pie press

Dan’s Livestream // 12.8.15


Documentary will probs be out in January

He bought more mince pies for Phil


“It just came to me. Like an erotic stream about Santa.”

Laggy af

Felix’s tweet

He didn’t watch Sam Pepper’s video because he didn’t want to give him the views

“Yeah it was p good” after pinof7

Talking about the science of pinof 

He put a tshirt over the camera while he went to get something and said “won’t let you see my ass” so I’m assuming he didn’t have trousers on

Showed the advent calendar 

“Phil literally as an angel that one’s very nice”

Saint West

He thinks it’s a cool name 

Phil is in the living room 

He did a yoda voice

He hasn’t listened to Blue Neighborhood yet because he wants to listen to it properly all the way through

“Enter me Troye”

Radio show

The mince pie incident

“Basically pressed my ass into the mince pies”

He has 4 pairs of the same jeans

“Where’s you Haru pillow. What’s that?”

Possible playlist of every song they played on the radio this year

“Would you rather kill Phil or kill a llama? Obviously I wouldn’t kill Phil.”

They had over 5000 submissions to go through for the videos

They obvs couldn’t use all of the submission but they did see every single one and fully appreciate them all

“Girls can get whatever haircuts they want” 

He was honestly terrified during the trust fall

“There was like 3 minutes of screaming to accompany that” about the mushroom tug of war

He’s going to a fancy meal tomorrow to celebrate something so he may post a ‘weird’ instagram ??

He won’t get neko atsume because he know it’ll ruin his life

Guess the crime song

They wrapped tinsel around the staircases 

He had a ‘gloopy’ eggnog latte

He really liked the last episode of AHS

Talking about how all anime boy main characters look the same

Younow broke


Appaz it’s still really windy out

He has a love hate relationship with The Apprentice 

Not decided about Dilmas yet

He said they didn’t record putting up the tree 

He wished everyone good luck for finals

They’ve been rewatching the original Star Wars movies and he loves them

“Just give him an award already” about Leonardo DiCaprio

He needs a haircut as it’s currently a birds nest


He hates popularity contests online because then we just waste time voting

“The only people who earned anything are the people voting”

Award rants 

He said, unless he asks you to, don’t feel like you need to vote for him for anything because he appreciates what we do regardless

You should all give yourself an award on a piece of paper that says “special person that is good” and stick it on your forehead

Gaming videos soon

“I just want Phil’s hair”

He left to go upload 

“Remember, stick that thing to your forehead”

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[this was @marswithghosts‘ idea. inspired by this moment from check, please!]

Bitty stands at the counter in the Providence kitchen, mixing dough, when he hears Jack pad up behind him, stocking feet near silent on the hardwood.

“Hey, honey,” Bitty says, smiling at the bowl in front of him as Jack’s arms slide around him.  Bitty pushes back into him, welcoming the warmth of Jack’s chest along his shoulders, of Jack’s breath against his neck.  Jack kisses just behind his ear, a spot that never fails to make Bitty shiver, and Bitty tilts his head to give him more space.  “Enjoy your nap?”

Jack hums against him, nuzzling.  “Would’ve enjoyed it more if you’d stayed.”

Bitty had tried, really, but there’d been an itch under his skin only baking could scratch.  “I know.  I wanted to try something with this new pecan pie recipe.”

A kiss pressed lower on Bitty’s neck, then behind his ear again.  His earlobe caught between Jack’s teeth in a gentle nip.  Bitty yelps and laughs and pushes back into Jack, happy to be here in Providence in their home–it’s theirs, even if Bitty doesn’t live there full-time yet–with Jack pressed against his back, perfect and–

“Pecan,” Jack says, voice low and rough and–

Bitty stops stirring.  “Pecan.”

Jack’s lips brush his ear.  “Pecan.”

“I understand that you think you’re right, Mr. Zimmermann, but the fact of the matter is you’re wro–oh!”

He should be annoyed that Jack can pick him up so easily, that Jack has found all the places on his ribs where he’s most ticklish.

Mostly Bitty can’t stop laughing long enough to care.