Pierce The Veil - Disaterology, 11-10-11 @ The House of Blues

I wish I could have recorded the whole song, but my camera battery was dying:/

My reason why I love Pierce The Veil

Not only is their music inspiring and the guys are absolutely wonderful, the fact that they love their fans so much and do what they do for their fans is just the best. The band itself just them being together is helping me deal with this really tough time that I’m going through right now. I grew up with out a dad, He never wanted to be apart of mine and my sisters life but that doesn’t mean that we didn’t have father figures in our lives. My mom’s two brothers, my uncles Tito and Johnny, were always considered our “dads” they took care of us all the time. My uncle Tito was married while my other uncle Johnny lived with us. I was always more closer to Johnny, He did so much for me and my sister. In 2008 Johnny was diagnosed with Colon cancer, He had surgery done and did chemotherapy but it spread and went to his liver. He had another surgery done for his liver and was on a clinical trail to help try getting rid of his cancer completely, unfortunately it spread again and went back to his liver then to his kidney. Throughout his entire illness he never really like to show that he was sick, He was always active and doing everything normally that he would do before. I first heard about Pierce the Veil in 2010 by listening to Hot Topic radio and heard their song “The boy who could fly” and I fell in love with them. The more I found out about the band the more I loved them. I would always talk to Johnny about them and He would listen closely all the time. When I found out they were from San Diego my uncle liked them more since he himself use to live in San Diego for 18 years way before I was born. He loved SD and we would always go for a day trip every now and then. Johnny always liked it when I talked about them to him cause it made me happy and it made him happy too. Towards the middle of 2011 I found out about the upcoming No guts No glory tour. I asked my mom countless times to let me go and buy me tickets but she never agreed since I was going to go alone. So I asked my uncle and he right away said he would get me my ticket. I couldn’t be any happier. I still remember the day he got me my ticket online along with the VIP pass to meet the band! I was so thankful and so happy. The day of the concert my uncle told me have fun and make the best memories. It was amazing, I gave Vic a skull and crossbones pin and asked him to wear it while he performed and he did! I told my uncle about that and he was so happy, it was the best gift I could have gotten from him. Towards the end of November and beginning of December, Johnny started getting very sick, he went to the hospital were we found out that his cancer had spread to his stomach and to the lining of this lungs. December was a really hard time for me and my family, Johnny went to the hospital twice and the 2nd time the doctors basically told us hes dying. His cancer was at a stage 4 and there really was nothing they could do for him. Eventually he came home and did Hospice which is just making him comfortable at home till he passed. He wasn’t expected to last to Christmas but he did and even New years also. Even as sick as he was, we would still talk about Pierce the Veil and about the memories of the concert. That was the best and last present I got from him. On January 2, 2012 around 9:30pm, He passed away at home. It was too sudden and he died in mine and my sisters arms, we held him up thinking he was just having trouble breathing before he body just went limp. Its a memory I wish I could forget but I know I won’t be able to. I must admit I have tears in my eyes as I’m writing this… My love for my uncle was so strong and now when I think or listen to Pierce The Veil, I’ll be thinking about my uncle and how wonderful of a person he was. I miss him so much and still cry and think about him almost everyday. Pierce the Veil is helping me get through this and one day I hope to see them again and tell them what an amazing person my uncle was.