pierced stone

The Wyrms of WoF

Ladies and gentlemen.


In Wings of Fire.

A subspecies of dragons.

That, instead of having wings,

they instead developed a third pair of legs.

“Nowings”. Or “Wyrms”.

They wouldn’t even be considered dragons by the other seven tribes. Wyrms would be hated/feared for their bizarre physiology.

Fortunately, Wyrms are VERY good at keeping to themselves. Because they’re subterranean.

Their scales would be different shades of grey, or very dark brown. They would closest resemble Mudwings, for their irregularly shaped heads (which are suitable for burrowing), and for their extremely strong muscles (also suitable for burrowing).

Their snouts would closely resemble mudwing snouts for their flat shape, but the tops of their heads would come to a long, sharp point. A single, diamond-hard horn, developed for piercing and pulverizing stone. (Think of a Blue Dragon’s horn from DnD (or more simply, a cross between a rhinoceros horn and a unicorn horn))

Their eyes would be small and dark because of the lack of light. However, despite their slightly monstrous appearance, they are an advanced race. More advanced than the dragons that live on the surface.

They would not breath fire, but instead they would have enhanced vocal capabilities, allowing them to unleash supersonic bellows of concussive proportions. High-power bellows would be used to loosen stones at close range, and low-power bellows would be used for underground navigation. Wyrms use their bellows for echolocation (and temporary, long-distance communication).

The Wyrms have a vast network of underground tunnels interconnected beneath the continent. Their community is so massive, it qualifies more as a nation than one of the above-ground kingdoms. The nation of Subterranea. More economically and technologically advanced than even the old Nightwing kingdom.

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But like
We’ve got:
Family by choice
Domestic skills that are respected
Feminine women who are badass
Unfeminine women who are also badass
Abuse of power
Respect of mentally ill people
Mental illness regarded as an actual illness
Respect of different religions
Just generally “you can do whoever/whatever idgaf”
Respecting boundaries
Fat character who stays fat
NO fat shaming whatsoever from the author
Platonic friendship between the sexes
Protags who aren’t conventionally attractive
War as a terrible thing
Child neglect
Everyone’s reactions and thoughts are appropriate for their age
There are actually adults and old people, the young people don’t exist in a strange vacuum
Respect towards younger/older people
Just generally everyone gets respect
Becoming a positive person and using power for good
Why haven’t you read the books yet