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“Soul Gem” Pop Culture Glamor Spell

A glamor spell to fill the gaps in my life created by seeing no Madoka Magica spells, and also for never being as cute as Madoka Kaname.

This spell gives you a “soul gem”, an item that will make you feel glamorous and special every time you keep it on your person. In other words, you get to experience your own “magical girl transformation”, although anyone of any gender can use this spell.

You will need:

  • An item you often keep on your person–jewelry, keys, even a shoelace
  • A stone of your favorite color (if you’re having trouble choosing, I recommend choosing a warm or metallic color, like red or gold)
  • A clothing, bag or piece of cloth of the same color
  • Your phone or a flashlight
  • Dried rose petals
  • (optional) Glamor Salt
  • Your favorite outfit


1.   Put on your favorite outfit. It can be anything–a suit, a bathing suit, a cosplay, pajamas, your favorite underwear (it does not have to be the same color as your cloth or stone). It doesn’t matter so much what it is as it does how you feel while wearing the outfit. Changing into the outfit puts you into a confident, self-loving mindset, and gives you ideas of how you want to appear to others.

2.   Take your item of choice and either put it in the glamor salt. If you do not have the glamor salt on you, OR if your item will get damaged by sitting in the salt, place it in a pile of rose petals instead.

3.   Scatter a ring of rose petals around the item.

4.   Place your stone nearby the item (NOT in the salt, as salt damages certain stones). The setup should look something like this:

5.   While your item is charging, think of a word that summarizes how you want others to perceive you. It could be “androgynous”, “badass”, “cute”, “masculine”, “confident”–whatever makes you feel best about yourself. Got it? Keep it in your head, and imagine someone looking at you and immediately thinking that word. Embrace how confident that makes you feel.

6.   Turn on your flashlight or the flashlight app on your phone, and place it inside the bag/cloth. Turn out the lights. You should see a lamp-like glow of your favorite color lighting the space.

7.   Take your item out of the roses/salt, and place it on the glowing cloth. Hold your hands over it and think, “I am _______!” (whatever your chosen word is). Repeat it to yourself. Remember how you felt when you imagined someone perceiving you that way? Feel that, and allow it to flow through your arms and into your chosen item. The glow of the cloth will help you. Try to dump all of your confident, self-loving feelings into the item.

8.   When you feel you have adequately charging the item, turn on the lights and wash the item off. You’re done! You’ve created your very own soul gem. If you ever feel the need to recharge it, you can shine a light beneath the cloth again, and let the item sit for a while to charge.

I hope this spell helps people feel beautiful, strong and confident. Thank you for reading. Have a beautiful day ahead!! (^ー^)/’`*:;,.★

Leo Viv (In Progress)

This is a step-by-step setup of Kharjo’s (the leopard gecko) bioactive vivarium (still a work in progress).

First, gravel for a shallow drainage layer, and a basking rock placed directly on the glass, over the Under Tank Heater (UTH).

Next, I cut out a piece of black trash bag (clean), to prevent the soil from mixing in with the gravel and defeating the purpose of the drainage layer.

Then I poked holes in it, so it would still drain.

I added a thin layer of peat moss, to aid in drainage and to offer the plants some nutrients as it eventually breaks down.

Then I added the main substrate:
2 parts soil (which is primarily clay), that I collected from my yard and baked to sanitize.
1 part play sand
1 part peat moss

Finally, I added Aloe Vera, and some Sansevieria and created a dry and humid hide out of flat stones.
(I don’t have the whole cleaner crew yet, so it’s not exactly bioactive yet. So I spot-clean)

It’s still pretty basic, and would benefit from a nice 3D background, but that shall have to wait for another day.

Driven by Revenge

When a loved one is murdered, revenge can very often be in the forefront of the victim’s loved one’s minds. Of course the majority leave it to the justice system to serve punishment and justice, however, in 2015 24-year-old Alam Khan took things into his own hands. When Alam was just 12-years-old, he witnessed his father get murdered by a family friend, Mohammad Rais. Twelve years later, Alam lured Mohammad to his house where he stabbed him to death before chopping him into 12 pieces - one for each year he waited for this moment. Alam then placed the dismembered pieces into plastic bags before throwing them into a river. They were retrieved when they washed onshore. Alam readily admitted to killing Mohammad and confessed that he had never told anybody that he witnessed his father be murdered so that he could plan his revenge instead of letting justice take its course.

The Lost Years

Title: The Lost Years

Characters: Reader, Sam, and Dean

Word Count: 2,000

Warning: So much fluff you may get a cavity

A/N: These boys deserve the world, and they deserve a childhood. If I was able to, this is what I would give them. Enjoy!

Doing a final check of the room, you jumped when the boys slammed the Bunker door.

“Y/N! What happened? Why can’t we get into the garage?”

“Give me a minute!” Walking into the library you were met with very unamused hunters, drenched from the rain. “Oh, didn’t realize it was going to rain today. Sorry!”

“What did you do to the garage?”

“Relax Dean, I just needed you guys out of there for a bit. I’ll grab you some towels, just stay here!”

Sam and Dean exchanged confused glances as you jogged down the hallway to the closet. The boys were shaking out their layers when you came back.

“Alright, dry off, and then we gotta start moving! Lots to do!”

“What? Y/N, we’re so tired. And-”

“Sam, I promise, this will be worth it. We have six events to hit!”

Dean groaned, dropping his towel on the map table as Sam finished drying his hair. Grabbing both of their hands you led them down the hallway to the first door.

“Alright, tonight, we reclaim some of the lost years of Winchester boys. Follow me.”

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How to make a simple bag

This is a step by step tutorial on how you can make a simple bag for your cosplay.

This tutorial fits all kinds of fabrics and for this bag I used white faux leather. When working with faux leather remember that it melts under high temperatures, if you plan on ironing it use low temperature and a towel in between the iron and fabric. Also remember that when you sew in the fabric the needle marks will be visible even if you take the thread away so make sure not to sew wrongly.

1. Decide the measurements you want on the bag (this one is 10x14x2.5 cm). Remember to make the back piece longer than the front piece so it kan be used as a lid. To do this add the length of the height of the bag together with the side and the leght you want the lid to be. Cut out the parts in a fabric with at least 0.5 cm seam allowance. The fabric I used was a white faux leather.

2. Place the right sides of the front and side pieces together and sew along the marked line. 
(A good idea is to sew all the way over the seam allowance at the top but to not sew over the seam allowance at the bottom. This will make it easier to later fix the upper edge and to sew in the bottom piece.)

3. Sew together the back piece with the sides.
(Do not sew all the way over the seam allowance this time since you want to be able to fold the seam allowance down later.)

4. I like to sew the bottom piece of bags on by hand. This gives you more control and the risk that the sides twists because the corners got sewed on a bit off lessens.

5. Cut out a new piece that will be the inside of your lid. Make it a bit longer than the lid actually is.

6. Put together the right sides of the lid pieces and sew like the green line shows, not all the way down the sides of the lid.

7. Turn the lid part inside out and sew on the velcro or snap fastener so you can close the lid later. (If you want you can sew the velcro on after step 5, but I like to do it here since I feel it gives me a bit more control where to place it.)

8. Flip the lid inside out again and sew the sides of the lid together.

9. Cut the seam allowance’s corners of the lid, making sure not to cut of the thread, and flip the lid inside out. Take a pointy object like a chopstick or a pen and point the corners of the lid out so the get a nice edge.

10. Sew along the edge of the lid to make it lay flat and give it a bit of detail.

11. Flip the rest of the bag inside out and sew on the other part of the velcro or snap fastener on the front of the bag.

12. If you like to be able to have the bag on a belt like this one or hang it over your shoulder in a strap this is the step to add a piece of fabric on the back to pass the belt through or add the strap at the sides of the bag.

If you want a more soft look on the bag you can skip step 13 and 14 and jump directly to step 15.

13. To get a more square looking bag measure the inside of your bag and cut out pieces of cardboard (I like to use cereal boxes for this part). Make sure to measure all the way up on the seam allowance since you want to be able to fold a bit of the fabric down over the fabric. 

14. Glue the cardboard to the inside of the bag.

15. Glue and fold down the edge of the upper part of the bag. A good way to keep the edge in place while it dry is to use clothespins, just make sure you don’t get glue on them.

16. Glue the leftover of the inner lid piece to the bag so it stays in place.

And you are done! Simple and quick to make!


Kinky Night (Jaehyun)

anon said: Smut with Jaehyun please. Jaehyun’s back from performing abroad and he’s brought you a little present, lingerie. you’re more than happy to oblige and give him what he wants but you’ve also bought a few surprises, a pair of handcuffs and blindfolds. your both eager to get it on in an ‘extra special’ way tonight. Feel free to play with any other fetish or kink. maybe ice play, breath control and overstimulation. what can I say I have a wild imagination lol. Peace!~~ 

author: admin ni ayeee

word count: 2,834 (i got a little carried away, so not sorry :) )

genre: kink smut for ya nasties

a/n: luv ur request marry me (again the “sex” is referring to ya naughty parts lmaooooo)

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anonymous asked:

Had plastique bag hid in closet of spare room for very long time, so good to chew and eat leetle pieces of and then do lots of pukes in the house! Finished eat big piece of bag but still much to chew! But human FIND THE BAG and PUT IN TRASH. Human gets mad when I brake her things but thinks it ok to throw away cat very important BAG? 🙀

rip bag 😿


ALL OF MY CHILDREN! MY SWEET, SWEET, BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN I LOVE THEM! also I’ve been working on this for four days so the writing probably isn’t consistent. I’m sorry.

Wells Jaha: 

-he would always put your feelings first. ALWAYS.

-he would always try to protect you from everything and if he can’t convince you against doing something stupid, he’s probably going to do it with you (”Well, if you’re going to do something that’s going to get you floated, I’m not going to let you do it alone.”)

-he’d probably kiss your forehead a lot. 

“It’s your turn, Wells.” you smirked, knowing exactly the move he’d make. As projected, he moved his chess piece into the trap you’d spent the entire game constructing. 

“What? How did you even do that.” 

“I did it while you were staring at me. You really have to start paying attention more… I win.” 

“No, absolutely not.” he wiped the chess pieces into his bag and slipped the board into it’s place. 

“Oh… Poor baby!” you pinched his cheeks, looking up at him. “My poor, poor baby. He’s lost a game of chess and he’d being a baby about it.” 

“You’re being very childish right now.” he stated, pushing around you. 

“Says the one throwing a temper tantrum.” you rolled your eyes at him and followed him out of the rec room. 

Jasper Jordan:

-He’d be really gentle and considerate. He’s ready for anything when you are and if you aren’t, that’s okay too.

-You’d probably spend a lot of time with Monty as well. 

-Cuddles, literally all the time. He would constantly be touching you, even if it’s just holding your hand or sitting really close to you. 

“Babe,” he spoke quietly in case you were asleep. Your back was pressed against his chest and his arm was over your waist, holding you to him. “Y/N.” 

“Yes?” you hummed, half awake. he rested his chin on your shoulder for a second before kissing it. 

“Can we switch?” 


“Can we switch.. like positions?” 

“You want to be the little spoon?” you asked. He didn’t answer so you turned your body to face him and he just stared at you for a moment, waiting for you to say something. “Well are you going to turn around or not?” 

John Murphy:

-It would take a long time to develop a relationship with him, you’d have to be very patient. He has a hard time letting people in. But once you’re in, you’re in. 

-He’d be really warm all the time. 

-You don’t have to worry about anyone laying a finger on you because he’s with you all the time and gives death stares to everyone. 

-He’d probably get really, really jealous easily. 

-being the only person allowed to call him John- but only because he can’t tell you no. 

“John.” You groaned, rolling over in your bed. “Get up.” you pushed his shoulder to wake him but he stayed still. “Get up, babe.” 

“I don’t want to.” 

“We have to gather today, the sooner we do it, the sooner we can come back and sleep.” you told him, smiling at his sleepy groaning. 

“I want to lay here with you all day.” he kissed your nose, pulling you into his warmth. 

Raven Reyes: 

-She’d try to teach you everything she knows. 

-There’s nothing she wouldn’t do for you. 

-She’d be really guarded at first and you’d be met with a wall of sarcasm and other defense mechanisms but once you break down those walls, she’s yours. 

-She’s always be watching over you, smiling as she watched you interact with other people. 

-Little kisses all the time. 

“Raven!” you screamed, holding you hands up. “RAVEN! QUICKLY!” 

She sprinted in the direction of your voice, her mind running a hundred miles faster than her feet as she considered what was happening. Grounders? Fire? Sickness? Did you get shot? Were you hurt? She couldn’t stand how slow she felt like she was going as you continued to scream for her. She reached your shared tent and saw you sitting at the table with your hands in the air. She stood, panting. 


“Remember when you taught me to split rounds?” you asked, a smile on your face as you turned to her. “And you said I was hopeless.” 

She calmed down as she scanned your body and saw you weren’t hurt. “Yea.” She shrugged, coming over to your chair to rest on it with you, tired from running. 

“Well, eat shit. Look what I did.” you huffed, blowing hair out of your face. “I split two rounds all by myself.” 

“And you didn’t blow up the camp?” she asked, inspecting the impressive rounds. “Good job, Y/N.” she nodded and kissed your head. 

Clarke Griffin:

-Late nights talking in your tent. 

-holding her hand when she’s about to do something stupid. 

-always flirting

-Bellamy picking on you but getting really pissed if anyone else does it. 

-Meeting Abby when she comes to the ground. 

“Clarke!” you called after her. She spun around, meeting you with a smile. 

“Hey, Y/N.” her hand found yours and she slipped her fingers in between yours. “What’s up?”

“Nothing, I was just looking for you to see if you wanted to come with me to collect some fruits and things.” 

“Sure. When?” she grinned, knowing what usually happened when the two of you went out into the forest alone. 

“Right now.” you smirked. “Catch me if you can.” you took off running out the gates and into he trees, so light on your feet that you barely made a sound. You thought you’d really tripped her up until you were sent flying backwards into a tree, panting. She breathed on your neck, hot and heavy and you let your head fall back, laughing deeply as her lips found your neck and her hands pulled your hips into hers. 


-Loyalty. Undying loyalty.

-He’d worship you. You would never have to wonder if you were good enough because he would let you know every single day that you were. 

-He’d do literally anything for you. Lie, cheat, beg, steal, kill. He’d die for you. He’d protect you but he’d also understand that there are somethings you have to do on your figure out yourself. But you’d never be alone. 

-He’d always be touching you but he’d always be very gentle and considerate of you. He’d never push you into anything or ask for anything from you. You’d always be put first. 

“Lincoln…” you gasped for air, falling into him. You were locked away in your cave with him, safe and sound. “I’m so afraid.” you whimpered, sniffling as you nuzzled into his chest. “I’m so afraid.” he was silent for a moment, letting you cry yourself out before he pulled away from you, holding onto your shoulders as he looked down into your eyes. 

“You don’t have to be afraid, Y/N.” he told you. “I’m not ever going to let anything happen to you.” he whispered softly. “Not ever.”