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“For you now“

F I N A L   F A N T A S Y   X V   N O C T L U N A  +  N O C T I S W E E K

August 30 || Happy birthday Noctis!

tumblr is gonna fuck up the resolution for this isn’t it? but… I really don’t wanna crop it
anyway, this is a contest entry for a Soul Eater group on deviantART!!! it was pretty fun to do, although there’s some things that I’m still kinda bothered by (in regards to anatomy and stuff) but I just… can’t make myself work on it anymore ;u;

Crona is agender and my headcanon Crona goes by she/her and he/him, I’m also agender and go by she/her, please respect our gender and pronouns
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KARLIE KLOSS: SUPER MODEL: Conquering fashion and crushing tech - photography: Carter Smith - styling: Bill Mullen - hair: Harry Josh - makeup: Hung Vanngo - manicure: Casey Herman - text: Laura Brown - INStyle June 2017

“Almost 10 years in, her modeling career has encompassed more runways han JFK, more covers than a ….cover band, and more campaigns than some presidents. Kloss is two years into Kode with Klossy, her 10-city (and growing) program to inspire young girls to learn coding and enter the tech world.”

  • featured: Giambattista Valli Haute Couture silk gown. Manuel Albarran steel neck piece & arm pieces. Elie Top necklace & cuffs. Christian Louboutin leather sandals.

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neck? (love the auburn by the way :) )

I dooo! I wear these two pretty much every day–

–so the one on the shorter chain is an image of the phase the moon was in on the day I was born. The longer chain is two pendants, one of them is a rose quartz point, and the other is a pentacle with all the phases of the moon around it, which my mother bought me when I was 12. I did also recently buy a necklace, I don’t have a picture of it, but it’s like this–

–just on a black cord. The pendant opens, and inside is a piece of lava rock, which is incredibly porous. So the idea is that you put a couple drops of a favourite perfume or essential oil on the rock, which will hold in the scent for ages, and then you just walk around in your own little scent cloud. Mine has peppermint oil on it at the moment.  :}

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make a fanfic that betty is a mermaid please

Oooohhhhhhhh cooooollll.

“I’m not doing it man, there’s no way.” Jughead spoke into his broken down flip phone, packing up his laptop and heading out of Pops Diner.

“Please Jughead! Just this one time! I can’t not have that assignment, I’ll fail English dude!” Archie Andrews moaned through the opposite end of the phone, begging.

Jughead sighed, throwing his backpack into the back of his dads old pickup truck. Archie was his best friend and he would do pretty much anything for him , but supporting the inappropriate relationship the young redhead was having with his music teacher? Yeah that wasn’t on the list.

“Well maybe if you were actually doing your homework at Sweet Water instead of partaking in illicit sexual escapades with Ms. Grundy , you wouldn’t have forgotten your text book by the river.” Jughead reminded his dim witted friend.

“I know. I know. I’m working on it, please man, just this one time. My dad will kill me if I leave the house again. I’m already grounded.” He sounded so desperate that Jughead really had no other choice.

“Whatever dude, I’ll get it to you by tonight.”

Archie squealed, the sound incredibly similar to one he was certain Cheryl Blossom had made today at lunch, Jughead rolled his eyes, an annoyed smile on his lips

“Never make that sound again”

Jughead snapped his phone shut and made a u turn for Sweet Water River.

After about five minutes of searching the grassy terrain Jughead was officially pissed off, the book was nowhere in sight and it definitely wasn’t where Archie said it would be, of course his idiot of a best friend wasn’t picking up his phone.

Jughead was just about to give up on his search when he heard a soft, almost echoey humming coming from his right, dangerously close to the water. It was nearly nine o clock at night, who would be swimming in Sweet Water this late? The dark haired boy never passed up the chance to investigate, following the sweet almost sensual sound of humming Jughead found the source, his breath nearly left his body at the sight.

She was beautiful, too gorgeous to put into words. A young girl around his age was leaning against the edge of the lake, the bottom half of her body was hidden, Jughead had never seen her around and he knew nearly everyone in Riverdale. This beautiful, blonde Siren had long blonde hair sprawled out around a rock in front of her, it was wavy and shiny, atop her head was a crown made of seashells and pearls, her face was perfectly sunkissed, a pattern of light blue and violet swirls adorned her cheeks and temples, glitter shimmering and highlighting. Her eyes were hauntingly green, a color eerily similar to grass after rain. She was leaning against a boulder, and there were pieces of seaweed braided effortlessly into her hair, his eyes fell on her necklace, a piece of sea glass in the shape of a heart. The funniest part?

She was reading Archie’s English text book.

He was almost glued to his spot, he could stare at her all day. Who was she and why had he never seen her before?

Suddenly, too quickly, she had caught him, her eyes flashing in panic as she gripped the book. Jughead shook his head, rushing to her, something inside of him clicked, he wanted to comfort her, let her know she was safe, he wouldn’t hurt her.

“Wait!” The beanie wearing boy called out.
“Please! Don’t go.”

The blonde turned her body back around as Jughead finally approached the edge of the river.

“I’m sorry I scared you” he spoke just above a whisper , crouching down to speak to her considering she was still half way in the water. “ actually just here looking for a book.” He smiled gently, his eyes landing on the book she had clenched in her hands, her eyes widened in understanding and she quickly handed the English text off to him.

“I’m so sorry, I.. I found it and I didn’t think anyone would come back for it, I’ve been watching it all day. I’m no theif, I would never take something that has a home…. but the book… it was all alone.” She spoke slowly, almost unsure of her voice, Jughead nodded reassuringly

“Yeah my friend can be pretty careless, I’d never leave a book anywhere. I’m Jughead by the way, Jughead Jones.” He extended a hand and the beautiful blonde stared blankly at it, he pulled back “and your name..?” He questioned.

“My name is Betty Cooper.” Her words were rehearsed, cautious.

Jughead looked deep into her green eyes and held his hand out again.

“Let me help you out of the water, it’s getting cold and late.”

Once again Betty’s eyes were curious
“I can’t leave.” She spoke matter of factly and Jughead couldn’t help but laugh

“Are you stuck? When we were kids Arch and I used to get our feet stuck in the seaweed all the time.”

Betty smiled softly now
“Oh no, I couldn’t get my feet stuck.”

Jughead raised a brow
“Okay so what seems to be the problem?”

With the most musical laugh Jughead had ever heard Betty swam a bit away

“I can’t get out silly because I cannot walk.” With that she flipped her tail out from under the water.

Jughead flung backwards, stumbling as he gasped.

“You’re.. you’re a mermaid.” He whispered.

The beautiful blonde siren nodded enthusiastically

“Yes and you’re a human.”

Soma's Secret Ingredient- A beginner/ Broom Closet friendly charm spell to bring courage, creativity and ingenuity.

Originally posted by sqidimus

Inspired By Soma’s overwhelming self confidence and creativity

*could get a little messy*

**this spell can be performed with as little as a bowl, something to charm and A little cinnamon**

To gather, if possible:

- a necklace, bracelet, piece of jewelry or easily transportable item you can charm

- a white piece of fabric big enough to tie around your charm and several stones - a white candle (ingenuity), red candle (courage), blue candle (creativity)

- a bowl - carnelian or garnet (courage), aventurine (creativity), tigers eye (ingenuity)


- light what candles you have and lay your white fabric open in the bowl.

- Place the object you are charming inside the bowl on the fabric, and set whatever stones you have next to the charm.

- sprinkle cinnamon over the charm and stones and repeat the following aloud or in your head: “Bring me courage, to help me face my fears. Bring me creativity, to help me be unique. Bring me ingenuity, to help me solve my problems. Bring me these things in return for the energy I give you now.”

- focus energy into the charm as you tie together the bundle. (Try to keep the cinnamon inside)

- if possible, let it sit in moonlight overnight.

- Blow out your candles or dust off your hands to close the spell.