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Here’s my (late) contribuition to Valentine’s Day!!
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Every Main 6 ship has my ultimate seal of approval, I love every single one, here’s some of the ones I haven’t paid enough attention to though ♥
Pinkie stahp ur scarin twi


Summary: After a hunt, you can never sleep. Neither can Dean. While you and him get drunk in the kitchen, you offer to bake him a pie, and things get messy?

hahah rip my summary skills

Request: Hi there! Could you maybe do a story where the reader shows Dean her pie baking skills and he just can’t get over her perfection? It could be as fluffy or smutty as you see fit, of course :)

Pairing: Dean x Reader

Warnings: Smut, language

Word Count: 2.4k

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It was the night after a hunt; you, Sam, and Dean had just gotten home a little over an hour ago. You’d pretty much went your separate ways for the night as it was almost eleven. You scrubbed your face before you threw on some pyjamas and laid down. You were sure everyone else would be passed out by now, but not you. You tossed and turned, the leftover adrenaline from the hunt keeping you awake. This happened after most hunts, you wouldn’t be able to sleep that night, or the night after. You’d almost always have at least one nightmare, so that kept you awake as well.

After tossing and turning for almost an hour, you decided to get up and take a shower. The clock on your nightstand read midnight as you grabbed some clean clothes and a towel. You made your way down the hallway to the bathroom and started the water, throwing your clothes and towel down on the floor. While you waited for the water to warm up you left the bathroom and went into the kitchen to grab a beer, trying to stay quiet so you didn’t wake the boys. You tossed the cap in the trash can and headed back to the bathroom.

When you got out of the shower you’d realized that you’d forgotten clean panties. That or they fell out somewhere along the way. You wrapped the towel around yourself and opened the bathroom door, looking to the right first, then left. To your left, you were surprised by Dean, who was holding your panties while also wearing a bright red face.

“I uh- I think you dropped these.” He tossed them at you before turning around and walking back the other way.

“Thanks?” you said, probably to quiet for him to hear as he walked away. But damn did he look good in his boxers and t-shirt. You smiled to yourself before closing the door to get dressed.

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Pictures of you

I’m your lock screen?!” - “You weren’t supposed to see that.”

I changed the prompt to ‘I’m the Picture in your wallet?’ so that it would fit in the 20’s time line.

Master list 

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“come on you big lump, it’ll be closing soon’ you groaned, pulling a chuckling newt by his coat sleeve, down the cobbled street, the cool pollen filled, spring breeze ruffling his auburn curls, making your heart flutter lightly in your chest at the sight of it. Turning quickly to avoid any embarrassment, you almost skipped  to the book shop, Newt hurrying behind you.

Hoping up the shallow stone step, you held the door open for newt, who gave you his lopsided smile as he ducked inside, the pair of you heading straight for the travel section in the familiar cosy little shop.

“you look for Africa and I’ll look for Asia?’ Newt suggested as you began scouring the groaning book shelves, looking for anything that might come in handy on the next leg of your adventures.

Before too long, newt was pulled away from ‘a traveller’s guide to Asia’ and into the animal section, where you could still hear the occasional gasp of excitement or slight sigh of annoyance.

You couldn’t deny the slight smile playing at the corners of your lips, as he would pop his head around the book shelves to tell you an interesting fact that he had found, while you continued the hunt for a few useful books to take on your travels.

Your index finger stroking across a particular deep blue leather bound book, ‘an adventures guide to the big wide world’ after a quick flick through and a read of the blurb, you tucked it under your arm, and found newt, where he had made himself quite comfortable on the carpeted floor, the stern looking book keeper, squinting at him behind her thick spectacles.

“newt’ you murmured, giving his shoulder a prod,’ this one seems decent for what we need’ keeping your voice quiet so as not to irritate the already grumpy looking woman. “alright, hang on’ he mumbled, fishing about the many inside pockets of his distinctive coat, finally coming across the money wallet, and handing it to you.

Ruffling his hopeless hair on your way past, to the counter, where you placed the book, and popped open the wallet, to find your own laughing face looking back at you. Utterly bewildered, you handed the book keeper the money that you owed in a daze, still staring at the picture in newts wallet.

You turned bemused, to newt who had hurried behind you, a slightly panicked look in his sea green eyes. You opened your mouth to try and speak, only for newt to guide you out of the shop, a slight pink flush flooding his face.

Newt shrugged his coat off to drape it over your shoulders, bringing your slight shivering to an end, lighting a smile across your cheeks, as he stroked his work worn finger across your cheek, a certain softness coming over his face as you leant into his gentle touch.


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Happy Pie Day from the Hummingbird couple

Qrow loves Summer’s desserts. A little…too much.

This is the stupid crap they get into fights over. 

Summer had to start making one whole dessert for Qrow just so he’d keep away from any goodies she was making for anyone else.