When it turned night in the forest, and your breathing 
And your heartbeat were all my hymn and anthem;
When you raised my hand to comb your stubbly gold hair
And laughed, “bottle brush!”, at your former glory,
And your piecework pride, so I could smile too; when you,
Later, held me, sobbing into your sweater,
For hours, and lilted old Lithuanian songs,
Then was our trust and understanding beyond words. 
I remember this, and other more distant whens:
When amidst the sheared stalks we pledged never to break faith—
And even though we did, your prodigal love is
Indulgent and necessary to me as music. 
I unclasp my hand from the handle of my suitcase.
Your heart’s my home, harbour, fortress, fields of promise.

for @lietpolweek day 7 ‘Comfort’

prodigal: referencing the parable of the son who ungratefully left his family and later returned, or, literally: having or giving something on a lavish scale

strangeparticles replied to your photo “Even his simple grey suits are crazy! (fifty million bonus points if…”

How is the suit crazy? I don’t understand. What is going on there?

The piecework and pattern matching on the lapel is pretty amazing.  Just for contrast here’s a basic (albeit kinda ugly) pin-striped lapel with arrows to show the direction of the pattern.

And here’s David’s suit.

It’s a subtle touch but it just goes to show that even his basic suits… aren’t.

So i’m gonna sell my

-Benedict cumberbatch autograph (full name and signed on a sherlock photo of season 1)

-2 binders filled with Supernatural cards.

- some cell cards all with Loki on it and 2 others, Loki memorabilia cards with pieces of clothing used in Thor and The Avengers.

- A binder with the Thor movie cards and the Avengers card. A special card is included (drawn hulk artist card and i think I also have a captain marvel one)

- A Avengers piecework card with pieces of clothing worn by Scarlett, chris Evans , robert downey jr. And Mark.

- a This Is War poster signed by the three members of 30 Seconds To Mars. I also have rare singles and stickers, plectrums and just a lot.

- also 2 thor piecework cards.

- a 14ct rose gold bangle bracelet. (Asking 160 euro. Brand is Fjory.)

- a 9 ct antique signet ring (16mm size). (6, 3 grams heavy asking a 100 )

- A Mass Effect Garrus statue (has damage) with box. Very rare and go for high prices on the bay.

- A MSI 840m laptop. With box charger and all the stuff. ( asking 400 euro. Not even 2 years old and is ready to be used).

- A 925 Sterling silver Damon salvatore ring replica of the vampire diaries.

- a small 4 door impala replica from True Scale Models in removable case. ( not the cheaper versions)

I think that’s it for now. Send me and ask or message if you might be interested. I own a lot of collector stuff.

My collection thus far. I’m really excited about the piecework cards, and am slowly working my way to completing those insert collections. The Lilly Kane [prom dress], Veronica Mars [pilot shirt], and Logan Echolls [pilot shirt] are not on eBay currently. I have to hunt these down. And find the money to buy them. Last time I saw the Veronica SE1 Pieceworks it was going for around $80.

It was 1937, and Steve was broke. That wasn’t news, Steve was always broke, but some months were leaner than others. Especially when Steve managed to duck by Bucky and his help and skate by on his own.

He wasn’t, no matter what Buck tried to say, suicidally stupid. He did every odd job he could get hired for, even if it was just for a day. He did piecework with art, sewing and cleaning, when he could get it, but sometimes aboveboard work just wasn’t in the cards.

Steve was proud, but he wasn’t stupid. He knew a talent when he found one.

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