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  • You rarely worry about the dead rising from the graves; the clay is too tough for even the living to penetrate. But as you walk in the graveyard, you hear a scream and banging from below, and realize: that’s not the scream of someone who’s dead
  • You go to uptown Charlotte one afternoon and find that every person there is the exact same businessman: black suit, receding hairline, and muttering something under his breath that is impossible to hear through the static
  • Lake Norman is beautiful on a sunny day. But as you sit on the dock you notice something strange and dark in the water, coming to you from the Duke Energy power plant. The dock begins to shake—
  • “Lexington BBQ is the best,” your friend says one afternoon, offering you some of her homemade BBQ. You smile and thank her, biting into it. Something red rolls down your mouth. You wonder why you didn’t see her neighbors this morning
  • There is a woman who lives down the street, but you can never hear her voice because of the hissing and buzzing noises emerging from her coat, and always leave her presence covered in dozens of mosquito bites
  • There is a church deep in the woods. When you go there, you find that none of the patrons ever blink. You hear the hymns reverberating from the walls of your house days after leaving the service
  • It’s the summer of the cicadas, and they are everywhere. They litter the sidewalks, the streets, your house, your clothes. You feel a little sick, and when you double over, cicadas come spilling forth from inside you
  • It snows a half inch, and people are screaming. They rush to the grocery stores or abandon their cars on the road. The next day, the sky is red, and there is a gentle drizzle of what seems like blood. Everything is calm

In our dorm building, we have this thing called “Piedmont Secrets”. It’s a lot like Post Secret in a way, anonymous secrets presented in a way to serve two purposes: to help people get things off their chest, and to view it as an art/entertain others. Some of them are adorable, some are heartfelt, some are silly, some make you want to find a person and give them a damn hug, and some infuriate you.

What I love about it, is that it captures life and people in the most accurate and beautiful light. Above, are some that caught my eye.

“I don’t support gay marriage” actually has a wrinkle in it because it was thrown on the floor and stepped on by some not very approving fellow residents, which I understand. It was put back up today, because no secrets deserve to be excluded, regardless of how upset they make you. In fact, that’s kind of the point.

Granted, as a pansexual, it is a bit uncomfortable to know I’m living among closeted homophobes, but I do respect all beliefs and opinions, even if I think they’re idiotic or ignorant.

So, I’m mostly posting this because I admire the minds of our RAs, and people involved in creating, demonstrating, and executing this project. It’s just another thing I find true beauty in. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.

Piedmont Triangle (North Carolina) Gothic
  • “Duke or UNC?” your teacher asks you in kindergarten. “Duke or UNC?” the children ask, mimicking her for years to come. There is no right answer.
  • There are plantations everywhere. Everyone knows there were slaves. No one acknowledges the fact. It wouldn’t be right.
  • “Sweet or Unsweet tea?” your server asks. “Sweet,” you answer. Did you ever really have a choice?
  • It rains. You blink. It’s still raining but now it’s sunny. “That North Carolina weather,” the man next to you says jokingly. You nod, he nods. You’re both afraid of what might happen next.
  • It’s August and you cannot remember a day when it did not thunderstorm in the afternoon. 
  • “It’s just the humidity,” they say. “It would be nice if not for the humidity,” you reply. The humidity lingers, reveling in your fear.
  • You hear a southern accent. Ten miles away no one had one. 
  • Driving down the road, you watch for deer. And the people walking on the road because there are no sidewalks. The road is for us all. 
  • The lane markings are disappearing from the road. Were they ever there? No one knows. 
  • “Voter fraud,” the governor says. You’ve never heard of a case. “Voter fraud,” the governor repeats. It makes sense, you think. “Voter fraud,” you say with him.
  • The confederate flag in your neighbor’s yard has always been there. It’s there waiting for the South to rise again. You don’t know when it will happen, but you still live in fear.
  • Shots ring out. It’s not hunting season. Suddenly you wish it was.
  • Your parents aren’t from here. Is anyone who lives in Chapel Hill truly from here?
  • The word y'all pervades every corner. There is no escape. You will use it. It finds us all one day.
  • You could swear this place looked different three years ago. How fast everything changes, you tell people. They nod. There is nothing but change.
  • They’re building something in downtown Chapel Hill. There’s no more room, but they keep building things. There must always be construction.
Piedmont North Carolina Gothic
  • There is a nursery on Highway 16 that sells the best fertilizer you have ever used. You disregard the human bones you sometimes find in the bags.
  • Everybody pretends not to notice that the steam coming from Duke Energy sometimes warps into the shape of a screaming skull.
  • During the spring, trees everywhere are covered in wisteria. There is wisteria covering a human sized lump at the end of your driveway that wasn’t there yesterday.
  • The roundabouts in downtown Davidson are always busy. You’ve been circling for months. When will it end.
  • Dogwood trees grow frequently. They are everywhere in your neighborhood. You haven’t seen another human being in weeks. There is a Dogwood tree inside the house next door, visible through the window. You don’t recall who used to live there.
  • It is always hot. There is always the smell of rain in the air, but not a cloud in the sky. You think of your mother. You weep.
  • It is January, and the first snow is falling. Everyone runs outside. The snow is an odd color. You catch a snowflake on your tongue. It melts into sweet tea.
  • At night, there is always the sound of racecars. When you ask your neighbors about it, they say they have never heard anything.
  • Cicadas buzz all day. It is fall. Cicadas were supposed to start hibernating months ago. You hear a cicada buzz from inside your room.
  • Western region of North Carolina: beautiful mountains, camping, seclusion from the stress of everyday life
  • Piedmont region of North Carolina: business skyscrapers, NFL football, world-class universities
  • Coastal region of North Carolina: disgust, anger, fear

Hey, putting this on here since I way more followers here: I need help identifying a bug

I’m in the Piedmont region of North Carolina, and when I was making my way through some woods, I noticed two very small bugs attached to my skin that were hanging on tight- I needed to swipe them away multiple times before they came off. I haven’t noticed any intrusions in my skin or swelling like one would expect from a bite or sting mark.

They were very small, about the size of little black ants. They were round, a light brownish color, and they looked sort of like little crab-like spiders. Any idea what they were? I have no symptoms suggesting a bite or sting, but should I be concerned?

Anyone need some kittens?!

We live in the Piedmont area of North Carolina. Long story short, we live in a relatively rural area and see our share of strays.

In the last couple of years, we’ve had several cats come up. My mom’s an awesome person, and has a heart for animals, so of course, when she sees a skinny critter, she feeds it. And they come back. And eventually there are babies.

However, as anyone with pets knows, one or two can be expensive. My family is currently feeding over twenty animals. We don’t have the money to get them all fixed, as we would like, and even if we did, feeding all of them would be difficult.

The adult kitties are more or less feral. If you’ve put food in trays, you can pet them, but other than that, they aren’t fond of humans. The eight babies pictured above are getting used to humans. They love to get out and play, they are all working on eating solid canned food, and we are working on litter training them. They all seem to be in decent health, outside of fleas, though we’ve not taken them to the vet.

My request: if you are in want of a cat, or know of someone, please contact me. We’ve grown to love these critters and don’t want to call the pound, which seems to be the only option, since nearby humane societies are full of cats already.

(submitted by ahookonthewind)

5 DIY Tasks To Brighten Your Home (And Distract You From Increasingly Worrisome Symptoms)

The average person’s life is often dictated by a daily routine that is as rote as it is predictable. Perhaps due to an itinerary that is regularly bursting at the seams with unfulfilling obligations and razor thin deadlines. With the burden of responsibility firmly set on your shoulders, when do you find time to indulge the occasional hobby? Or, say, craft furniture that speaks to the gradients of your character in a manner that no retail store can claim.

Who says you can’t invoke the expert eye of an interior decorator in the style of Tv’s Tim Gunn in order to utilize whatever negative space or lack of character may be present in your home? Just make it work, honey! Such projects might not be too much of a pressing concern for most, but tasks like these are meant to enliven the space in which you call your home.

How fulfilling would it be to repurpose unwanted furniture into something sleek and coveted?

To add elements of charm and personality to what may otherwise be a staid and drab decor motif?

How about diverting your mental energies away from the increasingly alarming implications from the unexplained (and severe) maladies you’ve been experiencing recently?

Whatever the (potentially life-threatening) reason is for your sudden interest in completing projects that will outlast the frail confines of your mortality may be, we here at Fukette would like to offer some suggestions on projects you could do at home by yourself.

(Obviously, while you’re simultaneously engaging in the futile practice of ignoring all the probable signs of your body slowly turning against you in a manner more befitting the dread-inducing visions of your worst nightmares.)

1. Bird Feeder Wreath

External image

Just festive enough for the holidays and fear-inducing enough to remind you that a timely  colonoscopy appointment could’ve prevented this

You don’t remember ingesting anything particularly spicy or in any way volatile. Then again, you do recall a bit of intestinal discomfort from the night before, but you had just chalked it up to the stress you’ve been experiencing at work as a result of working long hours to earn that Managing Partner promotion.

The timming alone could be called tragic in it’s own right! I mean, you’re only one or two fiscal quarters, at the most, from getting the position and now you have to deal with this?!? Your unceasing ambition and inability to separate your work from your personal life have already claimed your relationship with your ex-fiancee, Jennifer, this past January. What was the point of having gone through such emotional havoc and psyche ravaging despair if not to have it all pay off in the end?

Just don’t worry about it. It’s nothing so you should STOP. WORRYING. ABOUT. IT.

Put it out of your head, and focus on the task at hand: Feeding these Bluebirds that’re so cute, adorable, and more than likely not brimming with what you fear are precancerous cells. Perhaps use the bloody tissue as a fake carnation or decorative bow?

External image

Think more “decorative flair with a personal touch” and less “collapsed anus as a result of indeterminable internal illness.”

2. Secure Your Cabinets with Fasteners

External image

If this world were perfect, we would all have cabinets that didn’t require some harried, dilapidated fix to keep it from rebounding open after every initial attempt to close it. After all, there’s a limit to the efficacy of the tried and true combination of scotch tape, and the ardent denial that you are at a perilous crossroads between your health and acknowledging that immediate, professional help may be the determining factor in you having any future not spent six feet below ground.

External image

Lifehack For the Lifeless: Just because your body is no longer able to function, process cognitive stimuli, verbalize thoughts, etc. doesn’t mean that you can’t place some fun decals on the inside as an expression of your personality. Will your family and friends be crying at the funeral or laughing at your brand of humor…nope, they’ll probably just be crying.

That’s why we’re here to recommend the efficient and cheap option in cabinet catchers. You can find them with ease at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s. They’re relatively straightforward to install, and the instructions are easy enough to understand.

Or, at least, the would be if you didn’t constantly have to deal with all the sudden bouts of confusion that defy explanation. You experienced one yesterday as you were paying for your groceries in the checkout line at Kroger, remember? A sudden wave of nausea followed by blurry vision immediately took hold of your senses and, as you struggled to assess the situation and regain your equilibrium, you awoke to find yourself bent over the cash register while in the middle of a dry heave as a thin trickle of blood was running from your nose. So shaken were you by the experience that you brusquely waved away the Kroger employees attempting to help you as you stumbled as quickly as possible towards your car. Your brow remained drenched in a cold sweat while you spent the next hour repeating “I’m fine, I’m fine” as some ersatz mantra in some futile effort to regulate your body. As your vehicle sat stationary in the parking lot, the memories of past failures and prematurely ended relationships competed for attention in your mind’s eye. The regret you felt because of them overwhelmed you as you wept silently, alone, in your 2011 Toyota.

Maybe use the unpredictable bouts of dizziness and the ensuing episodes of unconsciousness to think about what cabinets around your house could benefit the most from the door catchers?

3. Refinish An Old Park Bench

External image

See what you can create after applying a bit of elbow grease and cheap refinishing supplies? Nice touch with the decorative pillows, as well. Especially considering how inexplicably tired you’ve been getting as of late.

We’ve all borne witness to this sight often enough that it almost becomes cliche: You’re driving down the street, trying to ignore the persistent hand tremors that threaten to steer you and your vehicle into someone’s front yard and maybe even a wall of their house, and you see an old, discarded bench just sitting on the curb. Items like these can be used to–hey..um….

yells to get the attention of the crew

Hey! That guy doesn’t look too good. Can someone go over and check on him, please?

inaudible response from off mic

Yeah, no we can go on in a minute. It’s just, like, his head is lying face down on the steering wheel, and I’m not seeing any rise or fall from his chest–shit– yo, I don’t think he’s breathing!

External image

It’s okay! We’ll just call it “How To Stay Mobile: Don’t Let Slipping Into A Coma Steal Your Independence!”

Goes over to the car and leans towards the unconscious man


NO! FUCK! Hey, man he’s not breathing at all! We’ve got to fucking do something!

inaudible response from off mic

What the fuck do you mean “finish the script” !?! There is no fucking script without this dude, and, from the looks of it, we’re gonna have to Weekend At Bernie’s the rest of the damn thing if we don’t get him to a fucking hospital immediately so stop dicking around!

inaudible response from off mic

Fuck You! I don’t care if it goes against the premise. A man is dying in a 2011 Toyota Corolla, and I cannot think of a more depressing sentence in the English language. You can finish this Pinterest pandering horseshit yourself if you want to!

pulls out a cell phone and frantically dials 911

I’m gonna make sure a man doesn’t die in a sedan.

inaudible response from off mic

And you mention a contract? Now? Honestly, bro?

Alright, fine, but don’t expect some Geico-level shit. I’m talking drunk baby lawyer commercial quality at best. Now hurry the fuck up before we all catch a body today!

4. Suitcase Dog Bed

External image

Cute,right? Forget about the (probably) dead body we just showed you up there, yet? No? That’s cool we’ve got more puppy pictures.

Put a fucking dog in a suitcase, I don’t give two shits-yes, hi, I need an ambulance right away!

places cellphone to ear

Yes, a man is passed out on the steering wheel and has what looks to be Quaker Oats coming out from the side of his mouth….

Uh huh.

…that’s not Quaker Oats?

Oh, good God.

External image

This message was brought to you by the good people at Quaker Oats: Looks the same coming out as it did going in!

5. Clothes Hanger Jewellery Storage

External image

Protip: Take the clothes hanger and insert it, hook first, into the widest part of your asshole-

turns back towards cellphone

Yes, we’re on the corner of North and Piedmont. I’m not sure….I nudged him with a nearby tree branch, and he still hasn’t moved.



Yes, I was aware of his failing health before the call.

No. No. No, no I didn’t call because…reasons that I now realize will not hold up in a court of law.



Yes, I have every inclination to hang up the phone and leave the scene of the, in your words,crime.

Yes, ma'am.

Yes, your use of the word “crime” did factor into my decision to flee.

External image

Police: Whoops! If you didn’t wanna get shot then why’d you look suspicious?©

Uh huh.

nods thoughtfully

Uh huh

Thank you, I’m going to start running now.

drops phone and turns towards Fukette crew

It’s the 12! 12 is on the block? Donny! Get the tupperware and take whatever you can from craft services! Alex! If the van isn’t started and ready to go in 10 seconds then so help me god I will personally shit in both of your daughters’ lunchboxes! Move people MOVE! I repeat! This is not a drill! Niggas roll out!

Fukette crew scatters away from the unconscious man as the sound of an ambulance and police sirens get closer