I'll Warm You Up

1,026 words

Description: Trapper is cold and grumpy, so Hawkeye uses their alone time to warm him up. Pairing: Benjamin Franklin “Hawkeye” Pierce/“Trapper” John McIntyre

The Swamp, 9:36 am, Thursday Morning

Trapper was cold and it put him in a bad mood. It was winter on the 4077th, and he couldn’t find enough warmth anywhere. At least there weren’t any wounded yet.

Trapper pouted unhappily from his spot on his bed, taking a sip of the cold coffee in his mug. He had a blanket draped over his shoulders and messy hair from a failed attempt at sleeping. It was just too damn cold for him to get any sleep.

Trapper looked up when Hawkeye entered, all bundled up with his hat and scarf and coat. He must have just gotten out of his shift in OR. Trapper groaned as he felt the gust of wind rush into the tent, practically chilling him to the bone. He shivered, wrapping the thin but soft blanket that he had around him further. It didn’t help much

“Hey Trap, you warm under there?” Hawkeye asked as he took off his coat and scarf. He found it amusing that Trapper liked to hide in his blankets. It made him look like an army drab caterpillar.

“Not warm enough,” Trapper grumbled. He placed his cup of coffee on the ground by his bed and then he wrapped the blanket the rest of the way around himself, so only his face remained visible. “I hate winter.” He mumbled into the fabric.

Hawkeye chuckled as Trapper disappeared under his covers. “Okay, that’s it. I’m coming over there to warm you up.” Hawk suddenly declared, grabbing his own blanket to wrap himself in and climbing on to Trapper’s cot. He crawled up underneath the blanket that was hiding his boyfriend. There wasn’t really enough room on the small bed for both of them, but neither of them minded much.

“Mmm, that’s better.” Trapper murmured, nestling himself closer to the warmth of Hawkeye’s body heat. Trapper ’s chest was now against Hawkeye’s back and his long arms found their way around Hawk’s waist almost effortlessly. It was clear that they had been in this position before.

“I couldn’t agree more.” Hawkeye replied with a smile. He turned himself around so that he could bury his face into the crook of Trapper’s neck. He took in a slow breath, and sighed through his nose. He loved Trapper’s subtle musky smell.

Trapper hummed in response, loving the way that Hawkeye felt nestled in his arms. The blankets wrapped around them created a little “nest” of comfort and Trap had a hard time remembering the last time he had been so comfortable.

Hawk smiled, and he couldn’t help but let his hands roam up under Trapper’s shirt, his fingers tracing lazy trails across his ribcage and stomach. The skin was very soft and warm there, and Hawkeye reveled in the feeling.

Trapper shivered, flinching away from Hawkeye’s trailing fingers. The sensation they caused raised goosebumps along Trap’s arms. “That tickles,” Trapper said with a soft chuckle and a smile.

Hawkeye’s eyes sparkled with mischief. “Oh, does it now?” Hawk asked, gently raking his fingers down Trapper’s torso in a deliberately ticklish way. He couldn’t help but grin at Trap’s reaction

Trapper let out a quiet stream of giggles, and he squirmed gently in Hawkeye’s arms. “Mmhm, hahah, it feheheels good though,” he admitted without an ounce of shame. Trapper had always been quite clear about what he liked. He was grinning fully now, his eyes crinkling at the edges and his teeth showing in a crooked display of his happiness.

“That’s so fucking cute,” Hawkeye said happily. He let his gentle hands come to rest on Trapper’s hips, giving them a playful squeeze for good measure. He was utterly delighted at the snort and bout of laughter that got him.

Trapper actually blushed when Hawkeye praised him, placing his hands over Hawk’s to block out the sensations. He laced their fingers together in an attempt to stop Hawk from tickling him anymore. “Oh shut up,” he said, clearly a bit flustered. He was still smiling though.

“But I want to hear you laugh, Trap!” Hawkeye teased playfully. Hawk decided that he didn’t need his hands after all, and he gently nipped at Trapper’s ear lobe. He began kissing a slow and ticklish trail down Trapper’s neck, which awarded him with a fresh burst of giggles.

“Thahahat’s it,” Trapper declared vaguely. He gently rolled over onto Hawkeye, effectively pinning him face up on the mattress. “I’m gonna getcha’!” Trap taunted with a grin, using his nimble fingers to seek out all of Hawkeye’s ticklish spots.

Hawkeye cackled uproariously, as was his trademark laugh. He flailed and shrieked too, but no amount of wriggling got him out of Trapper’s strong hold. Trap was built like a brick shithouse, after all.

Trapper managed to get both of Hawkeye’s wrists pinned down, and he was finally able to dig into Hawk’s belly with no mercy.

“I gihihive, I give! Hahahaha!!” Hawkeye pleaded after a few minutes. He was laughing too hard to think straight. Even though he loved it, it was getting hard to breathe.

Trapper chuckled at Hawkeye’s wild reactions, tickling him until his need for revenge subside. Once he was satisfied, he rolled off of his boyfriend and they sat in silence for a few moments while Hawkeye caught his breath.

Their eyes met a moment later, and they both grinned at each other.

“Phew, that was fun.” Hawkeye said, finally breaking the silence. Normally he would pounce back on Trapper immediately and continue the tickle fight, but he was too tired this time.

“Everythin’s fun with you,” Trapper agreed, silently drawing Hawkeye back into his arms. He let his eyes close without a word, content to just bask in this comfortable moment.

“What a sap,” Hawkeye muttered with a smile, curling up in Trapper’s arms. He let his head rest against Trap’s chest and a relaxed sigh left him.

Trapper just smiled, his arms squeezing a little more snugly around Hawkeye’s waist. Then he planted a gentle kiss on the top of his boyfriend’s head. Trapper knew that Hawk liked to get the last word in, and he was happy to let him.

“the letter hawkeye never wrote”

Oh, but you have to understand that it’s not because I can’t have you.
It’s not because I’m frightened. It’s because you are.
I’m shaking; my hands are trembling even as I write this note
because I know you, and I know you’re afraid of yourself.

I know you don’t want to face what’s inside you
 – not because it’s bad, but because you wish with
all your heart that it wasn’t there.
You fucking coward.
It was like looking another way
for two seconds and when I turned back, you were gone.
I traced your footsteps just to say goodbye, Trap.
I was never going to keep you here, or with me, or anything.
It’s none of my business if you’d rather
forget this shithole and my sorry ass.
All I wanted was to say goodbye.

You know what? Fuck you.
Fuck you and your crooked smile.
Fuck you and your shining eyes.
Fuck you and your curly hair and your beautiful voice.
You keep running. One day you won’t be able to run anymore.
It’ll all catch up to you. You never forget what you don’t learn to live with. 

I’m sorry you’re so scared. You don’t have to be.
Because what’s in your heart, Trap, it’s not bad.
You’re beautiful, like broken glass hit by sunlight,
reflecting the whole spectrum of colors,
and you’re gorgeous with your frayed edges, and I refuse to believe
I am the only one who’ll ever see it.  

Okay so when I woke up today one of my first thoughts was this:

Remember in Bless You, Hawkeye, when Hawkeye breaks down because he once got pushed out of a boat by another kid that he looked up to? Remember how Hawkeye is still upset about something in his late 20’s that happened when he was a child? Hawkeye hates being let down. He can’t deal with being let down. It breaks his heart, big time. 

Imagine what it really did to him inside when Trapper, his best friend, didn’t call or leave a note.