pierce hall

Ladies and gentlemen, won’t you please give your applause to the one and only Jerome Valeska?

OneRepublic - Everybody Loves Me
Halsey - Castle
Melanie Martinez - Milk and Cookies
The Pierces - Secret
My Chemical Romance - Teenagers
Set It Off - Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing (feat. William Beckett)
Panic! At The Disco - Emperor’s New Clothes
Mindless Self Indulgence - Lights Out
Imagine Dragons - I’m So Sorry
Melanie Martinez - Dead To Me
My Chemical Romance - Blood
Panic! At The Disco - Don’t Threaten Me With A Good Time
Tally Hall - Turn The Lights Off


The worst part

“I’m ok with calling it. Are there any objections?”

No objections. It’s been an hour.

The loud room goes silent. The furiously active room goes still. Gloves comes off, sweaty hands. One by one people begin to file out. Pharmacy, respiratory, CNAs, RNs.

The family in the hall notice.

We leave too. The physician who ran the code approaches them.

“No. No. No.”

“I’m sorry, but I have bad news.”

We are walking away when the wail, the wail all healthcare workers know, pierces an otherwise quiet hall. Audible grief. Dagger.

That’s the worst part.

  • Peasant: *disses one of my favorite YouTubers*
  • Me: *hates on them silently*
  • Peasant: *hates on one of my favorite bands*
  • Me: *plots their murder*
  • Peasant: *insults any of my fandoms a third time*
  • Me: I will eat your firstborn child.
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“Billie and De De Pierce, Preservation Hall” by Noel Rockmore in 1963. 

Dede (pronounced “DEE-dee” and often spelled “DeDe” or “Dee Dee”) and Billie Pierce were a New Orleans traditional jazz and blues duo. Born Joseph LaCroix Pierce and Wilhelmina Goodson, this endearing cornetist/trumpeter/vocalist and pianist/vocalist couple hold a special place in the annals of New Orleans jazz history. Both musicians were popular in their separate early careers: Billie had played piano with Bessie Smith, and Dede was an admired Creole singer and trumpeter. After their marriage and many decades of playing together, they had faded from public view until the years leading up to the opening of Preservation Hall, when the duo experienced a great resurgence in popularity.

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the wonderful @arkhamarchitecture sent me some prime prompts for the perc’ahlia vacation, and I went with in the de Rolo family crypt. enjoy!!

Stone halls pierce deep into the mountain, leave it warren-hollow. Long, sharp-line chambers of pale stone stretch on, and on, and on, a scaffold of generations past. Whitestone is built upon the bones of the de Rolos, Cassandra said, when Vex had asked, and it truly seems that way, bone-white stone riddled with the dead.

There’s a sort of peace down here in the cool underground, torches spilling pools of flickering firelight every dozen paces. The sconces stretch behind her like breadcrumbs, a path to light her way back to the living world, where the ground is green and the sky is blue and the land is warm with the heat of summer, and everything is not made of cold stone and the silent dead.

She will return, soon. First, she has something to do.

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