piercing blue eyes... :3!


My new and Official mayor ref done by the amazing and talented @lilsprouts !!!!
((I love it so much and ilysm))

⭐Trips to her families towns
⭐Pastel colors
⭐Warm blankets
⭐Writing letters

💜Looks Like💜
⭐Horned hat/flower crown
⭐Blue eyes
⭐Tortise Specs (freckles underneath)
⭐3 piercings in each ear
⭐White Dress with Purple Flannel (made by me!!)
⭐Bobby socks
⭐Basketball shoes

Dream Guys

1. Blonde hair
2. Great singing voice
3. Pretty green eyes
4. Wears glasses
5. Looks great in hats
6. Adorable personality
7. Is Patrick Stump


1. Brown Hair
2. Good singing voice
3. Deep brown eyes
4. Is a meme
5. Has cute dimples
6. Sarcastic personality
7. Is Dan Howell


1. Ginger (but dyes hair)
2. Deep(ish) voice
3. Piercing blue eyes
4. Wears glasses
5. Sticks tongue out when laughing
6. Innocent personality
7. Is Phil Lester


Okay! Bed time for me. Here’s what I added to my new area. I added a little path way to my train station. I also just changed the colour of my eyes. So I now resemble my human self, purple haired with blue eyes. NINTENDO Y U NO DO PIERCINGS N TATTOOS «3 night from England friends

also sorry for the spam! - Lauren.

american-beautee  asked:

Cas studied Dean, paying most of his attention to the mark on his arm. "Are we going to talk about it?" He raised an eyebrow. Abbadon was dead. There was no longer a need for it. They should be finding ways to free him of that mark, not ignoring the problem. If Dean didn't get rid of it soon.. There might not be much of Dean left to save.. ((Gahh I hope this is okay.. :/ ))

Dean rolled his eyes and pulled his arm away from Cas ignoring how his skinned tingled where the angel touched him. “There’s nothing to talk about” he says not looking at Castiel and rubbing the mark with his thumb. It might come in handy having it. He could kill anything with that sword and the mark. After a moment of silence, Dean finally turns his eyes to meet Cas’s piercing blue gaze. ((It’s fine :3 ))