Stela 14 from Piedras Negras is just one part of a very large Mayan architectural complex home to over 70 monuments and structures, including stelae, altars, lintels and thrones found in the Guatemalan archaeological site of Piedras Negras.

Stela 14 is not one of the most important monuments, or even one of the better preserved ones.  Rather its significance is in the fact that it is one part of a large whole which documents the history of the area’s kings, and offers insight into the kingdom’s dynastic lineage in part because of how it fits together with the other stelae of its kind.

Piedras Negras had two major population booms and busts. One around the 200 BC, and a second around the second half of the 8th century. It was the latter that begat the statues and monuments we have today. The artistry of Piedras Negras is considered to be particularly skilful and includes plazas, vaulted plazas, and temple pyramids. Unique to PiedrasNegras is that many artefacts have been identified as having “artist’s signatures” where their artificers signed the work. The decline of its latter population is still a mystery, though the damage on the images and glyphs at the site indicate a possible revolt or at the very least a conquest by another people literate in Maya writing.

Piedras Negras, Coahuila, Mexico

Esta es la cuidad donde naci, y vivi por varios años. Me da una gran tristeza ver en lo que se ha convertido la cuidad que un dia fue llamada “La Frontera Blanca” por ser un lugar donde los niños podian salir a jugar en plazas, etc. Ahora, dia a dia leo y veo noticias de lo que pasa en Piedras Negras; balaceras, gente muerta, gente asustada, explociones, robos. ¿Hasta donde va a llegar todo esto? Al leer estas noticias lo primero que se me viene la mente es mi familia. ¿En donde estan mis tias, mi tio, mis primos, mi abuelito? ¿Donde esta mi papa? ¿Mi mama? 

Espero que todo mejore y que no muera mas gente inocente. 

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