pie is my favorite food

Lioness in the Shadows || Closed

“Oh…” She shivered as he placed a cold hand on her. “My name is Grace. My favorite food food is chicken pot pie. But my favorite food over all is chocolate covered strawberries. I really like sweet stuff. My favorite book is The Song of the Lioness series by Tamora Pierce. My favorite movie is a tie between Captain America and Now You See Me. When I was in elementary school I was really into magic for a while and I still remember a few card tricks. I like archery and cross stitch. I’m Catholic and I’ve never had a boyfriend before…or a girlfriend either. I’m pansexual.”

Dylan nodded. “From now on you respond to the name Alanna then.” He knew the tale but only slightly. “No more Grace. When you behave you will get rewarded, when you misbehave… well I’m sure you’ve realized.” He motioned to the shackle around her arm, “You can’t escape from the window, it doesn’t open, and the door is locked from the outside only. I can send you up some books as periodic rewards as well. The better you behave the more you receive. Understood?”



Lunch at Raglan Road located in Disney Springs.


100円シリーズ 「チョコパイツリー」 「Choco Pie Tree」

this is my favorite food-related video on the internet and everyone should watch it.