I might just be a bit confused but when Waylon sent Miles the email the asylum was still running and for some reason by the time Miles arrives it’s in a state of decay and abandon already? Is Miles too fucking lazy to check his messages regularly?

And the dude Waylon sees in the very beginning, banging against the glass, begging him to help him, isn’t that Gluskin? If it’s him, then please explain to me, how the fuck is he supposed to transform from half naked and fucking scared to psychopathic killer who’s looking for his ( idk probably 200th or something ) wife, who is dressed up surprisingly nicely and has a reputation as the man downstairs, the groom, all while Park was under therapy? I hardly doubt it lasted long enough for the building to rot and for Eddie to kill that many people.

But then again, I might’ve missed an important detail, I’m pretty fucking sleepy right now

Apparently I have a german accent
Fuck that
Apparently I also have a slight british accent
Fuck yeah
Apparently I also have a slight aussie accent
Fuck - wait what?

No but seriously, it’s the fucking braces and me just being so fucking nervous
I swear, I don’t actually have an accent when speaking properly

anonymous asked:

That cunt beat the WOMEN'S World Record, which is 30 Seconds behind the Men's World Record. What Male Achievement did she undermine?

Ohhh look at this fine piece of candy ass angry!! I’m sure you wanna keep up the fight, just never forget it was a “cunt” that literally brought you to this world so shut your piehole.

Nice try. Keep participating. This is the last post of this sort I dignify with an answer. Trust me, anon (because of COURSE you would not post with your user account you puss!), you will hereon get deleted for being a sexist swine.

Moving on! =)

Tomorrow is going to be my first day of school
Wherre I know only one person
In a country I’ve never been to before
With a language that’s not my first language

What the fuck am I doing here?