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I remember when my mom first got me the first game when I was 8. It was my first video game that we owned, that I didn't have to go visit friends to play. She didn't realize that she had to buy a memory card, so we got as far as Magic Crafters and then left it running all night so we could continue the next day (when she went and got a mem card). This game IS my childhood, and I still own the disc she had gotten me and play it regularly (along with its two sequels for PS1).

I’m sure a lot of us can relate to this :’).
What’s a childhood without Spyro. 

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In response to the "new" zodiac questions, I read somewhere that the "new" zodiac was based off the astronomical signs, hence the astronomer trying to tell astrologers what was right. However, the zodiac that astrology follows wasn't based of the astronomical Wheel in the sky, it was based around something called the "tropical" zodiac, which never changes. So yes, while the astronomer might have been right about his findings, he was looking at the wrong zodiac. The "new" zodiac is false.

Thank you ♥