pieces of senility

h3h3productions Roleplay Meme
  • “Black Magic taste like shit, dude!”
  • “You got the fashion sense of a seventh grader.”
  • “The secret ingredient…hair gel!”
  • “Turn off the light, it’s triggering me.”
  • “I have always said, that gay fascism, is the best fascism.”
  • “Dude, you can’t talk like that on the internet!” 
  • “..and for the record, you’re a part of the problem.”
  • “Have you ever had your asshole hacked by a hacking modder?”
  • “Holy shit, he just shot him in the dick! Three times in the dick!”
  • “I’m ready to get social, guys.”
  • “Kissing Girls has never been this easy!”
  • *uncontrollable coughing to show you my displeasure with you*
  • “Since when did being a fucking prick, become a prank?”
  • “Why the fuck are you making money? Fuck you, dude!”
  • “Must have taken the whole salad think tank to come up with that!”
  • “I don’t know if I was dancing or having seizure, but I don’t remember anything.”
  • “You smart, you loyal, you grateful! I appreciate that!
  • “I know you ain’t ever had a thought in your life, but you smart!”
  • “SAY MY NAME!”
  • “Stop what you’re doing right now, take out your smartphone out of your pocket, and throw it on the floor, because that’s ruining that the fabric of society!”
  • “You want us to go fight bears now?”
  • “Yeah right, you senile piece of shit!”
  • “She went out to lunch, and she never came home.”

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