its 3 am
and im still awake
because i remembered
when you said you loved me
you told me i was yours forever
but i was only yours to forget
and now its 4 am
its no surprise im still awake
because you told me i was worth a million stars
and now i feel so worthless
and i dont mean a thing
its 5 am
and im ready to rest
you used to tell me i was beautiful
so i guess ill get my beauty sleep
its 6 am and the world is still asleep
but my time is infinite
because ive fallen asleep forever in hopes of being yours again
—  m.k.

@britneyspears performs, ‘Do You Wanna Come Over’ at Piece Of Me!

Slay that stage Queen!


The legend herself, Miss Britney Spears! 👑❤️ Congratulations on your #MillenniumAward tonight 🏆 #BBMAs #ItsBritneyBitch @britneyspears #pieceofme #billboards #billboards2016

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I don’t need you telling me I’m screwed up. I find more flaws within myself than you ever will. Yes, I’m a crumbling mess, but only because i’ve had to give bits and pieces of myself away. I’m left with remnants of the person I used to be. I’ve stitched those sections back together the best I could and even though my soul looks like a patchwork quilt - it’s warm.. and it’s home now.
—  Its my home now