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I’m almost okay that you have her in your arms and not me. I’m almost okay that she’s the first person you tell your good news to and not me. I’m almost okay that she’s the one who gets to meet your little sisters and listen to that beautiful laugh of yours. I’m even almost okay with the fact that I’m falling for a guy that’s already in love with a girl that I can’t even muster up the anger to hate. I’m so almost okay with all of it, that I’m not okay at all. Not even a little bit. Because I can’t do like or hatred or even ambivalence with you. And the only thing left is love. The only emotion I could ever possibly have for you is love.
—  L.A.L.
let’s not talk about the popped sal, HOW ABOUT THAT 4T AND 3A

DAMN IT YUZU, WARN US EARLIER. ISTG I ALMOST DIED FROM A HEART ATTACK omg it surprised me so so much that I didn’t even think of the podium anymore, popped sal be damned, all that matters is that awesome inpromptu 4T and 3A!!!!

I can’t do halfway feelings or almost relationships. I don’t do short-term or maybes. I’m a forever kind of person. And I have an uncanny knack for finding people who are as scared of commitment as I am of being temporary.
—  L.A.L.
Monsta X Reaction: When Their Crush (you) Says That They Are The Missing Piece of Their Life


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 "Wonho?“ You asked.

 "Hm?” He looked at you and raised his eyebrows. You hesitated to say what you were about to say. Wonho doesn’t usually say ‘I love you’ or stuff like that. You were scared of what would happen if you said it.

 "Um…“ you trailed off as your cheeks flushed red. ” How do you see me?“ You asked.

 "As my best friend, duh.” He smiled at you. “What about you? How do you see me?” He asked you.

 "Well.. um. You are like the on thing missing in my life. When I met you I’ve been happier since then.“ He said quietly. You looked down as you felt his arms wrap around you. And then you heard the words you thought you’d never hear come out of his mouth.

 "I love you too Y/N”

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You and Jooheon were sitting on the couch and playing some video game. Jooheon has never lost against you, so when he finally lost you took the chance to brag. After a few minutes of bragging he looked at you in a way that made you feel guilty. Without thinking, you said something to lighten the mood.

“I still love you though!”

His eyes grew wide at your words. You quickly covered your mouth, realizing what you just confessed.

“Say that again? What are you trying to tell me?” He said with a small smile on his face. 

“I guess now is the time to tell you.” You laughed a little, “you are the one thing missing in my life, Jooheon.” You said shyly. His smile grew bigger and stared at you with happiess.

“Wow Y/N, I love you too!”

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“Shownu, why are you so quiet around me? You use to talk to me a lot.” You asked him. He looked up from his iPad and set it aside.

“Um.. I don’t really know.” He said awkardly. “Does it bother you?”

“Well, yeah. Kinda..” you said quietly. 

“Why? You can always talk to Minhyuk, he loves to talk.”

“Because um, “ You started to blush, “ I feel like you are the one thing missing in my life.” you said fastly and looked down to hide you red face.

“Really? Oh thank god! It’s nice to know you feel the same way!” He suddenly got all hyper as he hugged you. “That’s why I haven’t been talking much, I’m sorry!

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“Y/N, do you want to go to the cafe with me?” Minhyuk asked you.

“Um.. I don’t really want your fans to see me.” You said awkwardly. He looked at you with a sad expression and sat by you.

“Why? Who cares what they think? If they see as my friend or more, it doesn’t matter to me. I just like spending time with you.” He reassured you. You smiled at his word and felt yourself blush.

“Wow, you really are the missing part of my life.” You said more to yourself but he heard you. He practically jumped on you to hug you and started to yell in happiness.

“Ah, Y/N I love you too!”

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You were currently sick, and Kihyun insisted on taking care of you. Right now you were currently laying on the couch and watching Descendants of the Sun, and Kihyun was in the kitchen. After a few minutes, he came back with two bowls of ramyun. He sits by your legs and hands you a bowl. You smile at him and sit up to grab the bowl. 

“Kihyun, I don’t want to get you sick. You really don’t need to take care of me.” You try to tell him as you eat the ramyun. He just shakes his head while eating aswell.

“I like how you care about my health, but I care about yours more. I’d rather nurse you back to health and risk getting sick, than be away from you and worry about you.” He told you. 

“Aww, Kinyun..” You blushed at his words. “You know? You really are the one thing missing in my life.” You said quielty and continued to eat. His head snapped towards you and he smiled.

“You feel the same way?”

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Even though you and Hyungwon were just best friends, you both found it normal to cuddle and sleep together. Right now you were wrapped in his arms, and he was fast asleep. Meanwhile, you were wide awake. You looked at his peaceful face while he was asleep and began to think. You thought of how happy he made you. He made you happier than anyone ever could. You thought about how he was always there for you, and always made sure you were ok. What you didn’t know, was that you were saying everything aloud.

“You are the missing part of my life, Hyungwon.” You said quietly and gave him a small kiss on the cheeks. You saw him smile, and you immediatly regret what you just did.

“I heard all of that.” He slightly chuckled.

“I-I didn’t know you were awake.” You stuttered. He pulled you closer into his chest and kissed the top of your head.

“I love you, Y/N”

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You decided to visit I.M since he hasn’t talked to you in a few days.  You wanted to check if he was ok. You walked into his dorm, and Wonho told you he was in his room. You nodded and went to I.M’s room.  You slowly opened the door and saw him. He was sitting at his desk, and he appeared to be writing something. 

“Wonho, go away” he said.

“It’s not Wonho.” You giggled. He smiled upon hearing you laugh.

“Hello Y/N” He said.

You walked behind him and looked at what he was writing. You got a quick glimpse of the words before he flipped over the paper. 

“Are those song lyrics?” You asked. 

“You weren’t suppose to see those.” He blushed a little. 

“Why? What were they about?” You asked him.

“Fine, just look at them.”

“Aww, who is it about?” You asked, with a tad bit of jealousy.

“You.” He mumbled quietly.

“Aww! I.M that’s so sweet! You really are the one thing missing in my life!”

“Ah, it feels so good to know you feel the same.” Hhe sighed in relief.

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This was requested, and I’m sorry it took so long! I am familiar with Monsta X, I just never really got to know their personalities. So  I had to do a lot of research! I hope you guys liked it though!

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"#this is what i want Graves to look like post fantastic beasts" - can i have a hallelujah? i headcanon that after Graves recovers after Grindewald, he sorta goes "screw it" and starts rocking "a handsome hobo" look. slicked back hair with shaved sides? who dat? scorpion pins, three-piece suits every day of his life? haven't heard of them. everyone in MACUSA is outraged because he shouldn't look this good dishevelled, after almost dying, but he does, the sod.

(link for reference)

I see it more as Graves wanting to separate himself from Grindelwald, since Grindelwald tainted his old look so he tries for something a little different so no one will look at him and be reminded of Grindelwald/he won’t see the dark wizard when he looks in a mirror. 

(Also depression and general, like you said, ‘fuck it and you and everything’ attitude.)

Your hugs were something new - playful and exploratory with just the right amount of comfort. And I guess the thing about home is that you can chase it for years and not realize you were ever looking for it until your head is buried into a shoulder that you can’t bear to let go of. Until his arms are wrapped around your waist, your heartbeat aligned with his, and you think to yourself, “I don’t want to ever leave”
—  L.A.L.

Official Opinion on Funko Pops: Could live without the soulless popsicle eyes and odd design choices, but I’m honesty happy there is finally merch I can afford with my Very little money. I have been poor for my entire mature life and its nice to actually have pieces of these fandoms I can drop $10 on occasionally. Not everyone can afford a fucking Nendoroid so, damn, let me Have this.

my brain: time to play that one post over and over again in your head
me: oh my god please don-

i just wanna rent a small cozy apartment in nyc and live with like two of my friends and we all do our own stuff during the day but we come home @ night and hang out and just chill and like study but in each other’s company. and i want an apartment with big windows and lots of light and clean lines and i wanna fill the apartment with life and bits and pieces of who i am and i just wanna be so happy i wanna be free

I went to check Mark’s tumblr to see if he’d made any further statements (which he has, basically reiterating the same bullshit he said in the video) but as soon as I hit the back button, my dash was covered in confetti

as if it was celebrating my officially cutting this piece of shit out of my life

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5 things you’ll find in my bag (besides keys and phone): lip balm (always and forever), a bottle of water, painkillers (for like head ache and such), a pad or two, a pen

5 things you’ll find in my bedroom: my apartment consists of one room + bathroom so my “bedroom” is also my livingroom/kitchen, but things that have always had a place in my bedroom are: books, my teddy bear that I’ve had since I was like six, a Malm™ chest of drawers (I mean most of my furniture are from IKEA who are we kidding), dragons in various forms and materials, weird lil pieces of aesthetics

5 things I want to do in life: becoma a librarian, work in a bookshop, see the Leaning Tower of Pisa, sleep in a castle, own a nice house/apartment with a cool garden and have enough money to decorate it however I want

5 things that make me happy: hanging out with my four closest friends, being outside in nice weather, succeeding academically, watching Thomas Sander’s videos/vines (I’ve seen the Valentine four times lately), dancing late at night

5 things I’m currently into: smoothies, wearing skirts, Robin Hood Legends (a phone game), trying out being artsy, Shadowhunters

5 things on my to-do list: grocery shopping, sew patches onto my student overall? (I have no idea how to explain that if you don’t already know what I’m talking about), reading a boring book with an open mind because it’s for a book club I’m in but 20+ pages it doesn’t look too good, rewrite parts of an assignment, transform two old books into boxes using a knife, glue and magic

5 things people don’t know about me: I didn’t even know being acearo was a thing until about two years ago, I’ve never seen Titanic, I’ve been doing yoga mostly regularly since I was like eight or ten (aka more than half my life), I had a booktube channel for a year, my old first name

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