Hold On Till May (Empty Arena)
Pierce The Veil
Hold On Till May (Empty Arena)

~Hold On Till May - Pierce The Veil (Empty Arena)~

Use headphones and close eyes for best effect.

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Tangled In The Great Escape (Empty Arena)
Pierce The Veil
Tangled In The Great Escape (Empty Arena)

~Tangled In The Great Escape - Pierce The Veil (Empty Arena)~

Use headphones and close eyes for best effect.

My Edit, If you say this is yours, I will find you, and I will kill you.

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  • wattpad fanfic: so he's a serial killer who has fallen in love with me after he kidnapped me but he won't tell me about his dark and tragic past so he turned to drugs and he physically abuses me but it's okay bc we sleep together like every other chapter
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Past Abusive Relationship with Tony Perry. (requested).
Can you do a Tony perry one where you were an a abusive relationship and your dad used to hit you too but now dating Tony. And you accidentally broke his guitar and he yells “what the fuck” and you go in the corner and cry then when he comes to see you, and you beg him not to hit you then he tells you he loves you and would never hurt you?
I’m cleaning up my apartment; it’s a mess. Mainly because my boyfriend, Tony, had just moved in a couple of months ago. Currently, he’s over at Vic’s house or something, who’s another member in his band: Pierce The Veil. He creates mess everywhere he goes, and I mean everywhere. Dirty clothes are left, rubbish, paper, and I can’t forget: his guitar. It was his prized possession. Much more valuable than I was. He had a bunch of others but he loved this one. It was black and had green oozing over it, I had no idea what type it was; I’m not really a ‘guitar’ person, completely the opposite of Tony. He loves it so much, he’s owned it for ages, it’s always been his favourite. Soon enough it’s going to get broken, especially because of the way he leaves it around the house everywhere. This time, it was displayed nicely over my living room floor. I sigh out loud to myself. I specifically moved a bunch of stuff out from my old spare room so that he could put all of his music equipment in there. Does he use it? Of course not. Wires and such are wound round my stairs, lamps, tables. Everywhere. It’s like he uses every room apart from that one.
I grab the neck of the guitar and hoist it from the floor. The amount of times I’ve had to manoeuvre this lump of wood is unreal. Admittedly, I carry it clumsily out of the living room. Jeez, cleaning up after your boyfriend should be a sport. I mumble to myself as I drag my feet up the stairs. Stupidly, I don’t watch where I’m going. “Fuck!” I curse as I trip over one of the higher up stairs. Releasing Tony’s guitar, it bashes itself down the staircase. I see chips of paintwork jolt off of it. My eyes widen as I see it lay, practically shattered, by the bottom of the stairs. I can see about three strings split. I freeze at the top of the stairs. Uh oh. I rush down the stairs then sit in front of it on the floor. As I said: some paintwork is missing, strings have snapped, and I notice a crack in the guitars neck. For a moment, I’m speechless. I sit there in silence. Then the thoughts pour in. W… What if he gets angry? Just… Just like Ryan did… Just like my father would… What if he… he… hits me? My thoughts stutter. Both my father and Ryan would get angry if I smashed one of their alcohol bottles my accident and they had tons. This was Tony’s one and only favourite guitar… Tony’s never done anything like that to me before, he’s gotten angry but he’s never hit me. Regardless of that, I freeze as I feel my past almost becoming my present. The fear of someone growling in your face, the look of complete disgust plastering their own. Seeing someone’s fist lunge at your face… He… He’s going to hit me… He’s not going to love me… or want me… As I said: that guitars more valuable than I am. I feel my eyes shatter like glass. I sit there and stare at the guitar. What can I do?
Just my luck, I hear a key enter the front door. It’s Tony coming home… I scatter back a little, so I can see him walk through the door. Flicking his hair, I see his eyes are drawn to me, he sees the tears. Hurriedly, he makes his way over to me before crouching down. He doesn’t notice his guitar… Yet. His luxurious eyes meet mine. “Y/N, what’s u-” His mouth drops open as he looks to my side. He stands up tall. “Y/N, what the fuck?” He growls at me. “What the fuck have you done to my guitar?” He yells at me. “I… I’m sorry…” I whimper, shading myself. My body whelms up. “For fuck sake, Y/N.” He shouts, his hands dart outwards. I prepare for what I’m used to happening. Planning my escape, I sprint off as quickly as I could like I would with my father and Ryan. I hide behind the curtain in my living room. I curl up into a tight ball, clutching my knees firmly to my chest, my head rammed to my thighs. Tears claw their way down my pale cheeks. Sitting here, petrified, is a familiar feeling which I wish left me a long time ago. In my own house… I’m afraid, scared. “Y/N?” I hear Tony’s voice call my name. I can’t recognise the tone; my ears are muffled with the amount of tears that I’m choking on. Fully knowing what’s going to happen to me, I keep quiet. But I see a dark shadow look in front of the curtain. Drawing the curtain, he reveals me to him. “D… Don’t hit me.” I plead as I cry into my thighs. “Y/N…” Tony pats my thighs, trying to break my sturdy ball. “I… I’m not letting go.” I murmur to myself in a whisper, I don’t know if he can hear me or not. “Y/N, I’m not going to hit you, come on, come here.” He coos to me. Reluctant to move, I shake my head. Scooping my hunched body in his arms, he places me down on his sofa. He rests himself up against the arm of the chair, then he slides my body up next to his. His left arm supports my back as his other hand strokes my thigh softly. “I… I’m sorry.” I stammer, tears still dripping faintly off my eyelashes. I can’t seem to calm myself down, my breaths are still quick and unsteady. “It’s okay, Y/N.” He whispers in my ear. “But… But I broke it.” I sob, not being able to look into his eyes. “Hey, I can get it fixed. It’ll be good as new, don’t you worry about it.” He nuzzles his nose to mine. I know he’s lying, it will never be as good as new, but he successes in making me feel better. Breathing slower, I finally relax in Tony’s grasp. “Now, Y/N. Why would you ever think that I would dare to hit you? Your past makes you feel uneasy, I know that… But honestly, I will never, ever hurt you. I wouldn’t dream of it, no matter now angry I ever get, I won’t hit you, Y/N. I promise.” He says innocently, before laying benevolent kisses on my neck. I cosily snuggle against his warm body as he does so. His lips trail up my neck to my face, before finally reaching my lips. Passionately, he brushes his soft lips against mine. “I’m sorry for thinking that Tony, I really am.” I apologise guiltily. “Don’t worry.” He coaxes me gently. “I love you.” He whispers in a sweet, loving voice. “I’ll do anything to prove it.” He adds, squeezing my body tightly to his.


when I look at this I feel a mix of emotions. disappointment, happiness terrified, and questioning my choices in life and the people I look up to.  

Imagine #41 (Kellin Quinn) (SWS) (Requested by WizardOfLoneliness)

Request: Cool thanks! Can you do one where like [y/n] is Vic’s little sister and starts dating kellin, but vic doesn’t know and gets freaked out when he finds out. Idk.

A/N: Here you go my love. Hope you like it. Give me your feedback and requests are always open.

“(Y/N), can you come downstairs?”  Vic shouts from downstairs. I snatch the laptop off my lap and jump off my bed. I exit my bedroom-well, the guestroom I crash in on Vic’s house whenever I have a fight with our parents- and jog downstairs, to the living room.
“What is it?” I ask him.
“(Y/N), let me introduce you to my best friend, Kellin Quinn. Kellin, this is my youngest sister, (Y/N)”  I  stand there, watching them in complete starstruck.
“Nice to finally meet you. I’ve heard many things about you.” Kellin says while extending his hand. I feel his eyes burning my skin, my breath hitched in the back of my throat and my heart rate speed up. I shake his hand; oh god, it’s so soft and warm.
“Nice to meet you too” I stutter out; shitt, why do I have to be so weird in front of him.
“Awww, my baby sister is a grat fan of your band… Isn’t she the cutest?”  Vic says, to no one particularly, pinching my cheeks, which I bet that they haven taken a fire red shade.
“She surely is.” Kellin says and winks at me.

“I’ll take out the trash”  I say to Vic.
“Thanks. Um, Danielle is coming over in a few… Do you mind, maybe, um, leave us alone for an hour or so?”  Vic says, scratching the back of his head. I smirk and kiss his cheek.
“Sure, I’ll go hang out with my friends. You two have fun”
“No problem. Use protection. Don’t make me an aunt so soon.” I moak him as I grab my phone. I slip in a pair of vans and take a light jacket with me.
“Fuck off” He says, giggling. I stick my tongue out and exit the house.

I place my earphones in my ears and walk to the nearest garbage bin, to throw away the trash. I have a weird feeling that someone is watching me. I just shake it off and throw the trash bag in the bin.

I feel a hand on my shoulder. I guess my reflectants worked pretty fast, cause I just turned around and punched my attacker in the jawline.
“Oh My God” I hear him wince in pain. I remove my earphones and squint my eyes. The lights are off, so it’s pretty dark, but I can still catch sight of those perfectly blue ords under the dim moonlight.
“Oh shit. Kellin are you alright?”  I ask, guilt taking over me.
“You are great at punching” He says, laughing
“I was scared”
“I’ve been calling your name for like 2 minutes.”
“i had my earphones in. I couldn’t hear you. I am so sorry”
“It’s ok.It’s kinda my fault too.”
“If you are looking for Vic, now it’s not the right time. Danielle is coming over.”
“Well, I wasn’t looking for Vic” He says. I furrow my eyebrows and look at him.
“Then why are you here?
"Well, I was looking for  you…” He says and moves some stray hair behind my ear.
“I was wondering if you’d like to grab lunch with me tomorrow…”
“Oh… Um,sure, why not?”
“Great.. Here is my number”  He says and hands me a piece of paper, with his number scribbled on it.
“Um, Kellin?…”
“Actually, would you mind if we went for a walk right now? I mean Danielle is coming over and Vic kinda kicked me out for a few hours, so I have plenty of time. And I feel kinda guilty for your jaw.” I say and bite my lip. He chuckles and extends his elbow.
“Sure.Where do you want to go, beautiful?”  He asks and I blush.

“(Y/N), we are going out for dinner. Wanna come?”  Vic asks me. I am sitting in the back lounge, waiting for them to leave so I can sneak out and meet Kellin.
“Nah, I feel a bit off. It might be from the trip…” I say, hoping that Vic and the guys will bite it. Truth is that I am a bit exhausted but I came to visit them on tour so that I can see Kellin too. Sure, I’ve missed my brothers but I was with them the whole day, I think that it’s Kellin’s turn now.
“Vic, let her be. My baby sister wants to rest” Mike says, embracing me and kissing my forehead.
“She is my baby sister too, you know..” Vic says and embraces me too.
“Group hug…” Jaime shouts and joins in. Tony chuckles, but joins in too.
“Guys.Can’t. Breathe” I say, pretending to be breathless.
“Ok. We are going. We might be late.” Vic says, kissing my cheek.
“Ok, have fun” I greet them.

I wait until I hear the door click and grab my phone. I quickly text Kellin that the guys are gone and get up to get ready. I slip in a pair of ripped skinny black jeans and a white lacy top. I renew my make-up, using just some foundation, mascara and a light lip-gloss. I pick up my combat boots and leather jacket and grab my phone and wallet. Right on time.

I exit the bus and head to the spot where Kellin and I have arranged to meet.  I hear footsteps approaching me and I start to freak out. I feel a hand on my shoulder and a warm  breath on my neck.
“Don’t punch me” I hear a familiar voice whisper in my ear. He kisses my neck and spins me around.
“Asshole.” I say smiling.
“You look gorgeous too”  He moaks me. I kiss his lips softly.
“MMM, marshmellow lip-gloss. Quiet tasty. Let me try it again and see if I like it.” He says and kisses me deeply.
“I definately like it” He says. I smack his chest.
“Dork.” I say.  He smacks my ass, lightly.
“Move your pretty ass darling” He says, wrapping his arms around my shoulders.

We walk until we find a restaurant. Kellin opens the door for me, bowing a bit.
“Why… Thank you mister”
“anything for you my lady” He kissses the top of my hand. We walk to a guy behind a desk and he smiles at us.
“Reservation for 2 under the name Kellin Quinn.” Kellin says
“Welcome Mr. And Mrs Quinn” The man says. I blush. He leads us to our table and brings us the menus.
“it sounded weird.” I say, once the man leaves.
“It suits you.” He says, smiling.
“Don’t rush things, Mister”
“I don;t. But we have to begin from somewhere” He says and scans the menu.
“What’s that supposed to mean?”
“Well, we have to begin from somewhere. For example, stop being a secret.”  He says.
“Mike and Vic are going to kill you”
“They won’t” He says. I cock my head to the side. He chuckles and looks at me sweetly.
“Can we not talk about it tonight and have fun?”  I ask ,taking my puppy eyes. He kisses the too of my hand and nods.
“Sufe, baby girl.”
The waiter comes and takes our order. The rest of the meal runs smoothly until, the cute little fight about the bill in the end. Of course, he convinced me in the end and paid the dinner.

We exit the restaurant and began  strolling around the town hand in hand, my head resting on his chest, listening his steady heart beat .
“You know what would be perfect?” He asks me out of nowhere.
“If we slept outside,under the stars…”  He says
“Sounds perfect…” I say, turning to face him. I kisss him and he kisses me back. It seems perfect, It feels perfect.
“(Y/N), Kellin?”  I hear someone behind us. Someone, familiar. I pull away and look at them: Vic.
“Vic…” I stutter out. He and Mike look at us, shocked. I hear Kellin gulp and the rest of the group chant.
“Is it… Are you… Are you, together?”  Vic asks.
“Yes. Yes we are. And I am soory we had to hide it from you .”   Kellin says. His voice is steady, like he is not afraid of the consiquences.
“For how long are you together?” Mike asks.
“6 months” I say and bite my lip. Vic looks at me disappointed.
“And what if you get hurt again? And what if you break up? He is kinda my best friend.”
“I promise I won’t hurt her. She means a lot to me.” Kellin says and I melt.
“I don’t know how to feel about it. Give me a sec.”    Vic says and brings his palms to his face.

2 agonizingly slow minutes later he looks at us.
“Hurt her and you are dead. And you young lady, are grounded for the next 2 days. And keep your sex life to yourselves.” Vic says. Kellin bro hugs him and Mike hugs me.
“And Quentes is real…” Mike shouts and we all laugh.

Pierce The Veil Preference: How They Comfort You


“This vacuum has some great suction.”


“Patty cake patty cake with my face,”


“There’s no more…those silly Sexicans.”


“Grawr, I’m an angry turtle.”

Chilling With You

A/N: I’m honestly having hardcore fall vibes right now and it’s making me sooo happy. So I wrote a fluffy/cheesy Vic imagine and I’m loving it. This man will be the death of me. Anyways, as promised here’s an imagine this weekend. Love y'all!


A chilly breeze rustled my curtains as the morning light streamed through and into my half closed eyes. I wrapped my blanket tighter around my body but continued to shiver. Why had I opened the window last night in the first place? Probably because the cool wind had felt amazing mixed with the warmth of my room. The weather had been chilly and cloudy these past few weeks, which felt perfect last night when I was cuddled under my blankets. When I woke up sprawled out the breeze nipped at any exposed skin, which didn’t feel as good as it did last night.

The clock said that it was only ten. Not too late, but I still wanted sleep. My eyes had just closed and I was almost totally back in a peaceful sleep when my door busted open. “Ride and shine, gorgeous!” Vic sang in an overly excited voice. I let out a dramatic sigh as he began picking up things around my room and straightened it.

“Why is everything so messy, [Y/N]?”

“Why are you here, Vic? I’m tired,” I mumbled peeking at him through my blanket and half open eyelids. I smiled when he shivered and closed my window. He should be cold waking me up at this time. When he pulled the curtains back I could also see that the day was bright, but cloudy with a slight wind that rustled and shook brightly colored leaves off of their branches.

“Don’t be so mean. We made plans. Actually, I made plans for us. Come on! You need to get up,” he said excitedly. Vic started digging through my drawers and throwing a sweater and a pair of jeans at me. “Get dressed, do your makeup, whatever. We gotta go.”

He sounded urgent. Just to piss him off I curled up deeper under my blankets. “[Y/N]!” Vic yanked my protection from the chill in my room from me.

“I’m up!” I whined rubbing my bare shoulders. Note to self: stop sleeping in tank tops. Vic laughed as I hurriedly put the [F/C] sweater he had thrown at me on. Still sitting in bed, I pulled off my pajama pants and shimmied into my jeans. “I can dress myself you know. I’m just putting this on now because I’m freezing.” That was a lie. This was my favorite sweater.

“I know. Let’s just go,” Vic whined pulling my go-to shoes out of the closet and setting them out for me. I laughed at his disappointed look when I walked into the bathroom to brush my teeth and do my makeup.

Vic let out a frustrated groan and flopped face first into my pillows. Truth be told, I felt kind of sorry for him. I did my makeup as quick as I could with it still looking good and picked out a beanie and scarf to complete my outfit. By the time I was done getting ready, Vic had fallen asleep and was snoring softly.

A sly smile came across my lips as an idea popped into my head. “Wake the fuck up!” I yelled jumping on top of his sleeping form. Vic jumped up, ruining my landing and causing me to fall off the bed onto the cold floor.

“Oww,” I whined rubbing my sore butt. Vic laughed so hard he rolled off the bed on top of me. “Owwww.”

“That’s payback for taking so long,” he smiled pressing a gentle kiss to my lips. “Ready to go now?”

I returned the kiss, but pushed him off of me, jumped up, and bolted towards the door. “Race you!”

Vic sped after me as I maneuvered through my apartment and out to his car. I beat him by a millisecond, yet still managed to get buckled after him. “Are you going to tell me where we’re going yet?” I questioned turning up my heater. Vic just smiled and turned the radio up to an obnoxiously loud volume.

I sighed at his secretive act and stared out the window. He drove us down winding streets lined with colorful trees for awhile before pulling into a small coffee shop I’d never been to before. “Mike told me about this place last week. He said that Alysha had said something about so he brought her here and it has the best coffee on the west coast,” Vic said as he shut off the car.

We walked inside and my nose was immediately flooded with the scent of different coffee flavors and baked goods. The air was warm and the sound of soft music and whispers made the atmosphere peaceful. “This is so perfect,” I whispered not wanting to disrupt the calmness inside.

“It is,” Vic replied softly taking my hand in his. “Find us a seat. I know the perfect drink for you.” I giggled as his sweetness. I was so lucky to have him to call mine.

I chose a table for two next to the window in the corner of the café. It had a pretty view of the outside where we could watch the wind play tug of war with the trees’ leaves. Vic returned a few minutes later holding two cups with steam escaping through their holes and two small plates with sugary muffins resting on top of them. He handed me a cup and plate as he took the seat across from me. “Thank you,” I smiled at him sweetly.

I took a sip of my caffeinated drink and I swear to God I was drinking liquid heaven. “This is amazing,” I gushed.

“They actually call it a heaven,” Vic told me.

“It’s named appropriately.”

The two of us sat there in a peaceful silence before I decided to break it. “I’m honestly really happy you got me out of bed,” I told him. “Chilling with you is my favorite thing to do.”

“Mine too,” Vic whispered leaning across the table and kissing me.

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Tony Perry: She’s Like a Bullet Through An Ocean


Warnings: Blowjobs lawl

Word Count: 793

Featuring: Tony Perry of Pierce the Veil

Your name: done [Insert your name here to change the fic!]

A/N: Ha this took waaaaay too long to write. I’m sorry. I didn’t to to what extent you wanted the pet names to go, so I did my best.

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Be My Wife

*not my pic.*

A/N: This wasn’t requested, just a random Kellin Quinn imagine because I got bored ~ Blue 

TW-reference to past suicide attempt


You get a text from Kellin telling you to meet him at catering in 15 minutes. You yawn and get out of his bunk to get dressed. Once you finish, you slip on your shoes and get off the bus, squinting at the sun. When you get to catering, you see Jaime and Mike sitting at a table with Justin and Gabe and decide to go sit with them.

“Hey, (Y/N).” All four of them greet as you sit down .

“Hey. What’s up?” You ask, yawning a little bit.

“Nothing really. Have you seen Vic and Kellin? I’m just kind of assuming they’re together.” Gabe asks.

“They were doing an interview or something but Kellin texted me that they were on their way here.” You tell them and they nod.

Suddenly, you feel someone wrap their arms around your waist and lightly kiss your neck. You giggle and everyone at the table looks at you because you have another human basically attached to you. You just playfully roll your eyes causing them to snicker a bit.

“Hey, Babe.” He whispers into your neck.

“Hey. What’s up?” He sits down on your right and shrugs in response.

“Sup guys.” He greets everyone else at the table.

“Hey. How was the interview?” Jaime asks.

“Pretty good.” Vic answers, sitting next to him.

Kellin pulls you into his body, wrapping an arm around you. He kisses your temple and smiles down at you.

“What are you doing?” You giggle a little at his cute but clingy actions.

“Nothing, I just love you, that’s all.” You wrinkle your forehead but shrug it off, not really minding it.

The show wasn’t until tomorrow so everyone basically spent all day doing interviews at a few local radio stations and getting stuff set up. Now, you and Kellin lay face to face in his bunk just enjoying each other’s company and talking about random things. The sound of the rest of the guys on the bus playing xbox was muffled by the curtain. They were getting pretty rowdy.

“Oh yeah, I forgot to ask, how was last night?” You ask him. Last night him and a bunch of the other guys went out. You never mind when he goes out just like he doesn’t mind when you hang out with your friends.

“It was-” He’s cut off by a voice belonging to Justin yelling something incoherent and everyone else groaning. You can hear Kellin quietly sigh.

“You wanna like, go for a walk or something? I just need to get out of here.” He asks and you immediately nod, unable to take the noise much longer.

You jump out the bunk and get off the bus, stepping into the orange-pink light cast by the setting sun. Kellin shuts the door behind you guys and smiles at you, grabbing your hand as you start walking.

“Oh yeah so, last night…” He picks up the conversation.

You walk for about 45 minutes, him telling the stories of what happened last night and you laughing at them. Those boys get into some weird shit. Just as it gets dark, you round the corner and end up in the pit where the house lights of the amphitheater are still on. You both jog up the stairs and onto the stage, climbing onto a huge amp. You cross your ankles and swing your feet as the breeze makes the night less humid.

“Oh! I forgot to show you.” He says all of a sudden, pulling you out of your thoughts.

“I got another tattoo last night.” He says, pushing his sleeve on his left arm up.

“Really, where?” You ask, excited to see what it is. He flips his arm over and flexes his hand back to expose his wrist. It’s four parallel rows of roman numerals, each row having three numbers, and the middle number has a dot on either side of it.

“Ooh, what do they mean?” You ask intrigued.

“They’re dates. The first one is the day we met, remember?” He smiles over at you, your heads almost touching.

“Of course I remember, doofus. How could I forget? At your show in my hometown.” That was one of the best days of your life. Imagine if you hadn’t met him that night? What would your life look like now?

“Yeah. That was the day I knew I had to have you.” He says quietly as he reminisces.

“The second one is the day of our first date. Do you remember that one?” He asks, looking at you accusingly. You inhale sharply, trying to remember.

“Our very first date? Like, ever? Jesus, uh… was that the one when we ordered take out and watched The Empire Strikes Back on your couch?” You ask, smiling at that memory. He giggles, running his thumb over the numbers.

“Yeah, it was. I didn’t think you’d remember that.” He says, impressed by your memory skills.

“But that was also our first kiss, ‘cause the dvd kept freezing so we ended up just making out instead.” We both laugh and he nods his head.

“Yep, I remember.” He sighs in satisfaction.

“What’s the next one?” You ask, diverting your attention back to his wrist. He clears his throat before speaking. 

“The third one is the uh…..the day I almost lost you. The day I thought I was never gonna get to hold your hand again or stare into your beautiful eyes or kiss your soft lips.” He grabs your hand and you lean your head on his shoulder.

“The doctor said you only had a 30% chance of living. That there were just too many pills and even after they pumped your stomach, your organs were failing.” He looks down at your intertwined fingers.

 You don’t remember that day as well as him. You remember writing the note. You remember swallowing all the pills. You remember Kellin calling 911, choking on tears. You remember waking up in the hospital. The things in between were pretty blurry considering you were dying. You ended up in a psychiatric hospital for a few months even though the doctors told you that you could go home because you were living with Kellin, but he wanted to play it safe. You remember the exact words he said to you when he dropped you off:

‘You need to get better, (Y/N). I can’t risk losing you again. I love you too much to let you keep living like this…’

He’s really the reason you’re even alive today.

“You know what else the doctor said?” You ask rhetorically. He looks over at you.

“He said that if you hadn’t found me when you did that my death would have been certain. You’re the one who forced me get better and go into recovery. I wouldn’t be here without you, Kellin.” You smile at him and he blushes, smiling down at his lap.

“I’m so fucking glad you pulled though. I’m glad you got better and I’m glad I’m able to sit here now and hold you in my arms.” He wraps an arm around you and you smile. The two of you sit in silence for a few seconds before he pulls away smiles at you contently. After a few seconds, he breaks eye contact and chuckles to himself.

“You’re adorable, (Y/N) (Y/L/N).” He says, grabbing you hand before you both jump down from the amp and begin walking towards the edge of the stage.

“Wait, what about the last one?” You ask, pointing at his wrist. He stops walking and you stand, facing each other and looking down at his wrist.

“Oh yeah…right. Well, this one….this one is the day I ask you to marry me.” Your forehead wrinkles in confusion because you guys aren’t engaged or anything. Sure, it’s come up a couple times in the past, so maybe it’s one of those days?

“Kellin, what-” You look up at him but are cut off as he takes a knee, holding a ring in his right hand. You gasp, throwing your hands up to your mouth.

“We’ve been together for 5 amazing long years and I can honestly say they’ve been the best of my life. But now, I wanna make you mine…forever. (Y/N) (Y/M/N) (Y/L/N), would you make me the happiest man in the world and do me the honor of becoming my wife?” His big blue eyes are glossy with tears threatening to spill any second as he stares up at you. You’re already sobbing, choking on tears as you nod your head.

“Yes, Kellin! Of course! Oh my god…” You start crying even harder as he slips the ring on your finger before you grab his face and connect your lips. He smiles into the kiss and you pull apart, staring into each other’s eyes. He pulls you into a hug, tears streaming down his face. Suddenly, you hear a couple random strings being plucked on an acoustic guitar. You turn around to see Jaime and Vic sitting on stools, Jaime strumming a guitar on his lap. Vic smiles and Jaime winks as he begins to play Remembering Sunday by All Time Low.

You turn back to Kellin and wrap your arms around his neck, your sobs turning into sniffles. He smiles down at you and places his hands on your hips as you begin to sway. You rest your head on his chest and close your eyes for a few seconds.

“I love you so fucking much, (Y/N).” He says making you look back up at him.

“I love you too, Kells. You’re my everything.”