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The annual Alternate Press Music Awards (APMAs) are less than a month away, which means it’s time to reflect on past performances, memories and memes. The awards show has only been around for three years, with 2017 being its fourth, though has managed to gain an incredible crowd each year. This year, the event will be held in Cleveland, Ohio.

So in celebration of the marvelous APMAs, here’s STAGE DIVE’s list of the best APMA performances of all time:

5. Good Charlotte and Kellin Quinn (2016)

Despite Good Charlotte’s latest album failing to meet many fans’ expectations, the band still managed to create a wonderful live show. To seal their place in our top five, the band had Sleeping With Sirens’ Kellin Quinn join them for “Keep Swingin’”.

4. Panic! at the Disco (2016)

Well, Brendon Urie and his casuals. But I digress.

With incredible vocals and a tipsy presence, the intoxicated vocalist made the 2016 APMAs extremely entertaining. And the rest of the band was amazing as always. But drunk Brendon is the main thing the fan-base will remember.  

3. Pierce the Veil: “The Divine Zero” (2015)

I wouldn’t be able to submit this list without including Pierce the Veil. The post hardcore act only performed one song, though made it incredible. These lads just know how to play. And work a stage. And live. And breathe. And just be amazing. I’m fan-girling. I’ll stop.

2. All Time Low: a Medley of Classics (2015)

There’s nothing better than seeing one of the scene’s best bands play a collection of our favourite songs. Go relive your childhood with the video.

1. The Maine and Mayday Parade, featuring Stephan Jenkins (2016)

Classiness meets Woodstock – the perfect collaboration. There’s nothing better than seeing The Maine and Mayday Parade live. That is, besides seeing The Maine and Mayday Parade live together. Add Stephan Jenkins to the equation and you’ve got the perfect performance. Playing some of their biggest hits, the bands created an amazing show.

Wait, I’ve forgotten one…

Thanks, Pete” (2014)

I mentioned memes, didn’t I? If there’s one line that’s become the life motto of every Fall Out Boy fan, it’s “Thanks, Pete”. Or perhaps it’s “Thnks, Pt”.

Catch this year’s APMAs live in Cleveland, Ohio, or live stream the entire awards show on altpress.com

-Sara Bjelanović


Pierce The Veil at The NorVa during The World Tour

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