My collection thus far. I’m really excited about the piecework cards, and am slowly working my way to completing those insert collections. The Lilly Kane [prom dress], Veronica Mars [pilot shirt], and Logan Echolls [pilot shirt] are not on eBay currently. I have to hunt these down. And find the money to buy them. Last time I saw the Veronica SE1 Pieceworks it was going for around $80.

Jeans and capitalism, right.

When I were a kid in the ‘90s, you could either get some perfectly alright, slave-labour-produced 501s, or you could pay extra for 'distressed’ jeans which had been painstakingly made by an Indonesian child, and then ripped to pieces in an industrial cement mixer. It was, apparently, achingly cool to have chilly knees.

But nowadays, in the ceaseless drive to create needs you didn’t even know you had, and to aid you in satisfying them with your hard-earned labour credits, you can now pay even more for the latest trend in premium 'non-distressed’ jeans. These are clothes which have been made piecework by abused, non-unionised Bangladeshi housewives, and then at great expense they have not been put into an industrial cement mixer - or, as we used to call them: 'jeans’.

At this point, capitalist society is nothing more than a dodgy used-car salesman who tries to sell you seatbelts as an optional extra.