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You should write some mute lance, whether its him having been mute in the past, being a selective mute, being injured and becoming mute, or straight up not talking anymore, i think you'd write it well


I kinda went on my own here, Whoops

On contrary to belief Lance didn’t like to talk. Well scratch that, he loved talking but he didn’t like to be talked over. Everytime he was talked over he immediately clamped up and he felt a lump form in his throat. Being the youngest in his family only lead to Lance being talked over constantly. 

It wasn’t uncommon for Lance to stop telling a story because everyone started a different conversation. It wasn’t uncommon for Lance to never finish a thought because someone would constantly interrupt him. 

Lance wasn’t a fighter so when this happened he would just clamp his mouth shut and listen to what the other person had to say, because it was obviously more important. 

Lance found himself talking less and less around his parents, siblings, and classmates. Nobody ever commented on Lance’s new quietness so Lance had no reason to start talking again. Lance would go days without saying anything to anyone. He communicated through shrugs and nods. 

Why should I talk, everyone is happier when I don’t. 


Fast forward to the Garrison when Lance met his roommate Hunk. Hunk wasn’t loud but he wasn’t quiet either. Sometimes Lance didn’t even hear him enter the room while other days Lance would hear him hallways away.  He liked Hunk, Hunk never pressured him to talk, Hunk just kept him company throughout their days. 

Hunk would ramble about projects he was working on and homework and Lance would listen quietly. It didn’t even dawn on Lance that he had never said anything to Hunk before in his life. 

They were both in their room, Lance on his bed reading a book while Hunk was laying on the floor building something. 

“Dang it, these wires all look the same, I can never tell them apart.” Hunk ran his hands through his hair in annoyance. 

Lance looked at his distressed roommate and looked down at his book. “Why don’t you put colored tape around the different wires.” Lance’s voice slightly cracked due to the lack of use and Hunk screamed. Not like a small scream but like ‘help someone is getting stabbed scream.’ 

Lance jumped causing is book to fly across his bed and he stared at Hunk who was staring at Lance his hands over his mouth. 

Lance swallowed around a small lump that was forming at the base of his throat. He inhaled “Sorry I didn’t mean to…scare you?” Lance wasn’t sure what he did wrong exactly. 

Hunk blinked a few times and slowly removed his hands from his mouth. His breathing started to slow down as he continued to stare at Lance. 

Lance started to shift where he sat. Why he is just staring at me? Lance was about to bolt out of the room but Hunk regained his bearings before he moved. 

“I’m sorry for screaming! You just have never talked before and I thought you were mute or something. Then you just spoke and I got scared. Like I wasn’t expecting that at all.” Hunk inhaled until his lungs ached “Sorry I’m rambling.” 

Lance smiled at his roommate “Hunk you ramble all the time, I’m used to it.”

Hunk started to laugh and before Lance knew it he was laughing with Hunk. They only stopped when they heard a knock on their door. 

“Officer Davis, opened the door. We have a complaint of a noise disturbance.”

Hunk and Lance shared a look and started laughing and Hunk went to open the door. 


Hunk and Lance became best friends within a week. They had shared everything with each other, and Hunk didn’t interrupt Lance once when he was talking. If he accidently did he would apologize immediately and beg Lance to continue what he was saying. 

Lance started to love talking again. 


The only time Lance would have trouble talking would be when he came back from a break. When Lance was around his family long enough he would clamp up again, but slowly Hunk would bring him back out of his shell. 


Hunk could only do so much and sometimes it wasn’t enough. They had just saved a planet from the Galra and they were all meeting up with the leader. 

Now Lance didn’t usually talk during diplomatic missions but he felt obligated to speak up when it concerned him. The leader was discussing how helpful the blue lion was and how it help save the planet. 

“You must tell me Blue paladin, how does the ice work?” The leader placed his (hand?) tentacle on Lance’s shoulder. 

“Well you see, Blue and I ha-” 

“That’s interesting but like was it just the lion acting on their own?”

“Kinda, you see I have to put my bay-”

“So are you not needed to fly Blue? If she does all the work what do you do?”

“Well I have to fly he-”

“But they are magic lions, surely they can fly on their own.” 

Lance opened his mouth to respond but slammed it shut before any words were formed. Then Lance did what he did best, he shrugged. That was all he did. 

The leader looked at him a bit skeptical before nodding “So how does the ice get formed?” 

Lance shrugged again. He kept his eyes directly on the leader and his lips sealed. Lance was nudged by Shiro, he didn’t care he wasn’t going to talk. He looked at the leader one more time before walking towards Blue and flew back to the castle. 


Lance didn’t bounce back like Hunk prayed he would. It had been about 2 weeks since the last time he said anything. He just shrugged and nodded. Never even opening his mouth except to eat. The castle was quieter than any of them wanted it to be. Mealtimes were filled with force conversation and Lance scarfing down his food in order to leave. 

Even during missions Lance wouldn’t say anything, Blue would send the other lions messages so everyone knew that things were going well but Lance never talked. 

When they met new species Lance would stand in the background silently, just watching everyone. 

Hunk tried his hardest. He would talk about things he knew Lance liked, but Lance would just smile and pat him on the back and walk away. 

The team couldn’t get Lance to talk, and they tried. They did everything they could but Lance would just sit in silence. He didn’t even talk to Coran, and that broke the older man heart. 


The paladins were hosting a party in the castle with about 7 species from different planets. They all worked together and received a huge win. 

Everyone was talking and enjoying the party and Lance was standing by the wall sipping his drink. He watched a boy, around his age, walk towards him. 

His arms and neck were covered in tattoos and he has pointy ears with piercing all over his body. His skin was a soft blue and his hair was a bright red. He smiled at Lance and stood by him. 

The boy thanked Lance for saving his planet, and of course Lance caught onto his flirting techniques. 

Lance laughed, like a real laugh. The first laugh in weeks maybe months. It echoed through the room and every paladin heard it. They attempted not to make it obvious but they were all listening to see if Lance would do anything more. 

Lance, who was completely oblivious to what his teammates were doing, stuck his hand out to the boy. “The names Lance.” 

Self-Projecting? Do I Know Her? 

Hell yeah I was self-projecting. 

I’m basically how I write Lance XD 

I hope you like it!

Sorry it took so long!!

Thank you for this!

Btw give it up for my bisexual son ❤💜💙

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aye fam could u hmu with a hc with maybe pastel!dan and punk!phil and like they're boyfriends and whatever and Phil just loves dans ass he loves squeezing it and looking at it omg this is what is missing from my life

yes i am here for this 1000%

-Phil has always been an ass guy, to be fair. But one day this boy walked into his life and holy shit if he wasn’t obsessed before, he definitely is now. He blames Dan for everything, honestly.

-Dan is a beautiful boy who always walked around in pastel jumpers and flower crowns and his hair is curly and the softest thing Phil has ever seen. He wanted to take a nap and nuzzle into the soft hair, but he didn’t say it out loud of course because that would ruin his punk image. Also, Dan had the best ass Phil has ever laid eyes on. It was perfect, round and soft, bouncing a bit with every upbeat step Dan takes. Phil fantasized about Dan a lot, not that he would ever admit that to anyone.

-Phil, the man with dozens of tattoos and piercings all over his face (he also had nipple piercings but no one knew about that), nearly goes into cardiac arrest when Dan approached him one day because Dan is even prettier up close. Really, he can’t be blamed for spluttering into his coffee, anyone would with an angel right in front of them.

-Dan asks Phil out and he’s a bit soft spoken at first but still has this confidence about him and Phil is just gone for him already.

-Dan and Phil going on their first date which went great. Conversation flowed easily like they knew each other for years and found that they had many of the same interests. After dinner they went to Phil’s apartment and binge watched their favorite shows and movies until it was late and both of them were sleepy. 

-Phil had willed himself not to openly stare at Dan’s ass throughout the day, being that it was only the first date and such, but wow, Dan had such a nice bum. It didn’t help at all that Dan had apparently decided to wear his tightest jeans that he could find. Phil was almost positive that they were jeggings. 

-They continue to date until Phil asks him to be his boyfriend, stuttering and blushing like mad. Dan says yes of course and gives him a sweet kiss, tugging just a bit at Phil’s lip ring before unpausing the game and beating him (again) at Mario Kart. It probably has something to do with the fact that Phil is too busy looking at Dan in all his beauty to even glance at the screen.

-Dan and Phil making out one day and, ok they have exchanged blow jobs and such, but Phil hasn’t like, properly touched Dan’s ass and god he wants it so much. He wants it all; he wants to kiss it, touch it, eat it, everything. He’s obsessed, he loves it. 

-Phil reaching a hand to Dan’s ass, gently palming it. Phil thinks he imagined the gasp from Dan until he squeezed his bum and Dan moans. Like a full on sex moan. Fuck. 

- “P-Phil, um what- oh!” is all Dan can make out before Phil leans in and kisses him again while pulling him even closer, big hands on his ass and clothed cocks rubbing together. Dan feels like he’s in heaven when Phil places soft kisses down his neck, sucking gently on the skin, then harder as Dan whimpers and moans. 

- “Do you like this?” Phil asks while squeezing Dan’s ass again, not asking in a sexy way, just genuinely curious because Dan looks wrecked already without even doing much and he wants to know why. 

-All Phil gets in response is a shuddery gasp and a head nod. Phil groans at the sight in front of him. Dan’s cheeks are a rosy pink, lips bitten a similar shade, and his flower crown is askew.

- “Lets take this to the bedroom, yeah?” Phil says and Dan pulls him in the direction of the room before Phil even finished his sentence.

-Phil taking off his clothes, then Dan’s, completely mesmerized by Dan. He is so beautiful, all soft curves and pale limbs. 

-When Dan makes a move to finger himself open with the lube he found, Phil takes his hand and pins it down because no, no way. Phil has been longing for this for what felt like forever there’s no way he won’t take every opportunity to touch Dan. Dan whines in frustration and then pleasure when Phil begins to finger him, finding his prostate in a couple thrusts, making Dan’s back arch.

-Dan riding Phil with his back facing Phil because Phil wanted to see his sexy ass move as he worked himself on his cock like a good boy. 

-Phil staring at Dan’s ass bounce on his cock, Dan moving his hips in circles or back and forth and Phil can barely breathe the feeling is so overwhelming. Dan whimpers out “so deep, so g-good fuck” and Phil snaps his hips up to fuck into him, watching Dan’s body shake with pleasure. As Phil thrusts up, Dan moves down and its perfectly timed to nail his prostate. Its Dan’s undoing and he thinks he actually screams when he comes but he isn’t sure because all he can hear is the blood rushing in his ears and Phil’s groans of “Such a good boy, ride me so good” as he comes as well. 

-After Phil disposes of the condom he cleans up the come on Dan’s stomach and cuddles him close after because after-sex snuggles are a must. Dan traces Phil’s tattoos on his arms and chest, nuzzling at the bit of hair there, still slightly damp from sweat. 

-Dan and Phil whispering sweet nothings to each other, kissing sweat slicked shoulders and giggling at terrible jokes. Dan twists Phil’s pierced nipple gently after a particularly bad pun. Not that Phil is complaining. He wouldn’t complain ever, he’s finally found a perfect match. 

omg a fluffy ass ending as usual jfc

so yeah let me know if you liked it (or if you didn’t) and if you want me to do more headcanons and such send me some asks here :)) xxx

Why couldn’t they have April and Jackson discuss their current status? Even if the scene was 30 seconds? April’s patient was all about having sex. Shonda could not even fit in a 30 second scene of Japril? Where’s the continuity of their storyline? It seems to me that most of their storyline has been offscreen why? What is going on? Why is every storyline underdeveloped and out of place? This season has been so disjointed and all over the place and it feels like all the episodes are useless. And Stephanie being a resident burnout is unlike her and disrespectful to the character. Stephanie deserves a better exit and Minnick needs to leave the show.

jackson and maggie are step-siblings for fuck sake, why are they suppose to be a thing and from where??? are we also going to ignore the whole japril ep??? like honestly derek rising from the dead would be more realistic than jackson and maggie being a thing

Another weird thing humans do

Not sure if this has already been mentioned, but humans like to mutilate their bodies with sharp needles and shit and draw weird symbols on them which we call “tattoos”. We also like to pierce our skin and put rings and stuff in them. Why do we do this? Because it looks cool. I don’t have any tattoos or piercings myself, but from what I hear; it’s very painful. But we do it anyway because we’re tough and we don’t care. Especially those of us who have them all over their bodies. Could you imagine an alien’s reaction if they saw a human with huge piercings all over their face and weird symbols drawn on every part of their body. It would look something like this:

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Bad boys are sure as hell sexy

Request: ‘Hi! Could you write like a Keith x reader where Keith is like the school’s punk and the reader is the pastel flower child and then Keith flirts with them a lot and her friends (lance, Pidge, Hunk, Allura) are like “heck he like you that not good son” but Shiro (Keith’s best friend) is like “Yo he ain’t that bad.” Wowie this is long sorry’

A/N: I based this version of Keith on some fan art I saw a while back. I really love this request! Thank you anon for requesting it! You guys are welcome to request more ideas like this

(High school AU) Punk-ass! Keith x reader

PART 1/?

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Walking into high-school on Monday morning you weren’t prepared to face the clamours of multiple people as they chattered about a rumoured new kid like a group of hungry chipmunks. Galaxy Garrison tech was one of the best high-schools you could get accepted into in like…the world! You were so happy when you found out you got in, because it was your dream to get into a high-school that you actually enjoyed going to everyday. One where you wanted to get up every one morning without hesitation towards the blaring alarm. You loved high-school. Some people thought you were crazy for ever thinking that.

As you reached your locker, your happiness towards school was short lived as the one and only Lance McClain crashed towards the locker door next to yours. “Hey Y/N~” He drawled as sexily as he could. “Hey Lance.” You said without even sparing him a glance, just focusing on the books you did and didn’t need in your small locker. Your door decorated with memories of long ago when you, Lance, Hunk, Allura and Pidge were still in middle school. Middle school was the best, but you found it so hard. You didn’t care if some people didn’t find high-school since you found It easy. Things of Space coming easy to you. Brushing the dust off of your orange pastel and short skirt, you glanced back up at lance, placing your hand on your hip as sassily as you could. “What do you want?” You snapped towards him. He recoiled slightly as your tone before stuttering “A-a D-date?” his breaths came out in short puffs as he awaited your answer.

“No way in hell.” You spoke venomously, slamming your locker door shut for emphasis. With a rejected look on his face, Lance walked right back over to his friend, your friends, Allura, Pidge and Hunk. Telling them how him asking you out went. But that was when shock over took your face, YOU LEFT YOUR LOCKER KEY IN YOUR LOCKER DUMBASS! You yelled at yourself, alarms blaring in your forehead as you tried to wrestle your door open. But then was when he walked over, not that you noticed. You were too busy trying to open your locker and get your books for first period. You didn’t even notice when he opened the locker next to your, the same one that Lance had bumped into and left a dent in before. But the new guy didn’t care. He opened his new locker with ease and staretd to unload his pristine new books into his new home for the school year. “Need help there?” He chuckled at your panicked expression.

“Maybe, I stupidly slammed my locker shut and I can’t get my ke-” You cut yourself off as you turned to face the hottie that happened to be right next to you for the rest of the school year. “What is it? Am I missing a piercing?” He laughed at your new expression. “Uh, ah, no.” You mumbled before turning back to your troubled locker, trying to ignore the huge blush on your face. The new guy had black hair that formed a mullet around the back of his neck, he had piercings all over his right ear and you were pretty sure you saw a metal ball on his tongue when he was talking just now. Holy shit, he was hot as fuck. All the black on his body right now drew you towards his awaiting body, if anyone else had been wearing that you definitely would have been repelled by it. But this guy attracted you due to his dazzling personality and his amazing looks.

“I’ll help you, ten different high schools sure taught me something about stuck lockers.” He said as he scooted closer towards you, his black flannel moving against his hips and his black vans squeaked across the pristine (in comparison) floors. As his shoulder touched yours, you felt sparks fly across the gap between you two, but if the guy felt anything he ignored it and continued to bang on your locker three times, almost rhythmically. Your locker door popped open as if on command, whereas you gaped at the new skill you had acquired whilst watching. “That was awesome!” You gushed as you took out your pastel jotter and shoved all your chemistry books into your arms. Making sure you had your key before closing the door this time.

“Thank you so much…mister no name.” You laughed at the nick name as you started to walk off, holding eye contact with the punk as you went. “Keith…Keith Kogane.” He whispered to himself, watching you walk in Chemistry as he tried to fight off the blush coming to his face. Lance watched his chemical -like reaction to Y/N as Keith covered his mouth, almost as if he had actually been blessed by a kiss from the pastel angle herself. But Lance couldn’t stand for it. Vanishing into the shadows, he began to plan his ways of winning Y/N back. Keith just stood there, even as the bell rang, cursing softly as he grabbed all his new books and ran in the direction, he hoped, of his first class.

-2 weeks later-

It had been two whole weeks and you hadn’t talked to Lance or Keith throughout the 14 days. But you didn’t mind. You’d rather talk to Keith anyway…Lance had become distant though and that worried you. He was still your friend, even if you had rejected him. You two had been friends since kindergarten and you had hoped that nothing could break you two apart. Apparently not… You frowned at the thought as you printed things off for the principal. It was your free period, but for extra credit, you had been assigned to be the principal’s assistant for the whole week. Little did you know what that had gotten you into as you knocked on his door. “Come in.” Principal Alfor called out as you stepped into his musty office. The smell of the juju berries on his desk a reminder that this wasn’t what an office should smell like. As you looked over the paperwork, you didn’t look up to see who the principal was tending to as you filed his files into the filing cabinet.

Turning back to go out the way you came, you wiped your dusty hands on your pastel blue graphic tee before you faced the beaten up faces of who principal Alfor was telling off. Gasping at the multiple bruises on the two boy’s faces, you knew that had tried to beat the crap out of the other person. “What the hell?!” you stormed over to Lance, tempted to slap him as he held an ice pack to his forehead. Whereas Keith got off scot free, with just a few bruises and cuts on his face along with a gnarly black eye. “You know these two Y/N?” Alfor asked you as the shocked expressions of the boy ran over your face.

“Unfortunately for me, yes. They are my friends.” You snarled, both boys sighed with a dejected huff as you friend zoned them both in an instant. “Well…they were found beating each other up in the school parking lot, if it weren’t for Mr. Coran they probably would’ve had much more severe injuries.” Alfor informed you as you sat on the corner of his desk disappointedly. Trying to fight the horrified expression that would take over your features any moment now. But it was too late. “We’re sorry Y/N-” “Yeah, he’s sorry I’m not.” Lance cut off Keith’s heartfelt apology, wincing slightly as the icepack fell down his face slightly, grazing the sore bump on his head. “I’m not angry at you guys…I’m just disappointed in both of you.” You looked up at them, pity was all you held in your eyes as the boys looked at you with horrified expressions. You were disappointed in them? This was hell on earth.

“What provoked it?” You whispered to Alfor as you discussed quietly next to his desk. Away from the prying ears and eyes of the two beaten up boys. “A girl, I think. I’ve only had scraps and pieces of information fall out of their mouths as we talked, well…tried to.” Alfor told you, stroking his white beard nervously as he gazed up at you from his desk chair. “Boys, what was this all about?” You turned to the two, tightened the blue and white flannel around your slender waist. Making both boys gulp simultaneously under your penetrating gaze. “We…we uh.” Lance stuttered, unable to answer. “We were fighting about you alright?!” Keith shouted out, scared that he would get beaten up by you if he didn’t say anything. Even if that would turn him on. “What?” You gaped, Alfor along with you, shocked at the new development. Yet happy that Y/N had gotten some results. “Well then…” Alfor said, stroking his beard once again out of being pleased by the case closure. “DUDE WHY DID YOU GO AND SAY THAT?!?!” Lance screamed down Keith’s ear. Temporarily deafening him. Squiggling a finger down his ear to get his hearing back, Keith answer. “I WAS SCARED SHE WAS GONNA BEAT ME UP OKAY?!?” he shouted back, not caring if the office people in the background heard.

-5 weeks later-

It was getting closer and closer to the formal dance and nobody, absolutely nobody, had asked if you wanted to go with them. You hoped Keith would ask you, but every day you went to your locker and left at the same times, all the while Keith was next to you, collecting his stuff, but he would either say the imperfect greeting or just ignore you. Too focused on other things…you guessed. But that wasn’t what he was thinking about. He was thinking about all the ways he could ask you to the dance without being noticed by Lance. Without a second thought, Keith took his old and scratched Walkman, pressed a random heavy metal CD into the player and listened into his headphones as he walked sullenly down the hallway. Ignoring your longing look aimed directly at his back as he walked towards the school entrance. You still waiting behind him for what you wanted.

Walking out onto the sunny boulevard, you saw Keith leaning against one of the pillars that support the roof of the school that hung out over the courtyard. “HI Keith.” You mumbled, knowing he couldn’t hear you because he had his headphones so instead…you walked past him, sitting down on a bench nearby to wait for your ride home. “Y/N!” Damn, he spotted you. These were your intentions, hoping he would ask you. Surely he knew you didn’t have a date to the dance, even as a friend? You wouldn’t even mind if he asked you to go with him as friends. Nothing more, nothing less. You were locker neighbours after all.

“Hey Keith.” You put on a sunny kind of expression, ignoring how melancholy you actually felt. You didn’t want your expression to match the colour of your blue pastel skirt. As he strolled over, he sat down next to you on the warm wooden bench and slung his arm over the back of it, so close to touching the bare skin of your shoulder. “How are you doing Keith?” You asked, not making eye contact. More preoccupied with your indie shoes instead. You didn’t want to get caught in those eyes of his.

‘Ask me.’

You thought over and over again, refusing to give up the thought that he might actually be into you. But…you couldn’t help thinking that would never happen. You hated yourself for always thinking that the hot guy would fall for you…but this time, it was different. Keith fought for you against Lance, the creep who wanted to go out with you, purely based on your looks. Even though he had known you since, well…diapers. You already knew his parents and everything there was to know about him…there was nothing to tell each other about…each other. That’s why you didn’t want to go out with him, Not because he was one of your best friends and it would hurt like hell if you guys ever broke up and never talked to one another again. Sure, he was annoying at the best of times, but he was your best friend. And you didn’t want to let him go because of that…no matter how much he wanted you. Clearly, he didn’t want you enough to take you to the dance. SO here you were sitting with the preferred guy.

Supposedly, the guy of your dreams. But he didn’t know that…he would never know that. A guy like him would never fall for a girl like you. “So…the big dance.” Keith started. Your heart thudded and stopped. Was he? “Who are you going with?” He asked, turning away from the sky, his headphones slung around his neck as he faced you. Wanting to see the expression on your face when you told him who you were really going with to the dance.  “Uhm…” You turned away from his blue-black eyes, refusing to look into his eyes as a light blush adorned your face.

‘Fucking ask me.’

“…Nobody’s asked.” You mumbled to yourself, closing your eyes, ripping away the fear like a week old Band-Aid. ‘Fuck me’ was all you could think when you were met with dead silence. “Did you hear me? Nobody wants to take me, Miss goody two shoes Y/N Y/L/N to the fucking dance because she is a fucking loser!” You shouted, fighting the tears. “Y/N… I never knew…” Keith muttered sadly as he took the headphones off from around his neck, resting them on his haphazardly drawn on books, resting on the bench. And instead, he rested his hand on top of your trembling one, trying to sooth you. Trying. “Nobody wants to go with me because…I, I’m fucking worthless.” The tears freely cascaded down your cheeks now. You swiped your hand from underneath Keith’s so you could cover your tear sodden face, so he couldn’t see you.

“You…you aren’t worthless…Y/N? Look at me?” He asked, taking your face in his hands, luring your face closer to his and making you instinctively drop your hands from your red and puffy face. Looking into those sky grey eyes, you could distinctively see the hints of blue in there. And knowing he had a hint of perfect in his imperfect soul was what made you want him even more. “Keith…” You trailed off, not knowing where you were going with the sentence anyway. “you…you are fucking beautiful. And if you ever saw a simple bit of what I saw, you’d believe me because of how freaking true it is.” Keith spoke as your lips got closer and closer together.

A loud beep drew you both out of the love stricken daze you were in. “Yo! Y/N, come on let’s hit the candy store!” Allura joked as she pulled up to the school in her pink mini. “Coming!” You shouted back before turning to get your bag and…oh, Keith. “Do you wanna come with?” You asked him hesitantly, feeling utter hatred towards Allura for interrupting your almost first kiss. You didn’t care if Keith kissed you now or not, you wanted him to come with you to the parlour. “Sorry, Candy’s not really my thing.” He joked, crossing his legs and arms simultaneously as he watched you saunter over to Allura’s car. “I’ll see you on Monday!” You shouted over to him. “Sure!” He laughed, not daring to show the disappointment hidden behind his frequent mask.

“Who was that cutie? And were you making out?” Allura asked as she pulled up to the candy store, which happened to be only a mile away from Garrison tech. “That was Keith and no, we weren’t making out. But we would’ve been if you had just gone round the block at least once.” You threatened her as you checked your makeup in the car rear-view mirror. “Don’t worry…I can tell you’ve been crying and can tell that he said something that really resonated within you.” She winked. “What exactly did he say?”  Allura asked, tucking strands of wild white hair behind her perfect caramel brown ears. There were numerous perks to being the daughter of the principal, and one of them was that she could be in any club, she was immediately elected as the leader for the only reason that her father was the principal. But she was so damn good at leading people.

“You are fucking beautiful. And if you ever saw a simple bit of what I saw, you’d believe me because of how freaking true it is.” I quoted him word for word, the words still resonating within my head. “Fucking wow. Way with words or what?” She laughed, fluffing her hair up before getting out of the damn mini. “Fuck.” You mumbled before following her into the store. Stepping into your sweet world, you took in the scent of the candy and savoured it like you were gonna die tomorrow.

-2 days later-

Back at school, you sucked on a lollipop left over from the candy store as you organised all your books, making sure everything looked pretty even though you were the only one that would look into it for the next few hours. A book flew out of your locker, you were completely unaware though as you savoured the taste of the candy on your lips. “Missing something?” A familiarly beautiful voice laughed. “Keith?” You turned, slamming your locker shut as you pressed your back up against it. “Woah, didn’t mean to scare ya.” He laughed as he handed you, your much needed chemistry book. “It’s fine.” You said, popping the black berry lollipop out of your mouth.

Keith swallowed for a moment as he watched you take the sweet candy out of your mouth, your tongue sliding sexily against the purple surface as he held your book out for you to take. ‘Holy shit.’ He couldn’t help thinking. “Um…thanks.” You swallowed in sync as you took the book off of him, your fingertips brushing against his as you did so. That familiar spark still hanging over you guys as it happened. Keith’s mouth was dry; he couldn’t fucking breathe. Were you feeling what he was feeling this time? But as you started to walk away from him. He tugged on his helix earring, hoping it would rip out of his ear so he had something to distract him from the pain of you walking away from him. That was when it came to him.

“Y/N, wait!” He yelled down the hallway, as well as ran. Squeaking down the hallway, he skidded to a stop in front of you, making you look him dead in the eye. He gulped nervously before shoving his fidgeting hands into his pockets. “I was wondering if…since you still don’t have a date to the dance…if you would like to go with?” He stared down into your pastel Y/E/C eyes as he asked you this. SO much nervousness found in his voice. “Oh! Um…yes! I would love to!” You almost shouted to the whole school. It was loud enough for Lance to hear and hit his own locker door in pure jealous as he saw the pure joy in your and Keith’s eyes as you realised you both cared about each other.

~after school~

As you walked out of school that day, you couldn’t fight the smile ever growing on your face. You finally had a date to the dance and it was the first person you wanted to go with anyway. And as if you couldn’t get him off of your mind already, Keith was sat on your bench. The one where he had practically declared that he liked you more than anything on. Running over to him, you covered his eyes, him jumping a little since he was in a world of his own with his heavy metal punk music of his. “Guess who?” You whispered as quiet as you could whilst he took his headphones off, resting his hands on your wrists. “From her beautiful voice and incredibly soft hands I’m guessing Y/N.” He made it very specific. “Woah, dude.” You laughed as you uncovered his eyes, letting him look over his shoulder and right at you.

“Hi.” He breathed, watching as you sat down next to him at the bench. “What are you listening to?” You asked. “My chemical romance…wanna listen?” He offered. Your eyes widened, you never would’ve guessed that he would ever let you listen to his music with his prized headphones. “Sure.” You smiled, letting him slip the comfortable well-worn leather beats headphones onto your heads, his fingers tangling into your hair as he pulled them away from you. Don’t. Listening into the music, you realised it wasn’t exactly heavy metal. If anything it was beautiful. You watched Keith as he laid back over the back of the bench, stretching slightly, letting you get a good look of his abs as his shirt lifted up a little. Licking your lips for a split second your eyes wandered up to his perfect face. This guy could break me in moments. Was all you could think to yourself. Fuck me. Leaning forward, you pressed a brief kiss to his jaw in the moment.

His eyes snapping over, they wandered over to you with a crazed look. For a moment you panicked. Wondering if you were overstepping your boundaries, but instead. Keith lunged towards you, knocking over his black vans backpack as he crawled towards you on the bench so he could kiss your forehead, nose, cheeks. Your breathe came out in quick hurried puffs as he looked you in the eyes, asking for permission as he got closer and closer to your plump and perfect lips. Oh wow. “Just do it.” You heard yourself say as you slipped the headphones off as they rested around your neck. He clicked his tongue before edged forward, so ready to kiss you.

But ohhhh~ no.

You had to be interrupted again. “FOR THE LAST TIME ALLURA, TAKE A HIKE!” You yelled at the black mustang. Biting your tongue, you realised it was one of the seniors and the head jock of your school’s basketball team. Takashi Shirogane. Shit. “I AM SO SORRY!” You yelled once again, straightening out your mustard yellow pastel tee shirt as you grew nervous of the older guy. “You comin’ Keith or are you gonna spend more time with your girlfriend~.” He drawled. Girlfriend? Oh, right that was you. Wait…what?! Turning to Keith, you watched as his pale cheeks turn a dull pink. “Shiro! She…yeah, she’s my girlfriend but that doesn’t mean you have to call us out on it!” Keith scolded as he got up from the bench, shouldering his backpack as he made his way over to the midnight dark mustang, ready to leave already even though he looked over his shoulder and sighed longingly at your awaiting figure on that damn bench. “I’ll see you on Friday.” He barely even whispered.

Wait what?

-Friday afternoon-

Keith hadn’t been in school for the rest of that week…you didn’t know why. Was he alright? Was he severely sick? Was he still coming to the dance? You didn’t have his number so you didn’t fucking know. Why didn’t you ask for his fucking number? You had his fucking Walkman anyway. He didn’t ask for it back…because you hadn’t heard from him for the past couple of days. He hadn’t even been to school the day of the actual dance. Was he still coming? You had stalked the basketball court to try and find his older half-brother Shirogane, number 1, but he was nowhere to be found. One of his jock friends told you he had gone on a quick holiday upstate to visit his dad with Keith. Shit. You had accused him of all sorts of things in your mind, such as skipping the country just so he didn’t have to go to the dance with you instead of just saying ‘no’. simple as. Break your heart simply and quick. But then when you realised that he would be back in time for the dance, you let out a sigh of relief as the jocks all laughed at your expression.

“What, you…you aren’t Shirogane’s ‘Amazonian princess’ are you?” The friend who had told you asked. “WHAT?! NO I’M GOING OUT WITH HIS BROTHER KEITH.” You shouted at the prick of the senior. Eliciting more laughter from the jocks surrounding you. “His punk ass brother. Man, he got lucky.” He looked you up and down quick. “Guess some freshmen do have the luck though, right guys?” The head jock asked the others. Guess he was in charge whilst Shirogane wasn’t here to tell them off for their rude behaviour. So, before you could get told to do something unforgivable, you shoved the middle finger in front of their faces and walked out of the gym.

Who was Shiro’s Amazonian princess anyway?

As you walked down the hallways of Galaxy Garrison tech, you didn’t notice the tall, jock jacket clad, figure walking towards you. But you were so deep in thought that you didn’t even look up at first when you bumped into him. “Oh shit, so-Shiro?” You questioned, looking into the Asian boy’s eyes briefly before you averted your gaze, looking everywhere for Keith. “He’s not here.” Shiro assured you quickly, shutting down your hopes. “Oh.” You sighed. “Where is he then?” you asked, crossing your arms over your black graphic tee, you decided to go punk ass today ‘In memory of Keith Kogane, if lost please return to his worried sick girlfriend at galaxy garrison high.’. “He’s still upstate with dad.” Shiro scratched his neck after telling you this. Nervous about your reaction you suppose. Although he was shocked when you took it like a solider, not even bothering to lift your gaze. There was still tonight…right?

-Friday night-

As you stepped out of your house, already haven your parents take multiple photos of you in your ‘big dance’ dress. It was black and poofy with black fabric underneath so you could take the poofiness off if you got to uncomfortable during the dance. Waiting for Allura or maybe even Keith, although he doesn’t know where you live so fat chance of that happening. But neither showed up and Shiro did instead. Getting into his mustang, your parents shocked at your date being a jock who drove a fucking mustang for Christ’s sake. But you shook your head as your mom fake swooned at the sight of him, your dad’s confused gaze looked on your mother’s ‘fainting’ form.

He wasn’t your date, and you knew it. “Where’s Keith?” You asked, buckling yourself up in the passenger seat as Shiro pulled out of your driveway. “He’s at home, don’t worry, he’s just got back and he’s getting ready for you. He isn’t the ‘big dance’ type y’know?” He told you, comforting your worried thoughts. “Don’t worry…he’s my brother and I know he will be there at the dance. He doesn’t ditch the people he’s close with.” Shiro advised you. He was really good at fitting the ‘big brother’ role.

As you pulled into the school car park, people of all different roles, shapes and sizes were filing into the school auditorium, trying to get a head start at requesting good music you guessed. Fucking shit. “But there is one thing he wanted me to give you. He handed you a small black box with a pink post it note on top of it. With your name in careful cursive letters written onto it. Keith, you big lug. As you placed the precious note in your golden tote, you opened the black box to find a black rose corsage with a black lace wristband. It was so comforting. It was almost a silent promise that he will be there. With you and for you.

Later on, you saw Takashi start dancing with Allura, both of them absolutely happy as they danced into their happy ending. And most likely get crowned prom king and queen since they were such the ‘perfect’ couple. Everyone was dancing, even the nerds and burnouts. This felt like shit. Shiro had dropped the both of you off at the school over an hour ago, and there hadn’t been one single sign that Keith was here. Until.

The auditorium doors slammed open, revealing a new figure as he made a dramatic entrance. But you were too distracted and slightly heartbroken to care, resting your head in your hands as you sat on the side-lines on the bleachers. But everyone in the auditorium watched as the new character walked over to you in his perfect black (rented) tuxedo. To offer his hand to you, this caught your attention. Looking up hopefully, you saw the eyes of someone who cared for you deeply. And to enthuse your point, you took the almost-stranger’s hand.

As he pulled you onto the dance floor, you recognised the feel of his hands as he slipped them around your waist, introducing you to the sway of the music as you wrapped your arms around his neck. The proper prom dance pose. Fisting your hands into the scruff of his mullet you felt a nervous bundle of butterflies’ multiply in the pit of your stomach. Keith Kogane was perfectly sexy to you, and you didn’t care about the fact that he was clearly a bad boy. You would run into his arms if it meant you could spend the rest of your lives together. “Keith…where’ve you been?” You asked, wanted to know, oh so desperately. “I went back to Texas to see my dad and I stayed a little longer to get you this.” Keith took one of his arms from around your waist as he took out a ring. He wasn’t? was he? “This is a promise ring Y/N. I know we haven’t been together very long, but as my locker neighbour. I was hoping that after high school or maybe even college that you would want to get married?” Keith asked, sending the nervous butterflies into a frenzy of fireworks.


Keith let out a sigh of relief as you accepted his ‘proposal for a proposal’. You could feel that familiar spark again as Keith slipped the ring onto your ring finger. It had a black pearl in the middle of it, not a big one, but small enough for it to be comfortable to sleep in. You were unofficially engaged. Hugging him close to your chest, you made sure you never let go of this very special boy. You liked this guy too much to let him go. You had been tired as of late…but tonight…tonight you were brand new. Regular life had become boring, but you knew after this that your life would lose its regularity. Permanently. Pulling away from his shoulder, you looked Keith deep in the eyes. You knew what he wanted and you wanted it too. As the slow song went into full swing, he brushed his lips against yours gently, teasing you. Smiling at him, you pulled his head forward by the scruff of his hair and forced your lips onto his. You loved this guy. Pushing and pulling your lips together, like magnets. It was beautiful.

And he loved you too.

Request for more?

caedesdeo  asked:

Imagine Steve playing with getting different piercings all over, because his healing means they only last a few weeks, and having the ones he likes best re-done frequently.

Steve, Nat, Sam, Sharon, and Pepper are hanging out the first time it occurs to him. Well – the first time it’s suggested to him.

Pepper’s fiddling with a long silver bar dangling from one ear and he just can’t take his eyes off it. He doesn’t think he could wear earrings like those, specifically, but – although, maybe he could, he thinks, resting his head against the couch and considering how lovely the column of her neck is, how it’s set off by the straight silver line…


He jerks up. How tired is he, that he let his mind wander so long? How much of Thor’s mead has he had? “Hm?” he asks.

“I know we’re all admiring the hickey Pepper’s got, but you don’t have to stare,” Sharon says.

“Oh,” Steve says as Pepper throws popcorn Sharon’s direction, “I, yeah, that’s what – yeah.”

Sam narrows his eyes at him. “Hey what if we pierced your ears?” he asks.

Steve goes bright red. “I, uh?”

He manages five whole seconds pretending that’s not what he wants before he gives in. The minute Sam’s said it, he really, really wants it, so it feels like ten seconds later that he’s sitting in the bathroom, a cube of ice pressed against his earlobe, head tipped to one side as Natasha sterilizes a safety pin with her lighter.

Pepper lends him her earrings, after, and he makes it a whole six hours before they close up on him. But it’s six hours where he can’t stop turning to stare at the flash of the earrings in the darkened window, remembering the sharpbrightyellow flash of pain through his earlobe.

He already wants it again.

His Dirty Little Secret..

Prologue( for new readers)

Hailey Wilson is your typical 16 year old. She prefers books over party’s and where she lives most people don’t agree with that such as Ashleigh Wills the most popular girl at school who looks down on everyone and gets every guy she wants and when she wants.

Luke Hemmings is your typical bad boy, he has piercings and tattoos all over his body. He prefers girls or anything and he likes to make peoples life a living hell at school and one of those people happen to be Hailey…

but what happens when they both realise they are each other’s new neighbours??

  • Before you start reading i will let you know a few things..
  • The story has changed a little i have re-written some characters and taken people out.
  • I have changed Haileys attitude and re-written parts.
  • You may have noticed i changed the title as well, the story line is still going to be the same but just a little different.
  • Luke is still going to be the ass he was the first time around.
  • I don’t want to tell you guys too much because that will spoil it..
  • i hope you enjoy this chapter!

Chapter 1-

From the bad boy at school to my next door neighbour..

Hailey’s Pov 

My alarm kept ringing and ringing meaning it was time for school, i groaned as i rolled around and turned it off.

i layed back and stared up at the ceiling.

Weekends go by so fast, i stayed up way to late last night.

i just couldn’t put this new book i got down, it’s so good.

i got it on Saturday when i was out with Sophie and Lauren and i haven’t been able to put it down.

My mum came walking in to my room and said  "Time for school"

i rolled my eyes at her as she walked out, she doesn’t like when i stay in at the weekends reading.

She want’s me to be more like her when she was my age.

which was going out getting drunk and having unprotected sex with guys no one likes, something girls like to do in this generation.

Me on the other hand i don’t enjoy anything like that, not that i’ve ever gotten drunk or even been to a party but if you took one look at me i would get laughed at if i showed up at a party.  

My friend Lauren like’s to go to a party now and again but i never go, she asks but i just laugh at her when she does.

we have been friends for so long she should know by now i would not be seen dead at a party.

i was just glad Sophie wasn’t into party’s, she more like me thankfully.

i got up out of bed finally and i quickly jumped into the shower because i haven’t showered since Saturday and it’s now Monday morning.

i looked at my wardrobe wandering what to wear, the only thing i own is black skinny jeans and plain t-shirts or hoodies.

but even with my choose of clothing i still get called a nerd, i don’t see myself as a nerd yeah of course i do well in school and i have never missed a day but that’s just because i want to do well.

The worst name i do get called in school is Virgin. It’s such a stupid thing to call someone, i know i can’t be the only person in the whole school who is a virgin.

i’m just open about it,most people at my school aren’t. The popular ones call me and my friends Lauren and Sophie the three virgins even though Lauren has had sex.

they just think there better than us which is really stupid. It doesn’t bother me anymore what they call me, i’ve gotten use to it over the years.

I’ve gone with black skinny jeans and a white plain top with my leather jacket and converse, it’s comfy and at least maybe my mother might agree with my choice.

Once i was finished getting ready to walked down stairs to find my mum in the kitchen patiently waiting for me.

Oh god.

“What took you so long?” was all she said once i walked in..

I gave her a weird look and then i looked at the clock, it’s only 8 o'clock i wasn’t that long.

“I was only 45 minutes and i needed a shower” i said to her as i got my bowl and cereal out for breakfast

She rolled her eyes at me and then she turned and was about to walk out but not before saying

“Well hurry up and eat because i have a meeting early this morning so if you want me to drive you, stop with the back cheek and eat” she said and then she left.

I guess she didn’t get enough sleep, it’s always the same with her one minute she is a loving mother and then next minute it is as if she regrets ever giving birth to you and she tries to show it with every word she says or look she gives you. She is hard to read sometimes.

But she is the worst lair, if she thinks i believe her having these meetings in the morning she is really wrong. I know she is meeting up with another one of her guys for whatever it is.

I don’t know his name i just know there is a guy but that is the normal routine with her, i never find out his name because it doesn’t get that far that i meet him unless i catch her out her with tights around her ankles and the guy on top of her, it has happened quite a few times.

By half 8 we were ready to go and i got in the car yawning,even though i am really tired this morning it was worth it and i know when i go home i will want to read more.

i got a text while i just arrived at school from my friends letting me know that they were already inside and so was Luke.

Luke hemmings.

i wished just wished that one day he would take a day off, for being a bad boy he always manages to come to school of course he misses classes but he still makes an appearance every day.

i’ve never hated someone so much than i do him, he is the whole reason why people started calling me a virgin.

It happened a year ago, i stuck up for myself and told him off something no one dares to do at this school but i felt confident and i was sick of him thinking he owned the school and ever since then he hasn’t stopped trying to make my life hell.

He’s the typical bad boy in our school, he has a lip piercing and a tongue piercing and loads of tattoos, his hair is always dyed a different colour each week. He will be bald by the times he’s 20 i bet.

people say when his dad left things changed for him but no one really knows what happened to him 2 years ago.

Mondays aren’t bad for classes i only have 5 and they last 2 hours roughly each, it helps that i’m a good pupil as well so my day goes by quick so i can get back to my book.

i knew my friends were in the cloakroom already but i needed the toilet so i headed their first once i got my books out of my locker.

I walked out of the bathroom but of course my luck i managed to hit someone with the door on my way out.

“I’m so sorry, i didn’t see you” i said as i turned to apologise to whoever i hit and then i realised who it was.

“Watch where you’re going nerd” she said

That was Ashleigh Wills the most popular girl in the school.

She is the one who most people are scared off, she has long blonde hair and the makeup.

She wear the shortest clothes i have ever seen someone wear, if it isn’t a short skirt it’s short tops.

There is something else about her that everyone is scared of,it’s who she hangs around with..

Luke Hemmings.

They are always on and off, it’s hard to tell if they are together or not.

If you ask me they are perfect for one another both as bad as each other.

She looks down at everyone for no reason all because she is the captain of the cheerleader squad, she is second person on my list of people i hate.

i walked to the cloak room and saw my friends

“Good morning”

 Sophia said “ Morning” then she pointed to Lauren who seemed to not know i was there

“Morning….” i sang into her ear making her jump

“Fuck off Hailey, i have a hanging headache"Lauren said still not lifting her head up

Me and Sophie laughed at her, she must have been out last night well she shouldn’t have drank too much.

We went over who had what class etc.. Me and Sophie had Maths together and then i had Art alone then it was break time and then we all had English together but Lauren doesn’t sit with us. She sits with this boy who she has a crush on.. William graham.

she is the most confident one out of us three but when it comes to him she can hardly get a word out, it’s quite entertaining to watch.

then i have R.E alone and Science alone but i am passing these classes, i always have so i am never bored in class.

I have been so busy thinking about what classes i have today i forgot about what happened this morning.

"Your never going what happened before you guys arrived this morning at school” i said to both of them making them looking weirdly at me.

“What?” they both said

“I was coming out of the bathroom and i hit someone with the door on my way out and guess who it was?” i said

They both shrugged their shoulders and then i continued “ It was Ashleigh, i said sorry but once i realised who it was i wasn’t sorry anymore”

They both laughed and then Lauren said “ I would have paid good money to see the look on her face as you hit her, she needs more than just a door to the face if you ask me”

the bell rang meaning it was time for class..

We just got up as Luke and his with along with Ashleigh and her squad walked past us, they gave us dirty looks and Luke said “ look it’s the 3 virgins hurrying to class” they all laughed as they walked past.

Of course he couldn’t walk past us without saying anything, he makes me sick.

i hated how he just walked around this school like he was god’s gift, i can’t believe at one point i had a crush on him. That was before the tattoo’s and piercings of course.

By break time i was so ready to slap Luke and ready for food.

Art class is the only class i hate not because i can’t draw it’s because i have to deal with Luke and his friends alone.

Calum Hood and Michael Clifford.

They are all as bad as each other, Michael doesn’t say much as Luke and Calum would. I have to sit beside Michael in my R.E class and he isn’t as mean or annoying like the other two.

I had been in Art class for almost an hour now and so far i have had 3 pieces of paper thrown at my head by the one and only Luke Hemmings.

Seriously have they not got something better to do? Like um their fucking work.

This is normal routine in Art class, they always throw something at me, a pencil or paper or a rubber. I remember Luke threw a pencil at my head and it hurt and i swore i thought i saw a tiny bit of guilt in his eyes when i turned around angrily at him but he soon covered it up with a smirk.

I picked up one of the pieces Luke threw at me and i opened it to find that he had written Loser in black pen i mean could he not have written something more i don’t know creative?

I knew he was staring at me because i could feel his eyes on me so i looked over at him with the piece of paper in my hand still, he was smirking at me and then he mouthed

“Loser” to me still smirking.

I rolled my eyes at him not giving him the satisfaction of letting him know he’s bothered me. He is such a dickhead, I could think of more impressive things to call him.

I gave him a dirty look and then i picked up another  piece of paper he threw at me and walked to the bin and turned to look at him as i threw it in the bin and then i rolled my eyes as i walked back to my seat.

He didn’t look to happy but so what? Maybe it will teach him a lesson that throwing paper at me is getting nowhere and he is just wasting his time and mine.

just when i thought i might have gotten rid of him that bastard pushed me into the lockers, seriously?! What a prick.

One day i am going to push him to see how he likes it.

i walked into the canteen mad as hell, Lauren still look hungover but i didn’t care i slammed my bag down on the table as i sat down making her give me the evils.

i told them what happened, they weren’t surprised about it because it is just a normal routine with him.

the rest of the day went by quick thankfully, Luke never said another word to me or pushed me but he was too busy with his tongue down every girl’s throat so i think that’s why.

Sophie’s mum was giving me a lift home, i didn’t feel like walking home like i usually do so i just got a lift. Lauren had detention for being late last week so she had to stay behind.

When i got dropped off at my house there was a big truck that said “Moving out” at the side in big letters on it just next door.

Finally someone has rented the house next door, it has been empty for weeks and it has been creeping me out lately.

I dropped my bag at my door and i walked over to see who the new neighbours would be hoping they are going to be nice.

As i got closer i saw a woman about 5'4 with short blonde hair walk out of the house looking tired.

She seen me and she smiled so i smiled back and i walked closer over to her.

“Hello i’m Hailey, i live just next door” i said as i stopped in front of her

She smiled and held out her hand for me to shake which i did because it is polite and then she spoke

“Hello i’m Liz, me and my son have just moved today, it’s nice to meet you”

She seemed really nice, i hope her son is nice as well.

“My mum will be home soon if you like you can home next door for a cup of tea? I’m sure you could use a break from moving boxes around” i said nicely to her

“Aw thank you sweetheart, that is very kind of you but i’m fine. My son will be here any time now, you should meet him, you are probably the same age” she said

I smiled at her and then all of a sudden a motorbike was heard coming close and then the guy pulled up in the driveway, we both turned to look and Liz smiled.

This must be her son.

“Here is he now” she said

She walked over to him as he was just getting of his bike, i swear i knew that leather jacket from somewhere but i couldn’t figure out where.

He’s very tall and i can tell he is probably attractive.. But i haven’t seen his face yet.

He was just taking off his helmet and Liz waved me over. I kept my head down to the ground because i was shy, i usually am around boys and if he is attractive i don’t want to say something stupid.

The guy turned around just as i approached Liz and then she spoke “ Son this is Hailey Wilson, she is our new neighbour, you guys are around the same age”

I finally lifted my head up to see who her son was and i think i almost died right there.

Her son is Luke Hemmings.

Luke Hemmings who about a couple of hours ago was throwing paper at me and pushed me against the lockers.

Great this is just perfect, i don’t know who looked more shocked.

Me or Luke.

He didn’t smirk at me, he just stared at me. I tore my eyes away from him to see his mum staring between us and then she spoke

“I’m guessing you two know each other already?”

Haha you could say that..

“We um go to the same school” i said quietly

Luke smirked making me wish i was anywhere but here right now

“Oh isn’t this great” Liz said clapping her hands and walking away leaving me and Luke alone.

I took one last look at him before turning, i didn’t want to spend anymore time with him than i needed to.

God not only is he going to make my life hell at school, he is going to make my life at home a living hell too.

So guys i’m back,i didn’t go away for long but i have deleted all of my work and starting fresh.

i wasn’t happy with my writing and i’m sorry if you guys loved my writing but i will be re-writing all my stories and making them better.

let me know what you thought of this chapter and the story so far

it is going to change from the last story and i hope that’s okay

don’t forget to vote and comment below.

follow my new tumblr- thewayyouliemakesmesmile.tumblr.com

i would love to know what you guys thought!

until next time

thank you


AO3 Fic Dump #2

Did my second drop of completed one-shots to AO3 today. Managed another six before my brain drained of all energy. It’s just really exhausting, okay? XD

Anyway, if you’re curious, here’s the list of randoms (mostly Pezberry) I imported:

It’s More Than Just Starside: Needing a date for a party held in honor of the release of her new movie, Rachel Berry, Broadway darling and Hollywood up-and-comer, reluctantly allows her good friend, Kurt Hummel, to arrange one for her. Cue a blast from the past that not only promises her favorable media attention, but also stirs up emotions she’d long thought repressed. Pezberry.

Ill Repute: "I want one of those old time cheesy couple portraits.“ "What now?” “One of those black and white photos. You know. Where I would be dressed up as a saloon dancer and you’d be my sharpshooter?” Pezberry.

Keep It For When I’m Famous: "You know, Santana,“ she offered, her voice exceedingly polite, "For all your words about not meeting my eyes or looking at me, you seem awfully interested in what I look like."Santana transfers into Rachel’s elective. Pre-relationship Pezberry.

Give Me a Reason to Get Close to You: Overhearing that Santana thinks she’s as sexy as a Teletubby, Rachel decides to show her just how wrong she is. Pezberry.

Breaking Up is Hard to Do: Entry for Berrittana Week Day One: Firsts. The first break-up is always the hardest. Berrittana.

I’m Gonna Getcha Good!: Collaboration with @deeha143. One-shot for Pezberry Week #3 Day Six: Intoxication. Santana normally wouldn’t be caught dead in a country bar, let alone a place named Bobby’s Barn. But yet, here she is, having been dastardly wrangled in by Tina. At least, she grumbles at the pitcher of beer while watching Tina sing karaoke on the stage, Rachel’s supposed to come soon. Please. Pezberry.

Engraved pt. 1

Engraved 2 –>

Wordcount: 4915
Short: You’re a tattoo artist for a gang known as EXO who own a club down town. (read synopsis at masterpost)
Pairings: D.O. X Reader (main), Chen X Reader, Kai X Reader
Warnings: sexual innuendo, not much else, mentions of drugs

“Shit,” he mumbled, covering his face with his arm. A loud groan escaped from his lips, and you halted your movement to check on his face. He dug his teeth into his bottom lip, trying to still his sounds. “Fuck.” His breathing picked up as you continued, and you felt his muscles flex under your fingers. You smoothed a hand down his side, feeling him shiver a little.
“If you want me to stop, just tell me,” your eyes flickered up to his face and you found him looking at you with half lidded eyes. His lips parted as he let out a breath.
“No, I’m good.”
You nodded, moving your wrist quicker. Suddenly he jolted with a grunt, and you pulled away. “I thought I told you to sit still.”
“Shut up.” he groaned.

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Hi everyone!! Missed me? Just … a little? ^^;

After being on a hiatus for nearly two/three years I decided (after asking some people on tumblr) that I should publish the preview to a story I had announced nearly two years ago and have been sitting on it ever since because of … well … writers-block …

SO! I hope that by publishing this preview it will give me the push and help to get out of the block and write my next multi-fic :) I hope that you don´t have to wait too long for the first chapter ^^; I´m actually a bit rusty after such a long time, so please bear with me…



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Pairing: Gajeel and Levy (Gajevy)
Fairy Tail, Gajeel Redfox and Levy McGarden are property of Hiro Mashima.

She had always assumed they had to be cold. They were made of metal, were they not? So they had to be cold.
She wanted to touch them. They were an eternal mystery to her. Where did he get them, and when? Those questions hung in the air for a moment before she dropped them. Ever so slowly she pulled up her legs, and the blanket with them, covering her body and shielding it from the cold. Her head was rested on his chest, rising and falling with the motions of him breathing.

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I’ve seen so many cool vegans at work lately, it’s fucking awesome.

This guy came in a few days ago who had only been vegan for half a year, but he had already tattooed ‘VEGAN’ across his knuckles, he posts activism stickers across all the meat and dairy aisles and he’s in the works getting a vegan business started. He was in buying a shit ton of mock meats.

Towards the start of my shift today, I had the pleasure of talking to a guy who had been vegan for 4 years, he’s a doctor who specialises in biochemistry and he was in buying a soya+spirulina protein powder, he was telling me shit about the product that even I didn’t know.
He was DETERMINED that in 50 years people will see meat in the same way that they see smoking now.

Then towards the end of today’s shift, there was this girl who came in who had big fluffy ear muffs on, piercings all over her face, and she wore pink makeup across her face like warrior stripes. She walked out with 6 cartons of soya milk.

Honestly this has got to be one of the straight up coolest movements going, there are people from literally all walks of life infiltrating the system from all angles and fighting this evil from the inside and out.
You guys are fuckin rad.
I mean that, keep fighting the system by fighting your own fight, day in, day out.
You’re doing amazing.