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haha, awesome! i love having more people to discuss kdramas with. i’ve been dying at work for the past two weeks but these dramas have been giving me life. warning: this is gonna be really tl;dr so please bear with me!

MND has all the tropes of a typical rom-com but it’s playing with them so well. i totally agree with you about se ah and mama gong, which is frankly really disappointing to me because they both had the potential to be more interesting/complex characters. se ah is turning out like every other jealous meddling second female lead ever and i HATE that archetype so much because it’s sexist and tiring, but i guess no drama is perfect…as for mama gong, i really thought she would be nicer to jangmi after the whole poop thing [heh] in ep5 but nope. the wedding dress shopping scenes were pure torture and i really don’t blame jangmi for finally breaking and running away. ah, yeoreum is a super cryptic character to me still, mostly because while i’ve loved jinwoon since i knew there were 2am members other than kwon, the boy is not great at acting :/ that said, i totally understand why jangmi likes him. because of her fear of being abandoned and such, she attaches herself to men who are nice to her [which is also why she was initially attracted to hoondong]. and that scene where he tells her she’s pretty in her wedding dress killed me even though i don’t ship them at all. and ughhh jangmi and gitae are so great individually and together. i love that gitae falls for her first too! that kind of stuff normally only happens in noona romances but it really makes sense in this story — i really like how jangmi constantly says she’s worried about him, as in she’s sympathetic towards him but not ~in love with him. he needs to step up and finally be nice to her for her to reciprocate his feelings, because rn i think everyone is aware of them except for her. i have faith in this drama though! also sidenote: i lurked at the soompi thread for quite a bit because i hate myself and i needed to get live spoilers, but lmao/smh @ everyone raging over the ending of ep8 and saying gitae is better for jangmi and yeoreum needs to gtfo etc.etc. i have otp feels too but when i read comments like that, i feel like i’m watching a completely different drama.

YAASSSSS OMG I LOVE FTLY SO MUCH IT’S UNREAL. tbh i don’t think i’ve been this obsessed over a drama since…nice guy probably which was 2 years ago. and i haven’t shipped an on-screen couple IRL this much since scent of a woman with lee dongwook and kim sunah but in this case i know it can’t happen because hyuk is married :( their bts interactions are RIDICULOUS though like can you guys not?? and yes i’ve watched scenes from the last 3-4 eps or so multiple times and i can’t believe how well-written this drama is so far! you wouldn’t be able to make me believe it’s a remake if i didn’t know already. the male lead in the tw version was such a jerk in the beginning even though the actor is a qt, and while the original was hilarious [original!miyoung’s family is more even ridic than the kdrama version’s, heh], it was super OTT and makjang-y and dragged out. meanwhile lee gun might be one of my favourite kdrama chaebols of all time unless he does something really stupid later. and miyoung! gah, nara is so perfect for this role. it’s a typical heroine role but she is really killing it and giving the character so much nuance and not making her a complete doormat; i think i’m a full-on stan now haha. hell, i even watched bits of successful story of a bright girl i.e. the jangs’ first drama together for the otp. nara played a completely different character there which is amazing but she’s still adorable either way. i just hope sera doesn’t become an ~evil second lead because i am also NHF people who are calling her a meddling bitch or whatever rn — she has done literally nothing wrong and i feel like the rest of the story can have a lot of meaty conflict and such without her interfering too much. OHHH i wanted to watch KOHS because of seo ingook but i don’t like noona romances for the most part, especially if they’re between a grown woman and a high schooler…i’m sorry to hear it hasn’t been too enjoyable lately though :/ i’ve become a lot more selective about my kdrama choices lately because i used to watch ALL the kdramas and got so tired of everything being cliched and OTT haha, so i’m really happy MND/FTLY are awesome so far too!

sorry i had to make this a post because i have so many feels and u have so many feels and tumblr’s messaging system can be really shitty sometimes and i wasnt gonna risk it.

KOHS is SO MESSY rn which is a shame because it started off REALLY WELL. and the actors arent to blame—the cast is STELLAR lee ha na as soo young is not really that great tho and the leads r flanked by such WONDERFUL supporting characters but the writing has suffered from episode 10 and on. seo in guk is AWESOME tho omg! this is my first time watching him in something and he’s so charismatic and plays the part of min suk with so much gusto! u really believe he’s a high school kid! and i happen to LOVE noona romances but they have to be age appropriate like “witch’s romance” was pretty spot on and in some ways “my love from the stars” and a 28 year old going out with an 18 year old is NAGL.

the struggle is real because when min suk and soo young go out on dates they’re so damn cute but if the genders were flipped EVERYONE would say it was creepy because IT IS! and what can a grown ass women get from a high schooler?! at least in witch’s romance the younger man was a college graduate who was going through med school. he had a job and his shit together! high school boys?! HIGH SCHOOL BOYS?! i’m sorry to rant, it’s just that there IS an age appropriate man (yoo jin woo played by lee soo hyuk) that the writers r too busy making out to be an OTT villain!

DO BETTER, KOHS! DO BETTER! and yet look at me, i’m still watching…*sighs*

MND has all the tropes of a typical rom-com but it’s playing with them so well.

AND THERE’S THE STRENGTH OF IT. i think it’s a healthy combination of the writing and the acting that keeps MND from being a hot mess. and OMG that wedding dress scene tho—ughhhhh the pain i felt for jang mi! she’s such a carefree kinda gal and listening to mama gong tear her down was really heartbreaking. i’m actually glad jang mi went to yeo reum. i dont particularly ship them together but at that moment jang mi needed to feel secure and after se ah put it in her head that she and gi tae were doing things together—meh, jang mi doesnt need that shit. yeo reum makes her feel good and since jang mi is my main bitch i cant even be mad at him. as for the yeo reum hate:

i have otp feels too but when i read comments like that, i feel like i’m watching a completely different drama.

SAME! SAME! SAME! it is legit IMPOSSIBLE to truly hate yeo reum! with his eye smiles and jin woo’s mediocre acting skills! i kinda like how he interrupts moments between gi tae and jang mi—it’s comedic gold. honestly i ship the holy trinity of gi tae, jang mi, and yeo reum. ALSO—r ppl forgetting that it’s yeo reum’s presence that is FINALLY getting gi tae to admit that he has feelings for jang mi? pls—yeo rim is a gift, i WISH i could have a dude feed me like that. i refuse to think bad things about him so i hope he doesn’t turn out to be a douchewaffle after all.

ITA on ur feels about se ah and gong mama. i also thought gong mama would calm down after the poop incident. then again, i also thought she would calm down after jang mi gave her a shoutout when she noticed how much the family takes gong mama for granted. since jang mi got a slap in the face for THAT i def should’ve known better… i dunno…like what does it take for mama gong to just BACK OFF? i kno things seem fishy but gi tae OBVIOUSLY cares for jang mi so…shouldn’t that be enough?

and se ah being that ~*conniving ex*~ is SUCH a tired sexist trope. when do u ever see male characters like that? it would’ve been different and maybe even more interesting if gi tae still had feelings for se ah but he DOESNT so her sticking around is just…creepy? like wtf was that whole sperm bank scene?! is she for real?! and then collaborating with mama gong to have jang mi locked away so she can blackmail gi tae in to sleeping with her—what kind of makjang realness?! i cant even hate se ah because i just find her character so unbelievable, lol. i wish they did better by her…

the budding (so far one-sided) relationship between gi tae and jang mi is slowly consuming my soul. that scene where gi tae can’t take his eyes off of her lips! *sighs* i love it! and then when he said “i’m not ok.” UGH i cant wait until he confesses and actually tries to actively pursue her!

FTLY IS THE LIGHT OF MY LIFE! best of the season, etc etc etc. 

you wouldn’t be able to make me believe it’s a remake if i didn’t know already. 

SAME! the story feels fresh and it’s genuinely funny. lee gun and mi young’s budding romance is BEAUTIFUL.

it’s a typical heroine role but she is really killing it and giving the character so much nuance and not making her a complete doormat; i think i’m a full-on stan now haha.

jang nara is the shit. i think had mi young been played by a less experience actor we would’ve gotten a mess but jang nara is PERFECT. she plays mi young with this quiet strength that i just ADORE. she doesnt feel weak even though she is shy and quiet and i think it’s alright that she gets saved sometimes. that last scene where lee gun calls her a diamond among rocks and whisks her away with fireworks—ahhhhhh! it shouldn’t have worked! it should’ve been CHEESY! but somehow it just felt SO RIGHT! i was tearing up! i was screaming! he kissed her cheek in that good-old-fashioned-kdrama realness and i SWOONED. AND THEN WHEN HE THANKED HER FOR WAITING FOR HIM?! T______T ugh this fucking show what am i going to doooooooooooo? it will be the death of me!

and ppl need to leave se ah alone. “meddling bitch”— WHAT?! if anything i feel nothing but overwhelming pity for se ah! she was too late! she loved this man, this man waited for her, she could’ve married him but she ran away to chase her dream expecting him to wait like he ALWAYS did. was it selfish? sure—but it was her DREAM! how was she to kno that this time lee gun wouldn’t be waiting for her anymore? i think se ah’s story is sad and i dont begrudge her existence or reappearance at all. i just hope the writers let her bow out gracefully. i mean, she and gun have been together for long enough that i could see her WANTING to fight but gun is MARRIED and he cares enough about mi young to stay by her side. i REALLY dont want them to ruin her character because for the most part i view her in a positive light. but this is kdrama so…i wont hold my breath, lol.

can i just say that i hope daniel pitt is sincerely a sweet man who wants mi young to be like a sister? cause he’s a great oppa and i’d be mad as hell if he turns out to be wanting more than he can get. right now mi young needs lee gun’s support so she can get through this pregnancy.

in other news, what dramas do u plan to watch next season? i’m thinking of giving “the three musketeers” and “surplus princess” a shot.