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rebuilt (piece by piece)
robert/aaron, liv, chas, vic, adam, paddy, rebecca, chrissie, lawrence

GENRE:    dubious consent/consent issues, angst, protective!aaron
WORDS:    11,826
SUMMARY:  “I’m sorry,” Robert says, in lieu of an answer. “I don’t
want you to leave me.”
 It sounds small, quiet, but Aaron can’t make his voice
work, can’t do anything except stare at Robert’s face.
“Robert, I need you to tell me. What’s the last thing you
remember from that night?”
  Robert lifts on arm in the approximation of a shrug. “She
took the whisky off me. Told me I’d had ‘nough. Told me I
was drunk, too. Told her I wanted her, but I lied,” Robert
says fast, words tripping over themselves. “I just wanted
you, but then she told me I was drunk. Don’t remember much
after that.”

it’s finally here! the consent fic.

bear in mind that this fic is extremely cathartic for me and i am a huge robert stan. if you don’t like robert, this is definitely not the place for you and you’re probably not going to want to stick around.

thanks to @beyondthebridge @robertsuggles @rocketdocket @beautifulhigh and @turquoiseterrier for beta duties, cheerleading and just all around general support during the writing of this <3

“I’m sorry,” Robert says, quickly, sounding as devastated as he looks.

“Why are you sorry?” Aaron turns, frowning at the death grip Robert has on the mugs. “Robert?”

“I cheated,” Robert says, finally looking up to meet Aaron’s eyes. “I didn’t – it’s not what I wanted, not really.”

“I’m not talking about that,” Aaron tells him, pressing, he needs Robert to understand. “We’ll talk about that when we’re calmer, when it’s not right there. Robert, I’m talking about what Rebecca did.”

Robert frowns, confused. “She didn’t do anything.”

Aaron raises an eyebrow. “She didn’t have sex with you when you were drunk?”

The grip Robert has on the mugs is starting to concern Aaron; his knuckles are white, his fingers trembling around the porcelain. Robert swallows. “Yeah, but it wasn’t anything I wasn’t asking for.”

rebuilt (piece by piece)


Even though he experienced suffering that would break anyone’s spirit, he couldn’t disappear. That is why he gave birth, in order to overcome the endless suffering… to countless versions of himself. And by the time the prison itself rotted away, they began to act… To bestow countless deaths upon people.

that bpd feel when ur fp gets ur hopes up that u can see them today and then immediately is like “nvm i don’t wanna put the effort in even tho it would be comically easy to come see u” and u’ve already been having a shitty time and that sweet #rejection always helps with that hahahaha awesome 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼

Do you ever just have those moments where you find yourself questioning a relationship? Like you catch yourself putting more effort into something than someone else and it’s really frustrating because everything they say is just…it’s not sufficient?? It’s too easy to tell they’re not trying at all?

I was drawing and without knowing what was happening it ended up like this. Apparently this sweet summer child is supposed to be our Monkey D. Luffy. (I acknowledge his face isn’t round enough but hear me out, I didn’t post this to actually show a fanart but share some angst).
This is where I developed a headcanon and now I can’t get it out of my mind.

Luffy’s worst nightmare is to be alone. So it means he’s ready to fight to death to protect his friends, nakamas, and brothers. (Which happened).
Back in Sabaody, Luffy confronted his worst fears. He literally saw every single of his nakamas vanishing in front of him. Remember how he reacted? Remember his tears, his screams, his face, his pain and despair, of losing them all, and he wasn’t EVEN able to save just one of them?
What he lived what a traumatizing event, and marked him so badly he wasn’t even able to fight for himself when Kuma came to him.
This is where my headcanon comes. After living the Sabaody incidents, Luffy’s hair went white. A physical reaction because of the deep emotions he had - so deep it changed his hair colour forever. Just like Ace’s death and Marineford’s events left a scar on Luffy’s body.

And this idea came to my mind just because I didn’t draw his hair in black on this fanart.

     My main is fine since it follows canon (though it needs some editing and expansion badly), but I really do need to set up a verse post death where Father uses another philosophers stone to create another Lust. I mean there’s really two ways I could set that up, one where she’s restored to the form she had previously sans memories and with slight personality differences. Then there’s the pain in my ass route where she could be shoved into a living host, though figuring out the dynamics of how that would play out given who I want to use would make that…difficult to say the least.