pierce x troy


This is me when I read this😍 I would love this end. And let’s all thank Garrett Donovan for suggesting this Jeff and Annie end❤️❤️☺️

Re-watching Remedial Chaos Theory.

Mostly because it’s amazingly hilarious, but it’s also the most character-oriented episode since Cooperative Calligraphy.

And there’s one part in particular that hit me hard, but no-one else seems to have commented on it.

In Britta’s timeline, when Pierce is harassing Troy with the troll doll, they’ve managed to create one of the most powerfully understated moments that’s ever been recorded on film, I think. There’s no music, no fake emotion, no anything that doesn’t, or wouldn’t, just naturally happen.

Abed: ‘Pierce is terrorizing Troy because he’s jealous we moved in together.’
Pierce: 'You’re the one who’s jealous!’
Abed: 'Why would I be jealous?’
Pierce: 'Because you’re lonely and crazy!’

It’s one of the very few moments that I can think of where I’ve been laughing hysterically, and then had a single line of dialogue shut me up completely. It hit me, almost physically, and I actually felt absolutely terrible for Pierce. So does everyone else in the scene, and rather than having to listen to, or see, their emotions and reactions, you can feel them.

Maybe it’s because I’ve grown so attached to these characters, but that scene was just amazingly powerful.

Community needs more episodes, and moments, like that.