The signs at a party
  • Aries: The person in the corner on their phone
  • Taurus: At the bar/getting drinks
  • Cancer: Hanging with friends
  • Leo: Waiting for slow dance to steal popular boy/girl's date
  • Virgo: In the corner with Aries ;-;
  • Libra: Flirting with anyone they can find
  • Scorpio: Envying the person with the best outfit
  • Sagittarius: Trying to calm down Gemini but at the same time dance with them
  • Capricorn: Trying to ask their crush out but keeps bailing
  • Aquarius: Selfies everywhere
  • Pieces: Trying to support Capricorn but failing at advice
the signs as actual things my mother has said.
  • Aries: you know what, i miss the old kanye
  • Taurus: i would leave your father for tyler joseph
  • Gemini: wake up its dinner time
  • Cancer: what's up with all the bee movie things recently?
  • Leo: 4 years of cheer and all you can do is a split on the dick
  • Virgo: what is with you and reading about your idols having kinky sex?
  • Libra: we get it, you want to die. just do your fucking chore already
  • Scorpio: go back to reading your porn kiddo
  • Sagittarius: are you really looking for a sugar daddy?
  • Capricorn: stop trippin' little homie
  • Aquarius: U little stinker. Y u have ur 📱? What time u wake up today?
  • I'm having a hard time with not being too tired now. I woke up at 5pm 😬😕🤔🙄😢😱😨🤐😴💤💩
  • Pisces: if he isn't your dad, don't call him daddy.
The signs as things my friend said the first time she got high

Aries: “I work out I’m stronger than you ahhhh!”

Taurus: “Allison, Allison, Allison the skittles in my mouth are red and green like Christmas!! *sticks out tongue* ahhhh”

Gemini: he’s in Ireland cuz his grandmas dying - “honestly who even believes that story”

Cancer: “I only got ready in 20 minutes but damn I look cute as hell”

Leo: “do you think if I knock on the ra’s door he’ll make out with me”

Virgo: gets caught trying to sneak out “ugh” *rolls eyes and storms back to her room*

Libra: “just give me one pillow I’ll sleep on the floor”

Scorpio: “this blunt is gonna make his dick taste funny”

Sagittarius: “there’s like probably 2 beds so I can sleep on one while they fuck on the other”

Capricorn: “I’ll be fine I have water in my room… And there might even be an apple in my desk!”

Aquarius: *falls asleep in an uber but promptly wakes up to sing control by drake*

Pieces: “methinks I should - that’s Shakespeare”

Maybe we feel empty because we leave pieces of ourselves in everything we used to love.
—  Drake
the signs as things that happened on MAMA 2016
  • Aries: The Wiz and Taeyeon beef.
  • Taurus: Seventeen and Gfriend's collab.
  • Gemini: No YG artists attending.
  • Cancer: SM not letting Red Velvet go bc of full schedule.
  • Leo: Timbaland looking confused 90% of the time.
  • Vigro: Crush's reaction when winning best male artist.
  • Libra: BTS stage.
  • Scorpio: Chanyeol dying laughing after winning best asian style award.
  • Sagittarius: Nct U not performing the 7th sense.
  • Capricorn: Vjin moment on stage.
  • Aquarius: Exo arriving late to the red carpet.
  • Pisces: Zico, Dean and Crush saving lives with BERMUDA TRIANGLE performance.
I decided, enough pain….I was not the woman who breaks into pieces under the blows of abandonment and absence, who goes mad, who dies. Only a few fragments had splintered off, for the rest I was well. I was whole, whole I would remain. To those who hurt me, I react giving back in kind. I am the queen of spades, I am the wasp that stings, I am the dark serpent.
—  The Days of Abandonment (Elena Ferrante)