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1. What’s your favorite band? 
- Surely Falling In Reverse, All Time Low, Black Veil Brides, Paramore and The Pretty Reckless.
2. If you could change one thing about your life, what would it be?
- I’d have better marks.
3. What’s your favorite subject? 
- German, when I actually understand it
4. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be? 
- London. Always. And Forever.
5. What’s you favorite subject? 
- I think German, too
6. If one fictional character could become real, who would you choose?
- The Queen Of Hearts, I love her.
7. Would you rather be able to fly or be able to stop time? 
- Stop time, I mean, you could eat all the ice cream you want without your parents saying shits about it.
8. Do you believe in life after death? 
- I’d say yes…?
9. Do you play any instruments? If not what do you want to play?
- I play piano and I’d surely like to play violin and giutar,
10. What’s your favorite movie?
- Alice In Wonderland by Tim Burton, or any other film by him.
11. What to you want to do in the future?
- Being a singer, nothing else.
12. How are you?
-I’m okay now, thanks.
13. Do you believe in astrology?
14. Are you going to any concerts this year?
-I’ve never gone to a concert and I’m not going this year either, even through BVB are here.
15. Favorite album?
-Is it possible to choose one? In this period I’m listening a lot Sempiternal and The Drug In Me Is You.
16. How many followers do you have?
-143 now, I don’t really have many.
17. Closest thing to the left?
-Cruel Fairytales by Kaori Yuki, the coolest manga I’ve ever read.
18. Do you believe in aliens?
-Yes, I do. 
19. Last song you listened to?
-Hospital For Souls by Bring Me The Horizon.
20. Do you like school?
-Are you fucking kidding me?!
21. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
-On tumblr.
11. Three things you’re grateful for?
-Bands, Manga and Books.


New questions:

1.What’s the last book you read?
2.Do you have any band merch?
3.What’s your favourite TV shows?
4.In which country do you live?
5.Have you ever thought about killing Moffat?
6.What’s your favourite color?
7.Closest thing to the right?
8.Who’s your inspiration in life?
9.Would you date a girl/guy with music tastes diferent from yours?
10.Which band member would you like to meet?
11,If you won a milion dollars, what would you do?