First you cry, and then you cry. You get on a metro and go where it takes you. You leave your phone behind and go around the city alone. Get on a bus and get lost in the sounds: of traffic, of music. Jump in potholes, get your shoes dirty. Walk on the sidewalk, walk with grace. Let your hair down, let the wind untangle your knots. Go get a piercing, go try some street food. Count the red cars, then count the blue: one two three, one two three; make a wish, make another. Sit in cafes, sit on rocks, take polaroids. Run, run, run till you’ve conquered every street, every raindrop, every shadow under every lamp post. Tell every corner, “I was here, I was here.”

One step, then another, you come back home. You come back slowly, you come back calm. Play some music, your hands in the air, close your eyes and dance. Then change the song, lay still on the floor.
First you cry, and then you laugh. Then you laugh, and then you laugh.

Breakfast Run video, part 2

Eric Jackson said in his interview that they were filming at least part of the video at his house, located at 7259 W Laurel Pl.

Compare the houses:

Dylan running from Eric Jackson’s house to Dustin Gorton’s car from the video:

(What used to be) Eric Jackson’s house:

They then went to Burger King at 6797 W Ottawa Ave.  

First they went down Laurel Place to Fairview Drive, which turns into Webster Street (that’s the suburbs for you!), then turned right onto Ken Caryl Avenue, then left onto Pierce Street, finally right onto Ottawa Avenue to the Burger King.  (This route is fairly obvious from the landmarks seen in the video, if one is familiar with them.)

Turning from Webster St. to Ken Caryl Ave.  Note the big pile of snow on the ground even in late April!

Same approximate location on Ken Caryl Avenue in the summer–pretty dull, really, not much to see but trees and wood fencing…

Turning from Ken Caryl Ave. onto Pierce St.  Note the bank on the corner.

Same corner:

The restaurant is roughly about a mile (1.5 km) from Columbine High School.

After getting their food, they continued north along Pierce St. to Columbine at 6201 S Pierce St.

Columbine is visible on the left.

I hope you enjoyed this tour of the suburban Littleton/Columbine area with your guides Dylan Klebold, Dustin Gorton, Eric Jackson (and me, I guess…).

4/20/1999 timeline:

11.10 am (approx.) - Harris parks his 1986 Honda Prelude in CHS junior  lot to southeast, Klebold parks his 1982 BMW in senior lot to southwest.

11.14 am (approx.) - Harris & Klebold plant two large duffel bags containing bombs set to go of at 11.17 am in cafeteria. Both then leave the building.

11.19 am - 911 call received reporting explosion (set up by Harris & Klebold) on Wadsworth Boulevard, between Ken Caryl and Chatfield Avenues.

11.19 am (approx.) - Harris & Klebold begin shooting at students from the top of the west exterior steps, the highest point on campus.

11.19 am (approx.) - Rachel Scott killed and Richard Castaldo injured by gunshots at the west upper entrance, near the north side of the library.

11.20 am (approx.) - Daniel Rohrbough, Sean Graves, Lance Kirklin injured by gunshots after exiting cafeteria through side door en route to ‘Smoker’s Pit’.

11.21 am (approx.) - Klebold & Harris shoot at five students on grass to west of stairs. Michael Johnson & Mark Taylor injured by gunshots whilst fleeing.

11.21 am - Deputy Paul Magor, whilst patrolling the south Jeffco area, dispatched to scene of explosion at Wadsworth Boulevard.

11.22 am (approx.) - Klebold goes down stairs to area outside cafeteria, shoots Rohrbough & Kirklin at close range. Rohrbough killed by gunshot.

11.23 am (approx.) - Klebold rejoins Harris at top of stairs after a brief trip into the cafeteria. Harris shoots at and injures Anne Marie Hochhalter.

11.22 am - School custodian begins recording again after rewinding cafeteria security footage tape at 11.14 am. Calls Deputy Neil Garnder to ‘back lot’.

11.23 am - 911 call from CHS student reports girl injured in south lower parking lot of high school. Deuputies Gardner & Magor notified. Gardner responds.

11.24 am - Dave Sanders and school custodians Jon Curtis & Jay Gallatine enter cafeteria and direct students to get down. Students hide under tables.

11.24 am - Harris & Klebold shoot at teacher Patti Nielson & student Bryan Anderson through west entrance of school. Both injured by glass fragments.

11.24 am - Harris & Klebold enter school through west entrance. Harris exits building again as Deputy Gardner arrives in response to report of injured girl.

11.24 am - Deputy Gardner parks in school’s lower south parking lot. Harris & Gardner shoot at each other, Harris then enters school through west doors.

11.24 am - Students in cafeteria escape up stairs to second level. Sanders directs students to safety, telling them to follow hallway to east exits.

11.25 am - Jeffco Sheriff’s office dispatch advises south units of situation. Patti Nielson, hiding under front counter in library, calls 911 to reports shots fired.

11.26 am - Deputies Scott Taborsky & Paul Smoker arrive on west side of school and begin to rescue wounded students on ground.

11.26 am - Harris shoots at deputies with rifle through broken window by set of double doors. Smoker fires three rounds in return, Harris leaves window.

11.26 am - Harris & Klebold walk down north main hallway whilst firing weapons. Student Stephanie Munson injured by gunshot.

11.26 am - Harris & Klebold shoot at Dave Sanders, who is in the library hallway, from the north main hallway. Sanders injured by gunshot.

11.27 am - Deputy Gardner radios Code 33  to dispatch. Deputy Magor sets up road block on Pierce Street, at southeast corner of student parking lot.

11.29 am - Harris & Klebold enter library. Both make way to west windows on opposite side of room. Kyle Velasquez killed by gunshot from Klebold.

11.30 am (approx.) - Harris & Klebold put bags on southern computer table. Both then shoot at law enforcement officers through western windows.

11.30 am (approx.) - Klebold removes trenchcoat, then opens fire at nearby table. Patrick Ireland, Daniel Steepleton & Makai Hall injured by gunshots.

11.31 am (approx.) - Harris opens fire at nearest northern table. Steve Curnow killed and Kacey Ruegsegger injured by gunshots.

11.31 am (approx.) - Harris bangs twice on southern table, bends to shoot underneath. Cassie Bernal killed by gunshot. Gun recoil breaks Harris’s nose.

11.32 am (approx.) - Ireland shot by Klebold while moving from hiding place. Isaiah Shoels & Matthew Kechter killed under eastern table by gunshots.

11.32 am (approx.) - Klebold shoots out trophy case near door. Klebold then shoots under southern table. Mark Kintgen injured by gunshot.

11.33 am (approx.) - Klebold shoots under table to his left. Lisa Kreutz & Valeen Schnurr injured, and Lauren Townsend killed by gunshots. 

11.33 am (approx.) - Nicole Nowlen & John Tomlin injured by gunshots from Harris. Klebold shoots and kills Tomlin whilst he tries to leave table.

11.33 am (approx.) - Kelly Fleming killed by gunshots from Harris. Harris fires under table housing Jeanna Park. Park injured by gunshots.

11.34 am - Harris & Klebold reload at table in middle of library. Klebold identifies and allows John Savage to leave through main entrance.

11.35 am - Daniel Mauser killed by gunshot from Harris. Harris & Klebold fire at south table. Jennifer Doyle & Austin Eubanks injured, Corey DePooter killed.

11.36 am - Harris & Klebold leave library, walk back down hall to science area. Students in the library begin to flee through northern emergency exit.

11.44 am - Harris & Klebold return to cafeteria. Harris fires from stairs at duffel bag containing bomb. Klebold tampers with something on floor to no effect.

11.46 am - Harris & Klebold leave cafeteria after trying to ignite bomb in duffel bag with smaller bombs. Small fire created, but large bombs did not go off. 

11.49 am - Harris & Klebold walk to main office area. SWAT team arrive at east side. Undersheriff Dunway arrives and allows SWAT team to enter school.

11.53 am - Harris & Klebold leave office area and walk towards art hall. Both continuously fire weapons at ceiling and building whilst walking. 

11.46 am - Harris & Klebold return to cafeteria. Fire started previously in cafeteria has now been put out by the 5 sprinklers it set off.

12.00 pm - Harris & Klebold leave cafeteria, briefly enter kitchen. Both then head back upstairs towards library. Armoured vehicle arrives outside.

12.02 pm - Harris & Klebold fire out of library broken west windows at law enforcement officers and emergency workers. SWAT team approach school.

12.04 pm - Sean Graves, Anne Marie Hochhalter, Lance Kirklin rescued by paramedics. Dan Rohrbough deemed dead and left behind.

12.06 pm (approx.) - Harris & Klebold commit suicide in library. SWAT team arrive at east main entrance. First team of five enter through southeast doors.

Eric visits the Texaco to buy propane on April 20

I have been seriously remiss in my posts lately…

Anyway, next on our Tour of Littleton/Columbine is…the gas station/convenience store at 6798 W. Ottawa where Eric bought a propane tank for $49.99 at 9:12 AM on the 20th of April, 1999, less than 180 minutes before he blew his own brains out.

At the time, it was a Texaco (see receipt) but now it’s a Circle K/Shell station.

Receipt from JC-001-025955:

Eric caught on the store’s surveillance camera (note that the time is off):

Interview with the clerk, Tammy McGinnis (JC-001-0013346-0013347):

Ms. McGinnis stated that on the morning of April 20, 1999, she was on duty at the Texaco Gas Station, 6796 West Ottawa, Littleton, Colorado. She also stated that during this period of time, she was the only person on duty. She stated that about 9:00 am on that date, a white male about 18-20 years of age came into her gas station and asked to buy a propane tank. She further described the white male as being tall and thin, very clean cut looking, with no facial hair and wearing jeans and a tee shirt. She stated that the white male was very quiet and reserved. She also stated that he was not smiling and seemed very serious.

Ms. McGinnis stated that she asked the white male if he had a propane tank to trade in he responded, “no”. The white male then gave cash to Ms. McGinnis in the form of three (3) $20 bills. Ms. McGinnis stated that she then gave the white male his change and the cash receipt for the purchase of the propane tank.

Ms. McGinnis stated that she then exited her store and went to the propane tank caged area which is kept locked. She stated that she unlocked the caged area and asked the white male if he knew what type of connection he needed. The white male responded by saying, “yes”, at which time he reached into the caged area and took a “Blue Rhino" propane tank from the top rack of the propane cage. Ms. McGinnis stated that she then locked the propane cage and went back into her store. She stated that the white male was alone and she did not see what type of vehicle he was driving.

On April 26, 1999, Ms. McGinnis stated that she released the tape recording of sales made at the Texaco Gas Station on April 20, 1999, to S/A William Petoskey, FBI. She added that she does not know how to reset the timing mechanism on the recorder therefore the recording times will be off the actual time by about one hour and twenty minutes.

It’s right down the street from Columbine High School, and next to the shopping center where the Blackjack Pizza (where Eric and Dylan worked) used to be.

As seen from Pierce Street:

The store itself is pretty tiny:

The cage where the propane tanks are (still!) located:

There isn’t a heck of a lot to see…

Ah, the joys of suburban American strip malls and convenience stores…

Well, that’s about it for now…pick something up from the store to eat or drink while you walk around the parking lot and consider what happened in this very spot 15 years ago.

Durarara x HTR: Shizuo First Encounter

This scene is the first time Banba and Lin see Shizuo. Note: This crossover’s events are during volume 4 of Durarara.

“The abandoned factory in Ikebukuro,” While looking at the attached map, Lin said. “It’s a little ways from here.”

Banba and them are in the entertainment district next to the station right now. Their targeted location is rather far, but they do not have the money for a taxi. The two headed towards the abandoned factory on foot.

After walking for a bit, they saw a silhouette.

They hear voices disputing. What is it? Rin and Banba’s eyes widen and look at each other. While hiding in the shadows of the building, they peek around to see what is going on.

In the middle of the street, there are two men. One has dread-locks. The other has blond hair. He is wearing sun glasses so they cannot see his face well, but he seems to be a young man. He is wearing bartender clothes.

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Taurus: black and white, brown, minimalism, the 1975, records, wrist watches, leather, multiple ear piercings, photography, calvin klein, street art, art museums, urban outfitters, plain iced coffee, dr martens, converse, punk rock, europe, cigarettes, grunge
Gemini: green, orange, pink, cooking skills, food photography, instagram, h&m, fancy coffees, fancy restaurants, instagramming food, makeup skills, dancing skills, upper east side, instagramming window views, painted nails, cocktails, champagne
Cancer: blue, pale blue, purple, the ocean, an empty beach, horizons, sunrises, indie music, folk bands, records, independent theatres, film festivals, plays, libraries, fire escapes, window views, balconies, looking out at a view alone, mugs of tea
Leo: red, gold, designer purses/clothes, high heels, winged eyeliner, clothes shopping, instagram, salads, juice bars, tall height, model aspirations, travelling, europe, urban outfitters, manhattan, cocktails, exercise 
Virgo: black & white, purple, grey, caffeine, fancy pens, history, cooking skills, tidiness, sweaters, winter smells, burning fireplaces, late fall/winter, christmas, books, cleaning, driving, CDs
Libra: gold, pink, purple, fashion skills, fashion magazines, designer purses/clothes, aesthetics (lol), writing, poetry, e-cigarettes, fairy lights, chocolate, iced coffee, travelling, new york city, cosmopolitanism, sunglasses, urban outfitters
Scorpio: maroon/dark red, black, maroon lips/lipstick, winged eyeliner, black leather, punk rock, grunge, cigarettes, combat boots, black nails, exposed brick, walls decorated with black and white photography, vinyl collections, chickenwire fences, dark chocolate
Sagittarius: green, black, leather jackets, black jeans, multiple ear piercings, cities, comic books, combat boots, punk, the new york times, alcohol, cigarettes, hookah, europe, wrist watches, being awake in the middle of the night, rooftops
Capricorn: black and white, blue, grey, minimalism, watches, caffeine, winged eyeliner, designer clothes/purses, fancy cigarettes, stilettos, whiskey, scotch, preppiness, mansions, math skills, upper east side, travelling, polyglotism, airplanes, leather sofas
Aquarius: neon green, purple, grunge, illegal adventures, being awake in the middle of the night, chickenwire fences, alternative music, hair dyed a color of the rainbow, combat boots, political opinions, movie blogs, music blogs, being a film buff, neon signs
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