pieces of peace

Where do you think our guardian angels go when we’re sad? Do you think they like to rest their weary hearts when ours out bursting with joy? Fluttered eyelashes as we piece our peace together and try to extinguish the grief that builds up like steam in a pot. It never ends


when my time is up, have i done enough?                                                                                                       will they tell my story?



Boy howdy this was a doozems. Now its time for some words. 

I’m titling this piece Sidon’s Peace (hah). I felt like the word peace describes him really well in a deeper way rather than - WOAH! HE’S SO CONFIDENT. I feel like to have that level of confidence, you really need to have a strong sense of inner peace. The faith that no matter what, things will turn out alright. 

Yeh. Sidon is good for my soul. 

Birdo Teba is next. But… after I regain my sanity. 

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Video of how I did this here~

Nice-sounding lyrics from Blurryface

• wasn’t the only one who wasn’t rushing to saying nothing
• you’re all already dead
• pieces of peace in the sun’s peace of mind
• even if my clique were to pick and the people were to vote
• thefewtheproudandtheemotional
• bulletproof in black
• don’t trust a perfect person and don’t trust a song that’s flawless
• (Josh Dun!)
• gnawing on the bishops, claw our way up their system
• the entirety of polarize
• I mean like look:
• wanted to be a better brother better son, wanted to be a better adversary to the evil I have done
• and also ‘taking your disguises separating them splitting them up from wrong and right it’s-’
• idc what’s in your hair
• they rip it, flip it, but these are just triplets
• life is up here, but you comment below and the comments will always become common motivation
• my shadow tilts its head at me
• don’t you test me though, just because I play the piano doesn’t mean I am not willing to take you down, I’m sorry