Dean took a bite of Dutch apple pie a la mode, his expression melting into one of bliss. He made a sound that was part sensual moan and part grunting appreciation, green eyes nearly rolling back in his head as his eyelashes fluttered.

Castiel, watching, felt the bliss. The warm, cinnamon-nutmeg-buttery-pastry that caused a deep comfort; the tartness of apple, a spell-note against sugar that toyed with brain and blood; the creamy-sweet cold of ice cream, angel-snow, so arresting to the tongue. Within the cold, the scent and taste of vanilla was warm-hot and narcotic.

Swallowing, Dean scooped up another bite and held his spoon out to Castiel. “Want some?”

Unblinking, Castiel said, “Take off all your clothes.”

clearly this fandom needs more michean so think about these things:

  • michael gently tracing every curve of dean’s face with his fingers and he makes the excuse that he’s checking the forging of his blade but really he just loves touching dean
  • dean having dreams where he sees michael’s true form and gets lost in michael’s grace
  • michael almost weeping with joy that his father made him something so beautiful
  • the first time dean almost dies during a hunt when michael takes control of guarding him two square miles of land around where the monsters were is reduced to a smoldering crater
  • michael telling dean stories about the creation of the earth
  • michael talking about father and dean talking about his
  • dean grooming michael’s wings
  • dean touching michael’s halo
  • the first time dean has michael try pie
  • dean telling michael he should relax and leave heaven for a while, experience earth as it was supposed to be experienced
  • they never talk about lucifer
  • they never talk about sam
  • they never talk about the times dean’s cried when michael calls him worthy and righteous
  • michael being possessive as fuck
  • dean being able to sense michael’s grace from miles away
  • dean wanting desperately to say yes but having to keep saying no because there has to be another way to save the world
  • michael disagreeing, even thinking it foolish, but respecting dean for his courage and determination
  • michael in awe of his father’s creation as dean does find another way to save the world
  • dean never expecting michael to stay, but so goddamn glad that he does
Day 23: Baking Pies

A series of short (generally 1k or less), unrelated fics written for an autumn-themed 30 day prompt challenge that I found on Tumblr. I will be publishing one a day for every day of October.

Day: 23/31
Pairing: Destiel
Word Count: 1,150
Tags: fluff, alternate universe, strangers to friends to lovers


Peach Pie

Hey, neighbor (sorry, I don’t know your name, though I’d love to find out ;) )

I just wanted to welcome you to the neighborhood, so I made you this pie (it’s peach). Hope you like it and feel free to stop by my place any time.

Dean Winchester (2740 Stonewell Dr.)

Castiel smiled at the unexpected note and picked up the pie, bringing it inside and placing it on the only clear space on the counter. He was nowhere near being unpacked yet, but he managed to find a fork and a knife to cut himself a generous slice. His eyes slipped closed as he took the first bite, savoring the taste of peach and cinnamon, and then ate the rest of his piece in record time, ignoring the scrutinizing gaze from his gray tabby cat. It didn’t occur to him until months later, but he may have fallen a little bit in love with the man right there, at the first bite of pie.

Pecan Pie


Thank you very much for the pie. It was delicious and I admit, I ate it in less than three days despite receiving multiple judging looks from my cat for the size of the pieces and the number of them I ate in one day. I made you a pecan pie as an additional thanks because if I’m going to return your dish anyway, it might as well have a pie in it. I will certainly take you up on your offer; will you be home next Saturday?

Castiel Novak

Dean hadn’t known what to expect from his new neighbor when he’d dropped off the pie and the note; all he’d known was that someone had finally bought the house across the street after a year-long vacancy and that the guy was gorgeous. So he sent a pie, both as a welcome gift and, he would admit, as way to possibly (hopefully) meet the guy. If there was one thing he didn’t expect, it was a ‘thank you’ pie in return, so when he came home from work to find it sitting neatly on his porch, well, he couldn’t be blamed for falling a little bit in love with the guy. (And it didn’t hurt that the pie was the best he’d had in a while.)

Pumpkin Pie

Castiel (can I call you Cas?),

First of all, I like the way you think. More pie is never a bad thing. Also, don’t worry about how quickly you ate the pie – I just ate this one in two days and besides, in my experience, cats always look like they’re judging you. I couldn’t resist making you another pie, sorry. This one is pumpkin (a little early for Thanksgiving, I know). Yes, I’ll be home all day on Saturday. How about lunch? Pie’s not the only thing I can make. :)


Castiel was definitely not expecting to see another pie sitting on his front porch when he came home from work on Thursday, and he smiled as he picked it and carried it inside, ignoring the butterflies in his stomach. He laughed at the note as he cut himself a large piece and ate it quickly while Daisy watched knowingly from by her food bowl. Every time he ate a slice of Dean’s pie, she would appear in the room with that expression, the one that seemed to say you’ve got a crush and it’s exceedingly obvious. And fine, it was true, which was why he was hoping that this Saturday get-together would be his chance to ask for a real date. A guy could hope, right?

Blueberry Pie


Thank you for lunch on Saturday. You’re an excellent cook and it was great to eat something other than peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or grilled cheese. (I really need to unpack the rest of my kitchenware, don’t I? I can bake a pie but can’t cook dinner.) Now that I know you how much you love pie, I baked a blueberry one. It probably isn’t as good as your mom’s, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. And since you asked about a second date, how does next Wednesday look for you? I finish work at five-thirty; perhaps we could go out for dinner?


Dean grinned at the newest pie and note on his way inside his house. Their lunch on Saturday had gone very well – he and Cas had hit it off immediately and spent the whole afternoon talking: about work, about their families, anything they could think of. That night, when Cas had finally gone home, he left Dean with his number and a promise to pick a day for another date. Thinking back, Dean couldn’t remember the last time he’d had that much fun with someone. So as he stood in his kitchen with his phone in his hand and a slice of pie on his plate, he sent a text: Wednesday looks great.

Apple Pie

Cas stood at Dean’s kitchen counter, rolling out the crust for a homemade apple pie as Dean stirred the cranberry sauce in the saucepan on the stove. It was Dean’s year to host Thanksgiving dinner and he had invited Cas to join him and his family. It would be Cas’ first time meeting Dean’s family, and he was nervous, though Dean had been very reassuring, telling him that there was nothing to worry about and that everyone would love him.

Dean, having finished cutting the strips of dough for the lattice, came up behind Castiel as he was pouring the filling into the crust and wrapped his arms comfortably around Cas’ waist, resting his chin over Cas’ shoulder. Cas rolled his eyes as Dean murmured a hello, but spun in his arms and gave him a long kiss anyway.

They were so caught up in each other that they didn’t hear the front door open or the sound of footsteps coming down the hallway until they were interrupted by a loud wolf whistle from the doorway. Dean and Cas jumped apart and Cas was sure he must have been blushing furiously as he shook the hands of Dean’s brother Sam and his wife, Eileen. He knew that Eileen was deaf and had learned a few signs, so he asked her how she and Sam were doing, getting into a conversation with them as Dean finished the pie and checked on the rest of the food while they waited for the others to arrive.

By the time dinner was finished and the pie was brought out, Cas’ nerves were completely gone and he felt at home with Dean’s family. He caught Dean’s eye next to him and smiled. Dean grabbed Cas’ hand under the table then leaned in to whisper in his ear. “Y’know, the pies we made for each other were great, but I think this one’s the best.”

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anonymous asked:

Dating Dean Winchester would include?

  • Him giving you the last piece of pie
  • Dean would be really protective over you and at first, he’d try and distance himself from you because ‘we’re cursed, I cant let you get hurt because of me’ so when you did start dating, he’d be so protective of you
  • When he’s on a hunt, he wants you to be able to protect yourself so he would teach you self defence and how to shoot (if you wanted him to)
  • Warm cuddles in bed after a long day
  • Giving him a massage after a stressful hunt
  • Always telling him that you’re on his side and that you love him because he gets so used to people leaving
  • Sam teasing you two all the time
  • Letting you drive the Impala sometimes but you get to control the music most of the time so that counts for something
  • Doing research with him
  • Late night conversations about everything
  • Comforting him on the date of his mother’s death
  • Being the one person that he genuinely tells everything to; every secret, every dream
  • Watching stupid movies and tv shows as you lounge on the couch
  • Forehead and neck kisses
  • (If you wanted) Angry sex after a hunt, gentle, tender sex afterwards
  • Always telling each other that you love the other
  • Long kisses and sweet touches