Negan’s Daughter (part 1)

(Negan x Reader)


You were walking through the woods, looking for a place to stay for the night. It was already getting dark and you weren’t keen on stumbling around here without any light source.

You were alone, like you had been for a long time now.

You and your parents had lived at a nice place once. Other people, enough food and water, protection from the walker but in the end it all went down to hell. Not because of the walkers. The really scary ones had always been humans and the appearance of walkers hadn’t changed that. Your parents and most of the others living there had been shot and you barely made it out yourself. That day you had vowed not to trust anyone ever again.

A high pitched scream was piecrcing through the forest and you went looking. You found a little girl being attacked by a walker. Normally you wouldn’t bother to help others but you weren’t going to let a child die.

“Are you okay?” You ask her after you got rid of the walker.

“Yes..” You reach out your hand and help her up.

“Where are your parents? Are you alone out here?”

“I ran away.”

“Why would you do that it’s dangerous out here.” You say worried.

“My dad never has time for me so I thought maybe he comes looking if I run away.” She looks down to the ground, almost crying.

“I’m sure he’s worried. Lets get you back.” You take her hand and start walking, “Is your place far from here? Do you know the way back?”

“Yep it’s this way.” She points you in the right direction, “I’m Lily.”

“Y/N.” You say and smile at her.

The child had grown on you as you two made your way through the forest. You hadn’t talked to someone in a while and she was really cute.

“Get the fuck away from my daugther.” You suddenly hear someone behind you say. There’s a clicking noise, that you know too well. The safety catch of a weapon being released. You slowly turn around, one hand holding Lily’s the other one up in the air.

“Dad.” She squeals and runs towards the man. He hugs her but his eyes never leave you, the weapon still pointed at you.

“Who are you?”

“She saved me, don’t hurt her.” Lily says.

“My name’s Y/N.” You’re not sure what to think of the guy, he clearly loves his daugther but there’s something really scary about him and all you want to do is get away as quickly as possible.

“I’m Negan. So you saved my daughter?”

“Kind of I guess.”

“Where are you from?”


He looks you up warily but lowers his gun, “It’s dark, you’re coming home with me for now.” Somehow it does not sound like you have a saying in the matter, so you just nod and follow him.

The place you arrive at is huge and you get your own room for the night. Lily wants to play with you, so you do. You can practically feel Negan staring at you the whole time. It makes you feel really uncomfortable at the same time it’s really sweet. He does not look like the type at all but he cares about his daugther very much.