pied fantail

October 22, 2015 - New Zealand Fantail, Pīwakawaka, Grey Fantail, Pied Fantail, Black Fantail, or Tīrairaka (Rhipidura fuliginosa)

Found in New Zealand, these fantails occur in black and pied color morphs. They eat invertebrates and sometimes fruit, holding larger prey against a perch with a foot while pecking at it. While foraging, they frequently flick their wings and spread their tail feathers, probably to scare insects out of hiding. Males and females take turns incubating eggs in nests built from mosses, various fibers, grasses, and spiderwebs. Both parents feed the nestlings until they fledge, then the male continues to care for the fledglings while the female begins building a new nest.

I’ve been seeing more of this kind of Maya bird these days (called Pied Fantail) They are kinda aggressive, one time one swooped down from the trees and attacked my cat lol.

God they are so cute, I need a Pokeball.