “What’s wrong, Matthew? Aren’t you a fan of your Auntie Betty?” she said, embracing her confident new personality. She noticed the bottle of sake on the ground and picked it up. “Oh Matthew, you aren’t supposed to be drinking.”

“Billy? Please, if you’re still in there…” Matt said. The new woman merely smiled and poured herself another shot of sake.

“Matthew, I don’t know who Billy is,” she said as she spilled the sake over her breasts. “Oopsie!” she said as she ran her hands down her cleavage. “Well, looks like I’ve had enough to drink. I’ll be inside with your uncle if you need me.” And with that, Betsy left Matt in shock to go lay down with her husband and try to make a baby. Matt sat there in a strange mixture of shock and arousal, wondering if he should’ve taken the shot instead. 


“Well, goodnight folks. If you need me I’ll be unconscious.”

“Ahhhh, to sleep. A chance to dream.”

“On the other hand, maybe I’ll have another cup of coffee.”

Roleplay Ramblings: Strange Materials part 1


If you’ve been a fan of fantastical fiction for any length of time, you know that there are moments of awesome that come around every once in a while that send shivers down your spine. One of those tends to be acquiring a magic weapon of some kind. A good GM can recreate that feeling, describing the feel of the weapon, as well as its appearance. Some forget, however, that oftentimes a new awesome weapon, or suit of armor, doesn’t just look different because its magical, but also because its made of something other than your standard fare.

Pathfinder is full of such supernatural or otherwise unusual materials, each with their own properties. Some are useful as both armor and weapon, while others are only functional as one or the other.

In the core rulebook, there are a couple of simple, easy to find substances that, as far as most settings go, form the default of expensive, but useful alternatives to steel. There is adamantine, the shiny black metal found in certain meteorites, the supernatural hardness of which pierces most other materials, and proves impregnable against all but similar things.

As well as darkwood, a hard wood that is much lighter than it should be, making it perfect for lightweight shields.

Dragonhide, naturally, is the product of dragon scales and skin, which makes harvesting it dangerous and morally dubious work in many cases, but provides armor that is naturally resistant to various elemental energies, though protecting the actual wearer from said energies still requires magic, at a reduced cost, though.

Cold Iron is actually ordinary iron, or a rare strain of it, that prove inimical to certain creatures like fey if those properties are preserved by a careful process, one that proves quite expensive, even more so when trying to enchant them, the magic-defying properties of pure iron defying permanent enchantment.

Mithral, on the other hand, combines the benefits of light weight with the properties of silver for bypassing damage reduction, and is found in rare veins in the ground, and makes for either lightweight, yet strong armor, or silver-edged weapons that lack the weak edge that silver normally grants.

Alchemical silver is cheaper, but has the weakness of being a soft metal overlayed on a steel core, dulling the edge.

And that is just the stuff in the core rules! Each of these materials serves a different role, and covers different fantastical themes. Of course, it takes a masterful smith to craft such items as well, so finding the weapon, having it bestowed upon you, finding the materials and having someone craft them, all of these can make for an adventure in and of itself!

Of course, silver and cold iron have the weakness of powerful enough magical enchantments counting as that type of damage reduction, reducing the need for them in all but the most low magic settings or low-level games.

In any case, this is just the start, tomorrow, we’ll look a little deeper into other materials that have been introduced since then!

anonymous asked:

So Cresce relies on constructs for most of its military power, right? We've seen a spell injector for first materials that's relatively small - maybe the size of a phone booth (the one in Rahm's cave). Could you weaponize one of those by dropping it onto a construct, having it preloaded with injectable nonsense "code" to make the construct start to fail in unpredictable ways? With Aldish air superiority that seems like a pretty good stragegy.

The problem there is spellburners utilize farcyte - those glowy orange crystal geodes - and farcyte is extremely precious. So your strategy is viable but then the enemy has a bunch of your farcyte! D: What would be far more useful is coming up with a ranged spellburner that could pierce First Materials - basically a construct-fouling laser - which is something everyone’s military has been struggling with for years.

This is fun stuff though. You might see something like this come up in the comic later on ;)