pier1 imports


I love me some Pier 1.  It’s been ages since I’ve been so this last visit was a WONDERFUL surprise. ^_^  Not only was there a marvelous cadre of drool-worthy stuff, but since they were having an after-Christmas-sale, I got to get a few goodies!  (And that’s even on MY nearly-nonexistent budget. :D)  

These little boxes were $7-8 for a set of 3 (where they used to be like $13-14), and the crystals were harvested from some damaged display fronds that stuck oh-so-temptingly from a vase, which they sold to me for $1.50! :D  

The crystals will be made into hair adornments and jewelry bits, while the awesome little pots/boxes will hold some of my favorite new earrings, & other bellydance items. :)  

I can’t wait to get all this into my own space (if all goes well, sometime soon), where I can create a real dressing area to lavish with luxe items & adorn w/these. ^_^  (I’m thinking satins, silver, maybe the occasional touch of gold.. ornate brushes, mirrors.. rhinestones.. EVERYTHING divine. :D)

..Ah Pier 1, you may be dangerous for the pocketbook, but ohhh.. how you rock! *beams*  It’s so nice to you know you can make your home into your very own glittering, sparkly oasis- even it’s step by step, and on a MAJOR budget. ^_^