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Have some sketches!

The first drawing’s of Ayasha and Discord from: http://ayasha-the-pony.tumblr.com/

The other three are fan art for Ponies with Pockets (PierceSmoulder)‘s  eighth episode of Doctor Whooves and Assistant “Terror." Their episodes keep getting better and better! I really loved this one, and I thought their way on integrating the voice actor change into the story was very clever.

500 follower fic - Locked

@spartanguard and I are celebrating the sharing of our brains and the syncing of our follower counts with 500ish word fics. It is definitely taking longer than expected LOL 

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@brooke-to-broch my darling, you asked for “Looks like we will be trapped here for a while.” with no specific ship - so I stuck with the classics on this one. I described it to Kaitlyn as ‘smut adjacent’ which id about as close as I get (ie not really at all) Thanks for making my fandom life infinitely more wonderful!!


She knew it was asking for trouble, sneaking around like a couple of school kids, making out in darkened corners whenever the opportunity arose - but after all the hell they had gone through - literally - Emma would not apologise for making the most of having a piercing-eyed, smouldering pirate who loved her.

Especially not one that had an uncanny knack for appearing as if out of thin air, despite assuring her there was no residual magic left from his days as the Dark One.   

She had lost count of the number of times he appeared in the sheriff’s office just as her father left, blue eyes flashing as he sauntered in her direction, knowing fully the effect his arched eyebrow and wicked little smirk had on her. Sometimes he held a bag from Granny’s, the unmistakable scent of onion rings wafting towards her and making her stomach lurch in anticipation, although usually the artfully tousled hair and his miraculous inability to button his shirt were more than enough to have the same effect.

There was no food today - just a rain-dampened head of hair and his teeth on his bottom lip as he came towards her, almost predatory as he scooped her into his arms and melded his lips to hers. Her teeth replaced his as she toyed with him, nipping and biting at the sensitive skin until he growled back at her and tangled his hand in her hair, pulling her closer and walking her back against the closest hard surface.

Braced against the cool steel of the cell bars, Emma pressed her body against his, craving his nearness, his heat. Today his kisses were not enough. The hot press of his lips on hers were not going to tame the rumble of want low in her belly. His attentions moved along her cheek and down the long column of her neck and she turned slightly to give him access, every touch sparking tiny fires on her skin. She saw it from the corner of her eye, and hissed her orders at him.

“In the cell, pirate. Now.”

He wasted no time following her towards the rickety cot in the corner,  his hook catching the bars as he fought to keep his mouth on her skin. The door clanged shut, the metallic noise echoing through the silence of the station.

She was pulling him down on the bed on top of her before she realised what had happened, hands running the length of his muscled torso as he balanced himself above her.

“What a disaster, Swan,” he whispered, his breath hot against her ear as his fingers toyed with the hem of her creamy sweater. “Looks like we may be trapped in here for a while.”   

She looked at him impatiently. “I think I can magic a door open, Jones.”

His grin turned feral, eyes darkening with desire as he captured her arms and pinned them above her head. “No love,” he commanded, every inch the pirate captain, the authority in his voice sending waves of desire rushing through her. “I said we’ll be trapped here for a while.”

She could do little but nod as his lips found hers, his tongue claiming her mouth as he pressed his body hard against her.

Nod, and lock the door to the outside world just as securely.

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P.O. Box Opened

Alright for all you wonderful folks who have wanted to send fan letters, fan art, or other such gifts for any of our projects (Including Discord Whooves, Mad Doctor Whooves, and Doctor Whooves and Assistant to name a few) Jestre and I have opened up a P.O. box!

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Knights of Time and Space (feat. Pierce Smoulder KeikoandGilly) (by psychgoth)

One-shot submitted by: neverbelievingalwaysdreaming

Today, the princes will be introduced to their future wives.
A huge ball is being held at the palace.
Invitation only.
Everybody wants to be there, receiving an invite makes you one step closer to royalty.
You couldn’t be any less interested.
That pig Thor has never been incredibly nice to you.
Loki however, is distant. Never exchanging more than a few words at a time.
You’re not that bothered who the Allfather chooses for the princes to marry, it has nothing to do with you, right?
You pick up the last piece of your hair. You twist, pull and secure it.
All done.
You stand up from your mirror, and the green, handmade ballgown you’re wearing floats around your body. Flattering your figure.
Your eyes, outlined with a charcoal pencil, pierce and smoulder in the mirror.
Your hair is in an intricate updo of plaits that frame your face perfectly.
You take one last look in the mirror and head down the stairs to the carriage waiting outside.
Your heels tapping noisily as you go.
The sky is dark as you step outside.
The carriage is beautiful with lights dotted around it.
You climb aboard, nobody is there to see you off. They left a while ago.
The carriage starts to move and you settle into the plush cushions.
You begin to feel nervous. You haven’t seen Loki in a while and this is the last day you ever will. His new wife-to-be probably won’t let you anywhere near him.
The castle looms up in front of you. It’s decorated with flowers, lights and crystals.
It looks incredible.
You head through the gates, the door beckons you.
The carriage stops, it’s quiet, nobody is about but the music drifts towards you. You can hear it faintly.
You step down, out of the carriage and thank the driver.
The door to the palace opens and the light pours out.
You head up the steps, alone.
Stepping through the open door, you follow the sound of the music, it doesn’t take you long to find the source of it.
Stepping into the room, everyone goes quiet.
You look ahead, to see Odin smiling at you.
Shocked, you walk towards your beckoning mother.
She directs you to Odin with a comforting pat on the shoulder.
Confused, you walk up to the throne, to stand in front of Odin.
Your mind is blank, no thoughts.
To one side of Odin, stand Loki and Thor. They both look nervous.
You are stood in front of the Allfather.
You drop low into a curtesy.
“Look at me, child.” Odin says.
You lift from your curtsey and raise your eyes to his.
“By the nervous expression in your eyes, I’m lead to believe you do not know why you are here tonight? I shall ease your confusion. Today; my sons are to meet their future wives. I wish for you to be one of them. I’m giving you the choice of which brother to wed. Please make your decision.”
He gestures to your side, you turn and look into the eyes of an angry Loki, and the eyes of an infuriated Thor.
Both of them are not pleased to see you.
This is such an awful way to become engaged.
“No.” You turn back to the Allfather and repeat your last statement with as much force as you can muster.
“Can you, their own father not see the displeasure this causes them both? Loki desires being alone, he does not wish to marry a maiden! Thor, his eyes say everything. He loves another. Are you blind to the emotions that run thick in the air tonight? I am sorry for the way I am speaking. I do not wish to tarnish my family’s good name but I cannot marry one who does not wish to marry me. I see now that I have embarrassed myself tonight. I will not marry Loki, for he will not marry me. Thor-” You look up at Thor, you haven’t made eye contact with Loki since you began speaking.
“I would never marry you, I send my love to whomever she may be. Loki, I hope one day, that you find it in your heart to love another. I have lost hope that you will find it within you to love me.” With your last words a tear escapes your eye, you turn and flee.
Embarrassment courses through your veins as you run through the parting crowd.
From behind you, a loud voice breaks out.
“How dare you ru-”
Another cuts across it.
“You DARE speak to this maiden like that again!”
You turn on the spot, halfway between the door and the men opposite you.
It was Loki who had spoken over the Allfather.
“Loki?” You question in a whisper.
He steps down and walks towards you. You’re glued to the spot.
“I am sorry, milady. I am sorry, that I have distilled the hope in you, that I could ever love. I do not wish to burden you with myself. Yet, I wish that you could see, how much you mean to me.”
“Why now, Loki? Why choose now, in front of all these people, to tell me this. After I turn you down! I turn down the chance of marrying you! This is why I never know whether to believe you. I can’t read you, I thought you didn’t want to marry me, and now you’re saying that you do? Loki, I can’t do this.” You sigh and begin to turn, he grabs your hand and spins you around once.
You laugh despite yourself.
As you come to a stop, you stumble slightly and land on his chest. You look up quickly but don’t move. His eyes stare into yours and for one second the mask skips and you can read him. Longing, that is what you can see.
Your hands rest above his beating heart.
This is the most intimate moment you have ever shared.
Loki slips one hand behind your neck and cradles your cheek in the other. He leans down and pecks your cheek, you blush and look down.
He may be the God of Mischief, but you’re undoubtedly attracted to him.
He tilts your head to give him better access to your ear. He kisses your neck briefly before whispering in your ear.
“You may have lost the chance to marry me, but I have not lost the chance to marry you. I hope you can forgive me, my dear. I was scared that you would choose Thor, that is why I looked angry.” Loki confesses.
You say nothing.
Loki steps back and you admire him.
His eyes sparkle and draw you in.
His physique is incredible, his muscles flex as he bends into a kneel.
Loki, kneeling before you!
“I express my deepest apologies. Can you find it in your heart, the strength to become my wife?”
You want to, you really want to say yes.
He could be your everything.
“Apologies and a proposal in one evening, the rest of my life sure is going to be spectacular.” You answer with a sly grin.

seethelovelyintheworld  asked:

I have this feeling that he uses "piercing eyed" and "smouldering" because Emma said those things to him. One day in the past she stopped and just looked at him. "What?" "You just have the most piercing eyes I've ever seen." "Some have even said 'striking' or 'smouldering.'" "I knew I shouldn't have stroked your ego." "You can stroke anything you want, darling." "Oh shut up and kiss me."

You had me at stroke…