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Listening to folks whose speech is unusual

This happens a lot, especially for autistic folks with a particular cognitive configuration:

  • An autistic person says something in the most straightforward way they can think of
  • But it’s far from the way most people say it
  • And it doesn’t occur to other people that they’re being direct
  • It’s seen as either the autistic person not understanding something, being presumptuous, or being hilarious

For instance:

  • Alice and Nancy walk into a cafeteria, which is overflowing with different food options
  • Alice (wanting a particular kind of food and not knowing how to find it): Where’s the food?
  • Nancy: Umm, everywhere?

In this example, Nancy thought Alice was just being annoying or funny and didn’t understand what she was trying to communicate. This would have been better:

  • Alice: Where’s the food?
  • Nancy: Which food do you mean?
  • Alice: Food!
  • Nancy: Are you looking for something in particular?
  • Alice: Food!
  • Nancy: Your favorite food?
  • Alice: My favorite food! Chocolate pie! Burger?
  • Nancy: They have both of those things. We will see them when we go through the line.


  • Nathan is discussing politics with his son, Arthur
  • Nathan: What does the president do?
  • Arthur: Important stuff. Not like you do.
  • Nathan: You don’t think what I do is important?!
  • (Nathan, telling the story later, uses it as an example of how kids have no filter)
  • What Arthur actually meant was along the lines of “The president is a public figure with a lot of power, and everyone pays a lot of attention to what he says; that’s really different from how other people’s jobs work”.

This would have been better:

  • Arthur: Important stuff. Not like you do.
  • Nathan: What kind of important stuff?
  • Arthur: My fellow Americans…
  • Nathan: Important like speeches?
  • Arthur: Yes. Speeches on TV.
  • Nathan: I don’t make speeches on TV.
  • Arthur: You go to the office. 
  • etc etc

tl; dr: When autistic people communicate things, we often sound strange. Don’t assume that we’re joking or being dismissive or cute just because the way we phrase things is very different from what would feel natural to you. Listen to what we’re actually saying.

Spend The Night

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Request: Could you do a Dean x Reader where they’re both in the same class at uni and they really hate each other? They make a bet one day that she can do better than him on a test and if she wins he has to do what she says for a week and if he wins she has to kiss him everyday for a week. She doesn’t like what he’s asking for but doesn’t think she’ll lose so she accepts. She loses, and when Dean tries to kiss her she dodges him. Later that day he gets her alone and ends up pinning her against a wall and tries to kiss her. He stops though because she’s shaking and crying because she’s scared of him. He apologizes and she tells him that she got scared because she was assaulted back in high school. He spends all night listening and comforting her and by the end they’re friends? Maybe a future relationship?

Pairing: student!Dean x reader

Word Count: 2,700ish

Warnings: language, mentions of prior assault

A/N: More anyone?…

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Dean X Reader

Request: can I get one where y/n is a hunter and meets dean at a bar and y/n takes him back to her place and shes really surprised when he takes off his shirt cause she sees his anti possession tattoo. Thanks :3

Request: a story about how dean notices the reader because of her led zeppelin t-shirt and he starts flirting with the reader

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Lioness in the Shadows || Closed

“Oh…” She shivered as he placed a cold hand on her. “My name is Grace. My favorite food food is chicken pot pie. But my favorite food over all is chocolate covered strawberries. I really like sweet stuff. My favorite book is The Song of the Lioness series by Tamora Pierce. My favorite movie is a tie between Captain America and Now You See Me. When I was in elementary school I was really into magic for a while and I still remember a few card tricks. I like archery and cross stitch. I’m Catholic and I’ve never had a boyfriend before…or a girlfriend either. I’m pansexual.”

Dylan nodded. “From now on you respond to the name Alanna then.” He knew the tale but only slightly. “No more Grace. When you behave you will get rewarded, when you misbehave… well I’m sure you’ve realized.” He motioned to the shackle around her arm, “You can’t escape from the window, it doesn’t open, and the door is locked from the outside only. I can send you up some books as periodic rewards as well. The better you behave the more you receive. Understood?”


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Are we getting a sneak peek to the next Stolen Dance part, Momma? I want something really good to read!

I’m actually hoping to get the full part out tonight! However, with Supernatural on later, no promises. If I don’t get the next part out, then I’ll post a preview before the night is up! I’m working on it now. I feel I should tell you that I’m very, very hungry right now and it’s putting me in a weird mood. The same mood I was in when I wrote Fort City. And that’s just not where we want this series to go I hope so I’ll try to reign it in.

Request -- Hi! Can you make an imagine where Dean meets a girl, who's described in great detail, but is just like him and they fall in love?

(I’m opening up requests again [I’m not opposed at all to AUs, by the way; I feel like they make writing a bit more interesting, actually. I had an anon question about that.] Hope you like it (I didn’t really do the whole falling in love thing, but I will do a part two if asked) xx)

A silver bell rang above Dean’s head as he entered a small café that was relatively far to where he and Sam were staying; he was muttering something to himself about how he hoped that it was worth the long drive before looking up and scanning the place.

The building was actually quite old and rustic, but probably felt like home to some people when he considered its cozy aura. The wallpaper was faded and multiple nice paintings decorated the four walls, illuminated by the clean but not too bright light so that it gave off a relaxing feeling. Well-used wooden tables scattered the floor but somehow looked organized to the eye even though there wasn’t any particular pattern to them, and on top of them were little plastic vases with fake flowers that felt like paper to the touch. Only a few people were sitting down at them; a nice-looking elderly couple sat in the middle together sipping their coffee and sharing a piece of pie. Dean’s stomach rumbled at the sight, and he knew that he wouldn’t be able to resist his favorite dessert; he was suddenly distracted from his hunter, though, when he saw the figure sitting by the window.

You were enjoying the rays of the sun soaking into your skin from the beautiful blue sky, drinking your coffee and bobbing your head as you listened to Motörhead through your worn headphones. They were the ones that you probably needed to replace since you used them so much, because you rarely got the chance to blast your music without complaints; you did it whenever you got the chance, though. Dean watched with a smirk as you mouthed the lyrics subtly to yourself, obviously wanting to sing them out loud, green eyes becoming softer when you ran your fingers through your hair as you did, making it so your locks glinted in the light and he could see your gorgeous and easy-to-get-lost-in irises, which were framed with darkened lashes. His own widened when you straightened out your rumpled discolored AC/DC tee.

“Sir?” He pulled his eyes away before you could catch him looking at you, who was somehow able to hear the cashier’s voice through the music in your ears.

“I’m sorry,” Dean answered, sauntering up to the counter.

“That’s quite alright,” The aged woman asked, a bright smile on her only slightly wrinkled face; one could tell by the way she acted that she lived a genuinely content life. Her happiness was contagious, and Dean couldn’t help but smile back at her. “What can I get for you?”

“I’ll have a coffee, black,” He studied the glass case that contained all of the sweet treats. “And also, a piece of the cherry pie, please.”

“Anything else?” she questioned; Dean thought about how Sam had ordered some latte-thing, but he figured it could wait until he left and shook his head. “Then, that’ll be one fifty.” She said with a grin, pushing buttons on the cash register.

He looked at her confusedly. “But the pie is one ninety-nine.”

“I know, but I saw you eyeing that sweet young woman by the window; she forgot her wallet and wanted the same thing.” She winked, and Dean knew what she was implying. “It’s on the house.”

“Are you sure? Because–” The lady held a hand up, stopping him from refusing her offer.

“I insist.”

“Thank you so much,” Her kindness replaced his smile with a much wider grin as he dropped a bill and two quarters into her hand.

“It’s no problem at all,” she responded, creases appearing at the corners of her eyes as her lips turned up as well. “Your order is coming right up!”

Dean didn’t know that you had watched the exchange from your seat, smiling a bit at how sweet he and the woman were acting even though you hadn’t a clue what they had been speaking about; all you knew was that the both of them looked blissed out, the amiable cashier optimistic.

When he was handed his hot paper to-go cup and piece of the delicious-looking pie on a ceramic plate, Dean said an authentic thank-you but was stopped before he could walk away.

“That’s so silly of me,” The cashier said to no one in particular, shaking her head as she reached for another fork and put it next to the one that was already on the plate; you became bewildered as to why. “Here you go.”

Dean was actually a bit stunned at how kind she was. “Th-Thank you.”

“Again, it’s no problem; now, I don’t like loitering by my counter. Shoo!”

Chuckling at her teasing, Dean did as he was told and turned around and instantly meeting gazes with you; taking a deep breath, he walked the length of the café before stopping at your table.

“Hey,” He awkwardly tried to wave one of his hands, which obviously didn’t work due to it holding his warm beverage. “Is it…okay if I sit here?”

“I don’t know; there are sure a lot of other empty tables,” you replied, smirking when you saw slight panic in his expression. “I’m joking; of course you can. This is the first time someone has asked to sit with me in a basically empty room before, though.”

“Well, there’s a first for everything,” He said, sitting down in the chair across from you and setting his food down, taking a sip of his coffee. “I’m Dean Winchester.”

“Y/N Y/L/N,” you returned, and was given a dazzling smile. “What?”

“A beautiful name to fit a beautiful woman,” he answered, and you flushed.

“Well, aren’t you a sweet-talker?”

“I’ll admit to that, but my words probably aren’t as sweet as this pie,” he responded, and held out one of the silver forks with intricate designs on the handle. “Come on; you know that you want to have a bite.”

“Pie is my favorite food ever,” you admitted with a sigh, taking the fork from him. “Well, are you going to try it first?”

“Why don’t we try it at the same time?” he suggested, forking a piece with a nice balance of crust and filling; you did the same, and met eyes with him. “Three, two, one.”

After he counted off you put the pie in your mouth, and the both of you instantly groaned at how delightful it was; the crust was buttery and flaky and melted on top of your tongues, and the sweetness of the filling worked with it perfectly.

“Wow,” you said, swallowing your bite before forking another one. “That’s absolutely amazing.”

“I agree completely,” Dean still had his mouth full, savoring the taste. “It’s not often I come across pie like this.”

“What, so now you’re some kind of pie expert?” you teased, and he shrugged.

“Pie is also my favorite food as well,” he confessed. “So, basically.” You started to hum a song as you got another bite, and his eyes lit up. “"Cherry Pie”? Warrant?“

You grinned. "I know my classic rock, Winchester.”

Your phone suddenly went off by playing “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC, and you shoved your pie into your mouth excitedly when you saw it was a text message. “Hold on one second; sorry.”

“No problem,” He waited until you had put the phone back down. “If you don’t mind me asking, what’s made you feel more enthusiastic than you were when I sat down?”

You rolled your eyes at his joke, giggling a bit. “I’m buying this old car, and that was the owner telling me that he’s considering my offer.”

“You’re into vintage cars?”

“Yes, and I’ve been wanting one for years now; I’ve just gotten enough money to get the one I want.”

“Well, if you look out the window, you’ll see mine,” He gestured outside and you turned your head, jaw dropping.

“That Impala is yours?”

He nodded with a proud look. “Passed down from my father; I have to fix her every now and then, but I wouldn’t get rid of her for anything.”

“‘Her’?” You smirked. “Some men say that their car is the only woman they need in their lives.”

“I don’t know,” He sent you a meaningful glance. “I wouldn’t mind having another one.”

You raised your eyebrows, and could feel yourself blush. “Oh, really?”

Looking at the crumbs that now littered the plate that had just consisted of a full piece of pie just a short time before, Dean gave you a crooked smile. “And I don’t think my Baby would mind if I took you out with me for a short drive.”

“I wouldn’t mind either,” you told him genuinely, already putting your phone and earbuds into your purse.

“Well, then, what are we waiting for?” He asked, getting up and tossing a twenty on the table; the compassionate woman deserved it. Giving her a wave which she responded to with her own and a huge grin, Dean turned back to you. “Shall we go?”

You breezed past him, already excited, and he chuckled. “Don’t have to ask me twice; I’m already ahead of you! Get your game on, Winchester!”

He smirked, starting to follow your eager footsteps. “You’re on!”

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“You sure you want to do this, Cap?” Tasha asks softly from where she stands just behind his left shoulder. “The last couple times he’s locked eyes on you he’s tried to kill you.” Sam said nothing, but Steve could feel the silent agreement. Still, he knew there was no way that he wouldn’t go in there. Not after everything that had happened these past seventy years.

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100円シリーズ 「チョコパイツリー」 「Choco Pie Tree」

this is my favorite food-related video on the internet and everyone should watch it.

Is destiel your OTP?


katdensetsu LOOK I DID THE THING

Feel free to use these. If you do, tag me! Because I wanna read them all.

1. I was a little (okay, a lot) drunk and I called the wrong number and started talking about my life and you only interrupted me after I basically told you every detail about myself, but now you’re kind of concerned about me and where I’m at so you ask me where I live.

2. “How are you not hung over?”

3. You were my best friend (and first love) from age 4 to 16 and now we are in our 30s and we both ended up in our home town at the same time but you’re married and I have a kid.

4. This is my first job and you’re my really hot coworker and I’m on blender duty making smoothies and god damn it I just turned the blender on without putting the lid on it because you bent over and you have a really nice ass.

5. You come into the gas station while I’m trying to work, and you talk too much (but I like it) and you’re going to get me in trouble if you keep hanging around, do you want to go to the movies with me next Friday?

6. We have this stupid inside joke about cowboys that we use every single day at school, but you’re going to college and I’m going to Europe and I miss laughing daily about cowboy face. Now, we are both back home and I just came up from behind you while you were pumping gas and whispered, “cowboy face,” in your ear and that’s how you ruined my favorite shirt.

7. We’ve gone to the same high school for four years and we are only speaking because you’re failing history and I’m being forced to tutor you.

8. I just want to save the bees, so you’re going to take this damn flier and listen to me talk for 15 minutes. “It’s not cute, it’s very important. Stop looking at me like that.”

9. I know you don’t know who I am, but my roommate’s significant other is staying over and I can’t handle another second of them moaning. Please let me sleep on your couch.

10. I have to pick a subject to photograph for my art class and my brother says you need cash. Please, do this. I’ll pay you.

11. I know its 3 am, but I’ve been studying for 12 hours and I need coffee and this is the only place in town that has a coffee machine, and since I broke mine I’m going to need you to fix this and fill it up pronto.

12. It’s way too late and finals are nearing and I’m running on Red Bull and Hershey bars, but I think there’s someone in my dorm room. Please save me.

13. I just jammed the office printer and you’re our new tech guy. I’m sorry I don’t know shit about electronics, but damn, are you single?

14. I found your USB drive in the computer in the library and I’m sorry, but I had to go through the files to find the owner. You write really nice poetry, by the way.

15. I don’t have a clue who you are, but that’s my ex, so I’m going to need you to kiss me now.

16. I ordered pizza because I’m babysitting my little brother and you were the delivery guy. Do you always write your number on the change?

17. We met on a Sunday morning while doing the walk of shame from two separate apartments in the same hall. Was your night as fucked up as mine?

18. You’ve been creeping on me from across the campus lawn for way too long and I was going to say something but you’re drawing me and I don’t know whether to be freaked out or flattered.

19. I swear to god I’m not a creep you just look like my friend from behind and that’s the only reason I just cupped your ass cheeks with both hands.

20. I transposed numbers in a phone number and sent a shirtless selfie to the wrong number but you replied anyway and now we’ve been talking/texting for months and I think it’s time to meet.

21. I really hate cats and I’m so allergic, but you just brought home the ugliest stray I have ever seen and damn it, I think it likes me

22. Your brother told me you needed a place to stay and my roommate just got married and moved out. Welcome to your new home.

23. My brother set me up on a blind date and your best friend set you up on yours and you sat at my table on accident and now I have to find a way to ditch this chick because I really like you.

24. Why in the hell are you mowing your lawn at 4:30 am? The sun isn’t even up yet.

25. You totally forgot to close your blinds and I just got home from work and you’re baking a pie in your underwear. Did I mention pie is my favorite food?

26. I’m really, really drunk and I have no clue where my keys are so please help me before I start crying.

27. Our daughters are in the same class and you brought yours to my daughter’s birthday party and hello you are pure sex, and, no, we can’t bounce in the bouncy castle. There are too many 6 year olds, it could compromise our coolness as dads.

28. You’re the gym teacher and I’m the history teacher and you look ridiculous(ly good) in those shorts.

29. I don’t want to be at this wedding and apparently neither do you, but there’s an open bar, so I guess that makes things okay.

30. I told my parents I was gay and now they keep trying to set me up with any and every queer man they see. So, I made up a boyfriend and now they’ve invited him for dinner, but he doesn’t exist, so I told them he can’t come and now they insist on pictures of us. I can’t keep pretending I forgot to take a picture with him. Please, random guy at McDonalds, take a picture with me.

31. You’re a soldier and I saw you off for your first tour overseas. It’s been a year and I miss you so much, but now, I’m waiting for you to get off your plane. ((Is it happy? Is it sad?? No one knows!))

32.  “What? No, I didn’t realize I was going 25 over the speed limit. No, damn it, I’m not crying. I’ve just never been pulled over before and I haven’t slept in 48 hours. Please don’t arrest me, I’m already late for work.”

33. We dated in our 20s and you broke my heart, but now we reconnected and I may be losing my mind, but I think I still love you.

34. I heard you can pick locks, so could you help me because I left my favorite pen in the class room—fuck you, it’s not funny, that pen is lucky.

35. We are pretending to date so you can make your ex jealous, and I just accidentally said I love you and you said it back, but I’m pretty sure you thought I was making for an authentic experience, but I meant it and I just got caught up in the moment.

36. I hate planes, but I can’t drive across country in the amount of time I have and you fly places all the time. So, thank you for helping me calm down.

37. The Bible guy on campus won’t let me go, so you rescued me by pretending to be my gay lover. Now, Bible guy is speechless.

38. “Hey, I just need to borrow—OH GOD! Where are your pants?” Alternatively:  You just walked in on me giving myself a little hand action. Why the fuck don’t you ever knock?