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@tragiciann tagged me to do this 10 songs i’m vibin on (guessing that means 10 songs i really love atm?)

in no particular order:

1) Helena - the misfits
2) blood infections - frnkiero andthe cellabration
3) florida plates - pencey prep
4) makedamnsure - taking back sunday
5) world destroyer - frank iero and the patience
6) cute without the e - taking back sunday
7) 19 - pencey prep
8) they wanted darkness - frank iero and the patience
9) sold my soul - the used
10) pieces - sum41

It’s so hard to say that I’m sorry
I’ll make everything alright
All these things that I’ve done
Now what have I become, and where’d I go wrong?
I don’t mean to hurt, just to put you first
I won’t tell you lies (I’m sorry)
I will stand accused
With my hand on my heart
I’m just trying to say

I’m sorry
It’s all that I can say
You mean so much
And I’d fix all that I’ve done
If I could start again
I’d throw it all away
To the shadows of regrets
And you would have the best of me

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(y do you want me to talk about myself, nobody likes that omg)

A-Age: 21  

B-Biggest fear: Finding people I want to enjoy life with forever and accomplishing my dreams and feeling like I’ve finally found happiness and having a giant house but everyone I’ve ever loved not living long enough to enjoy it with me and then I’m just alone in a house that reminds me of them constantly. (another thing would be dying while I’m in the middle of trying to complete my dreams. But dying is way easier than opening your heart and loving people that all die around you imo)  

C-Current time: 9:34pm 

D-Drink you last had: Water  

E-Everyday starts with: “hhhhhhhhhh imsotired….hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh”  

F-Favorite song(s): Ghosting by Mother Mother, Into the Ocean by Blue October, Pieces by Sum41, Unravel by TK from Ling Tosite Sigure, Sakamichi no Melody by YUKI (Kids on the Slope opening), Sayonara Bye Bye by Mawatari Matsuko (Yu Yu Hakusho’s second ending), Freckles by Judy and Mary (or Sandy–Kenshin/Samurai X’s first opening), Driver’s High by D’ Arc-en Ciel (GTO opening 1) and others,,,, shout out to Pokemon Gen 3&4’s OST, Chulips OST, Xenoblade’s OST, and big parts of Mother 3’s OST too as well as Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral Town/Back to Nature, Sunshine Island, and Tale of Two Town’s OST  

G-Ghosts, are they real: Never saw one but I’m intrigued by the notion  

H-Hometown: I’m not going to answer this one just because I always have lived around my hometown  

I-In love with: So many…so many things…can’t even name all of the things…there’s more than my fav songs and wouldn’t that just be more of a dash hell  

J-Jealous of: People that are normal. People that make mistakes and search for jobs and go to school, have families and get invited to things and drive and people who talk super short or don’t think of anything that I do…just any mix of those things I’m incredibly jealous of. I feel like they get the more human experience. To me, I’m not very valid because I’m not human like other people are.  

K-Killed someone: pfffft lmao I want to see someone who’s tagged in this and is like “yea, it happened in 87’ and–”  

L-Last time you cried: tsssssssssss like, a month ago? I was ticked off because everyone says bad things about my mom so I cried for like, 8 minutes.

M-Middle name: I don’t really have a middle name…my birth name looks like it does but it’s actually a part of my first name. But my preferred name is Ahn Beck Park (and I go by Park) but Beck I guess.  

N-Number of siblings: on my mom’s side I have 3 older sisters and 2 little brothers, and then I have a kinda/sorta older step brother and then on my bio dad’s side I have a little brother and younger set of boy and girl twins.  Too goddamn many, only like, 3 of them I like tho.  

O-One wish: For my most favorite people and thier animals (and my cat) to be happy and healthy  

P-Person you last called/texted: myyyyy Mother in law I think,,,  

Q-Questions you’re always asked: “why are you so mad?”/“why do you look so mad all of the time?”/“are you angry?”/“is something wrong?”/ “are you a boy or a girl?” (that one doesn’t bother me tho because I look middle gender on purpose)/ “what do you use on your hair and skin? What’s your routine!?” (I don’t. Nothing. And then everyone’s like “ :/”) / “didn’t you wear that shirt yesterday?” (Im like a cartoon character that always has the exact same colors and brands because I get cheap discount shit…plus I forget to change my shirt everyday–) / “Why don’t you work?” (it’s called being disabled, but I understand if you’ve never heard of it before Stacy)  

R-Reasons to smile: So many  

S-Song last sang: I….don’t….  

T-Time you woke up: like…..7pm  

U-Underwear color: The only color I wear, generic  

V-Vacation destination: mental, emotional and financial stability would be a nice vacation destination  

W-(….Figgy forgot the “W” one so I guess it stands for “Where is the “W” one Figgy",,,, “W” is still a valid letter;;;)  

X-X-rays you’ve had: Idk…maybe only on my teeth the first and last time I ever went to the dentist?  

Y-Your favorite food: SO many…but to name a few (oh yeah,,, “few”)…Sushi, Banana bread, Rice pudding, Tiramisu cake, Coffee cake, Cheese cake (plain), various types of Milka german chocolate, Wendy’s. Most things from Wendy’s (Denny’s and In&Out are after her tho), Red bean paste buns, Unadon, Corn tamales and bean burrito’s, fried fish, baked fish, deep fried fish (I’ll also love crab, lobster and shrimp this way too;;; I….was raised by a former vegan so a lot of the things that I highly love are vegan or fish) if life was like Harvest Moon, these are my woo-ing items.  

Z-Zodiac sign: Leo

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