piedmont glacier

Malaspina Glacier

The Malaspina Glacier is located to the north of Yakutat Bay. The terminus of the glacier is known as a piedmont glacier, as it flows from the St. Elias Mountains into a large, open plain. The Malaspina Glacier is the largest piedmont glacier in Alaska, spanning 40 miles by 28 miles (65 x 45km), covering a total of 1,500 square miles (3,900 sq km). 

Even though the glacier appears to end with the white ice, upon closer inspection, the lobe extends much further and beyond the extent of the photograph.

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Flying past what I am almost certain is the Davdison Glacier near Skagway, Alaska - great view of lateral moraines and you can see how the glacier used to spread out over the landscape as a piedmont glacier before the tip completely melted. You can also kind of get a feel that this valley glacier is draining ice from a much higher up ice cap too.