pie plushie

Pie Sisters Beanies!

I finally have all the Pie sisters finished! Whew. Look at all that personality.

Limestone…..same tbh.

Marble and Maud are convention stock.

Limestone and Pinkie are available here:



-About 13" Inches long
-Embroidered eyes and cutie marks
-Embroidered Artist mark on back hoof
- Filled with Polypellets and Polyfil

Commissions are open!Next giveaway will be on my Twitter, follow for news!https://twitter.com/KazzysPlush

St. Patty’s Day Etsy Coupon!

From now till March 17th, you can get $10 off a purchase of $40 or more with the coupon LUCKYPONY at checkout!

Most of the beanies are already on sale, so go snag some plushies before they’re gone!


Pony Hair (Mane+Tails) Pattern Pack!

It comes with the Mane 6+Derpy, AJ’s hat, as well as a bonus tutorial for how to do satin stitched hair lines for the manes and tails.

I will list single hair patterns later, I just need to make some pictures for examples so it’s not confusing. If you still want a single hair pattern, feel free to e-mail me: mylittlewaifuplushies@gmail.com



Anyone interested in some pony plushies?

Both Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy are made from a high-quality super soft but durable minky fabric, and the eyes/cutie-marks are machine embroidered. ($100 plus shipping)

Applejack is made from a quality fleece material, also with embroidered eyes and marks. Also, using sewn-in magnets, her hat and apple can attach and unattach freely to the top of her head and to her mouth, respectively. I suppose you could attach them the other way though, if you really wanted. That would look really funny actually. ($80 plus shipping)


Kazzy’s Etsy Shop

See these cuties HERE

My etsy is stocked and full of cuteness!

I even have a few commission options available as well, and will be adding more between commission work!

I recently had to get some dentist work done, and had to pay out of pocket since my insurance wasn’t accepted.

I’m saving up for an apartment for when I move next year, to go to school for acting, and I really need to replace that money and then some. >.<’

Any reblogs are MUCH appreciated!! Thanks!

Christmas Pocket Beanies

Hey everyone! I am working hard to finish commissions and stock my etsy for Christmas!

I’d just like to say thanks for all the support! The beanies are selling like hot cakes!
Unfortunately, with my list of commissions, I may not have time from now until Christmas to keep EVERY character stocked/restock them.
So I would just like to say, if you see a character in the shop, please purchase it as soon as you can, because once they are sold out, they MAY not be restocked.
I will also be adding more characters in time, but the same thing goes for them.

Here is a link to my shop, and hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!