pie plushie

Pie Sisters Beanies!

I finally have all the Pie sisters finished! Whew. Look at all that personality.

Limestone…..same tbh.

Marble and Maud are convention stock.

Limestone and Pinkie are available here:



-About 13" Inches long
-Embroidered eyes and cutie marks
-Embroidered Artist mark on back hoof
- Filled with Polypellets and Polyfil

Commissions are open!Next giveaway will be on my Twitter, follow for news!https://twitter.com/KazzysPlush

Anyone interested in some pony plushies?

Both Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are made from a high-quality super soft but durable minky fabric, and the eyes/cutie-marks are machine embroidered. ($100 plus shipping)

Applejack is made from a quality fleece material, also with embroidered eyes and marks. Also, using sewn-in magnets, her hat and apple can attach and unattach freely to the top of her head and to her mouth, respectively. I suppose you could attach them the other way though, if you really wanted. That would look really funny actually. ($80 plus shipping)

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Most of the beanies are already on sale, so go snag some plushies before they’re gone!