Dating Captain Boomerang (George Harkness) May Include…


  • Lets be honest, George is a total dork
  • He likes to put on this “tough guy” act
  • But
  • He’s a dork
  • He has collections of unicorns (preferably pink)
  • He’s also probably a brony
      • He loves unicorns
      • So I mean
      • His favorite MLP character is a tie between Rainbow Dash & Pinkie Pie
  • He loves comics 
      • I think it’s canon that Marvel comics are real in DC and DC comics are real in Marvel??
      • If not, it’s my own headcanon
      • And George has millions
      • He has a whole book case just for comics
      • And unicorns


  • Again with the dorkish ways
  • He’s a total fangirl (er fanboy)
  • The two of you can have hours and hours of conversations concerning fictional worlds
  • He really puts his walls down for you

“Tough Guy”

  • Something that took a while to understand was his “Tough Guy” attitude
      • I mean, he’s a thief and an assassin so
      • He’d always be this “macho man” around you
      • Like he was trying to prove a pointIt was annoying, to say the least
      • But then there would be those small slip ups and cracks
      • Soon you realized that underneath all that
      • He was actually a really cool guy
  • He still acts that way around youMostly around other people to show that “he’s the man"While it’s just you two then he only does it as a mocking, teasing, and joking way


  • His: Princess, Sweetheart, My Lil’ Roo, Hot stuff, Pretty Gal.
  • Yours: Kangaroo man, Boomerang hoe, Dork, Honeybun, Babe.


  • Whether you, the reader, has an accent or not
  • You always have a hard time understanding what he’s saying
  • His accent is so thick
  • He has to repeat himself so many times just so you can understand what he’s saying
  • It got so bad that one time you made him write everything he wanted to say down


  • He doesn’t like PDA
  • It makes him feel…awkward and anxious
  • The most affection the two of you share in public is teasing
      • “Stop throwing those things at me, bro”
      • “But bro ur so cute”
      • “bro”
      • “bro”
      • IdkI
      • ’m so tired
  • He loves calling you “Lil’ Roo” in public
  • Cuz ur his lil’ kangeroo
  • You call him Boomerang hoe in public btw


  • He doesn’t like when people touch, speak, flirt, or do anything with what’s his
  • He gets jealous v easily
  • It’s mostly because he’s an easily anxious guy
      • (I have a head canon that he has anxiety tbh lol anxiety twins)
  • He loves you and he honestly doesn’t know what he’d do without you

“I love you”

  • He said it first
      • Like, the two of you were just doing your own thing and he just goes “I love you”
      • And ur like “W-What”
      • And it took you a moment, but you said it back
      • With a huge smile
      • “I love you, you dork”
  • The two of you say it before and after missions
  • It’s a tradition
  • Like for good luck
  • Also so if anything happens, the last thing you two said was “I love you”

That’s all I’ve got lol

DATE: AUG. 10 2016
NOTES: Now that I’ve gotten this done, time to pack! Someone please kill me

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Any thoughts on Venus de Milo(tmnt)?


I wonder if this is related at all to MovieBob’s recent video about her being the worst female character ever because the moment I watched it I wondered if anyone would be asking me about her. 

So. Ninja Turtles: The Next Mutation is… a thing that in itself is almost too difficult to explain outside of “you had to be there”, but I’m going to do my best. Because I was there. Oh, man. Was I there. 

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March 9th 1841: United States v. The Amistad

On this day in 1841, the Supreme Court issued their decision in United States v. The Amistad on the case of the 1839 mutiny aboard a slave ship. The rebellion occurred on the Spanish ship The Amistad as it was bound for Havana, Cuba, where captured men would be sold to a Caribbean plantation. The mutiny of fifty-three abducted men from Sierra Leone was led by Joseph Cinqué, and they killed the captain and ordered the sailors to turn the ship around and return to Africa. However, the ship was soon seized by an American ship off the coast of Long Island, New York. The mutineers were imprisoned on murder charges, while a debate over what to do with them gripped the United States. Abolitionists led the effort to free the men, fighting ownership claims of the Spanish government which were supported by President Martin van Buren. A state court referred the Amistad case to the federal judicial system, and it reached the Supreme Court in 1841. In a landmark decision, the Court ruled in favour of the Africans - who were defended by former President John Quincy Adams. The Court declared that the men were illegally held as slaves, and decreed that they were free to return to their homeland. While slavery was legal in the United States, the importation of slaves had been banned in 1808, thus ruling that the men had been kidnapped and were justified in using violence to escape their condition.

brother & sister

idk how Pieh is going to fit into the story yet but so far i’ve decided he’s constantly upset and jealous because he wishes he was born as a girl and he’s envious of his sister.  he has the ability to do the same thing she does (help souls find their way where they need to go) but he chooses not to do anything worthwhile and just follows Imes around and pesters her.  but she still loves him because he’s her brother, so she puts up with it. 

Pieh also hates brights colors so he keeps his skin (scales? idk) constantly dirty on purpose to dull his bright blue, and only wears monochromatic colors.  i also couldn’t resist giving him a bunch of piercings despite how cliche that is. 

he’s also capable of shapeshifting like Imes is.