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[Image description: two photos of a woman standing indoors, one a full-length shot and the other three-quarters. She is white and has dark brown hair, shaved on the sides and worn curly off to one side on top. She wears glasses with frames that are tortoiseshell on top and clear, pink-tinted plastic on bottom. She wears a purple dress that hits above the knee, an open-front mustard yellow cardigan that ends below the hip, and a scarf around her neck in pale blue, navy blue, purple, and mustard floral. She wears dark tights and dark brown lace-up mid-calf boots with metallic toe caps. The background contains a light wood-colored dresser, a pale teal bar cart with glasses and bottles of alcohol, and a pale green wall filled with many pieces of framed art.]

Dying over how well all these colors go together! I sometimes avoid these sorts of bright color pairings lest I look like I’m really into some sports team (and as I am in Vikings country, this one is particularly dangerous), but the inclusion of the floral scarf helps mitigate that.

Dress: Gift | Cardigan: Old Navy | Scarf: H&M | Boots: Born

spice up those coffee shop AUs
  • sure, i used to be a regular, but i literally haven’t been to this coffee shop in two years. how do you still remember my order??
  • you wrote my name down wrong the first time i came here and i didn’t correct you, but you’re really sweet and now i don’t know how to tell you you’ve been calling me by the wrong name for the past month.
  • i’m the manager and one of the other employees keeps drawing amazing art on the chalkboards, but i can’t figure out who it is?? i’ve been keeping a meticulous schedule to figure out whose shift it appears during
  • i work opening shift, but whenever i get there at 5:30 somehow you’re always already there, looking flawlessly put together. you haven’t even had your coffee yet. tell me your secrets.
  • we’re coworkers but we work different shifts and communicate exclusively through post-it notes. maybe i should just give you my phone number already so you can tell me more about the lady who ordered a latte for her ten year old.
  • you and your friend always sit at the table a couple down from mine and gossip in [insert language here], which happens to be a language i’m currently learning. i’ve been eavesdropping to try and improve my listening comprehension and oh my god are you actually talking about how hot i am??? 
  • i love hot chocolate So Much but it’s embarrassing to be the adult ordering hot chocolate at a coffee shop, so do you think you could announce that it’s a different drink when you’re giving it to me??
  • at the local coffee shop, there’s a chess set set up in one corner of the shop and every morning i move one piece. later in the day, someone else always moves a piece too. i’m dying to know who i’m playing against.
  • i’m a new hire and you’re trying to show me how to use the espresso machine. i actually already know how to use it, but i’m pretending to be incompetent so that you’ll keep talking to me. please don’t fire me.
  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she means: where was erik during Logan (2017, dir. James Mangold)? where was he when charles was deteriorating and losing his mind? did he ever go back to the mansion again between the events of x-men apocalypse and logan? where was he? was he dead by then? was he off having another little tantrum, unaware about the love of his life falling to pieces and eventually dying at the hands of X-24? did erik and charles ever get to say goodbye to one another? did charles watch erik die? what happened? where is Erik Lehnsherr in this trying time

serenasg  asked:

Cami, quick thought/question (Also BIG spoilers for the murder run), Chara says that their soul, DT, LV, EXP, Gold, and everything else was technically Frisk's post genocide, so basically they are the same person, so how can Chara die? (I know people theorize Chara being a dying piece of DT, but let's say that's not the case)

That was Chara literally feeding off Frisk’s LV. Rememeber that you teach Chara what’s good/bad by either doing the pacifist or genocide route.

Considering the genocide route, Chara was able to fully manifest themselves at the end due to the amount of power you collected that far.

Chara never kills any monster in the genocide route because they want to see if you are willing to kill everyone you once called friend. And only when your determination to kill sans is off the charts, Chara deals the fatal blow on him literally cheating on the basic RPG rules of turns and attacks right before you do.

Thinking about it, you never beat Sans, he was ready to dodge and kill the hell out of you even when he was sleeping, hence why he dodged, is just that he wasn’t expecting a SECOND attack… it even caught the player off guard there xD

And don’t forget that it was because of chara we could get our pacifist ending! They were the ones showing Asriel their memories so we could “save” him.

“She; who loathed her broken soul. He; who found more pieces to love.”

-DY // 13 words for 13 reasons to love you // I love you, and all your pieces

I wrote a companion piece to “This Is How It Happens (We Were Born to Burn.)” This is Cassian’s POV. Based on this prompt: “Cassian is romantically involved with someone else when he meets Jyn.”

The Thought That Drives Me Forward (You)


It’s the thought of her that drives him forward, that keeps his legs from buckling.

The Citadel rises high into the sky and Cassian can see what feels like the whole of Scarif laid out before him. But he’s not looking to the sky or to the way the land crests into the horizon.

The deck is wet with blood, and fear strangles him as he tries to stagger along the platform to find her. He can barely breathe, and he holds his wound as though it’s the only thing keeping him from collapse, save for the thought: Jyn. Where is Jyn?

And he sees her a moment after he sees the man in white, and his next step is easy. The look on her face as the Imperial drops is worth every lance of pain that cut through him on the climb up, worth falling to pieces and dying here if that’s his fate.

But he doesn’t die here. He doesn’t die today.

Jyn stumbles toward him, smiling like a child. He wants to hold her and never let her go.

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Out of all the woven textiles I’ve made, this one arguably has the most depth to it, which makes it difficult to photograph and capture the nuances seen throughout. This piece was dyed and woven last year during a turbulent and unsteady time. I was finally able to document it on this trip. Here are a few detailed shots of this cloth; dyed with insects, tree bark, minerals and roots.

Melancholic Desire

JANJAAAAN~ HAAAAPPY belated BIRTHDAY @kashphia!!! heres a special lil otp present hehe. the reason i chose chrobin is because i saw youve been drawing chrobin so really part of this fic was an inspiration that came from you c: i hope you enjoy this oneshot and have your heart being ripped out into two fluttered in glee <3

 He couldn’t lose her.

 White dust twinkled weakly in his shaking hands. Pupils shrunk to tiny dots. Lips paled and parted. Tears were heavy in each socket, yet none ever trickled and instead blurred his dizzying vision. Fingers shook and twitched violently. Hands trembled and stiffened all the way up to his bruised shoulders.

 He couldn’t lose her. He couldn’t lose her.

 The sound of Grima’s deafening roar finally reached a silence. The force around them changing so suddenly, Chrom only felt his body being pressed downwards, elbows scraping the dead dragon’s back and forehead bumping against the cold, scaly ground.

 He couldn’t…He couldn’t lose…her…

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Kelley’s submission

Sorry, I don’t have a blog anymore (I deleted it due to hate/fandom drama) or I would send you a direct message :-). I think that J and G may have overestimated how well the keychains were going to sell or the campaign would have ended within a limited amount of time. I think what my have turned some people off to the campaign was the controversy surrounding one of the organizations but also that the money was going to be split two ways. 10$ to each campaign is great but then you have to remember that P and S will be getting a cut of the money because it is their product and they are producing it after all. Had they chose one charity or maybe it would have done better. That is of course my own opinion on the matter :-).

G did donate to the Republican campaign the first time around but publically supported the Democratic campaign so that’s why some of her fans have a hard time believing her at times because she does contradict herself (a lot).

My last point I wanted to address was Easter :-)! I for one always remember Easter as a time I spent with the whole family (cousins, Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents etc.) and it just warmed my heart to know that J and J would be spending a holiday like that together again. It’s the little things like that that make me so happy. I was a little shocked that G didn’t share a pic of the boys with ‘Sissy’ because in my mind it would have been the perfect time for a family picture to be shared. Then again it’s obvious all the pictures she’s using for her IG were taken before the baby was here, so maybe she’s waiting to share pictures until they get more professionally done. Hahaha sorry! Just talked to myself there. I was wondering why you personally thought that J was being so silent about the baby? Usually it’s something that J and G love to bring up whenever they can.

Hope you had a nice holiday (if you celebrate) if not, I hope you had a lovely Sunday! Have a great Monday, Sera!


Hello, dear Kelley!

I am so sorry to hear you got hate on your blog. I hope you feel like coming back one day! You shouldn’t allow the haters to have such power over you.

I think you’re right - the hearts are probably not selling quite as well as they expected. In addition to the reasons you listed, I have one to add: the product is incovenient. It’s too large to function as a keychain and too cutesy to work as a nametag. What exactly is it to be used for? A decorative item of no practical use? I thought it was a wallet when I first saw it, but turns out it’s just a large piece of dyed leather. I wouldn’t buy one even if this was a J2 campaign - I just don’t like to have useless things lying around in my home.

I haven’t really celebrated Easter after my childhood, but I understand it’s a significant holiday to religious people and a good occasion for everyone to have some family fun. Did you know this was the third Easter in a row they spent together that we know of? Check out this tweet by my lovely friend! Ah, we are so spoiled.

I don’t know if G was there, but Jared sure made it sound like she wasn’t. I guess we’ll see shortly if there will be delayed “family” pics to fix this, but by then it will be too late. We already have it gathered that J2 spent the evening with the kids and Jared had a photoshoot with a professional photographer earlier that day for the People magazine. With G or not, so far we don’t know. If she was there, it would still sound like she parted ways with the J’s for the night. I guess we’ll have to wait and see the results of that photoshoot.

Here’s a little something I wrote about the kid weirdness earlier this month. I hope you don’t mind if I don’t revisit the subject - it’s one that brings me great discomfort. Thank you for the letter, good miss! I hope you have a terrific week and that your Easter went well. :)

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