piece the veil imagines


okay this is literal shit. what the fuck is this? why did i make this? probably because kellin is hot but whatever…

credit to whoever for the gif


He’d be kinda bummed that you’re sick but he’d be really sweet about you being sick. Like he’d attempt to make you soup and he’d refrain from making fun of you or trying to irritate you.


Tone would be the sweetest. Like of you mentioned that you were cold, he’d get some blankets, he’d run a bath for you and put on some singer/songwriter music for you to fall asleep to. Like, he’d cater to your every want. It’s be cute.


I think Jaime would like force you to do everything. He’d make you eat, he’d make you go outside and get fresh air. Like you’d wanna sleep but he’d be all “nope. Wake up, Buttercup. We’re going to exercise. Open those pores!” And make you Zumba your heart out.


He wouldn’t leave you alone. Ya know? Like he’d be asking you questions and rubbing your arm and harassing you. omg. What if you were sick for more than three days? You’d probably wake up to him trying to preform CPR and there’d be a bunch of sirens in the distance because he’s scared you’re dying of hay fever. Haha.

Vic Fuentes/Tony Perry/Mike Fuentes Imagine Part 14

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You awoke to the sound of breaking glass and yelling.
“That’s my fucking brother, dude! He would never do something like that!”
“Vic, I don’t know what to tell you. It happened. Do you really think (y/n) would lie about something like that?”
Another glass broke.
“Get the fuck out of my house.”
“I said get the FUCK out of my house!”
A slam. It sounded like someone was slammed against the fridge. Thud. Someone had fallen to the ground.
“That’s my fucking brother!” You heard Vic shriek.
“Vic, stop! Please-”
You could hear Jaime choking. Vic was taking it too far.
You jumped out of bed and sprinted down the stairs, adrenaline pumping through your veins.
“Get the fuck off him! Get off!” You screamed as you pulled Vic away from Jaime.
Jaime did not look good. He was bleeding pretty badly, and he looked unconscious.
“What the fuck, Vic?” You cried. “Ow, shit!” You fell to the floor. You stepped in a large piece of glass.
Vic suddenly snapped back into reality.
“Shit…” He ran to the closet and got some towels. He ran them under some cold water and gave one to you, wrapping it around your foot. He scurried to Jaime’s side and slung him over his shoulder, bringing him to the couch.
Vic dabbed at Jaime’s beaten face, wiping away the blood. His nose was bleeding severely. He had taken some pretty painful shots. His neck was starting to bruise from Vic strangling him as well.
You could hear Vic crying softly at Jaime’s side.
“What the fuck did I do? What have I done?”
You carefully got up and tried to hobble over to Vic, but the pain was just too much. The second you applied pressure to your foot, you yelped out.
Vic quickly rushed to you, making you sit down.
“No baby, just relax. I’m so sorry. I was just so… angry…” Vic buried his head in your lap. You cradled his head and pet his hair softly.
“It’s okay… it’ll be okay…” You let a few stray tears escape your eyes.
Vic sobbed uncontrollably into you. He could barely breathe.
“Just breathe baby, please…” You kissed his head.
“Did he really do this to you?” He looked up at you with his worried brown eyes.
You just nodded and let tears fall, trying not to make any noise.
Vic kissed up and down your thighs at the discolored bruises his brother had left. He rubbed your cheek with his thumb lightly and kissed your lips softly.
“We’ll do something about this.” He assured you.
He carried you over to your recliner next to your couch so he could tend to you and Jaime. He checked Jaime’s pulse, which was still beating. He was knocked out for a while. He changed Jaime’s bloody t-shirt and put some bandages around his damaged head. You could hear Vic sniffling as he did so.
“He’s my best friend, (y/n)…I can’t believe myself…”
“Vic, it’s okay. He’ll understand. You were just out of control was all.”
He came over to you and placed his hand on your thigh as he kissed you passionately.
“I’m so sorry…” He whispered and cuddled in next to you.
Just as you were drifting off to sleep, the phone rang.
Vic reached over and answered. “Hello?”
“Yes, Victor Fuentes?”
“That’s me.”
“This is Good Samaritan Memorial Hospital calling, we wanted to let you know that your brother, Michael, is in the ER right now. He’s gotten into a severe car crash, and there has been some skull damage.”
Vic was silent.
“Mr. Fuentes?”
“Yes, yes, we’ll be right over. Thank you.”
Vic hung up the phone and exhaled slowly.
“I don’t know, (y/n). I don’t know what to do.”
You heard Jaime sit up abruptly. “Ow, fuck…” He whispered.
Vic sat up and laid him back down. “Shh, you’re alright, bud.”
“What the fuck did you do? My neck hurts…”
“I’m sorry… We got into a fight over my brother.”
Jaime just sighed and laid back.
“(y/n), I have to go to the hospital and see Mike. Do you think you’d be able to stay here and take care of yourself for a little while? I hate to leave you guys, but I can’t bring you both to the ER with me.”
“Whoa whoa whoa, what happened to Mike?” Jaime asked with concern.
“He got into a car crash. He isn’t doing too well.”
“Fuck…” He whispered.
“We’ll be fine, Vic, just go to your brother.” You told him.
“Okay…I’m gonna get you guys a few blankets and turn on the TV or something, okay?” Vic rushed around and got the TV turned on and threw some blankets over you both.
“Okay, I gotta go. I’m sorry-” Vic was rushing around like a mad man.
“It’s alright, Vic. Go.” Jaime croaked out.
“I love you bro.” Vic leaned down to hug Jaime.
“Love you too, Vic.”
Vic came over to you and kissed you heatedly. “I love you.” He whispered against your lips.
“I love you.” You smiled weakly.
Vic rushed out and slammed the door behind him.
- Vic’s Point of View -
I couldn’t believe what was happening to me. I just couldn’t seem to catch a break. My best friend was in jail for killing my ex-girlfriend. My brother raped the love of my life and was now in the hospital with skull damage. I beat the shit out of my best friend.
I had to pull over for a minute and catch my breath as I sped down the highway.
Thoughts were flooding my mind. Everything all at once. It was as if my entire life was flashing before my eyes. I closed my eyes for a second and focused on breathing. After a minute or two, I was back on the road.
The second I got to the hospital, I ran into the ER and slammed into the nurse’s desk.
“I’m here to see Michael Fuentes.”
A nurse looked up at me as if I was crazy. She typed into the computer and said, “Yes. He’s in room 310.”
I ran down the hallway, dodging nurses and doctors. I finally reached room 310.
There were several nurses and doctors bickering back and forth.
“He’s not breathing.” “Clear!” “We have a pulse, we have a pulse.” “There’s still severe internal bleeding.” “Should we put him into ICU?” “For Christ’s sake, we lost the pulse!” “CLEAR!”
I couldn’t bear it. I sunk down to the floor and buried my head in my hands.
There was noise everywhere, but I blocked it all out. Time was rushing before me. I couldn’t take this. My brother. Was he gone?
- (y/n)’s Point of View -
You and Jaime watched the Maury Show, too lazy to change the channel.
“Hey, (y/n)?”
“…Uh, do you think Mike’s gonna be okay?”
“I’m sure he will be. He’s in good hands.”
A few minutes of silence.
“Hey…hey (y/n)?”
“Yes, Jaime?” You laughed.
“I…I wanted to tell you something.”
“Okay, and what’s that?”
A few moments of silence.
“I don’t know what you’re going to say…”
“Just say it Jaime. I don’t judge.”
“I love you.”
“Love you too, Jaime-”
“No, you don’t understand. I am in love with you. I have been for a really long time now.”
“How do you not notice? (y/n), I do everything in my power to make sure you’re okay. It kills to see you going through all this, and knowing Vic, all this crazy bullshit is never going to end. And it fucking sucks that you don’t know how wonderful it would be to just be with me. I would give you everything. Everything. All of the guys had sex with you. I just want to love you. And take care of you. And the babies. I just love you. And you’ll never love me. Ever. I know it. You just think I’m the best friend that’s always there and shit. You don’t know how many times I’ve woken up in the middle of the night thinking of you, and how absolutely beautiful you are, and how wonderful your heart is, and how kind and loving you are, and how much it fucking hurts to know that you will never love me back.”
You were silent.
“Yeah, that’s what I figured would happen…”
You got up out of your seat and curled up next to Jaime on the couch.
“What…what are you doing?”
“Maybe we won’t be together, Jaime, but I think you deserve this.”
You kissed him. It wasn’t a lustful kiss, though. It was filled with passion. Jaime grabbed your face in his hands and kissed you romantically, your lips colliding with pure chemistry and energy.
“Wow… Thank you…” He whispered softly against your lips.
“I love you, Jaime. I know that Vic is a lot of drama, and I know that you would treat me like a princess. But my heart belongs with Vic. Who knows…maybe one day, we will be together.” You smiled at him.
He kissed your nose and pulled you into him. “I’ve dreamed of this moment for so long.”
- Vic’s Point of View -
I stood up and walked into the room, which was cleared now. There he was. Mike. His chest rising and falling steadily. There was an oxygen tank hooked up to his nose. I was relieved to see he was alive and breathing.
“Hey, brother.” I pulled up a chair and sat next to his bed.
“Maybe you can hear me right now, I don’t know.” I scoffed. “I sure hope you’re okay…” I grabbed his hand and rubbed it with my thumb.
“Mike, this was a pretty stupid thing you did. Look what you did. God, why the fuck do I let you do this?… (y/n) is completely broken, Mike. You shattered her. She trusted you. I trusted you. … Why did you do this? Why?… Why did I let this happen? God, Mike, I swear…you’ve gotta hang on. You’re an uncle now. I love you…” My voice broke up as I whispered to him.
I felt his finger flinch against my hand.
This made me lose it. “Mike, come on man…Please don’t do this…” He squeezed my hand softly. Tears were spilling out of my eyes as I struggled to breathe.
“I love you, bro. Please, don’t.”
A doctor walked in.
“Oh, hello there. Are you Mr…. Victor Fuentes?” He asked as he scanned a clipboard.
“Yes. How’s he doing, doctor?”
“Not too well. He’s lost a lot of blood and is still bleeding internally. We just did some X-rays on his skull, which will come through tomorrow morning. We’ve hooked him up to LifeSupport for now.”
“LifeSupport?” I stood up abruptly, concern pouring through my eyes.
“Yes. He’s unable to breathe on his own, neurologically. The bleeding in his skull has damaged that fraction of his brain.”
My jaw was dropped as I sat back down and looked to my dying brother.
“Will he be okay?” I whispered.
“I sure hope so. We’re doing everything we can to keep him here.”
I couldn’t speak. The doctor awkwardly coughed.
“Well, I suggest you go home and get some rest for now. I’ll see you tomorrow, Mr. Fuentes.” He patted your shoulder encouragingly and left the room.
A few stray tears streamed down my face as I rubbed my thumb against Mike’s cheek. “Please, hang in there.”
I still held Mike’s hand. He squeezed mine reasurringly.
I walked out of the room and stopped at the doorway, seeing my brother hooked up to all those machines. How did it come to this?
I hurried out to get back home.