Vic Fuentes Imagine: Never Gunna Leave

Trigger Warning: This story contains references to depression, suicide and self harm. 

Can you do a Vic Fuentes imagine where you’re really close with the band but they’ve been gone on tour for a long time and you’ve been feeling really alone and depressed and one day you’re really bad and you try and call them but they’re on stage and don’t answer and you feel like the only thing left is to kill yourself. (you decide how it ends)

This really wasn’t easy to write. A lot of emotions, I even find myself crying writing this little intro. I don’t know. - a

You tried to keep telling yourself that everything was going to be okay. The boys were due back in a couple of days and were playing a few hours away. Work kept you busy for some of the time but there was still the problem of those late nights and evenings spent all by yourself. Before you had met the boys you had been an insecure girl who self harmed in an attempt to feel. Looking down at the scars on your wrists you shuddered at the memories. You remembered every single stroke against your skin, every single reason that made you want to hurt yourself. As much as you wanted to the thought of cutting was one you tried to avoid. In an attempt to stop the harmful thoughts you went to sleep, a way to pass the time.

Getting up the next morning wasn’t too difficult you had a long shift at the record store that would keep you occupied. There was only two more days until Vic and the others would make their way back. You got ready as per usual and went on your way to work. Walking in the entrance you saw your boss Patrick leaning against the counter shamim his head.

“Y/N I need to talk to you about something, would you mind walking into my office?” You nodded and followed behind him anxiously rubbing your hand along your arm. “Y/N take a seat I have some unfortunate news. The store is being sold and they aren’t wanting to take on the original staff. I’m really sorry but today will be your last shift.”

You didn’t know what to do so you awkwardly looked down at your hands as the tears began to fall. Your job felt like the only thing you had, the only constant thing in your life. Standing from the chair you gave a weak smile before walking out, there was no point in staying, it’s not like they could fire you anyway. So you continued your way out the door and down the street not yet sure of what you were doing. You tried to call Vic but didn’t get an answer, when that didn’t work you tried Mike again there was no answer. After trying to reach Jaime and Tony you finally gave up as the negative thoughts began to control you. It had been made clear they didn’t want you. 

Band P.O.V

Vic looked at his phone and frowned, Y/N had rung and he’d missed it. He picked up his phone and went out to the lounge where the others were spread minding their own business. 

“What’s the matter?” Jaime asked looking at Vic. 

“Y/N rang and but she didn’t leave a message,” he said confused. 

“She rang me too,” Mike said like nothing mattered.

“Me too,” Tony said as he looked up from his book slowly starting too look worried. Jaime reached for his phone where he saw the notification. 

“She rang me too,” Jaime said beginning to look worried. 

“I’ll try and call her. Something must have happened,” Vic said as he stepped outside of the bus and tried to call her number but there was no answer. He tried her home phone but still no answer. He finally called her work where Patrick answered. 

“Patrick have you seen Y/N? I can’t seem to get in contact with her,” Vic asked. 

“She came in this morning. I had to let her go the business is being sold and I couldn’t help it. She walked out,” Patrick stated. 

“Thanks Pat,” Vic said as he hung up. 

“She got fired this morning,” Vic told the others, “I know that job meant a lot to her.”

“You don’t think she’d do it would you?” Tony asked concerned. 

“I don’t know,” he replied shaking his head,“We don’t have a show until tomorrow night and it’s only a few hours out from home. I think we should go back now." 


All you could think was what would happen next? You had no job, no friends and an over stimulated brain telling you how pathetic and worthless you are. Looking down at your phone there is still no reply from any of the boys, in anger you throw it as hard as you can at the wall creating a small crevice where it struck. It wouldn’t matter anyway, it’s not like you’d be here tomorrow to fix it. Walking into the kitchen you grabbed the tub of cookies and cream ice cream and headed for the lounge room before planting yourself on the couch and watching 10 Things I Hate About You. By the time the film finished you felt no better than you had before and had made sure your decision was final. 

Standing from the couch you went to your bedroom and put on your favourite dress. This dress gave you so many happy memories, like that time Vic took you to see your first Warped Tour show or that time that Tony tried to hook you up with one of his skater mates. You laughed at the memories as you stared in the mirror and smiled. Those thoughts were pushed aside when you looked down at your wrists to see the scars that had never seemed to fade. 

As you stepped into the bathroom you managed to find your secret stash of weapons of self destruction. Pulling out the sharpest blade you dug it into your skin all in an attempt to feel whole again. You sliced multiple times causing small droplets of blood to fall, some even staining your dress. You grabbed a towel from the cupboard and wiped away as much blood as you could. It was then you heard knocks at the front door. 

"Y/N are you in there?” You could hear someone call. You slowly walked out of your room and down the hallway forgetting the towel still being held to your arm. 

“Y/N it’s Vic, please, please answer the door,” he pleaded from the other side. A smile found it’s way to your face as you ran the rest of the way swinging the door open and wrapping your arms around his neck. 

“I’ve missed you,” you whispered as you looked up to see the boys standing behind him. There’s smiles fading as they saw the blood on your arms. 

“Y/N what did you do?” Tony asked beginning to look upset. 

“I had a weak moment. I was feeling bad already when Patrick told me he was letting me go and then none of you answered your phone. If you hadn’t knocked the door I honestly don’t know what I would have done,” you said shaking your head at yourself. 

“It doesn’t matter now cause we’re here and we aren’t ever going to leave you,” Jaime said smiling. 

“Hey guys you should go back home, I’ll clean her up,” Vic said as he said goodbye to the others ushering you into the house and onto the couch. He left momentarily and came back with your medicine box. 

“I can’t believe you did this to yourself,” he whispered as he began to gently clean the wounds. 

“I didn’t feel there was any other way. I needed you,” you said as the tears began to fall. 

“No matter where I am, no matter if you can’t contact me, know that I care about you more than you will ever know,” he said as he clutched your hands and looked at your face. 

“I knew you’d come,” you say as you meet his gaze. 

“I love you and I’m never gunna leave.”

To the person who sent this in, I hope this makes you feel better(:


“Choke….try to wash you down with something strong…” Vic’s acoustic performance of “I’m low on gas and you need a jacket” hit you harder this time than it ever has. You find yourself backstage feeling vulnerable and helpless. You quickly go to the bathroom and open up your purse.

“Ow” You say as your fingertip slides across the blade that was at the bottom of the purse.

I should have put a blade protector over that , you say to yourself as you pull it out. You stare at it for a few minutes. You promised Vic you wouldn’t relapse, but lately, blades were all you could think about. The way Vic sang some of his more serious songs, just makes you want to feel sorry for him. Even though what had happened to him happened in the past, you can still feel the wince of pain in his voice as if it never went away. If only you knew, if only you knew about some of the things he was going through when the two of you were first dating. You could have helped him, you could have made him feel better. You look at yourself in the mirror and you see the same girl you saw three months ago. You take the blade and press it against your arm. You feel the cold metal touch your bare skin, but you just can’t get yourself to put pressure on it. You stop when you hear a familiar voice….Vic’s voice.

“Hey, do yo know where (y/n) went?” Vic asks to one of his managers.

“I don’t… I’m sorry.”

“I just saw her before I sang "I’m low”… thanks.“ Vic walks off and you hear him ask a few other people where you were.

"Check the bathroom” A girl said.

Vic walks over and knocks on the bathroom door. You freeze as you look at the blade you’re holding. You quickly shovel it into your bag and pull out your phone.

“(y/n), are you in here?” Vic asks.

You open the door with the phone up to your ear. You smile at Vic and then pull the phone away from you.

“Sorry, my mom called me and I thought it was something serious. Just give me a few minutes.” You say in a whisper. 

Vic nods his head and walks off. You close the bathroom door and then pull out the blade again. You are so mad at yourself that you lied to Vic. Vic could help you, he was the only one that makes you feel better. You press the blade against your arm and slide it down. You feel a familiar pain that you felt three months ago. After you move the blade from your arm, it stings, but the pain feels everlasting and almost like your own personal high. You wash the blade off and pull your sleeve down. Once again you grab your phone and head out the bathroom door.

“Alright mom I will talk to you later…love you too. Bye,” You put the phone back in your bag and head over to Vic.

“Hi baby” You say as you give Vic a kiss on the cheek.

“Hey! Everything okay with your mom?”

“Yeah” You say with a smile, not even showing an ounce of suspicion. 

“Good” Vic holds onto your hand.

“You did a really amazing job tonight V, as usual!” You smile as Vic leans in to kiss you.

“Thank you. That really does mean a lot coming from you” Vic says goodbye to his band mates and crew and leads you to his car. The two of you get in and start driving back to Vic’s apartment.

“I always love playing home shows, I feel like they’re more personal but fun at the same time.” Vic says

“Yeah” You say, half listening. The only thing you can thing about is what happened in the bathroom. You could have stopped yourself from cutting, but something forced you to do it. At that moment in the car, you realize that Vic can help you. You think what to say and how to bring it up with him right now, but you just can’t get the words out.

“Everything okay babe?” Vic asks.

“Yeah, everything is fine.” You didn’t even think when you said this. Why was it so easy to lie to him? If he ever found out now, he would be so disappointed. So, you decide not to say anything.

When you arrive back at Vic’s apartment, he leads you up the stairs and inside.

“Are you hungry?” Vic asks

“Not really…” You say, glancing at the picture of you two in his living area.

“Well I’m hungry…hungry for you” Vic looks at you and winks. Suddenly, you completely forget about all this pain you have built up inside, and you walk towards him.

“You are so cute” You say

Vic meets you halfway from the kitchen to the couch and pulls you in with a kiss. You feel yourself let all the pain drift away as Vic grabs hold of your waist. He pulls you in closer and slowly sticks his tongue into your mouth. Your hands start at his cheeks, but slowly fall down to his lower stomach. He picks you up and the two of you kiss hard for a few minutes. He walks over to the couch and sets you down. He smiles as he takes his shirt off. You kiss his chest and give him a hickey as you feel him take off your leggings. At this moment, you are feel completely seduced by Vic and you take his belt and pants off. Just as you get up from the couch to sit down on the ground and ‘go down on’ him, he takes your shirt off. At first, you aren’t even thinking about what happened earlier, but then you meet eyes with Vic’s when he see’s your arm. At first, he stays silent.


Vic backs away from you. He is so surprised that as he is backing away, he accidentally leans back onto the coffee table, as if his whole two years of living here he had forgotten it was even there. He stumbles a little but manages to knock the picture of you two over and onto the ground. The picture frame’s glass cracks. Tears start to fill your eyes as you briefly look at what had happened. Vic doesn’t even notice it, his eyes are on you the whole time. 

“Vic, I’m so sorry” You say as you get up and walk towards him

“How long? H-h-how long have you been doing this and not telling me?” Vic stumbles on his words as tears fill his eyes.

“I only did it once, and it was tonight. I wanted to tell you so badly, but I couldn’t get the words out. I knew you would be disappointed” You say.

“Yeah, I’m disappointed, but I’m more worried, more afraid. You promised me you weren’t going to do it ever again. You lied to me (y/n).” Vic paces around the room for a little.

“I didn’t mean to Vic. I didn’t want to tell you because you’re the only one that makes me feel happy. I didn’t want you to be unhappy because then I would feel more terrible, like right now.”

Vic walks over to you and sits on the couch.

“Don’t ever worry about me, don’t. I’m okay. I care more about your feelings than I do with my own.”

“But tonight, when you were singing "I’m low”, I could feel the pain in your voice. I should have been there for you when you had your problems to deal with.“

"But our relationship had just started, and I didn’t want to put all of that on you when we weren’t even that close.” Vic says

“I know…I seriously will stop. I’m sorry I just don’t want you to be upset and I can tell you are when you sing some of your songs”

“You have so much to live for (y/n). Your family, your friends, me, everything you’re good at, music. You have a lot going for you and I don’t want your past to determine your future. Promise me, and I mean really promise that you will come to me whenever you are feeling shitty.”

“I promise Vic. I’m so sorry.” You hug Vic.

“I love you so much (y/n)” Vic says.

“I love you too.”

Vic kisses your soft lips and pulls you in tight.

Tony Perry Imagine: Surprise

Could you do one where you call Tony while he’s on tour and tell him you’re pregnant with his baby?

So I may have changed this up a bit only because who wants a phone call? I prefer a bit of good old human interaction! Lets do this! Sorry if this sucks. I’m still getting back into the swing of writing these things again! Enjoy! - a :)

You stood in front of the mirror yet again trying to convince yourself hat this was  fact real. That you hadn’t somehow imagined all of this in your boyfriends absence simply because you were bored. Looking down at the little white stick yet again you were confronted with yet another pink plus sign which scared you more than you ever thought possible. Tony had told you that he wanted kids, one day. The sickening feeling in your stomach told you that it wasn’t meant to be is early. Deep down your stomached churned as you began to plot how you would best tell him the exciting yet thriving news. He was still on tour but over the next few days Wold be performing in a town only a few hours away and you figured this would be your best chance before he continued along the coast for another few weeks.

The day had finally come and you had already managed to throw up twice. One the side effect of pregnancy the other your nerves. Getting in the car you drove the three hours to the venue. It took another ten minutes to convince yourself to get out of the car before you realised how ridiculous you were being, after all Tony loved you more than anything. He wanted to have babies with you an even though this was a lot sooner than you had both planned, he loved you.

Finally you walked towards the venue pulling out your phone and calling Vic telling him that you were outside and that he should come let her in so she could surprise Tony. You’re palms were sweating as you saw Vic following him to the back room. Keeping your head down you finally looked up to find Tony staring back at you. He smiled as your ran towards you pulling your body into his arms. 

“I’ve missed you so much baby,” he said laughing. 

“I’ve missed you to.”

“Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?” He asked. 

“It was a last minute decision thought I’d surprise you. Is there somewhere we could talk?” You knew that if you didn’t tell him now that it would never happen. So you followed him as he pulled you towards the empty stage the bands equipment already set up. 

“What’s the matter Y/N? Are you okay?” He asked. 

“You have to try not to get angry with me,” was all you could muster. 

“You’re making me worried, Y/N. Did you do something wrong? Did I do something wrong?” He asked growing increasingly concerned. 

“No it’s not you,” you whispered. 

“Then what is it baby?” He asked placing his hands on your shoulders.

“I’m pregnant,” you stated as you looked up to see his vacant expression. He stood there for a moment stunned by your statement and he drew his arms back to his sides. He looked down before looking up and smiling back at you. 

“You’re pregnant?” He asked slightly excited.

“Yes I’m having a baby,” you said as the stress began to disappear. 

“I’m going to be a dad!” He exclaimed.

“Yep and I’m going to be a mum.”

“I have to go tell the others,” Tony said as he ran from the stage. 

“Forgetting something Mr Perry,” you said pointing at yourself.

“Oh shit, yeah,” he ran back and kissed you quickly on the lips before lifting you bridal style in your arms. As you walked through the door in the back room the guys all turned to look at you. 

“Did you guys get engaged or something?” Mike asked from his corner. 

“Something even better,” you exclaimed. 

“I’m going to be a dad!” Tony screamed as he placed you back on the ground. 

“There’s going to be another Jaime in this world,” came from the opposite side of the room and you simply laughed at Jaime’s joke. 

“I think we have enough of those,” you said winking at him. 

“Congratulations! I’m so happy for you two!” Vic said as he gave each of you a hug. 

“This means I’m going to be an uncle. I don’t know if Uncle Jaime is ready for the responsibility just yet." 

Vic Fuentes: What Makes You Think

Could you do one where you’re dating Vic Fuentes and you take him to meet your parents, but your father doesn’t really like him and his job then he start talking shit about him and you and Vic say that he loves you and never are going to cheat on you and your jobs aren’t going to change that then you two go home and cuddle for the rest of the day (you’re in a band too) Sorry if is so long :)

“Stop worrying so much,” Vic says, his hands gripping my wrists. I frown and mutter, “That’s kinda hard to do when there’s so much to worry about.” He sighs and I go back to straightening his shirt and making sure that his hair looks okay.

“Your parents can’t be that bad,” he insists, holding my hand tightly and leading me to the front door. We stand on the dirty welcome mat in silence. “My parents are going to murder you,” I whisper, my nails biting into his hand.

“Why do you say that?” Vic asks, ringing the bell. My dad opens the door before I can say anything. “Another boy in skinny jeans with hair that’s too long,” he barks, sneering. “That’s why,” I whisper.

I hug Dad and introduce him to Vic with a fake smile that makes my cheeks hurt. “Vic,” my dad drags out the name as if tasting it, trying to decide whether or not he likes it. His eyes narrow before he speaks. “In a band, too. Just like the others…”

I push my way inside, my hand on Vic’s wrist, afraid of what would happen if I let go. Dad brushes past us, I can hear my mom calling him. “Don’t talk about PTV. It’ll piss him off,” I warn, dropping Vic’s hand. “Don’t you talk about your band around them?” he asks, confused.

“Yes, when they’re too drunk to listen,” I mutter, running a hand through my hair before grabbing Vic’s arm tightly. “Promise you won’t bolt,” I whisper, leaning into him as I guide him down the hall. I promise,“ he replies under his breath. 

He leans in for a kiss and I push him away. “Do you want to get murdered?!” I snap, my heart racing as I check to make sure my dad hasn’t seen. “What?! I’m not allowed to kiss you?!” Vic snaps. I don’t get to answer him before my mom greet us.

It’s a lukewarm hug and a “how are you?” I can read between the lines. I can see that she’s disappointed. I feel guilty but not guilty enough to tell Vic to leave. “Where’d Dad go?” I ask, desperate to break the silence that has descended upon us as the tension threatens to choke me.

"He won’t be joining us,” Mom says tightly. “Damn right I won’t! Not until I see a man with a nice haircut, a suit and a legitimate career!” Dad yells. I close my eyes, feeling sick. Mom’s smile falters and her eyes dart away from mine. 

“Daddy, please!” I plead. I hear him shuffling to meet us. He points an accusatory finger at Vic and snaps, “That is no man.” His finger lands on me. “You are an excuse for a young woman. You stay out late at night doing God knows what, you spend most of your life in a cramped bus with a horde of men, and you sing that demonic chatter that your idiotic fans call music. And then you bring boys who do exactly the same home to me. I’m done!”

Vic holds me tightly. Dad glares at us and growls, “You’re just like all of those other cheap whores. What you need is a real goddamned job! You think Vic is gonna stay with you? What makes you think he won’t stay out late with every woman he passes? What makes you think he’ll be able to pay the bills? You think he’ll marry you? Stay if you get knocked up? You think he won’t have a parade of mistresses?! Honey, you wait! It’s your heart he’ll break!”

I can’t breathe for a moment. What if he’s right? What if Vic leaves me or hurts me? What makes me think that he won’t? In an instance I forget every reason I’ve stayed by his side, every time he’s told me that he loves me. I’m weak. I shiver and hold my breath as the silence grows until it deafens me.

“What makes you think that I will do all of those things?” Vic asks, his voice calm and even. My dad starts to answer but Vic silences him. “I love Y/N. I would never hurt her. I know how that feels and I could never do that to her. I love her.” Vic’s eyes meet mine. “I love you.”

“You think you’re in love?! Love isn’t half empty beds, boy,” dad barks. “You have to be with each other to love each other. Quite frankly, love won’t work out too well on a tour bus, especially when the fans come crawling, longing for lust.”

 ”I’d never cheat on Y/N. She’s the only one. She’s who I want to grow old with, who I want to raise a child with. Yeah, we don’t see each other very often, but you can see a person every day for your entire life and despise them as much as you can love a person you see several times a month,” Vic argues.

We leave quickly and quietly, our presence no longer wanted. I want to tell Vic that I love him that what he said means a lot to me but I can’t make myself whisper the words.

The drive home is silent. But it’s comfortable. I don’t have to speak if  I don’t want to but know Vic is waiting for something. When we get home, I turn on the TV and drop onto the couch, exhausted.

Vic joins me and I sit up so that he can wrap his arms around me and kiss my forehead and whisper how much he loves me into my ear, his breath tickling my neck. 

Tony Perry Imagine: What Not To Do With Your Older Brother's Friends

http://bandimaginestokeepyoualive.tumblr.com/ Check em out

Hey:3 could you do me an imagine with tony perry where you’re mike and Vic’s little sister and all the lads are round you’re house and you’re upstairs drawing and tony comes up and it gets fluffy then he ends up kissing you when mike and vic walk in and have a big row with tony and start shouting at him and he is sticking up for you and you’re sticking up for him please?:3 could you make it cute please:3 thank you so much and Btw I love you’re wrighting:3

“Mind going upstairs for a bit?” Mike asked, popping his head into the kitchen. “I don’t really have a choice, do I?” you asked, furrowing your eyebrows. He shook his head, smiling slightly.

“I don’t have anything to do upstairs,” you pointed out. “You’re an artist, you can draw me or like flowers or something,” Mike said. “Why can’t I stay down here?” you whined. “Because I really don’t want you around right now,” Mike answered.

You shook your head and pointed to your heart pouting. “That hurt me right here, Mike, right in the heart.” You stood up and gathered your sketchbook and pencils and stalked past Mike.

“You’ll get over it,” he called after you. “Right in the heart, Mike,” you replied. You passed Vic on the way to your room. “You’re staying up here, right?” he asked.

You raised an eyebrow and rolled your eyes. “Yes, I shall retreat to the depths of the barren wasteland filled with lost souls and old diary entries while you party with fricken Jesus,” you replied a bit melodramatically.

“For how long?” Vic asked, ignoring your act. “Until the fat lady sings and the drunken idiots pass out on the couch and in the fridge like last time,” you answered. “Who’s the fat lady?” he asked. “The old neighbor chick who banged on the door because the lights were still on at 2 in the morning,” you said, grinning.

“And who are you?” he teased you, grinning. “Obviously, I’m the damsel in distress,” you said, backing into your room. “Damsel in distress, don’t come looking for your prince downstairs,” he said, only half-joking.

You nodded, smiling. You waited for him to turn before closing my bedroom door. A few minutes later you heard the door open followed by the familiar voices of the rest of Pierce The Veil.

You settled at your desk and started sketching a human skull with the exception of a few nobs and switches. Every new line made the world around you fade. Every shaded portion delivered you to a world of your own.

When you finished, you stood and stretched before heading toward the bathroom to take a shower. Tony was coming out of the bathroom as you opened your bedroom door.

“You’re here?” he asked, confused. “You’re so quiet. Why aren’t you blasting music or something?” You shrugged and said, “I’ve been sketching.”

“Really? Are you good at it?” he asked. “Wanna see for yourself?” you asked, already walking back to your room. Tony’s eyes studied your walls, gleaming. 

“You drew all of this?” he murmured, gesturing at the walls covered in previous sketches you’d inked. You shrugged and nodded, holding out your sketchbook. You sat on your bed as Tony flipped through the pages.

He would stare intently at each page, taking in every minor detail. “You’re really talented,” he breathed, looking up at you. He sat next to you and handed your book back. 

“Draw me,” he said. “Only if you draw me,” you said, standing to dig through the pile of old notebooks and sketchbooks sitting on your desk. You handed him a sketchbook and pencil. 

“Challenge accepted,” he said, smirking. He finished sketching you within seconds. “That’s a stick figure, Tony,” you pointed out, raising your eyebrows. “It looks nothing like me.”

“Your turn, draw me,” Tony said, ignoring your comments. You started drawing him, occasionally glancing up to make sure you were getting his facial proportions correct.

You stopped at his lips, realizing that you didn’t really know how to draw them because you’d never really looked at them. “Why’d you stop?” Tony demanded, his trance broken.

“Your lips,” you said softly. “What about them?” he asked, clearly not understanding what you were saying. “I don’t know how to draw them,” you replied, staring at his lips.

“You’re just going to stare at them?” he asked, confused. “I need to learn their shape,” you explained, surprised by his confusion. His eyes traveled down to your lips and he reached up to touch them.

You touched his first, tracing them and imagining drawing them. “God, this is weird,” you mumbled, leaning closer to him. Tony smiled and you grinned. 

“You have a nice smile,” you said. You lifted your eyes to his for a moment. You both leaned into the kiss. “What the fuck are you doing?” Mike demanded, appearing in the doorway.

You pulled away from Tony, standing and looking down at your feet. “That’s my fucking sister, Tony!” Mike yelled. Vic joined him and took in the scene.

“He’s over here trying to fuck Y/N!” Mike yelled. “It’s my fault, I invited him in,” you snapped. “This is exactly why we don’t want you around when our friends are here,” Vic said, glaring at Tony.

“Relax, I’m the one who kissed her,” Tony defended you. Vic turned on him, “You should know better!” Tony shook his head and looked down. “I know, I don’t know what I was thinking,” he muttered.

“Wonderful, drama,” you muttered sarcastically. “Mike, Vic, I’m old enough to do what I want and so is Tony so just relax and go back to your little party,” you said, annoyed by the whole situation. 

“You, too, Tony,” you added and stood with your arms folded over your chest until your brothers left. You grabbed Tony’s arm. “So… how about that kiss?”

Vic Fuentes Imagine: I Found You.

Can you do one of me and Vic meeting by accident? It develops into a relationship when he takes me in one night after I got attacked by my ex? Smut at the end please? (; my name’s Ariel, btw!!

Okay so this should be interesting. Also sorry to Ariel, I don’t do imagines with names. I might do so later on. - a

Warning: Domestic Violence.

Walking down the road you were going over the list in your head. Bread, milk, eggs, chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and there was something else you seemed to have forgotten but you thought little of it. Walking into the store you grabbed one of the smaller trolleys before walking around placing items into it’s basket. You walked up to the counter placing your items in front of the check out girl. You turned to move and bumped into someone. You quickly spun around to see a relatively attractive guy, he had brown hair to his shoulders, tan skin and one of the cutest smiles you had ever seen.

“I am so sorry,” you quickly said worried for his reaction.

“It’s fine. Don’t even worry about it. I’m Vic by the way,” he said smiling putting out his hand for you to shake. You took it and shook it lightly before replying.

“I’m Y/N,” you say quickly pulling your hand away as a blush rises across your cheeks. You looked up at him as he smiled at you before paying the girl at the check out before smiling at you and grabbing his bags.

“It was nice meeting you Y/N. Might see you around again,” he said with a wink before walking out the sliding doors. As you packed your groceries into your car you were completely distracted by thoughts of this complete stranger Vic. He was cute and sweet and you honestly hadn’t felt this way in years. 

Arriving home you began to put the groceries away when your boyfriend Jake walked in looking for something through the cupboards. 

“Did you get my protein shakes?” He asked as he rummaged through the cupboards. 

“I knew I forgot something,” you say as you go and write it on the notepad on the fridge so you can remember next time.

“How could you forget them? I need them,” he said gradually getting angrier and more agitated.

“I’m sorry it just slipped my mind. I can go in the morning if you want,” is all you reply. 

You continued unpacking the groceries and began to cook dinner. As you pushed the chicken around you Jake walked into the kitchen. As you spun around to talk to him you knocked over the glass vase that had been next to the stove. You gasped as you saw the glass shatter on the ground. 

“What the fuck have you done!” Jake screamed as he stormed towards he gripping your wrist tightly. He pushed you down to clean it up causing small pieces of glass to lodge themselves in your hands and knees. You cried out as his hand collided with your cheek causing you to fall back onto the ground. 

“Clean this fucking mess up,” was all he said as he left you by yourself on the kitchen floor. You were in shock Jake had never hurt you before let alone screamed as you like that. Cleaning up the glass your thoughts somehow found their way back to Vic and his sweet smile. 

The next day you went back to the store wearing jeans to cover your knees and doing the best you could to hide the cuts on your hands. You placed Jake’s protein shakes in the basket before wandering the aisles looking for anything else you may have forgotten. Walking down the toiletries aisle you picked up some more bandages and antiseptic cream before heading towards the counters. You looked up to find yourself standing behind Vic yet again. 

“What is this?” He says laughing as he watches you place your items behind his on the conveyer belt. 

“Forgot a few things yesterday,” you say. 

“Protein shakes? Do you lift?” He asked laughing. 

“No my boyfriend does though,” was your reply it wasn’t meant to come out harsh but it still sounded that way. 

“Why the bandages and cream then?” He asked a little more seriously. 

“I had an accident yesterday, tripped while I was holding a vase and the glass sliced my hands,” you say not realising why exactly you are telling him. 

“Look here’s my number call me if you ever need me. You seem really nice we should hang out,” he said.

“Just as friends though,” he quickly added.

“Sounds good. See you around,” you say entering his number into your phone before he walks away and you pay for your groceries. 

Upon arriving home you find the place empty and decide to do a little cleaning. But before you do you send Vic a quick text so that he can have your number. You spend the rest of the day cleaning and job hunting before you hear the front door slam. You continue cooking the dinner as you hear loud footsteps thump down the hallway towards you. 

“Where’s my dinner?” Jake asks sounding pissed before sitting at the dinner table. 

“I’m still cooking it, I got your protein shakes,” you say as you gesture towards the other side of the counter.

“Good,” he says standing from his chair, “at least you can do something half right." 

He comes up behind you and pulls you away from the cooking to kiss you. Before long you can both smell the burning looking over you see the darkened meat and cringe again as Jake’s hand connects with your cheek. 

"You stupid girl, you can’t even cook dinner." 

"I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” you reply as tears start to form in your eyes. 

“I’m done. I’m going to the pub you do what you want,” he says before walking out the door. 

You were left in the kitchen when you heard your phone buzz. You walk over and see that it’s from Vic asking how your day had been. Something compelled you to do it but you decide to call him. Answering on the third ring Vic sounds happy.

“Hey Y/N, how are you?” He asks excited. 

“Can I come over to yours?” You ask desperately.

“Sure what’s happened? Are you okay?” He asks worried. 

“I’ll explain when I get to yours. Just text me your address,” you say relieved.

“No problem,” he replies.

“And Vic thank you,” you say before hanging up. Not long after you receive a text from Vic causing you to grab your keys and drive. You hadn’t realised but the tears continued to fall as you drove the few blocks to his house. You walk up the pathway and knock lightly on the front door. You hear footsteps as they walk towards the door. 

“Y/N what happened?” Vic asks as he takes in your tear stained face and slightly bruised cheek. 

“Jake he got angry an-an-and he hit me,” you managed to make out between sobs. He pulled you into a hug leading you towards the lounge room. 

“I didn’t know who else to call. He’s all I have,” you say as the tears begin to stop. 

“No problem I’m touched you would trust me,” Vic says. 

“I should have known better,” you say.

“What do you mean?” He asks confused.

“I shouldn’t have made him angry. I knew he was angry when he got home I should have learnt from last time,” you say to yourself. 

“You did nothing wrong. You don’t deserve to be hurt by someone who is supposed to love you. Did you do that to your hands and knees?” He asks gesturing to the cuts on your knees. 

“Yeah,” you say nodding. “But I deserved it. I broke the vase, it was his favourite and I broke it.”

“Stop talking like that. You did not deserve this. You are a beautiful young woman who deserves better,” Vic says as he pulls you into his chest lightly rubbing your hair. 

“That’s the thing I’m not beautiful and who else could love someone like me,” you say to him. 

“I’m pretty sure I could,” he says smiling down at you. You look up a slight smile forming between the tears.

“You like me?” You ask excited by the idea. 

“Didn’t you pick up on that at the store when I gave you my number. I didn’t want something like this to happen I just knew I wanted you in my life,” he said. 

“I can’t believe I’ve found you,” you whisper. 

“I can’t believe I found you,” he says this time lifting your chin to pull you into a kiss. 

“Wanna give this a go?” Vic asked you. 

“I think I do,” you reply grinning widely. 

“You are so beautiful, always remember that.”

Vic Fuentes Imagine: Hold on Till May.

Sorry it’s not very long. Hope you like it. - a

You sat in your hospital bed nursing your gorgeous new baby girl, May. She had to be the most beautiful child you had ever seen besides your now six year old son Jackson who couldn’t have been more excited to meet May. Jackson was yet to meet his new sister and your husband Vic had the duty of bringing him in to see his mummy and sister. He ran into the room a grin from ear to ear when he saw his sister in your arms. You put your finger to your lip gesturing for him to be quiet when Vic walked in a smile as wide as his sons on his face. He quickly scooped up Jackson and placed him in the arm chair beside your bed. He sat there eagerly as Vic knelt down to talk to him.

“Now Jackson, May is still only very little so you have to be really gentle with her.”

“I’ll be gentle daddy. Can I please hold her now?” He asked eagerly trying not to whine. 

“Okay now put your arms like this,” Vic said trying to show Jackson exactly what to do but in the end put his arms in position for him before walking over to you smiling.

“She’s gorgeous,” he said looking down at your arms. He brushes a finger along May’s cheek before looking up at you. He leans in and kisses your lips as he brushes his hand along your cheek. He rests his forehead on yours before whispering.

“I love you.”

“I love you too,” you reply looking down at the gorgeous bundle in your arms. She slowly stirred waking up slowly. You watched as her eyes slowly opened and they blinked as she looked up at you. She had her fathers beautiful brown eyes and tanned skin. 

“She looks like you,” he says.

“But she has your eyes,” you reply. You look over to see Jackson sitting quietly his arms still in position. Vic knows what your looking at and gently picks May up from your arms cradling her in his own. He turns slowly and walks towards Jackson with purpose.

“You ready?” Vic asks him. 

“Sure am dad,” he replies with a smile. “I’ve always wanted a little sister to look after.”

Vic smiled and carefully placed May in her big brothers arms adjusting Jackson to support her head and tiny body. Jackson simply sat there in awe looking into his sisters eyes as you watched Vic’s face. He lit up at the sight of his two beautiful children and you saw a small tear fall before he quickly wiped it away. 

“Aren’t they beautiful?” You say to Vic from your bed.

“And their all ours.”

Et tu Tony?

Can you do a tony fluff where you’re a teacher and he’s on tour and some mailman interupts the lesson, and he gives you a huge banquet of flowers and you read the card from tony and there’s a small turtle stuffed inside? Please & thank you.


“And when Caesar was being brutally stabbed, he looked over and saw one of his closest friends; Marcus Brutus. That is where the famous last words Et tu, Brute come from. Does anyone know what those words me-”

There was a knock at your classroom door.

“One moment class. Come in.” you announced.

In walked a mailman with a roses. At least 30.

“Sir, if this is for a student, you will have to bring it to the office so they can get it after class.”

“Oh well it says it is for a Mrs. Y/F/N Y/L/N.”

Your eyes widened in surprise. “Thats actually me, thank you.”

“No problem ma’m. Have a wonderful day.” he smiled and left.

You looked over the lilies. Purple. Your favorite colour. 

You found a card in the middle of the flowers, taking it and opening it, it said.


I know that your teaching right now and I most likely interrupted your class. I couldnt resist. Today is the mark of the tour having only a month left. I can’t wait to see you and your beautiful face. I love you so much. 



P.S.- Dont forget to water these damn flowers

You looked at the little small drawn turtle at the bottom of the card, smiling of the thought Tony will be home.

You closed the card and set it on your desk. Pulling yourself back together for the class.

You cleared your throat, “As I was saying, the meaning of Et tu, Brute..”

You look at all the stupid overrated signs hung up in the hallway and roll your eyes.

“Prom! Tickets only $50!” You say, mocking the signs. You look over at your best friend, Vic, and laugh.

“Yeah right…who would pay $50 dollars to go to some dumb, lame, dance. I could buy shoes with that money!” You say.

“I don’t know…it could be fun.” Vic says.

You stop walking and look at Vic.

“No, don’t tell you’re actually siding with those preppy ass holes too!” You say.

“I’m not-” You and Vic continue walking down the hallway and stop at his locker.

“But prom is so- I don’t know…classic. Like when everyone thinks of high school, they usually think about prom. I would like to say that I went at least.” Vic says.

“When I look back at high school- wait- that’s not going to happen because I will never look back at these so called "happy days” that everyone makes them out to be.“ You say.

"Well, you’re negative today…” Vic says.

“I’m sorry, I have a huge Chemistry test next period and I probably should have studied a little harder.” You say.

“Oh yeah I took that test yesterday, it’s pretty hard but I’m sure you’ll do fine.” Vic says.

“Hopefully, I’m going to get going…are we still hanging out tonight?” You ask Vic.

“Of course! I’ll bring some movies.”

“Okay!” You wave to Vic and walk to your classroom.

Later that day, when school gets out, you drive home and chill out for a bit. Later in the evening, Vic comes over.

“I’m just going to set the movies on the kitchen table, I brought all of your favorites so we can just watch any one you want!.” Vic says.

“Okay!” You say as you spring up from the couch. Vic goes into the bathroom and you pick up the movie “The Breakfast Club” at the top of the stack. Your fingers touch the back of the case and you feel a piece of paper attached to it.

“I know you hate dances but-”

You are confused at first, but then pick up the next movie “The Hunger Games” and look at the back. It says: “I was wondering if maybe you-”

You look at the bathroom door and see that Vic is still using it. You can’t help but to smile. You pick up the next movie “She’s the man” and read the note on the back that says “want to go to the prom with me??(:”

You are completely blushing when you pick up the final one that says on the back “We can make a hell of a night together like we always do!” You laugh and notice there is one more DVD…“Coraline” (aka Vic’s favorite movie). On the back, it has a prom ticket. You look in the hallway to see Vic holding the other prom ticket.

“So will you?” Vic says with a smile.

“Wow, I didn’t know going to prom was such a big deal to you!” You say with a smile.

“I just want to have one good thing to remember about high school” Vic says.

“Okay… I’ll go.” You say with a smile. Vic hugs you and for the rest of the night the two of you watch movies.

A few weeks later, it is the night before prom. Your girlfriends come over and you all get ready together. You put on your plum colored prom dress that has gold sequins around the chest area. You curl your hair and do smokey eye makeup. When all the boys and parents arrive, everyone eats food and takes pictures. When you see Vic and his matching tie to your dress, you start getting butterflies in your stomach. 

“Wow, (y/n), you look beautiful.” Vic says.

You blush and put each others corsages on.

“Vic, I have to admit you look very handsome yourself.” You look at him and smile. 

When the limo arrives, everyone gets inside and sings to familiar songs. When you arrive at the venue, Vic helps you out of the car and you all walk in. You hear loud music and see tons of people dancing. You dance with all your friends for a while, and then a slow song comes on. You look at Vic and walk over to him.

“Prom is so much more fun than I thought it would be!” You say with a smile.

“Me too! I’m glad you’re having a good time.” Vic says.

There is an awkward silence and then Vic clears his throat.

“So…(y/n), would you like to dance with me?” Vic nervously asks.

You smile “I would love to!" 

The two of you head back out to the dance floor and you place your hands on his shoulders, while he rests his on your waist. For a few minutes, the two of you sway back and fourth and listen to the music, then Vic looks at you.

"I love this song!” Vic says.

“What song is this?” You ask.

“Lullaby, by the Spill Canvas!" 

"Oh! Well I like it.” You say.

“(y/n) I have to tell you something-” Vic says abruptly.

“What is it?” You ask nervously.

“I-I- I’m not good with this kind of stuff, you know that. We’ve been friends since we were in kindergarten, and once I knew what relationships were which I guess was like 3rd grade, I knew who I wanted to be in one with: you.” Vic says.

None of this really takes you by surprise, you smile and nod your head.

“Now, since I’m a young adult, I know more…about relationships…about love” Vic says.

“Yeah?” You say.

“(y/n), I’m in love with you. I’m just going to come out and say it and stop stalling because I know it’s-” You interrupt Vic with a soft kiss on the lips. When you move your head away from his, you smile.

“Wow, you don’t know how long I’ve waited for that.” Vic says.

“Me too.” You say, giggling.

“So the real question: are you in love with me?” Vic asks.

You nod.

“Yes Vic, I am completely in love with you. I guess both of us aren’t good with sharing out feelings!”

Vic laughs.

“Maybe that’s why we get along so well together” Vic says.

The rest of the night is very chill. You announce to your friends that you and Vic are now an “item”. When you get home that night, your mom asks you how it went.

“Well, now you know why Prom really is the best part of high school. How was it?” Your mom asks.

“It was the best night of my life.” You say to your mom as you smile to yourself.