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Lips And Tongue

Can you do one where everyone , including the main character (can her name be devyn?) thinks that jaime preciado hates her but he actually is in love with her and has smut?? Thanks!

So, I’ve been off for a while. I started this some time ago and had nothing to do for a little while so I finished it. Please give me compliments so I feel the need to write more. Here you go. -Love, Kaila 

You laughed out loud as you put your beer down. Vic just told a great joke, though you couldn’t tell if the joke was really that great, or if you were just to drunk to notice it wasn’t. You looked around the bus, every member of Pierce the Veil was sitting on the couch getting drunk out of their minds. You’d known both Mike and Vic for the better part of your life and they were like brothers to you.

„Can you please stop doing that?” Jaime turned to you with an annoyed expression on his face.

„What?” You laughed sheepishly as you turned to Jaime and gave him a bit of a confused look.

„Just stop laughing, I hate the sound you make.” He replied.

Your smile faded and you shared a look with Mike.
Mike looked like he was quite unhappy with Jaime’s remark, nevertheless he didn’t think it was his duty to tell him off. You and Mike had had a conversation about Jaime the day before. You’d always known that you weren’t one of Jaime’s favorite people, however, lately he had been just plain horrible to you. Mike told you he had no idea why Jaime was acting this way, he said that if you wanted his attitude to chance, you’d have to stand up to him. Mike wasn’t going to do anything about it. Except maybe joke about how Jaime secretly liked you.
Jaime noticed your face, smirked and leaned back. He looked amused and fairly happy with himself. You noticed Vic raising an eyebrow. Obviously you had talked to him about jaime too. His reply was about the same as his brothers, you had to confront him yourself.
And then again, why shouldn’t you stand up to him. You’ve got nothing to lose.

„You know what Jaime?” You said, surprised by your determent tone of voice.

„Oh, it talks.” Jaime stated with another smug smirk.

„Why are you always so horrible to me?” You asked him, slightly raising your voice as you sat up, straightening your back.

Jaime didn’t respond, he just stared at you. From your eyes to your lips to your chest. Why were you even waisting words on this fucking pig. You got up and raised your middle finger at Jaime.

„Fuck you. Just don’t fucking talk to me again.” You said before leaving the bus.

Great move, you really thought this through. Leaving the bus, your only place to sleep. Then again the bus had to leave at some point and you knew it wouldn’t leave without you. So you’d probably be the reason they were going to miss their next show or something. Of course you could just set your pride aside and go back in, just try to ignore Jaime. However, you weren’t that good at setting your pride aside. You turned around, wanting to walk back to the bus.
Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck. You had no idea where you were. Fuck. Nothing looked familiar. You’d just been looking at your own feet, not at all at your environment. You checked your pocket, for your phone. Fuck. No phone. You must have left it back on the bus.

„(Y/n)?” You heard a familiar voice behind you, you turned around again. Just to see Jaime standing there, with your phone in his hand.

„Just what the fuck do you think you’re doing here?” You asked.

„(Y/N)…” He sighed. „I- I…”

„You what? If you’re here to insult me some more I suggest you fuck off.”

„You know what?” Jaime said and he took some steps towards you. „Fuck it.”

He kissed you. That was the last thing you’d expected him to do. And the most surprising part to you was the fact that you kissed him back. As you kissed, your bodies got closer. Closer and closer until his hand was on your lower back and your hands were on his chest and shoulder. His tongue entered your mouth and he placed a second hand on your butt. You felt yourself getting wet already.
Oh shit. You wanted Jaime. You really wanted Jaime.
The kiss intensified, everything suddenly became so much more passionate. Jaime pushed you up against a brick wall. His hands ran up and down your body as your hands rested on his hip, the other tugged his belt, pushing his lower body against yours. Jaime slapped your ass, you felt him smile.
He broke the kiss, you saw each other for the first time since you kissed. Jaime had really pretty eyes. You could just get lost in them. He flashed you a gorgeous smile.

„I’m sorry.” He suddenly said. You didn’t know how to reply. You just looked at him.

Your eyes focused from his eyes to his lips. You just wanted to kiss him, you wanted to be as close as possible to him. So you kissed him again. This time he slid his hand down and undid your shorts, you felt his hand go into your shorts. He rubbed you through your panties. His touch felt so good. You moaned into his mouth.
He grabbed your thighs and lifted you up against the wall. You undid his belt. God, you wanted him.
A car drove by. It hit both you and Jaime that you were outside, anyone could see you. Granted, this wasn’t a really crowded area, but still.

„You wanna go somewhere a little bit more private?” Jaime asked, playing with your hair.

„I’d love to.” You replied as you grabbed the hand that was playing with your hair, gave him one kiss and walked in the direction you had thought the bus was. You felt Jaime move in the other direction and still being pretty buzzed, you almost fell over. He caught you and laughed.

„It’s this way, dork.” Jaime flirted.

„Screw you I was lost anyway.”

„Well then I guess you’re lucky I found you.”

„I guess so.”

You walked hand in hand, back to the bus. Jaime lightly pushed you up against one of the equipment vans and kissed your neck. The kissing got rougher fast and you were sure there were quite some hickeys on your neck at this point already.

„Jaime…” You said, he groaned as he kept kissing your neck. You took a deep breath, making your chest swell a little. „I don’t want to do this in your bunk.”

The kisses stopped and Jaime looked at you with one of those ‚fuck I haven’t thought about that’ looks. Now you just missed the kisses.

„Wait I have an idea.” He smiled. „Don’t move your sexy ass.” He grabbed your ass before he ran off.

You heard the bus doors open, but you weren’t really wondering what he was gonna get from the bus. Now you just missed Jaime. His presence, his warmth, just him. You sighed and leaned against the bus. This, whatever it was, it was really happening.
You heard footsteps approaching, Jaime came back, he had keys in his hand. He held them in front of your face and shook them. He took your hand and led you to the back of the van where he opened the door.
There was a big case inside, probably for some type of fancy equipment the band would just end up throwing across the stage like they could easily afford a new one if anything went wrong. However, what was inside that case, it didn’t matter. What did was what was happening on top of it, right that moment.
Jaime took your shirt off and pushed you down on the case. He got on too and closed one of the doors to the van, the other was left open just a tiny bit so you could get out eventually. He took his own shirt off and kissed you as you undid your bra and tossed it aside.

„You’re sure you wanna do this right?” He asked, not wanting to take advantage of the fact that you were tipsy.

„I do. Do you?”

„Hell yeah.” He replied, kissing your neck again.

He made his way down slowly, kissing and sucking on your collar bones as one of his hands massaged your nipple. He kissed down until his mouth was on your other nipple, slowly sucking and biting a little. You felt his tongue slide down your stomach until he reached your shorts. He tore them off and kissed you over your panties.

„You’re so wet, is that all for me?” He bit his lip.

His hand teasingly rubbed circles around your clit. You were a moaning mess underneath him. He slowly pulled your panties down, you felt his hot breath on your center. It felt so good. But not nearly as good as his tongue, licking your clit and his fingers, slowly pumping in and out of you, curling up inside you exactly in the right way. It made you want to come instantly.

„Just fuck me.” You moaned, you couldn’t take it anymore, you needed him inside of you.

„What’s that, sweetie?” Jaime replied with a naughty smile. You knew he heard you.

„Please fuck me, Jaime.” You said, louder this time, but not too loud. There could be people around.

„As you wish.”

You heard him pull his pants off faster that humanly possible. Without any warning, he was inside of you.

„Fuck you’re tight.” He groaned. Jaime kissed you again as he picked up the pace quite a bit. He put your legs over his shoulders and thrusted in and out of you roughly. You moaned a little bit louder with every single thrust as you felt yourself getting closer and closer.

„Shit, I’m gonna come.” You said, fairly out of breath. Jaime just smiled as his thrusts got slower and sloppier. You came as he filled you up and rode out his high. Your nails dragged across Jaime’s bare back while you were still on cloud nine due to the best orgasm you’d had in ages.

„Well, I’m glad we worked this out.” Jaime smiled as he pulled his pants back up. You just smiled back at him.

„Here’s your shirt, and your cute little shorts.” He handed you your clothes. „I can’t seem to find your bra.”

„Fuck it.” You jumped up, after quickly putting your clothes back on, out of the van. Jaime pulled his shirt on and got up too. He kissed your softly.

„You’re so beautiful, you know that.” He whispered while tucking your hair behind your ear. Again you didn’t reply, you just smiled. Jaime wrapped his arm around your waist and you walked back to the bus.

„It’s getting pretty cold, maybe you should sleep with me tonight.” He winked at you.

„Maybe I should, I don’t want to catch a cold you know.” You casually replied.

„Exactly.” The door opened and you walked to the bunks. „Though you’d still be beautiful if you did catch one.”

Everybody was asleep.

You fell asleep with your head resting on Jaime’s chest that night. Mike had been right, about confronting Jaime and about the secret liking part. This night turned out weird, but really, really great.

„I’m sorry for how I acted, (Y/N).” Jaime’s sleepy voice whispered. „I just don’t know how to act around you, because, I think I might love you.”

You fell asleep with a big smile on your face.

Wake & Bake

Title: Wake & Bake
Chapter: One-Shot
Pairing: Vic/Maddie
Rating: T
Fic Summary: Both Vic and Maddie think they’ve lost each other, but a funny accident happens thanks to some MJ and whiskey.
Author’s Notes: Yes this title is taken from MGK’s new album “Bloom”.

Madison woke up on Pierce the Veil’s tour bus. She vaguely remembered finding her way onto the bus the previous night, seeking the comfort of Tony and Jaime. Madison walked into the back lounge and found Mike rolling a blunt. “Mind if I join you?” she asked.

“You smoke?” he asked her.

“Mostly cigarettes, but I’ve always wanted to try it”.

“Then you’ve come to the right place”, Mike said. He finished rolling the blunt and lit it, taking a hit. He passed it over to Maddie as he blew out the smoke.

She took a long hit off of it.

“Damn girl. Slow down. I gotta enough to go around”, Mike told her.

She blew it out with a giggle, slowly feeling the effects of the drug. “God, I’ve had such a shitty day”, she said.

“I think you mean yesterday, Mads. You wanna talk about it?”

“To be completely honest? No, I fucking don’t Mike”.

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Kick-Ass Chicks: Photographer, Ashley Osborn

Meet Ashley: the talented 24-year-old photographer who spends her days touring the world, shooting bands, and living the life so many young creatives only dream about. Ash has long since been a member of the Vans family, and continues to hold sh*t down year-after-year at Vans Warped Tour. While partying it up with Ashley at House of Vans Austin (and by partying, we mean working until 6am each day editing photos) we got to know this bubble of positive energy a little more, and quickly decided to make the adult decision to crown her as one of the coolest women we’ve ever met. Get to know this week’s insanely inspiring Kick-Ass Chick after the jump…

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OK SO GUYS I FOUND THIS OUT A MONTH AGO BUT I HAVENT BEEN ON HERE IN SO LONG SO I FORGOT TO SHARE! SO I went to Warped with my bff on 07/06/2015 and i really wanted to meet PTV and have them sign my drawings but I couldn’t cuz I didn’t have the wristband, so when it was ti e for the meet and greet at the altpress tent I gave it to the nice lady at the stand and sked her to give it to them and she told me she would. I was nervous at first because I wasnt sure she would and i wanted to go back to make sure theu got it but they were already gone. So sometime later i saw that Nick Major had my drawing and he said it was amazing and i died inside! BUT THE BEST NEWS WAS SOME TIME AGO WHEN one of my instagram followers DM’d me and aske me “Hey isnt this your drawing?” And when i saw the picture i fucking cried for like 10 minutes straight. piercetheveil HAS MY DRAWING IN THEIR TOUR BUS

Alex Gaskarth- Secret Long Distance Relationship (Part 1)

“Thank you guys! We love you so much!” I yell out to the crowd before we leave the stage after our long set.

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" the crowd roared.

Through out the entire concert, there was this one girl in the crowd that really stood out to me. She looked happy to be here, but she looked like she was here alone. The girl had shoulder length dark colored hair, and I couldn’t really tell what the color of her eyes were. This girl had a really beautiful smile too. I’ve decided to look for her after the show. Hopefully she’ll be here. Maybe she was able to get into the secret VIP area? 

"I saw you looking in only one spot a few times there up on stage, Alex. Did something catch your eye?” Jack asked.

“Actually, yeah. There was just this one girl that stood out from everyone else. I don’t know why.” I said explaining.

“Hmm. Well, maybe you can get her digits? and maybe later… ya know.” Jack said smiling as he did a couple pelvic thrusts.

I shoved him away and laughed. I went to the Pierce the Veil tour bus and told them it’s time to go to the tent to hang out with the fans. We all walked into the section we had set up for the secret meet up with fans. Good thing this concert was so small, other wise, this tent would be filled to the max. As soon as we walked in, everyone’s heads turned towards us. A few squeals came out but over all, everyone was either calm about seeing us, or were just speechless over all. I walked around and only kept some of the conversations short. I really wanted to find this girl.

~~20 minutes later~~

I still couldn’t find the girl I was looking for. After a while, I started to get stuffy, so I decided to step outside for a minute. Looking around the parking lot and street, I finally see her. The girl from the concert. She’s walking along the sidewalk closest to me, so I ran after her. I finally caught up to her, and when I did, I grabbed her wrist, and pushed her up against the wall. She looked up at me with so much horror in her eyes. I finally realized that they where the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen. One was blueish-green, and the other was a hazel-blue color. She started to calm down when she realized who I was.

“I am so sorry for scaring you.. I just-I just noticed you from the crowd and you really stood out to me and I needed to meet you in person. and-..I’m really sorry for the scare.” I say with a smirk. She let out the breath she was holding and said “Oh, um.. it’s ok.” I keep staring at her and looking her over.

“Eh hem.” she coughed. The girl looked at her wrist and then at me. “Oh, I’m sorry.” I laugh. I let go of her wrist and ask, “So, can I get your name?”

“(YN).” she says.

“Wow. That’s a beautiful name, (YN). I’m Alex.” I stuck out my hand for her to shake. (YN) just gave me a funny, but cute look and told me, “I think I should know who you are since I went to your concert.”

“Oh, yeah, that’s right. Well, (YN), can I get your number? You look young, but not underage.” I say. Soon I just realize what I said. My eyes go big. “Oh, my God, I am so sorry. I-”

“Don’t worry about it! I’m 25, don’t worry Alex. That was really funny.” (YN) said as she reaches into her pocket. (YN) pulls out her phone and makes a new contact profile. She hands me her phone and I input all my information.

“Here you go. Now, don’t forget to text me! Please, if I did all of what I just did to find you, I think I deserve to be able to take you out a couple times.” I say with a slight laugh. (YN) giggles and takes her phone from my hand. Her fingers slightly overlap mine. I look up at her and I see her blushing slightly. (YN)’s voice softens, “Well, I live here in town, so call me when ever you’re here.”

“Alright. I will, (YN).” I smile back. (YN) starts walking away, but out of no where, I grab her wrist, spin her around towards me and plant a kiss on her lips. I pull away and my face turns red. “I-am-sorry. I don’t know what came over me, I just did it.” (YN) puts her hands on my face and kisses me again, “Stop being sorry. It’s ok. I’ll text you as soon as I get home. Don’t worry, I’m not going to leave you hanging.” I let her go and she went walking back in the direction she was before. I watched her until I couldn’t see her anymore. Smiling, I walk away. 

~~Later, in the bus~~

“Where were you, dude? There was some beautiful girls in that tent!” Jack said, grabbing a beer from the fridge. 

“Yeah, we thought you picked the first girl you saw and took her to the bus!” Rian said.

“I found her, Jack. The girl who caught my eye while we were on stage.” I responded, looking down at my thumbs. 

The bus went silent. “Why are you guys so silent?”


Sorry for the delay, Maryland Heights fans - I didn’t forget about you! Here is the Pit Blog video from that show. Vic, Jaime, and Mike from Pierce The Veil gave us an exclusive look inside their tour bus!