CS GTKY lists - part 3

Hello my wonderful shipmates!

i want to know you all better and last week i created a list of actresses (part 2) and actors (part 1)  that i love - i know that Colin and Jen will be on every list so i asked to list others:)

(and for me both of them are completely different categories because they are two perfect human beings)

so one of the most amazing things of being CS shipper is that i met lots of wonderful people from every corner of the world - England, Spain, USA, Ireland, Israel, Argentina, Germany, Canada…

and i want to know more about your countries, but from your own perspective

so please list

5 beautiful places in your country

and then tag it as CS GTKY lists and tag your friends - we are a big fandom, let’s get to know each other better! 

so I’m from Poland - and these are 5 places in my country that are beautiful and mean a lot to me: 

Tatry (Tatra Mountains)

breathtaking views and lots of places where it’s just you and nature - amazing place to rest, to escape from the world - but not lower parts - there are crowds of people there!

i love to be there with the people closest to me 

Pieniny (Pieniny mountains)

not as high as Tatry and really close to them - love them for the same reasons 

Lublin (East Poland)

this city will always be close to my heart - because i studied here (5 amazing years) but also because it’s really beautiful 

Kraków (South Poland)

another beautiful Polish city - i live quite close to it so i’m here very often - and I have many, many amazing memories connected with it! 

Gdańsk (North Poland)

last summer i was there first (and second) time - and i fell in love the moment i first saw it. i’ll definitely visit it again! 

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i’m tagging my usual victims (hope that creating this list will be as much fun for you as it was for me) 

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(and thank you my dear @villains-happy-ending for your help with my English)