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What are some gameplay features (if any) Obsidian would have liked to add to New Vegas but never considered a possibility because of different reasons, whether it be technical limitations or "most people will not like this"? And beyond jsawyer, what would YOU have wanted to add into the game, gameplay-wise?

A more robust disguise mechanic would have been nice, but honestly the game we shipped had most of the gameplay features we wanted.  The only other things I can think of are tiny features to feed into major features.  A proper recoil system with a recoil curve for firearms, better enemy movement/use of cover, piecemeal armor with individual armor ratings for individual body parts to promote more thinking during the use of VATS, etc.

I also think that the Pip-Boy’s display is too cramped and players could benefit from even a 25% increase in screen space.  It’s hard to understand the significance of the stats you see, much less the stats that aren’t displayed.

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Where do members of the cast fall as far as their place in the world? Like who are maesters, knights, lords and ladies, Kingsguard, Night's Watch, sellswords, hedge knights, etc.

Doomfist, Hanzo, Mercy, and Genji are all nobles.

Torbjörn’s the best blacksmith in the Crownlands.

Zarya is a Lady of Bear Island.

Widowmaker was originally wed to an Arbor nobleman but following his death has returned to the seat of her House in the North.

Morrison is a kingsguard.

Zenyatta is a humble wandering monk in the Vale. 

Junkrat and Roadhog are Iron Raiders in loyal service to the current Queen on the Seastone Chair.

Reyes is in the Night’s Watch. Reinhardt is a former noble who, dissatisfied with growing old and fat in his castle, opted to join the Night’s Watch and train new recruits.

Orisa is a Lady Knight who initially came as protection to Lady Efi of House Oladele when Efi came to be a ward at House Ziegler’s Woolflower Hall. When Mercy received news that she was to be married to someone she never met before in the increasingly tense Stormlands, she decided to flee and Efi sent the knight Orisa with Mercy to protect her in her escape.

McCree is a sellsword in the employ of  House Amari, a noble house including the warrior Pharah and her mother, though Ana is considering knighting him and elevating his status since he has proven himself very capable. Sombra is a spy and poisoner in service to House Amari who snarks at McCree a lot.

Winston, Symmetra, and Mei are all Maesters-in-training (let’s just pretend the Tower trains female maesters shhhh).

Tracer and Lúcio are part of a ragtag group of folk heroes who steal from the rich and give to the poor. However, Lúcio (the team Bard, of course) seems to be falling for one Lady Hana of the Reach. Bastion is a part of Tracer and Lúcio’s band, a silent figure of indeterminate gender in clanking piecemeal armor who always has a bird by their side.

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Medieval AU? ;D

The edge of Kylo Ren’s blade, jaggedly chipped beyond repair and blood red, hovers near Rey’s throat. It is stained with the blood of a thousand enemies and a thousand more allies that he betrayed, or so the story went.

Rey does not know that she believes all of the stories anymore. He cannot even bring himself to kill a rogue who made the mistake of stealing his grandfather’s sword from him.

Then again, he may just be exhausted. He’s suffocating in his armor. Despite his attempts to disguise it, it weighs him down. It’s miraculous he was able to catch and disarm her without the assistance of a horse. Hot, heavy breaths slide from holes in his bevor and brush her face. Rey stares the knight down, seeking the glint of his eyes inside the dark eyeslit of his helm, some trace of humanity. She finds none.

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