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Celebrity Crush (Vic Fuentes - Pierce The Veil)

Word Count: 2,138


You’d just wrapped the season finale of the popular TV drama you were on and finally you could get back to your place and put your feet up and relax. You grab your laptop and see that Pierce the Veil has a new interview up, you didn’t like to admit it but they were one of your favourite bands. Most of your friends and fans didn’t like them but after a long day of filming you liked to put their music on and just let loose, a few crazy dance parties had taken place but no one would ever know.

It was a standard twenty questions interview with the whole band, you kind of zoned out until the final question because you already knew these facts about each member. Not in a stalker way but in a fangirl way which is completely different.

‘Question twenty, who is your celebrity crush?’

The four guys shuffled on the sofa before Mike poked Vic.

‘Well we know who Vic’s going to say. This boy is head over heels in love with this actress.’

‘Shut up Mike.’

Vic swatted his brother across the back of the head making the interviewer laugh and quirk an eyebrow at the camera.

‘Who’s the lucky lady Vic?’

‘Err…no one…’

He blushed which was the cutest thing in existence. Tony squeezed his cheeks before turning to the interviewer.

‘Vic has a little crush on y/n y/l/n from that hospital drama show.’

‘Yeah he has watched like every episode and keeps telling us how pretty she is.’

Jaime decided to get in on the embarrassing Vic action while all I could do was stare at the laptop screen with wide eyes. I was Vic’s celebrity crush, of all the women he could choose he’d picked me and even thought I was pretty.

‘God guys you’re so embarrassing.’

Vic got up and walked off camera, they were filming in their tour bus so he most likely went to the bunks. The rest of the band burst into fits of laughter while the interviewer cleared their throat and grinned.

‘Well that was interesting. Did you guys know that y/n is a huge fan of Pierce the Veil?’

Mike, Tony and Jaime stopped laughing and looked at each other seriously before they started whispering to each other and smirking. You couldn’t believe the interviewer had told them you liked their band.

Switching the interview off you log into YouNow and get ready for your weekly live stream. You send a tweet telling your followers to start asking questions before last minute primping of your hair and makeup before pressing broadcast.


I was mad that the guys would embarrass me like that. Yes I had a small thing for y/n but I didn’t want people knowing because I liked that it was my own little thing. There was something different about y/n, she was an unknown who got cast as the lead and even though the show had been going for four years and she’d got many awards she still stayed humble and friendly. She came across as someone who didn’t like to rub their achievements in other people’s faces, fame hadn’t changed her and I admired her for that.

It also helped that she was attractive, and even though the show was on in the US she actually came from England so had an accent which was an added bonus. I’d watched all her interviews and award speeches and I couldn’t get the way her y/e/c eyes twinkled as if she couldn’t believe her success. That was the same for me and the rest of the band, except hers was on a much larger scale.

I sat in my bunk scrolling through twitter when I saw that she’s tweeted.

@y/twitter/n: Live stream in five all you beautiful people so get those questions in x

I never once missed one of her live streams because honestly they were funny to watch, y/n had little habits she did such as chewing her lip when she was deep in thought or twirling loose strands of hair around her finger as she grinned at the viewers comments. She also wore glasses which she never wore in any other interviews because she stated once that she’d been told to wear contacts at interviews because not everyone liked people who wore glasses.

I pulled out my laptop and logged into YouNow before joining her stream that already had over 6,000 viewers in less than twenty minutes and it rose by the second. She was wearing her large hipster glasses which swamped her face but made her look cute as a button.

‘Okay so viewer AcornPrincess, love that name by the way asks can we play fuck, marry, kill? And you know what I say, hell to the yeah so send me some names in.’

Requests started flooding in and there were some good ones. However a certain band in the comments caught my attention and obviously y/n’s because her face lit up and she let out a little excited squeal.

‘Fuck, marry, kiss, cliff the members of Pierce the Veil…oh you guys know me so well…’

Maybe y/n was a fan of our music, to know that she could be listening to us got me a little excited because it meant she knew who I was. Then again I probably wasn’t her favourite member; most girls picked Tony or Mike.

‘This one’s tough…since if you push someone off a cliff there’s a small chance they’ll live then I’m pushing Jaime off the cliff because its better than outright killing him…err…I’d have to fuck Tony because turtle is well turtle and I think if the offer came any girls way they wouldn’t say no…Which leaves me with the Fuentes brothers…’

She smiled and stroked her chin, she had kiss and marry left. She then clapped her hands together and leaned closer to the screen.

‘I’m going to kiss Mike because I want to and because I don’t know why but I’d love to marry Vic…because he seems like such a genuine guy and that voice damm it does things to me…also if I fucked Mike and married Vic that would make for one hell of an awkward wedding speech…’

She chuckled and ran a hand through her hair. I was a little gobsmacked that she’d chosen to marry me over Mike, she thought I was genuine and loved my voice. A mischievous thought crossed my mind when she mentioned it did things to her, maybe one day I could cheekily ask her. But until that day came I’d have to settle for watching her through a screen.


You wrap up your live stream just before midnight and were about to call it a night when you got three Twitter DM’s which caught your attention when you saw who had sent them. Mike, Tony and Jaime from Pierce the Veil had messaged you. Your little fangirl heart fluttered though you were a little upset that you didn’t have a message from Vic. You opened Mike’s first.

@ptvmike: We know you like our band and to cut to the chase my brother Vic has a crush on you and me and the guys came up with a plan so hear us out okay?

@Tony_Turtle: Saw the live stream and I wouldn’t say no to you…Mike just hit me and told me to get to the point of this message y/n…we’ll be in LA for Warped in three days and we were wondering if you’d like to come?

@ptvjaime: We’re going to surprise Vic and now we know that you like him back things can happen between the two of you if you get my drift…also is there water at the bottom of this cliff?

You cover your mouth to hide your laughter from Jaime’s last question. So Pierce the Veil wanted you to go to Warped to surprise Vic because they knew you liked him and vice versa. You chewed your lip as you thought it over, this could be your only chance to meet the band and especially Vic. Who knows maybe you might hit it off.

@y/Twitter/n: @ptvjaime yes there is water at the bottom of the cliff…

@y/Twitter/n: @Tony_Turtle I would love to come to Warped…

@y/Twitter/n: @ptvmike how is this going to go down?

You spent the next hour discussing in detail with the guys how you were going to surprise Vic. By the end of the hour all three guys had your number and you had your instructions to do on the day. You were both nervous but excited about what could possibly happen.



We were in LA setting up for our slot and I noticed the other three kept checking their phones and whenever I asked what they were doing they’d ignore me and change the subject. For the last three days they’d been odd around me, last time they were like this they pranked me.

‘You ready for the show brother?’

Mike slapped me on the back and I nodded. In all honesty I couldn’t get y/n out of my head. She lived in LA and I was pretty sure she wouldn’t be able to attend Warped without being spotted by fans. This could have been my one chance to meet her.

‘Let’s go losers!’

Jaime screamed loudly as he ran past Mike and was followed shortly by Tony who was shaking his head at Jaime’s childishness. Jaime ran onto the stage and the kids went crazy, I put on a smile and ran out after him only wanting to see one face in the crowd.

Halfway through our set I noticed Tony and Jaime shooting looks towards the wing but I didn’t question them until they kept looking and exchanged smirks between each other. For a split second I turned my head and I had to control my breathing as my eyes landed on y/n standing in the wings. She was here but how? She sang along and I found my eyes locking with hers before she blushed and looked away. Did she have the same feelings has I had.

Once the set was up I was the last one to leave the stage. Mike, Jaime and Tony had swamped y/n in a large group hug and she looked quite startled and mouthed ‘help’ at me. I threw my head back and laughed.

‘Guys I think you’re squeezing her to death.’

They let go and then it dawned on me, why were they being so friendly around y/n? They’d never met her before.

‘Ah my big brother is speechless. Come on guys let’s leave them to ‘talk’.’

Mike ushered Tony and Jaime away both of them muttering about how they wanted to watch.

This left the two of us standing awkwardly facing each other, y/n chewed her lip so I took the first step.

‘I don’t mean to sound rude but how do you know the rest of the band? And how did you get in here without being swamped by fans?’

She laughs and runs her hand through her y/h/c hair which glistens in the sunlight.

‘It’s a long story. I saw your interview about me being your crush and I guess your brother and the others saw the live stream because they messaged me on Twitter setting all this up. I meant what I said on the live stream if you were watching it Vic.’

Little did she know that I was watching the live stream as I did every Friday night if I wasn’t busy.

‘I want to know exactly what my voice does to you y/n.’

She smirks and takes a step forwards.

‘Why don’t you swoon me then kiss me Vic to find out?’

I close the gap between us and next thing I know my lips crash down on hers and she doesn’t flinch before kissing me back. After a couple of minutes we both pull back and lean our foreheads on each others. y/n pouts.

‘Why Vic you were suppose to swoon me with your voice before kissing me.’

I shrugged my shoulders.

‘You didn’t seem to mind y/n. Besides I’ll have plenty of time to find out the effect my voice has on you but I’ve wanted to kiss you for a long time. And I only have one question to ask you.’

She tilts her head to the side.

‘Ask away Vic.’

‘Will you go on a date with me?’

She lets out a little squeal before throwing her arms around my shoulders and pulling me in for another kiss, yes we were giving the crew and a couple of other bands a show but in the moment neither of us cared.

‘Of course I’ll go on a date with you Vic.’