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i’ve literally made an entire portfolio of just this angry leprechaun AND! i have gold leaf to add to pieces now!?!? IT’S SO COOL AND INCREDIBLY FUN

I was never good at dealing with the part where people left my life. Sometimes it felt as if my heart and dreams were shattered to pieces. But then I came to realize that them leaving had little to do with me.
The people who come into our lives are there for a reason. We’re often not aware of it, but I believe their purpose is to bring what we need in that time and place of our life. They leave for that reason too.
We let people touch our lives and when they do, they leave a mark. Whether it’s heartbreaking or heartwarming, we are never the same. At least I never was. At some point, I started to feel like I evolved into a slightly different and a more understanding version of myself. I came to know that dreams might die and eventually other dreams will awaken. And maybe, without realizing it I touch lives and dreams too. And if so, may it always be with love, wisdom and compassion. Because in the end what matters the most is what we learn and how well we pass it on.
Even when dreams come to die.
—  aashiquidreams  // Journal of Dying Dreams
Ela é dissimulada, decidida, tem os olhos que engolem a alma de qualquer um… Mas ela quer mais! Ela não quer esse mundo sem graça, esses amores fúteis como febres passageiras. Ela espera intensidade, ela deseja um mundo de fervura eterna.
—  Aquela tal mulher. (Piece Of My Dream)

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