pierce hall

that lyric that everybody knows
  • fall out boy: baby, seasons change but people don't
  • my chemical romance: G, F#, B, E, D, G, C, B, E, A, D
  • pierce the veil: darling, you'll be okay
  • green day: *guitar noises* don't wanna be an american idiot
  • blink-182: i miss you, miss youuuuu, i miss you, miss youuuuu, i mi

Ladies and gentlemen, won’t you please give your applause to the one and only Jerome Valeska?

OneRepublic - Everybody Loves Me
Halsey - Castle
Melanie Martinez - Milk and Cookies
The Pierces - Secret
My Chemical Romance - Teenagers
Set It Off - Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing (feat. William Beckett)
Panic! At The Disco - Emperor’s New Clothes
Mindless Self Indulgence - Lights Out
Imagine Dragons - I’m So Sorry
Melanie Martinez - Dead To Me
My Chemical Romance - Blood
Panic! At The Disco - Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time
Tally Hall - Turn The Lights Off


anonymous asked:

Can you please do a fic where there's a school shooting and betty gets shot

This angst though

Betty slammed a hand over Veronica’s mouth, her fingers shaking as she pushed herself against the wall.

“Don’t speak” she whispered through gritted teeth, Veronica’s tears falling freely down Betty’s arms.

A shot rang through the halls and Betty swallowed the sick that was threatening to creep up, removing her hand from Veronica’s, she laced her fingers through her best friends hand and squeezed as they both stared at the ceiling. The door to the chemistry lab slammed open abruptly causing Betty and Veronica to whip around to face whatever was coming towards them.

“Archie.” Veronica whimpered, running towards the red headed boy.

Jughead stood behind Archie, shoving him aside, his shoulders slumping in relief when he caught Betty’s bright green eyes.

“Bets.” He whispered from his spot by the door.

That’s all it took before she was dropping into his arms, tears staining his red flannel as she squeezed him against her, his grip so tight on her shoulders she knew she would have bruises.

“What’s happening.” She asked, looking up into her boyfriends stormy eyes, Jughead shook his head.

“I don’t know, someone has a gun.. someone.. it’s a nightmare bets.” He shuddered at what he had just seen as he ran through the halls.

Heavy footsteps sounded from outside the door and Jughead grabbed Betty’s arms flinging her out of view and signaling at Archie to get down.

The booming voice echoed through the halls, piercing into the classroom the four teens were in.

“Ethel Muggs, I’ve been looking for you.”

Veronica gasped

Archie squeezed her tighter
“Dilton Doiley”

“I’ve been looking for you everywhere! Do you see what’s happened here? Do you see what happens when you reject someone, do you see what happens when you don’t give someone a chance. You broke my heart, now I’m gonna stop yours.” It didn’t even sound like Dilton, it was something much more dangerous, something vile.

Before Jughead even knew what was happening Betty had ripped herself out of his grasp and was heading for the door

“Betty! No!” Jughead cried helplessly, his hands coming out to reach for her as she slammed out the door.

Betty stood before Dilton with shaky knees, moving to stand directly in front of Ethel.

“Dilton.. you.. you don’t have to do this”

The small boys eyes widened at the scene before him

“Betty, go back inside. I don’t want to hurt you, you’ve always been so nice to me.” He waved the gun around frantically.

“It doesn’t have to be like this, you can just…”

She was cut off by the sound of a crushing pop, her vision going black as she dropped the floor on her knees, clutching her side.

She vaguely heard Dilton in the back ground
“I didn’t mean to! It just went off!” He rambled.

Suddenly someone had her in their arms, long fingers pressing heavily into her side, she glanced up to see Archie pinning Dilton to the ground and Veronica screaming into her cellphone, her vision was obscured by familiar blue eyes.

“Don’t close your eyes, stay awake Juliet. Do not leave me.” The shaky voiced boy cried, tears dripping onto her skin.

She was dying.

everything was fading, the pain was blinding and when she opened her mouth to speak it felt like she was swallowing gallons of water.

“Juggie..” she choked out.

“Don’t talk” he begged “Betty please.. stay with me.. you can’t..”

The paramedics rushed in, pushing Jughead aside and hoisting Betty up.

Veronica raced behind them, “I’ll ride in the ambulance with her. Call Betty’s family, I’ll meet you at the hospital”.

Jughead stood in the middle of the hallway, his hands covered in the love of his life’s blood. Archie clapped a hand to his shoulder

“Come on, she needs you.”


Hours, it was hours of waiting and waiting.. and waiting. Finally the doctor came through the doors, Jughead jumped forward followed by Alice and Hal as Archie woke up with a start, Veronica pulling him to his feet.

“She’s stable, she’s going to be okay, we managed to remove the bullet.”

Alice collapsed in tears of relief, Hal holding his wife up, smiling as he cried.

“She’s asking for someone named Jughead?” Before the doctor was able to finish his sentence, Jughead was scrambling past the nurses and slamming into Betty’s hospital room.

He stood before her, staring down at the beautiful blonde, connected to tubes and looking incredibly small and frail.

“Juggie” she smiled tiredly

He dropped to his knees by her bedside, clutching her tiny hand

“I thought I lost you.”

She shook her head.

“I thought I lost you, I saw you die” he continued
“ don’t ever do that again okay? You can’t do that to me I love you”

She lifted her hand to his cheek
“ okay juggie”

He closed his eyes, dropping his forehead to hers

“I love you”

He breathed gently on her face

  • Peasant: *disses one of my favorite YouTubers*
  • Me: *hates on them silently*
  • Peasant: *hates on one of my favorite bands*
  • Me: *plots their murder*
  • Peasant: *insults any of my fandoms a third time*
  • Me: I will eat your firstborn child.
ficlet: not in the habit

dealanexmachina said:
I keep seeing Kimberly stands up to bullies for Trini fic but I feel like Trini is the epitome of Fight Me, so can I have fic where Trini is the one who stands up for Kimberly at school? When you get around to it, should you feel so inclined to write fic…

Trini only steps in because they’re annoying her. This is an important note, important to make clear as a lake on a windless day. She doesn’t do it because she cares, or because she’s some kind of real hero. People don’t do stuff like that, in real life.

If anybody knows that, it’s Trini.

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  • Dexter: You were a teenaged girl, right? How do I deal with Astor?
  • Lumen Pierce: Try talking to her.
  • Dexter: Last time I did that, she said she hated me and moved to Orlando.
  • Lumen Pierce: Well, now you get a second chance. Share something with her, what you did when you were her age?
  • Dexter: I killed the neighbor's dog.
  • Lumen Pierce: Well, don't tell her that.

They need more submitions guys! If you are a fan or even a fan of a specific member, show ur support!!

Send ur photos in a direct message to one of the members in @owafanaccount on Twitter. @maddyroo1 @shaygryffindor @lindsey9017 @kerra08 @XxMargaret_

One of Us Must Live

This just in:

We have reports of an explosion in the Overwatch Swiss headquarters in Zürich just now. At the moment there is no information considering casualties or the cause of the explosion, but the base is known to be fully staffed, as well as the usual posting of Overwatch Strike Commander Jack Morrison.

Emergency rescue personnel from the Swiss army are assisting Overwatch operatives from nearby bases in reaching the location as soon as possible. No comment has been given on whether Strike Commander Morrison was on base at the time of the explosion, or on whether this is an accident or an attack on the organisation.

We will be the first to pose the question: in the light of the allegations posed on recent years against Overwatch, has this been a long time coming? Does the recently revealed “Blackwatch” division have something to do with the explosion?

Stay tuned for further information, reported as we receive it.

[[Warnings: Angst, Guilt, Blood, implied character death]]

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paragon || part 1

Originally posted by monstalways

pairing: reader + chae hyungwon

genre: college!hyungwon, romance, angsty-fluff

word count: 1141

summary: by serendipity or ill-fate, your life becomes entangled with that of your university’s poster boy whose two-faced personality makes you question if you’ll ever truly know him, even if you’re unquestionably in love with him. 

the acoustic live for beautiful ruined my life so here’s my coping mechanism. hope you enjoy ! [p.s. i might have a couple ideas for a second part to this so message me if you’d like to see more c:]

To most, he’s the epitome of a perfect student. The face of the school, well-acquainted in reputation with every professor and student, unparalleled in intelligence. Myth, deity, cure for cancer; Chae Hyungwon.

“Good morning”

He passes you in the bustling hallway with firm, effortless steps. He blends seamlessly into the university’s polished atmosphere, with his slender frame wrapped in crisp, white linen and the sleeves of a navy blue sweater. You savour a glance at the curled corners of his rosy-pink lips before he brushes past your shoulder and fades into the Monday monotony.  

“Good morning” you echo belatedly.

Unable to comprehend your own thoughts from that point onwards, a day’s accumulation of lectures and libraries seeps into obscurity and the faint scent of a lukewarm Caffè Americano. Jiyoo grips your arm as you stumble over a stick on the pavement.

“Okay,” she grunts, helping you regain your balance, “so you’ve been staring at the ground all day and yet you can’t even walk in a straight line. Explain that to me.”

“I would if I could” you mumble, dropping your forehead onto her shoulder.

“You know this isn’t good for you,” she gently pats your head, “whatever this is.”

“Maybe you’re right.”

The long bus ride home to the outskirts of the city encompasses intense conversation and Jiyoo’s acute bewilderment, as you divulge the intricacies of a particular encounter with a certain individual between deep, defeated sighs.

The library slept, quiet, desolate, leaving only the sound of your fingertips tapping softly against the table and the impatient ticking of a clock. 11:12pm. Having given up on the exploration of power in Machiavelli’s ’The Prince’, you packed your things and meandered through the dimly-lit aisles of literature towards the exit. You found him tucked into a corner between two adjacent bookshelves, snoring lightly behind an open copy of ’Julius Caesar’ that masked his face. Knowing that the library would be closing in just 15 minutes, you hesitantly approached and knelt down in front of the peculiar figure.


“Hm.” He sat up swiftly, making the book to topple onto the ground. You stuttered backwards when his face was suddenly inches away from yours. Even in the dark, you recognised his clement, brown eyes magnified softly by round frames. The corners of his lips curled as he sluggishly rubbed the back of his neck.

“Alas, I’ve finally been exposed,” he laughed before tilting his head to grin lightly at your perplexed expression, “unless you can keep a secret.”

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The worst part

“I’m ok with calling it. Are there any objections?”

No objections. It’s been an hour.

The loud room goes silent. The furiously active room goes still. Gloves comes off, sweaty hands. One by one people begin to file out. Pharmacy, respiratory, CNAs, RNs.

The family in the hall notice.

We leave too. The physician who ran the code approaches them.

“No. No. No.”

“I’m sorry, but I have bad news.”

We are walking away when the wail, the wail all healthcare workers know, pierces an otherwise quiet hall. Audible grief. Dagger.

That’s the worst part.

Beware of Crimson Peak Chapter 11 (Dean x Reader)

Title: Beware of Crimson Peak Chapter 11

Summary:  An old manor in Maine holds many dark secrets. Can (y/n) and the Winchesters destroy the evil inside the house, or will it tear them apart forever?

Warnings: Possession. More violence. Language

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