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Request: Could you do a Dean x Reader where they’re both in the same class at uni and they really hate each other? They make a bet one day that she can do better than him on a test and if she wins he has to do what she says for a week and if he wins she has to kiss him everyday for a week. She doesn’t like what he’s asking for but doesn’t think she’ll lose so she accepts. She loses, and when Dean tries to kiss her she dodges him. Later that day he gets her alone and ends up pinning her against a wall and tries to kiss her. He stops though because she’s shaking and crying because she’s scared of him. He apologizes and she tells him that she got scared because she was assaulted back in high school. He spends all night listening and comforting her and by the end they’re friends? Maybe a future relationship?

Pairing: student!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,700ish

Warnings: language, mentions of prior assault

A/N: More anyone?…

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Lunch at Raglan Road located in Disney Springs.

Listening to folks whose speech is unusual

This happens a lot, especially for autistic folks with a particular cognitive configuration:

  • An autistic person says something in the most straightforward way they can think of
  • But it’s far from the way most people say it
  • And it doesn’t occur to other people that they’re being direct
  • It’s seen as either the autistic person not understanding something, being presumptuous, or being hilarious

For instance:

  • Alice and Nancy walk into a cafeteria, which is overflowing with different food options
  • Alice (wanting a particular kind of food and not knowing how to find it): Where’s the food?
  • Nancy: Umm, everywhere?

In this example, Nancy thought Alice was just being annoying or funny and didn’t understand what she was trying to communicate. This would have been better:

  • Alice: Where’s the food?
  • Nancy: Which food do you mean?
  • Alice: Food!
  • Nancy: Are you looking for something in particular?
  • Alice: Food!
  • Nancy: Your favorite food?
  • Alice: My favorite food! Chocolate pie! Burger?
  • Nancy: They have both of those things. We will see them when we go through the line.


  • Nathan is discussing politics with his son, Arthur
  • Nathan: What does the president do?
  • Arthur: Important stuff. Not like you do.
  • Nathan: You don’t think what I do is important?!
  • (Nathan, telling the story later, uses it as an example of how kids have no filter)
  • What Arthur actually meant was along the lines of “The president is a public figure with a lot of power, and everyone pays a lot of attention to what he says; that’s really different from how other people’s jobs work”.

This would have been better:

  • Arthur: Important stuff. Not like you do.
  • Nathan: What kind of important stuff?
  • Arthur: My fellow Americans…
  • Nathan: Important like speeches?
  • Arthur: Yes. Speeches on TV.
  • Nathan: I don’t make speeches on TV.
  • Arthur: You go to the office. 
  • etc etc

tl; dr: When autistic people communicate things, we often sound strange. Don’t assume that we’re joking or being dismissive or cute just because the way we phrase things is very different from what would feel natural to you. Listen to what we’re actually saying.

i’m at 3.5k followers, how cool is that?! i’m gonna re-introduce myself for all of my new loves & i’d love to learn more about you!

  • my name’s elizabeth/liz
  • i’m 19 years old (today’s my bday!)
  • i’m a freshman in college
  • i double-major in psych & human services
  • my favorite food is fresh-baked cherry pie
  • my pronouns are she/they
  • i’m an intersectional feminist
  • queer, androgynous, democrat
  • i’m from a small town in ohio
  • i’m a green witch
  • i collect healing stones
  • i’ve been w/ my bf for almost 3 years
  • i’m a terrible cook but i love to eat
  • i have anxiety & depression
  • i’m not good at responding but ily
  • i own a soap business, super cute shit
  • i have a passion for writing essays
  • i’m almost always meditating bc stress

& idk what else,, ask any question ya want pals! i’m an open book 😸

p.s. i’m broke as fuck so if anyone wants to trade my essay-writing help in for your spare change or a warm hug, i’m down 🤷😉

Y'all. Saturday I bought pie socks. I’ve peaked. There is nowhere to go but down.

Have I mentioned pie is my favorite food? Also thanksgiving is my favorite holiday and I cannot wait to wear these.

donnattartt  asked:

when you get this, please post 10 facts about yourself and then pass it along to 10 followers!

Aw thank you dear!!

1. I’m half Chinese half danish
2. My favorite food is pie
3. I play the violin professionally
4. I like singing even though I’m absolutely terrible
5. I mostly listen to kpop, edm, and classical music but I will listen to literally anything except country if you put it in front of me
6. I read almost exclusively science fiction (fight me)
7. My favorite color is raspberry
8. I tried writing a book in 7th grade; I wrote a terrific prologue and first chapter (like. Actually high quality writing. 10/10 would read again) and never did anything else with it
9. I can say “hi my name is Annalisa” in 7 languages
10. I want to join a dance crew in college

anonymous asked:

hi there!! i’m 5’7 i have curly(ish) blonde hair that goes to my collar bones. i have blue eyes, freckles, and dimples. my favorite color is dark green and my favorite food it apple pie. i enjoy watercoloring flowers and recently i started playing the piano. i’ve been told i have a dry sense of humor and i come off a bit cynical, but i’ve also been told i’m really nice. i think broadway is 11/10 and sometimes i’ll sing instead of talking. have a nice day 🙈

aww you seem lovely i’d date you! i hope you have a nice day too! 💐

Dean X Reader

Request: can I get one where y/n is a hunter and meets dean at a bar and y/n takes him back to her place and shes really surprised when he takes off his shirt cause she sees his anti possession tattoo. Thanks :3

Request: a story about how dean notices the reader because of her led zeppelin t-shirt and he starts flirting with the reader

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anonymous asked:

I follow you for a few reasons: Pie is my favorite food. You seem to have good taste in music. I appreciate your honesty in posts you write. (I do kinda miss the poetry). I dig your style. And probably the biggest reason - I admire your optimism and determination. Depression is a very real thing for me, and I have a lot of fears about finding purpose in life and succeeding. It's inspiring to see you live your dreams. I'd love to have your confidence. (or the confidence i assume you have)

:’) Thank you for this. What a great thing to wake up to on a Monday morning. (I miss the poetry too. It comes and goes, ya know?)

Lioness in the Shadows || Closed

“Oh…” She shivered as he placed a cold hand on her. “My name is Grace. My favorite food food is chicken pot pie. But my favorite food over all is chocolate covered strawberries. I really like sweet stuff. My favorite book is The Song of the Lioness series by Tamora Pierce. My favorite movie is a tie between Captain America and Now You See Me. When I was in elementary school I was really into magic for a while and I still remember a few card tricks. I like archery and cross stitch. I’m Catholic and I’ve never had a boyfriend before…or a girlfriend either. I’m pansexual.”

Dylan nodded. “From now on you respond to the name Alanna then.” He knew the tale but only slightly. “No more Grace. When you behave you will get rewarded, when you misbehave… well I’m sure you’ve realized.” He motioned to the shackle around her arm, “You can’t escape from the window, it doesn’t open, and the door is locked from the outside only. I can send you up some books as periodic rewards as well. The better you behave the more you receive. Understood?”


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Are we getting a sneak peek to the next Stolen Dance part, Momma? I want something really good to read!

I’m actually hoping to get the full part out tonight! However, with Supernatural on later, no promises. If I don’t get the next part out, then I’ll post a preview before the night is up! I’m working on it now. I feel I should tell you that I’m very, very hungry right now and it’s putting me in a weird mood. The same mood I was in when I wrote Fort City. And that’s just not where we want this series to go I hope so I’ll try to reign it in.