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Hello there! I managed to find you one day through the SVA tag! I'm really shy, so I was really nervous to ask, but I recently applied as a transfer student for the Cartooning program for Fall 2013. I was wondering if you knew anything about the cartooning program? I'm more into full on graphic novels to be honest, and my style is a mixture of Ameri-manga, but less generic/weeabooey. I'm trying to use foundational art skills to improve my style. Any knowledge about it would be appreciated!

Aw, hello! No need to be shy!

Unfortunately, I’m pretty ignorant of the inner workings of the Cartooning department, in spite of Illustration and Cartooning being paired majors in many ways.

Fortunately, I know some excellent people to refer you to - Pierce Hargan and Erin Roseberry are both excellent folk and were/are SVA Cartooning majors. Erin even did a pretty amazing post on Cartooning already, and Pierce might have answered stuff about it as well but I don’t remember?

(I, uh, hope you guys don’t mind me calling you out :P)


Phoenix Gray and The Cave of Forgotten Dreams (part 1) by Pierce Hargan

Phoenix Gray is the fastest comic I’ve ever completed. Written and drawn in two and a half weeks I was compelled to submit to kus!’s open call for issue #11. The theme; artventure. The hardest part was what to focus on. I had originally thought up a story about a man who ventures from painting to painting trying to find a treasure that had been stolen and sealed within a museum. However, with the short amount of time, I had only stumbled upon the anthology three weeks ago,  I believed that story required color and knew I wouldn’t be able to complete it. So I came upon the idea of art as a reflection of oneself and the the difference between finding the importance of art in oneself rather than going along with what others believe. Overall I think the concept behind the story is better than the end result and I see a lot of problems with it. A lot ; many of the compositions are rushed and confusing, the lettering is atrocious, and I feel I need to work harder on my drawing skills. However, I needed to make this comic. I had just graduated college and needed something that could motivate me to continue making work on my own. And most importantly, that I could write and draw a comic  in two weeks, no matter how bad it turned out.