Nightmare | Vinsmoke family

Fandom: One Piece

Rating: General

Word Count: 1.259

Genre: Family | Hurt/Comfort | Fluff

Summary: AU where the Vinsmokes have each other’s backs. [multiple one-shots]

Note: In which Sanji has a nightmare and his siblings wake him up.

Note 2: I wasn’t sure if I should go with a fiction or one-shots, but then I was like ‘one-shots it is’ cause like you can get so many things out and come up with so much too. I’m sleep deprived so I apologize ahead if nothing makes sense. I know I don’t make any sense either, but popcorn. I also wasn’t sure which one to end first (there’s one more in the work), but I went for the nightmare one and I hope you like it asdfghjkl I’m not the best writer there is, but feedback is appreciative. (*´꒳`*)

Tagging @askstrawhatsanji since you motivated me to write it.


“No…” Sanji whined and tossed in his bed, sweating. “D-don’t lock me…” he mumbled and turned the other way. He shuddered, the blankets on the ground beside his bed. He laid on the side and pulled his legs to his chest, a whimper escaping his lips. “P-please…”  

Ichiji opened his eyes and groaned. Having another restless night after rough training, he was aching for some good sleep. He let out a sigh and turned on his stomach. Just as he was about to close his eyes, his head snapped up when he heard a sob. He straightened up on his bed and looked at Niji, who was lying on bed, one of his hands scratching his stomach. He was sleeping.

“Not him…” Ichiji murmured to himself and looked at Yonji, who laid not too far from him. Yonji was mumbling under his breath, but he was asleep as well. Narrowing his eyebrows, he looked at Sanji and frowned.  

“I-I’ll be good…” Sanji sobbed and curled in a ball.

Jumping off his bed, Ichiji looked around, his eyes meeting with Niji’s, who was now wide awake. He looked at Yonji, who groggy sat up and rubbed his eyes before he became completely alerted at the sound of sobs. The three brothers looked at each other with quiet nods. They stepped on the ground and walked to Sanji’s bed.  

Ichiji leaned on Sanji’s bed and observed his brother. He blinked in silence and reached out his hand. His finger was millimeters away from his cheek when he gulped, hesitating.  

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Loki Bracers Tutorial

So i haven’t done a tutorial in a while and thought i might as well do one for the Loki bracers i made to get back into practice:

if you’ve got any questions on anything feel free to drop me an ask.



-pens/pencils (i would recommend a permanent or whiteboard marker as thats the easiest to draw on worbla with)

-ruler and/or tape measure


-craft foam


-heat gun

-seed beads 

-wood glue

-gold paint (i used metallic spray paint)

-black acrylic paint

-paint brushes

-kitchen roll


1. Start by measuring from your elbow to your wrist and draw a line of this length on some paper. Then measure around the mid point of your arm, divide the measurement around your arm by two and draw a line of this length attached to one end of  the first line you drew at 90 degrees. Then draw in two more lines to form a rectangle. Then sketch in the design of the bracer within this rectangle, i made mine slightly shorter than my full arm measurement but kept the width the same. you only need to make one template because you can just mirror all of your pieces to make the opposite bracer.

2. Draw around your template on craft foam and cut it out. (you don’t need the rim around the edge i’ve only got it cos i made my original template too small) Then do exactly the same with the other side of the template to create the opposite bracer.

3. draw round each craft foam bracer twice onto worbla leaving a 0.5cm or larger rim around the edge and cut those out.

4. Sandwich your craft foam between your two piecer of worbla, heat the whole thing up with a heat gun and press the pieces together taking extra care to press together the pieces all around the edge. then if its still warm enough cut off the excess around the edge being careful not to expose the craft foam. (if its not warm enough just re-heat it then complete this step)

5. Heat up your bracer again and bend it over something to create the curved shape. i heated it over a drinks bottle, i would not recommend shaping it actually on your arm because odds are you will burn yourself.

6. cut out the individual sections from your original template, then cut them out of worbla (make sure the three overlapping sections that are put on first have a slight lip on them for overlapping)

7. lay the pieces on one at a time, heat them up, and stick them down in the order that follows:

8. to create the texture on the ends of the bracers i first marked out the pattern, then i heated up the section a bit at a time and poked the end of a paintbrush into the worbla to create dimples. 

9. later up more of the sections as i step 7.

10. to create the ball details i covered seed beads in tiny pieces of worbla then poked holes in the worlba using the same method as step 8. then while the worbla was still warm inserted the balls into the worbla.

11. cover the whole thing in several layers of wood glue using an old paintbrush (i think i used 4 coats of glue), and wait for it to dry completely between coats or you will just make a mess.

12. spray paint the whole bracer gold (its just the lighting making this look bronze)

13. wait for that to dry properly then cover a section in black acrylic paint, wait for about 15 seconds, then wipe it off with some kitchen roll, leaving a bit of residue anywhere the bracer would collect dirt.

14. when this is dry cover with a couple more layers of wood glue and you’re finished!

when i make the actual costume i will be attaching these by gluing velcro to the back and having a corresponding piece of velcro sewn to the jacket sleeve.

Good Luck!

If you’ve got any questions feel free to drop me an ask.

havent necessarily been feeling good enough in myself to start on my remaining review photos but maybe I’ll get some done today if I have time between painting another art final (might hate myself and make it a two piecer) and screaming into the void.

096. Heat. (Writer's Choice)

Thank you both, these are great.


Oh bloody hell, she’s in a bathing suit.

A perfectly respectable bathing suit, not one of those flashy two-piecers that Ron had sort of been hoping for but knew better than to expect. But one-piece or two, it’s still Hermione and her skin is everywhere and Ron doesn’t know where to look.

It had been Ginny’s bloody idea to go for a swim, all three of them, and with his sister there as a buffer he thinks he would have been okay. But when they’d got to the pond and stripped down to their suits, Ginny had bailed out and he had seen her give Hermione a look and Hermione turned very red and Ron doesn’t even begin to know what to make of that because he’s feeling very exposed in his (perfectly respectable) bathing suit and is busy trying to subtly flex his arm muscles and his chest at the same time.

Hermione mercifully (but also regretfully) jumps into the water immediately so she’s mostly covered up and Ron follows her, crouching down in the shallow pond so he’s hidden pretty much up to his neck.

They awkwardly smile at each other across the water. The silence is getting heavy so he makes a lame joke about the frogs in the pond that doesn’t even make any sense and Hermione gives an odd high-pitched giggle and he almost wants to drown himself for being such an idiot.

He can’t understand why, but his eyes are irresistibly drawn to her neck, specifically where it flows into her left shoulder. Maybe it’s because, despite its harmless location, he’s never seen her skin there before. Hermione’s uniform at school was always maddeningly perfect, every last button done up all the way to the top, and he’s never seen her in anything more risqué than a t-shirt. He might have been able to see this particular spot at the Yule Ball, but he’d been such a dolt that night that he’d refused to look at her out of spite.

So even with all this new and exciting skin available to him, he realizes with growing embarrassment that he can’t stop his eyes from flickering back to that one particular spot on her neck and every time they do he is driven more and more insane by the burning need to put his mouth right there and see how it tastes -

Hermione’s staring at him now and her cheeks are getting red and he has a frantic rush of terror that she has somehow learned Legilimency over the summer. She sinks a little lower into the water, right down to her chin, and even though he’s been caught Ron still doesn’t know where to look so he dives under the water to try and extinguish the fire under his skin.

anonymous asked:

Do you ever feel like quality jewelry is too expensive? I'm a college student and barely make enough to pay for my books, I don't know how I'm ever expected to afford a piercing with those prices.

No I don’t feel that it’s too expensive. If anything it’s pretty affordable to have a hand polished piece of jewelry with a lifetime warranty. 

In regards to the entirety of the pricing, you’re also paying for a service. That payment is both feeding a piercer and the business that employs them, to keep food on their table and also profit towards a small business.

You don’t need that piercing, you want that piercing. I want a lot of things, I also work hard to make money to pay for the things I want. If college is your top priority, then do college for now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. If you want extra money to pay for things, get a second job, maybe tutor an underclassman, sell some things you don’t use anymore.

I mean absolutely no offense saying this. But as a piecer, I care about doing my job right, not what your income situation is. That means properly executing a piercing and using quality jewelry that is properly suited for your body.


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