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Cas invites Dean to see a movie. It’s been ages since Dean has sat in a theater, eating popcorn and smiling at the explosions of an action movie, and he has nothing to do today. So he says yes, and they spend the afternoon relaxing like normal humans, though neither of them are.

Cas invites Dean to go to dinner. Dean’s hungry, and he’s sure that’s why Cas asked. He says sure, and Cas zaps them to a restaurant much nicer than the usual diner. He smiles like he’s done something good, and Dean smiles back, his stomach rumbling and mouth watering at the smell. So he eats the most delicious steak he’s ever had as Cas only watches, and he drinks scotch, laughing as Cas tells him stories of his past.

Cas invites Dean to the bunker’s kitchen, where he has made a pie for Dean’s birthday. Cas looks so proud, and it’s such a nice gesture, that Dean ignores the slightly off taste of it and proclaims it the best pie ever. Cas beams at him. So he eats another slice, allowing himself to feel special and celebrated for just a few minutes.

Cas invites Dean to a Netflix marathon, to a LARPing battle Dean finds more awesome than he intended, to the best fishing spot Dean has ever seen. Dean has fun with Cas, finds it easy and comfortable to be with him. Sometimes it feels a little intense, but Cas is an angel, and their relationship has never been exactly normal. Dean figures it comes with the territory. So he always goes along, even when Cas suggests bowling, and he always enjoys himself.

Finally, Cas invites him to a nice restaurant on Valentine’s Day. Dean just can’t say yes this time, especially with Sam standing right there, eyes wide as he waits for Dean’s response. “Uh, Cas? That’s a little too much like a date, don’t you think?”

Cas only narrows his eyes and tilts his head in that infuriating way he has. “But Dean, we’ve been dating for months.”

Dean’s heart jumps at Cas’ words as they sink in, and Dean realizes it’s not an entirely unpleasant feeling. Cas has just given a name to something Dean’s been aware of and actively ignoring for a while now, and he can’t shove it down this time. Not with Cas looking at him with those blue eyes, all hopeful and sweet.

“Yeah, Cas,” he sighs, rubbing at the back of his neck and looking at the floor, “I guess we have.”

“Then let’s go.” Cas holds out his hand.

Dean doesn’t look at Sam as he laces his fingers through the angel’s, but he hears him snorting with laughter as Cas pulls him toward the garage where the Impala waits for them.

“Have a good time!” Sam calls after them.

Dean knows he will.


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anonymous asked:

Sam, have you ever made pie dough from scratch? Any tips/tricks/suggestions?

Every goddamn time I make a pie I say to myself, this time I won’t make crust from scratch. This time I won’t destroy my kitchen making pie crust, I will just buy a pie crust, but oh my god premade pie crust has such a weird taste.

So I always end up making this pie crust, which I LOVE. 

Short version outside the cut, my tips for any crust: 

1. COLD COLD BUTTER/FAT. Throw it in the freezer for like five minutes before using, if you can. 

2. When you add the liquid to the fat/flour mixture, be very sparing (use a spray bottle if you can) and stir until just barely mixed – it doesn’t even have to be a cohesive whole. That’s why you chill it – it’ll homogenize itself a bit in the fridge. 

3. It’s only a pie crust. Don’t let yourself stress too much. People are interested in what’s in the crust, they won’t mind if the crust itself is a bit tough. 

Full recipe behind the cut!

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Honey & Home

They buy him beehives.

It’s a gift, because Cas has been living in the bunker for a year now.

On May 2nd, he made Sam a big chocolate cake (even though Dean bitched it wasn’t pie) and a salad full of strawberries and blueberries and spicy chicken with a sweet vignette that Sam talked about for weeks (Dean bitched about that too).
On January 24th, he made a pie and a cheeseburgers and crawled into the back of the Impala for a drive to absolutely nowhere. (Dean didn’t bitch about that at all.)
But neither of them knew when Cas’s birthday was. They didn’t even know if he had a birthday.
So when the year mark rolls up, Sam mentions it. We should do something. Get something he’d like but wouldn’t ever get himself.
And that opened up a whole world of possiblities. But Dean knew exactly what to get.
We’re gonna get him some fucking bees.
So they get him two hives and Castiel stares at them like they’re the second coming and he smiles so big and gummy that both brothers are a little flustered.
He comes in from beekeeping in a big suit, smelling like smoke and sweat and grinning, and Dean laughs his ass off. Even Sam fights a smile.
But the hives change something.

Some of the tension that Dean didn’t realize was there is gone now. He finds Cas occupying the bunker, in a way he wasn’t before. He makes more noise, when he walks and when he cooks, like he’s home, and not a polite guest. His shoes are kicked off under the table in the library. His trenchcoat on the map in the warroom. Books he’s reading in the kitchen and the table in front of the TV, and even Dean’s bedside table because sometimes Dean wants company and Cas reads or watches Netflix, propped against the headboard while Dean falls asleep.
Castiel is living there now.
Like he finally knows he’s staying and he can relax. And Dean relaxes, too.

Sam notices it before Dean. The tiny way that Dean changes.
He actually touches Castiel now. When he’s brushing past him in the hallway, or watching a movie in the evening. A light hand to the elbow when they’re cleaning the dishes or an arm wrapped around his shoulder when they stagger in from sparring.
When they’re next to each other in Dean’s bed.
In the Impala, when Sam is sleeping in the back seat.

One afternoon, Castiel comes in from the beehives. His cheeks are pink and flushed and he’s grinning at Dean whose pouring a cup of coffee.
Taste this.
Cas holds up a piece of honeycomb, and without thinking, Dean licks it free of his fingertips.
For a heartbeat, everything stills, Cas stares at him like he did, that first night in the barn, and he can’t breathe and then Dean grins, licks his lips.
And Cas leans in and licks the taste of honey from Dean’s lips.
Kissing Cas feels like heaven.
He tastes like smoke and honey and home.
Kissing Dean feels like peace.
He tastes like sunlight and peace and home.
Sam finds them there thirty minutes later and he smiles when Cas blinks at him, dazed, lips kiss bitten, voice raspy. Still shiny and bright when he polite asks.
Would you like some honey?