pierced all over

She can change her hair. Clothes, too.
She can get some tattoos, piercings all over.
She can switch between guys and gals as a preferred choice of company.
She can drink as much liquor as her body can hold.
She can smoke as many cigarettes as her lungs can keep.
But it won’t change what’s going on inside of her.
It won’t change the damage that’s been done.
It won’t change anything.

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You should write some mute lance, whether its him having been mute in the past, being a selective mute, being injured and becoming mute, or straight up not talking anymore, i think you'd write it well


I kinda went on my own here, Whoops

On contrary to belief Lance didn’t like to talk. Well scratch that, he loved talking but he didn’t like to be talked over. Everytime he was talked over he immediately clamped up and he felt a lump form in his throat. Being the youngest in his family only lead to Lance being talked over constantly. 

It wasn’t uncommon for Lance to stop telling a story because everyone started a different conversation. It wasn’t uncommon for Lance to never finish a thought because someone would constantly interrupt him. 

Lance wasn’t a fighter so when this happened he would just clamp his mouth shut and listen to what the other person had to say, because it was obviously more important. 

Lance found himself talking less and less around his parents, siblings, and classmates. Nobody ever commented on Lance’s new quietness so Lance had no reason to start talking again. Lance would go days without saying anything to anyone. He communicated through shrugs and nods. 

Why should I talk, everyone is happier when I don’t. 


Fast forward to the Garrison when Lance met his roommate Hunk. Hunk wasn’t loud but he wasn’t quiet either. Sometimes Lance didn’t even hear him enter the room while other days Lance would hear him hallways away.  He liked Hunk, Hunk never pressured him to talk, Hunk just kept him company throughout their days. 

Hunk would ramble about projects he was working on and homework and Lance would listen quietly. It didn’t even dawn on Lance that he had never said anything to Hunk before in his life. 

They were both in their room, Lance on his bed reading a book while Hunk was laying on the floor building something. 

“Dang it, these wires all look the same, I can never tell them apart.” Hunk ran his hands through his hair in annoyance. 

Lance looked at his distressed roommate and looked down at his book. “Why don’t you put colored tape around the different wires.” Lance’s voice slightly cracked due to the lack of use and Hunk screamed. Not like a small scream but like ‘help someone is getting stabbed scream.’ 

Lance jumped causing is book to fly across his bed and he stared at Hunk who was staring at Lance his hands over his mouth. 

Lance swallowed around a small lump that was forming at the base of his throat. He inhaled “Sorry I didn’t mean to…scare you?” Lance wasn’t sure what he did wrong exactly. 

Hunk blinked a few times and slowly removed his hands from his mouth. His breathing started to slow down as he continued to stare at Lance. 

Lance started to shift where he sat. Why he is just staring at me? Lance was about to bolt out of the room but Hunk regained his bearings before he moved. 

“I’m sorry for screaming! You just have never talked before and I thought you were mute or something. Then you just spoke and I got scared. Like I wasn’t expecting that at all.” Hunk inhaled until his lungs ached “Sorry I’m rambling.” 

Lance smiled at his roommate “Hunk you ramble all the time, I’m used to it.”

Hunk started to laugh and before Lance knew it he was laughing with Hunk. They only stopped when they heard a knock on their door. 

“Officer Davis, opened the door. We have a complaint of a noise disturbance.”

Hunk and Lance shared a look and started laughing and Hunk went to open the door. 


Hunk and Lance became best friends within a week. They had shared everything with each other, and Hunk didn’t interrupt Lance once when he was talking. If he accidently did he would apologize immediately and beg Lance to continue what he was saying. 

Lance started to love talking again. 


The only time Lance would have trouble talking would be when he came back from a break. When Lance was around his family long enough he would clamp up again, but slowly Hunk would bring him back out of his shell. 


Hunk could only do so much and sometimes it wasn’t enough. They had just saved a planet from the Galra and they were all meeting up with the leader. 

Now Lance didn’t usually talk during diplomatic missions but he felt obligated to speak up when it concerned him. The leader was discussing how helpful the blue lion was and how it help save the planet. 

“You must tell me Blue paladin, how does the ice work?” The leader placed his (hand?) tentacle on Lance’s shoulder. 

“Well you see, Blue and I ha-” 

“That’s interesting but like was it just the lion acting on their own?”

“Kinda, you see I have to put my bay-”

“So are you not needed to fly Blue? If she does all the work what do you do?”

“Well I have to fly he-”

“But they are magic lions, surely they can fly on their own.” 

Lance opened his mouth to respond but slammed it shut before any words were formed. Then Lance did what he did best, he shrugged. That was all he did. 

The leader looked at him a bit skeptical before nodding “So how does the ice get formed?” 

Lance shrugged again. He kept his eyes directly on the leader and his lips sealed. Lance was nudged by Shiro, he didn’t care he wasn’t going to talk. He looked at the leader one more time before walking towards Blue and flew back to the castle. 


Lance didn’t bounce back like Hunk prayed he would. It had been about 2 weeks since the last time he said anything. He just shrugged and nodded. Never even opening his mouth except to eat. The castle was quieter than any of them wanted it to be. Mealtimes were filled with force conversation and Lance scarfing down his food in order to leave. 

Even during missions Lance wouldn’t say anything, Blue would send the other lions messages so everyone knew that things were going well but Lance never talked. 

When they met new species Lance would stand in the background silently, just watching everyone. 

Hunk tried his hardest. He would talk about things he knew Lance liked, but Lance would just smile and pat him on the back and walk away. 

The team couldn’t get Lance to talk, and they tried. They did everything they could but Lance would just sit in silence. He didn’t even talk to Coran, and that broke the older man heart. 


The paladins were hosting a party in the castle with about 7 species from different planets. They all worked together and received a huge win. 

Everyone was talking and enjoying the party and Lance was standing by the wall sipping his drink. He watched a boy, around his age, walk towards him. 

His arms and neck were covered in tattoos and he has pointy ears with piercing all over his body. His skin was a soft blue and his hair was a bright red. He smiled at Lance and stood by him. 

The boy thanked Lance for saving his planet, and of course Lance caught onto his flirting techniques. 

Lance laughed, like a real laugh. The first laugh in weeks maybe months. It echoed through the room and every paladin heard it. They attempted not to make it obvious but they were all listening to see if Lance would do anything more. 

Lance, who was completely oblivious to what his teammates were doing, stuck his hand out to the boy. “The names Lance.” 

Self-Projecting? Do I Know Her? 

Hell yeah I was self-projecting. 

I’m basically how I write Lance XD 

I hope you like it!

Sorry it took so long!!

Thank you for this!

Btw give it up for my bisexual son ❤💜💙

Of Sunsets and Tattoos

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Character(s): Reader X Changkyun

Genre: smut, pwp

Warning(s): praise!kink, pierced!chankgyun (is that a warning?), tatted!changkyun, breathplay, semipubluc sex

Length: 7k

Summary: In which you go to get a piercing and find that it isn’t so scary when you’re piercer is a cute boy with lots of tattoos

Friends are useless. 

You understand the truth behind these words when Minhyuk and Kihyun corner you after work an unsuspecting Tuesday afternoon, smiles much too wide to mean anything good.

“So,” Kihyun begins, inspecting his fingernails with a smirk, “Remember last Thursday when you said I’d be too much of a wimp to ever get a piercing?”

You roll your eyes, pushing him back a little bit with a shove. “That’s because you are a wim–”

“False!” Minhyuk interrupts, eyes glinting. “He is no longer Yoo Kihyun, wimp extraordinaire–”

“I resent that!” Kihyun interrupts, voice indignant.

“–but rather, Yoo Kihyun, hardcore, punk rocker with an ear piercing.”

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aye fam could u hmu with a hc with maybe pastel!dan and punk!phil and like they're boyfriends and whatever and Phil just loves dans ass he loves squeezing it and looking at it omg this is what is missing from my life

yes i am here for this 1000%

-Phil has always been an ass guy, to be fair. But one day this boy walked into his life and holy shit if he wasn’t obsessed before, he definitely is now. He blames Dan for everything, honestly.

-Dan is a beautiful boy who always walked around in pastel jumpers and flower crowns and his hair is curly and the softest thing Phil has ever seen. He wanted to take a nap and nuzzle into the soft hair, but he didn’t say it out loud of course because that would ruin his punk image. Also, Dan had the best ass Phil has ever laid eyes on. It was perfect, round and soft, bouncing a bit with every upbeat step Dan takes. Phil fantasized about Dan a lot, not that he would ever admit that to anyone.

-Phil, the man with dozens of tattoos and piercings all over his face (he also had nipple piercings but no one knew about that), nearly goes into cardiac arrest when Dan approached him one day because Dan is even prettier up close. Really, he can’t be blamed for spluttering into his coffee, anyone would with an angel right in front of them.

-Dan asks Phil out and he’s a bit soft spoken at first but still has this confidence about him and Phil is just gone for him already.

-Dan and Phil going on their first date which went great. Conversation flowed easily like they knew each other for years and found that they had many of the same interests. After dinner they went to Phil’s apartment and binge watched their favorite shows and movies until it was late and both of them were sleepy. 

-Phil had willed himself not to openly stare at Dan’s ass throughout the day, being that it was only the first date and such, but wow, Dan had such a nice bum. It didn’t help at all that Dan had apparently decided to wear his tightest jeans that he could find. Phil was almost positive that they were jeggings. 

-They continue to date until Phil asks him to be his boyfriend, stuttering and blushing like mad. Dan says yes of course and gives him a sweet kiss, tugging just a bit at Phil’s lip ring before unpausing the game and beating him (again) at Mario Kart. It probably has something to do with the fact that Phil is too busy looking at Dan in all his beauty to even glance at the screen.

-Dan and Phil making out one day and, ok they have exchanged blow jobs and such, but Phil hasn’t like, properly touched Dan’s ass and god he wants it so much. He wants it all; he wants to kiss it, touch it, eat it, everything. He’s obsessed, he loves it. 

-Phil reaching a hand to Dan’s ass, gently palming it. Phil thinks he imagined the gasp from Dan until he squeezed his bum and Dan moans. Like a full on sex moan. Fuck. 

- “P-Phil, um what- oh!” is all Dan can make out before Phil leans in and kisses him again while pulling him even closer, big hands on his ass and clothed cocks rubbing together. Dan feels like he’s in heaven when Phil places soft kisses down his neck, sucking gently on the skin, then harder as Dan whimpers and moans. 

- “Do you like this?” Phil asks while squeezing Dan’s ass again, not asking in a sexy way, just genuinely curious because Dan looks wrecked already without even doing much and he wants to know why. 

-All Phil gets in response is a shuddery gasp and a head nod. Phil groans at the sight in front of him. Dan’s cheeks are a rosy pink, lips bitten a similar shade, and his flower crown is askew.

- “Lets take this to the bedroom, yeah?” Phil says and Dan pulls him in the direction of the room before Phil even finished his sentence.

-Phil taking off his clothes, then Dan’s, completely mesmerized by Dan. He is so beautiful, all soft curves and pale limbs. 

-When Dan makes a move to finger himself open with the lube he found, Phil takes his hand and pins it down because no, no way. Phil has been longing for this for what felt like forever there’s no way he won’t take every opportunity to touch Dan. Dan whines in frustration and then pleasure when Phil begins to finger him, finding his prostate in a couple thrusts, making Dan’s back arch.

-Dan riding Phil with his back facing Phil because Phil wanted to see his sexy ass move as he worked himself on his cock like a good boy. 

-Phil staring at Dan’s ass bounce on his cock, Dan moving his hips in circles or back and forth and Phil can barely breathe the feeling is so overwhelming. Dan whimpers out “so deep, so g-good fuck” and Phil snaps his hips up to fuck into him, watching Dan’s body shake with pleasure. As Phil thrusts up, Dan moves down and its perfectly timed to nail his prostate. Its Dan’s undoing and he thinks he actually screams when he comes but he isn’t sure because all he can hear is the blood rushing in his ears and Phil’s groans of “Such a good boy, ride me so good” as he comes as well. 

-After Phil disposes of the condom he cleans up the come on Dan’s stomach and cuddles him close after because after-sex snuggles are a must. Dan traces Phil’s tattoos on his arms and chest, nuzzling at the bit of hair there, still slightly damp from sweat. 

-Dan and Phil whispering sweet nothings to each other, kissing sweat slicked shoulders and giggling at terrible jokes. Dan twists Phil’s pierced nipple gently after a particularly bad pun. Not that Phil is complaining. He wouldn’t complain ever, he’s finally found a perfect match. 

omg a fluffy ass ending as usual jfc

so yeah let me know if you liked it (or if you didn’t) and if you want me to do more headcanons and such send me some asks here :)) xxx

jackson and maggie are step-siblings for fuck sake, why are they suppose to be a thing and from where??? are we also going to ignore the whole japril ep??? like honestly derek rising from the dead would be more realistic than jackson and maggie being a thing

Why couldn’t they have April and Jackson discuss their current status? Even if the scene was 30 seconds? April’s patient was all about having sex. Shonda could not even fit in a 30 second scene of Japril? Where’s the continuity of their storyline? It seems to me that most of their storyline has been offscreen why? What is going on? Why is every storyline underdeveloped and out of place? This season has been so disjointed and all over the place and it feels like all the episodes are useless. And Stephanie being a resident burnout is unlike her and disrespectful to the character. Stephanie deserves a better exit and Minnick needs to leave the show.


ALEX AND JO IN EVERY EPISODE || Puzzle With a Piece Missing (11x02)

No, I am not insubordinate or untrustworthy. I think we got off to a bad start. I made a mistake; I should have told you the whole story. But I came here to learn, and I learned a crap ton from you today. So I decided I deserved a second change, and you weren’t gonna give me one so I gave myself one.

Engraved pt. 1

Engraved 2 –>

Wordcount: 4915
Short: You’re a tattoo artist for a gang known as EXO who own a club down town. (read synopsis at masterpost)
Pairings: D.O. X Reader (main), Chen X Reader, Kai X Reader
Warnings: sexual innuendo, not much else, mentions of drugs

“Shit,” he mumbled, covering his face with his arm. A loud groan escaped from his lips, and you halted your movement to check on his face. He dug his teeth into his bottom lip, trying to still his sounds. “Fuck.” His breathing picked up as you continued, and you felt his muscles flex under your fingers. You smoothed a hand down his side, feeling him shiver a little.
“If you want me to stop, just tell me,” your eyes flickered up to his face and you found him looking at you with half lidded eyes. His lips parted as he let out a breath.
“No, I’m good.”
You nodded, moving your wrist quicker. Suddenly he jolted with a grunt, and you pulled away. “I thought I told you to sit still.”
“Shut up.” he groaned.

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I thought this was dumb, but then I thought “what the hell”?!

Beca slowly approached Chloe’s door, knowing the older girl was still getting dressed for their performance later that evening. Each step was careful and measured, almost as if building up the courage to do something she had wanted to do for a long time.

In her hands, she clutched a brown paper bag, though she wasn’t so much clutching it, as she was holding it gently in her arms.

Lifting a hand to knock, she paused… God, she thought, is this the person I’ve become? This anxious, quivering ball of nerves?

Closing her eyes, she thought of the one thing that could never fail to make her smile. Chloe Beale. My best friend. Beca chuckled, okay fine, the love of my life. The one that almost got away.

It was the last thought that really hit her gut; ‘the one that almost got away’. Shaking her head, Beca focused her mind on the word 'almost’, it was there for a reason. No longer would she allow Chloe to exit her life; no longer would she continue to be an idiot. She loves Chloe, more than anything in this god forsaken world; she knows Chloe better than she knew herself…

Looking down at the paper bag in her hands, she smiles. Chloe will love this.

Taking a deep breath, she knocks.

Steeling herself for a moment, she carefully readjusts the bag in her hands.

“Coming”, was the angelic voice that followed, the door unlocking moments after.

“Beca!” Chloe beamed delightedly at the younger girl, and the brunette was struck dumb for a moment… or two.

The Bellas’ scarf was peaking out from under her collar, her hair was beautifully put up, her make up made her look even more beautiful than normal… and now Chloe was staring at her amusedly.

Blinking rapidly, Beca tried to formulate some type of sentence.

“Um… you- I- pretty- you’re-…” She trails off, humiliated.

Chloe giggles, loving the effect she had on her own best friend. Badass Beca Mitchell? HA! More like Un-Badass.

Spying the bag in Beca’s hands that has her own name messily scribbled on, she smiled excitedly at the brunette.

“Becaaaaa,” she playfully sang, causing said brunette’s heartrate to quicken alarmingly. “Did you buy me lunch?”

Beca was stunned to hear an underlying hint of shyness and nervousness in the redhead’s tone as the older girl kept her gaze on the bag in her hands. It was as if no one had ever gone out of their way to do such a thing for her.

Smirking slightly to disguise her own fears, she simply commented, “something like that.” Before holding the bag out to Chloe.

Holding her gaze for a second… or maybe it was longer… Beca could feel herself relax. They had had many moments like this in the past, where the second they catch each other’s gaze, it is near impossible to look away. The Bellas call it “eye-sex”, whatever the hell that means.

Chloe lifted the bag close to her face, sniffing it, Beca nearly burst out laughing, and the redhead looked at her bemused. Turning her attention back to the bag, she poked it, as if thinking that would help her deduce what exactly Beca had bought her.

She leaned back in alarm as she heard a squeaky “Mew”. Looking at Beca first, she then looked around her for any other possible source for the noise.

The bag in her hands moved a little.

Her eyes widened in shock and she turned her attention back to Beca, who was watching her with a glimmer of emotion in her eyes and a small, but genuine, smile on her lips.

“Open it.” She coaxed gently.

Chloe gently started unfurling the top of the bag, only just now realising that there were small holes pierced all over the bag, giving whatever was inside, the necessary air.

The older girl looked inside the bag and gasped, tears gathering in her eyes and falling one by one.

Looking back up at her was the smallest kitten she’d ever seen in her life; its eyes wide in wonder and purring contentedly.

“How did-” Chloe cut herself off, she was overwhelmed with so much emotion that she could barely find the right words.

“A few days ago I found this lil fella abandoned, left to die in the blistering heat, and I couldn’t just leave her. She’s had all her shots, and she was thoroughly cleaned and checked over before being declared healthy… I remembered that you had told me how lonely you were, and that with your job, you couldn’t get a pet. So this is my way of asking you to come back with me to New York… like not just for the kitten, but for me…” Beca trailed off, unable to read the expression on Chloe’s face.

“For you?” Chloe’s voice almost broke on the second word; there was a spark of hope in her voice, but Beca could see that she was trying to hold it back as if not allowing herself to believe.

The brunette knew that this was the time.

“Yeah, for me.” She started, her smile was reassuring, aiming to provide comfort for Chloe. “See, the thing is that I know you like have a thing for tall and handsome marines-”

Chloe scoffed, rolling her eyes.

“Like you were all over Chicago.” She added emphatically.

“I wasn’t 'all over’ him! I was… exploring my options.” Chloe looked away.

“Exploring your options? What does that even mean?” Beca asked in disbelief, before realisation hit her. “He wasn’t your number one option?”

Chloe kept her gaze to the side, refusing to answer.

Beca gently cupped Chloe’s cheek, her other hand lifting Chloe’s head up by her chin and forcing her to hold eye contact with her.

“You like someone else, but you don’t think they like you back?” Beca asked softly.

Chloe’s eyes searched her own, before sighing and nodding her head in answer.

“Well they’re an idiot, because you are simply the most incrediBEALE” Chloe slapped her arm whilst giggling, “woman I’ve ever met. You are so so so beautiful that my heart stops every time I look at you. Your eyes… I’ve honestly never seen anyone with as beautiful eyes as yours. I get lost in them every time I look into them. Your smile can make even the most badass people smile.” Pointing to herself semi-jokingly. “If it were me… if I had the opportunity of being with someone as extraordinary as you, well, I’d consider myself the luckiest person in the world.”

By now Beca was trying, and failing, to hold back her tears. It didn’t help matters that Chloe was currently sobbing into the kitten in her hands.

Knowing she had possibly just ruined the best thing that ever happened to her, Beca attempted to use humour to at least make Chloe smile.

“Hey hey. That poor kitten is going to drown if you don’t-” She was cut off by the redhead’s arms being thrown around her and a face being buried into her neck.

“You didn’t need to get me a kitten, Becs. I just want you.” Chloe whispered into her neck.

Beca pulled her even closer.

Another weird thing humans do

Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but humans like to mutilate their bodies with sharp needles and shit and draw weird symbols on them which we call “tattoos”. We also like to pierce our skin and put rings and stuff in them. Why do we do this? Because it looks cool. I don’t have any tattoos or piercings myself, but from what I hear; it’s very painful. But we do it anyway because we’re tough and we don’t care. Especially those of us who have them all over their bodies. Could you imagine an alien’s reaction if they saw a human with huge piercings all over their face and weird symbols drawn on every part of their body. It would look something like this:

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