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spice up those coffee shop AUs
  • sure, i used to be a regular, but i literally haven’t been to this coffee shop in two years. how do you still remember my order??
  • you wrote my name down wrong the first time i came here and i didn’t correct you, but you’re really sweet and now i don’t know how to tell you you’ve been calling me by the wrong name for the past month.
  • i’m the manager and one of the other employees keeps drawing amazing art on the chalkboards, but i can’t figure out who it is?? i’ve been keeping a meticulous schedule to figure out whose shift it appears during
  • i work opening shift, but whenever i get there at 5:30 somehow you’re always already there, looking flawlessly put together. you haven’t even had your coffee yet. tell me your secrets.
  • we’re coworkers but we work different shifts and communicate exclusively through post-it notes. maybe i should just give you my phone number already so you can tell me more about the lady who ordered a latte for her ten year old.
  • you and your friend always sit at the table a couple down from mine and gossip in [insert language here], which happens to be a language i’m currently learning. i’ve been eavesdropping to try and improve my listening comprehension and oh my god are you actually talking about how hot i am??? 
  • i love hot chocolate So Much but it’s embarrassing to be the adult ordering hot chocolate at a coffee shop, so do you think you could announce that it’s a different drink when you’re giving it to me??
  • at the local coffee shop, there’s a chess set set up in one corner of the shop and every morning i move one piece. later in the day, someone else always moves a piece too. i’m dying to know who i’m playing against.
  • i’m a new hire and you’re trying to show me how to use the espresso machine. i actually already know how to use it, but i’m pretending to be incompetent so that you’ll keep talking to me. please don’t fire me.
  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: where was erik during Logan (2017, dir. James Mangold)? where was he when charles was deteriorating and losing his mind? did he ever go back to the mansion again between the events of x-men apocalypse and logan? where was he? was he dead by then? was he off having another little tantrum, unaware about the love of his life falling to pieces and eventually dying at the hands of X-24? did erik and charles ever get to say goodbye to one another? did charles watch erik die? what happened? where is Erik Lehnsherr in this trying time

even though he’s a piece of shit, c*dy’s plea to al*x wasn’t THAT bad and i’m glad he at least tried…. and it’d be one thing if she ignored him and just followed through with the plan, but she literally told PA*L everythinggggg including c*dy’s observations which gave p*ul the opportunity to fix the holes in his game, create new targets, and fly even more under the radar…. she’s deadass the biggest waste of space and potential. 

in what world is it a good idea to use your hoh to go with “what the house wants” (whatever that means) when the target is literally a person who would NEVER go against you………ESPECIALLY THIS LATE IN THE GAME. she would’ve gained an ounce of respect from me if she at least put c*dy on the block pre-veto to give him a chance to fight. 

AND the fact that she’s getting rid of cody when elena is clearly targeting her  and sitting pretty on the block is so fucking DUMB. and this is coming from me, an elena stan…….. 

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Cami, quick thought/question (Also BIG spoilers for the murder run), Chara says that their soul, DT, LV, EXP, Gold, and everything else was technically Frisk's post genocide, so basically they are the same person, so how can Chara die? (I know people theorize Chara being a dying piece of DT, but let's say that's not the case)

That was Chara literally feeding off Frisk’s LV. Rememeber that you teach Chara what’s good/bad by either doing the pacifist or genocide route.

Considering the genocide route, Chara was able to fully manifest themselves at the end due to the amount of power you collected that far.

Chara never kills any monster in the genocide route because they want to see if you are willing to kill everyone you once called friend. And only when your determination to kill sans is off the charts, Chara deals the fatal blow on him literally cheating on the basic RPG rules of turns and attacks right before you do.

Thinking about it, you never beat Sans, he was ready to dodge and kill the hell out of you even when he was sleeping, hence why he dodged, is just that he wasn’t expecting a SECOND attack… it even caught the player off guard there xD

And don’t forget that it was because of chara we could get our pacifist ending! They were the ones showing Asriel their memories so we could “save” him.


A nurse Peter prompt. In which Peter follows Aunt May’s path and becomes a nurse to help people. One night Wade ends up dying on Peter’s balcony and Peter saves him. Wade is immediately smitten by a sexy nurse who patches him up, not even batting an eye at his deformed body. Wade frequently show up, injured, at Peter’ door to hit on him. Fed up, Peter gives Wade a final that he shows up in one piece, no bleeding or dying part so he’d agree to date him. They become a cute couple. The end.

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hello my lord and savior (for all the good you've done for my batfam obsession). i was wondering if you could do an imagine/drabble about jason getting a bit self-conscious about his white streak when someone makes an insensitive comment about it, and his SO dying a piece of her hair like his to make him feel better about it? love you lots :'-)

So I wrote this one really quick! There is a sudden plunge into kink toward the end! If you don’t like that, skip the last few lines. I don’t know what happened, but toward the end of this my mind was suddenly in the gutter.


You love Jason’s white streak. It’s one of the physical reminders that Jason survived, and you love that. The two of you had been together since before the Joker, and you two had gotten back together again when Jason came back as the Red Hood.

Gently running your fingers through the streak, you press kisses all over Jason’s sleeping face. He stirs, eyes opening slowly, “Morning, baby”


“Wanna go to the book store today?”

“Yeah … but after coffee”

Chuckling, you lean down, pressing one more kiss to his lips, before you get up and head to the kitchen to make the coffee. “Well get up, I heard that the store got that new book you wanted”



“I’m coming, I’m coming”

An hour and a half later you two finally leave for the bookstore. The two of you split up when you get to the store, Jason heading to the new releases, and you wanting to check out the other sections. When you’ve browsed the rest of the store you head over to the classic section, the place you’ll most likely find your boyfriend.

“I don’t understand the stupid hair that people have now a days. Dude, did you do that shit on purpose?”

Jason hunches his shoulder’s slightly, already self-conscious about his white streak, and he rarely would defend himself. So, you decide to stand up for him.

“Do you have a fucking problem, dude?”

The asshole smirks over at you, “I wasn’t talking about you, sweetheart. I was talking about the freak with the streak over there”

“You mean my boyfriend? You’re standing over there being an asshole for no fucking reason, picking on someone who you don’t even fucking know. Does that make you feel better, sweetheart? Does it make you feel like a man to taunt someone in a fucking book-store?”

“Listen, bitch …”

“No you listen, you worthless piece of shit. It’s called a trauma streak. The whitening of hair when a traumatic event occurs causes melanin to no longer be released by the hair cells. He didn’t fucking choose to have a constant reminder of his trauma in the middle of his head, and he sure as shit doesn’t need someone like you to fucking point it out!!”

“Y/N …”

“No, Jay! You don’t deserve to be fucking bullied in public by some ignorant asshole who can’t keep his goddamn mouth shut!!”

The asshole is still standing there, looking like he doesn’t know what to do with himself. “Baby, let’s go. We can head back to our apartment, we’ll come back to get the book another day”

You whip around, “Did you get the book?”

“Yes …”

“Good, then we’ll check out, and then leave. I’m not letting this asshole stop us from getting your damn book” Turning around again, you lock eyes with the asshole, “And you might want to think next time before you say something to a stranger. The only reason I haven’t dragged your face across this floor is because I actually like to come here, and don’t want to be banned, understand?”

“Yes, ma’am”

“Good, now we’re gonna leave, and if you ever talk to my boyfriend again I’ll kill you, understand?”

“Yes, ma’am”

“Good. Jason” You manage to flash an almost manic smile at him, “let’s check out, and leave”

“Alright, baby, let’s do that”

Once you’re finally back at the apartment, you wrap your arms around Jason. “I’m sorry he said those things”

“It’s no big deal, babe”

“It is a big deal! I love your white streak! And I know that you hate it! I know how self-conscious you are about it”

“I’ll get over it”

You give Jason a sad smile, “Go start your new book, I’ll make us lunch, alright?”

“Thanks, babe”

Jason’s out with Roy for the day. He’s been jumpy lately, ashamed of himself. He won’t let you touch him, or play with his hair, saying that he’s tainted form the Pit. So, you had called Roy, asked him to take Jason out for a while, and then called Dick.

Dick answers on the second ring, “What’s up, Y/N?”

“I need your help, can you be over here in 30 minutes with some hair bleach and white hair dye?”


“Thanks, Dickie!”

“No problem, kid”

Exactly 30 minutes later Dick shows up at your apartment with the supplies, “You’re the best!”

“I know” Dick always puffs up like a peacock whenever someone compliments him, “So, why white dye?”

“Some asshole was picking on Jason’s white streak the other day, and last night I caught Jason trying to dye it black. So, I decided that I would make my own white streak in order to make him feel better about his!”

“And I guess you need my help?”

“Yeah, I’d really rather not mess this up”

“Alrighty then” Dick cracks his knuckles, “Let’s get to work”

Jason gets back that night in a decidedly better mood than the one he left in. “Y/N?”

“In the kitchen!”

“Babe, you wouldn’t believe what Roy … Y/N, what happened to your hair?”

“I dyed it”

“I can see that, but why?”

You sigh, putting down the spatula, and gently taking Jason’s hand, “Because I love you, and I know how much you hate being different, so now you aren’t. Now the two us will both have these white streaks, we’ll match, you don’t need to be self-conscious anymore”

Jason is still for another few seconds, and then suddenly you’re in his arms, and he’s trying to squeeze you to death. “I love you, I love you, I love you so fucking much”

“Love you too, Jaybird”

He leans down, pressing a hungry kiss to your lips, “You’re the best girlfriend in the entire multiverse, baby”

You smirk, “I know” Walking your fingers up his chest you look up at Jason from beneath your eyelashes, “What are you gonna give me for being such a good girl?”

Jason stands to his full height, looming over you, “Now, baby girl, I want you to turn off the stove, and go lay out on the bed. Naked. Daddy has a present for his special girl tonight”

You flush, eyes wide, and immediately scramble to do exactly as Jason says. Tonight, is gonna be fun.

The Makeup Challenge | COLE SPROUSE X READER

Description / Request: After not posting a video for a while on her Youtube channel, the reader decides to film a challenge with her newfound friend Cole Sprouse. Her very, attractive, famous, friend.

Word Count: 1593

“Yo hoes,” I greeted winking at the camera a few feet in front of me. “It’s been a while. What’s up?” I paused for moment pretending someone was answering back. “Nice. Anyways I’m here today with a very special guest and you’ll never guess who it is.”

I looked over at the other side of the room which was out of camera shot. “That’s your cue,” I said monotonously shaking Cole out of his reverie. He ran and jumped onto my bed which is what we decided to sit on for my video.

Cole grabbed my face and pressed our cheeks together flashing a heart stopping smile at the camera. “Hi everyone. I’m Dylan Sprouse and you’re watching Disney Channel.”

I pushed him away and giggled. “No but seriously, I’m here with Cole Mitchell Sprouse. Not Dylan as you can probably tell by the hair. And today we’re going to be doing to makeup challenge!”

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