“But—but they won’t understand, they don’t—”
“Look at me.”
“We don’t need them. Do you hear me? I won’t let you leave.”

Inspired by anon suggestion (which I thank for, I enjoyed drawing this a lot because I realized I love the feeling of my heart shattering into tiny gay pieces)


Grown Up Daisuke on his soccer uniform (a little bit redesigned). If this get +75 notes Davis loses his shirt ;D. and if this hits more than 150 notes I will start posting the next stages on my nsfw blog ;F , where i do not use the digimon tag out of respect  :D


Just wanted to say that Nami’s new outfit is indeed most likely supposed to resemble a Dirndl, a traditional German dress, nowadays mostly worn in Southern Germany.

What I find interesting is her knot or bow, which in this case is placed on her lower back. A small one is at the front.

So the thing is, the placement of the bow or knot has special meanings, depending where it is.

Right side / front: means the woman is in a relationship, engaged or married

Left side / front: means the woman is single

Middle / front: means she’s either undecided or she’s a virgin

Middle / back: means she’s either a waitress or mourning, meaning has experienced loss or is a widow

This may foreshadow something…maybe not, I don’t know.

In any case, her outfit is cute.